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Kyle Clark, Matthew Burnside and Natalie Hazen share their endless love of rad things with the world.

Kyle Clark, Matthew Burnside and Natalie Hazen share their endless love of rad things with the world.
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Kyle Clark, Matthew Burnside and Natalie Hazen share their endless love of rad things with the world.




Point Break

Today on the show Kyle and Matthew welcome Lyndon Tucker to chat about one of the great action movies of the 90's Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break. Kyle and Lyndon love this movie and Matthew just saw it for the first time hours before we recorded the episode. He was less in love. But the three have a fun and in depth conversation about the film nonetheless. They go deep breaking down each character and try to understand the strange alchemy that the movie has that makes it work. They also...



This week on the show Kyle and Matthew welcome comedians Travis Tate and Jacob Leigh for a fun and casual chat about the wild world of wrestling. But believe it or not, they go on some fun tangents. Our description is short cause this episode needs to get posted in like an hour. But its a fun episode! Weekly Rads: Kyle – It: Chapter 2 (movie) and Hip Hop Evolution (series) Matthew – Observer (video game) and Brew Ska Ska (event) Check out Laura's new designs on...


Via Chicago

This week on the show we bring you another off the beaten path episode. Sometimes nobody is free Labor Day weekend to do an episode. It happens. But if you're smart, you have a conversation you had with Tom Goss while in Chicago to fall back on. Kyle and Tom sat late at night in Kyle's hotel room and ate chips and talked about comedy. If you're a stand up nerd there is a chance you might dig this episode cause Kyle and Tom explain their processes for putting together their albums. This was...



This week on the show Kyle and Matthew welcome comedian Rachel Wolfson for a chat about cannabis. Talking cannabis is tough cause you don't wanna fall into a bunch of lame stoner cliches. Luckily Rachel makes that easy. Join the trio for a fascinating conversation about the shifting views of cannabis in modern American culture. Plus, we get pretty existential about being the generation that became adults in the wake of 9/11. Yeah, this episode gets deep. Think of it less as a giggly stoner...


Martial Arts Movies

This week on the show Kyle and Matthew welcome one of Kyle's oldest friends in comedy Josh Meyrowitz. If you are a fan of Roast Battle you are likely familiar with the image of Josh shirtless getting the audience to chant “Battle” on the show. Kyle and Josh chat about their early open mic days and their shared adventures in crippling anxiety. They also talk about Martial Arts movies. Josh is a fan of all things nerdy and we still can't believe we haven't done this as an episode yet....


Video Games, The Manson Family, and Dune Buggies

And now for something slightly different. This week, Kyle is sick, two episodes got rescheduled, and we had 24 hours to get an episode recorded and posted. But at This Is Rad, we're never gonna leave you high and dry. So Kyle and Burnside sat down in Kyle's backyard and started talking about video games. They also talk about future stuff they wanna do on the podcast. If you are into any of the stuff we're thinking of doing please hit us up because we wanna keep bringing you guys new and...


90's Music

This week, Kyle and Matt are joined by comedian Matt Cole for a chat about the glorious music of the 1990's. Grunge! Smooth R&B! Hip Hop! Third Eye Blind! This episode is a veritable smorgasbord of music nerdery and we hope you enjoy. Even for as long as we talked we could still do another ten episodes like this so please hit us up with your favorite 90's jams and maybe we can add them to the list for the next one. But for now, please enjoy this super fun episode. Fun bonus note: We recorded...


The 2019 River's Langley Backyard Cookout Extravaganza!

We wrap up another Summer of Rad by sitting down with Rivers Langley for our annual backyard cook out. This year Rivers brought along some of his friends (Carter Glascock, Sam Harter, and Courtney Peterson) from the Goods From The Woods universe to join us in the consuming of several pounds of fried seafood. Rivers shares his recipes for a delicious fish fry and everyone eats so much they go a little insane. If you've ever wished more podcasts had extended riffs about Chedder Bay biscuits,...


A Goofy Movie

This week Kyle, Matthew, and Laura welcome back Joe Kaye for a feature length commentary on the 90's animated summer classic A Goofy Movie. Thrill as every breaks down which anthropomorphized animal character was their sexual awakening. Plus, Powerlines might be the most underrated artist of the 90's. We also talk about the waking nightmare that is the new trailer for Cats. And you better believe Kyle has some strong opinions about Disney Afternoon. A fun cinematic journey into the summer of...



The summer of rad gets foodie as Kyle prepares a lovely flight of popsicles for a panel of discerning palettes. Kyle and Matthew are joined by Robert Ahn, Taylor VH, and Nancy Clark for a discussion of what constitutes a popsicle versus and ice cream novelty, cartooned themed snacks, and the mysterious allure of the ice cream man. We put together a good solid half hour of chat before we start eating so if you are grossed out by people eating on mic, there is a well designated jumping off...


Fantasy Cruises

During last year's Summer of Rad we had Brandie Posey, Keith Carey, and Kasey Clark come over to Kyle's backyard so that everybody could pitch their dream music festival. It was a lot of fun and we decided that we should do something similar next year. Then Brandie proposed a fantasy cruise. We set a date and Keith set the wrong date and couldn't make it. Also, Laura was sick. But the REST of the crew returned to bring you a follow up to last years episode. Who is creating a fantasy cruise...


Summer Jamz

Welcome to Summer of Rad 2019! For our first summer episode Kyle sat down with one of his favorite people in the world Julia Prescott, and they talk about the songs that make them think of summer. Prepare for some sweet sweet holding phones up to the microphone action. Plus they get into a pretty deep convo about dealing with depression. So if you've got the summertime blues this episode might help. (Or not, hey I'm just a one podcast, there's only so much I can do.) Plus, since Matt and...


One Wheels (or “Hey, everybody makes mistakes!”)

Hey everybody, this week's episode is a doozy! Kyle and Matthew welcome director of photography and adventure punk Jan Michael Losada for a conversation about One Wheels, a crazy ass contraption that you've likely never heard of and Jan has ridden for thousands of miles. Plus, there are some solid tangents about cinematography, VR, and a whole litany of other stuff. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut... before that high quality episode we had some issues. Ol' producer Kyle had a bit of a goof setting up the...


Midsummer Scream

This week on the show, Kyle and Matthew (along with special guest co-host Gabriella Contreras) are joined by Rick West, the creative director for Midsummer Scream, a fantastic halloween and horror convention August 3-4 in Long Beach, CA. Kyle and Gabriella both adore the con and after Gabriella met Rick at a spooky bar, she connected Kyle so that they could make this episode happen. Guys, turns out Rick, Kyle, and Gabriella can talk about haunts and theme parks... a lot. Rick also created...


Jim Jarmusch

This week on the show Kyle and Burnside are joined by long time friend of the show John Ungaro. It's been forever since John has been on the show and we have plenty to talk about. He got there early and so we had him sit in on the intro so this episode just goes straight through. We talk about the films of indie film icon Jim Jarmusch. Kyle and John both cite Jarmusch as a big influence on their creative work and their teenage interest in independent cinema. They explore the themes and...


The Dresden Files

This week on the show Kyle and Matt are joined by the always delightful Ron Swallow to chat about the long running book series The Dresden Files. Fun fact: Kyle and Matt were both unaware this episode was going to be about books. But after some helpful explanation from Ron they get sucked into the description of this long running dark fantasy series. Ron has had a life long love affair with fantasy fiction and Kyle uses this episode as an opportunity to better understand a genre he is...


Gambling: Slot Machines

This week on the show Kyle's Mom makes her return and she brings along her best friend Janice so they can tell us all about the world of Slot Machines. Now, I know many of you are like “How much can you really talk about sitting down and putting money into a machine and pushing a button?” As it turns out, a lot. Learn what makes a good machine! Learn proper slot etiquette! Plus, always be tippin'. This episode was super fun and Kyle's Mom and Janice have some great stories. Weekly...


Magic: The Gathering

This week on the show, Kyle and Matthew welcome comedian and radio DJ Jake Dill. Jake is one of Kyle's longest running friends in comedy and this episode is the first time Kyle has ever heard him talk about his love of Magic: The Gathering. He explains his experiences in the world of Magic, along with his story of how he got into the game and what it is about the game that keeps him coming back. Laura pops in to share her experiences and her and Jake throw down as Matt and Kyle politely have...


Industrial Society and It's Futures

Okay... so hear us out. You're thinking to yourself, “hmm, that title sounds familiar but I'm not sure from where...” Let's get a couple of things straight. Yes, that is the title of domestic terrorist Ted Kaczynski's manifesto. No, this is not an episode supporting the violent actions of anyone. But, This Is Rad, what is this episode then? When we ask guests what they want to talk about, it's often something like “I really love jackets” and we talk about jackets (hmm... we should do a...



WARNING: This episode deals with some dark subject matter due in part to the nature of the artist we are discussing. Also, darkness is something that just kinda happens when you get Kyle, Keith, and Nicole together. So if you're not feeling up to it, we still love you and we'll see you next week. <3 Today Kyle and Matthew are joined by podcast favorites Nicole Becannon and Keith Carey for a discussion of Eminem. They take a look at his long and storied career and use it as a way to look...