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This Unmillennial Life is a podcast that offers a roadmap through midlife for women who've fallen into a generational gap.

This Unmillennial Life is a podcast that offers a roadmap through midlife for women who've fallen into a generational gap.
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This Unmillennial Life is a podcast that offers a roadmap through midlife for women who've fallen into a generational gap.




no. 39 - The Cell Phone Monitoring Episode

What if every moment of your adolescence could be captured in a snap? What if every thought you had as a teenager could be sent in a few thumb taps? What if as a pre-teen you'd had 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week access to send a message to every single person you did or did not like in school? With smartphones in hand, kids today are experiencing a level of constant connectedness the world has never known. Unfortunately, many experts say it's causing never before seen levels of anxiety and...


no. 38 - The Social Skills Episode

He doesn't get invited to birthday parties. She says nobody wanted to sign her yearbook. He reports sitting alone most days at lunch. She can't tell you a single "good" thing that happened at school. Lessons about getting along as a kid used to be learned playing hide-and-seek in a neighbor's backyard or picking up a basketball game on the street corner. But as today's children spend more time indoors and on screens, many experts say it's hurting their development of social skills. As...


no. 37 - The Grocery Delivery Episode

As retailers look for ways to stay competitive in providing straight-to-your-door service, grocery delivery has become a huge business. Most unmillennials may not remember the days of the milkman delivering to your doorstep, but there's a good chance we may be having milk and more delivered to our homes today. In today's episode, I'm interviewing retail expert, Shari Steinbach, on the four most popular grocery delivery ordering services. Steinbach, who has enjoyed a 25+ year career as a...


no. 36 - The Skin Cancer Episode

Beauty experts consistently recommend staying out of the sun to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, but the risk of sun exposure over time is actually much more serious than just aging skin. As THE most common form of cancer in the U.S., skin cancer as a real health concern for unmillennial women. Today's podcast addresses why. In today's episode, I'm interviewing Dr. Emily Keller -- a board-certified dermatologist and a fellowship-trained laser and cosmetic surgeon. She attended the...


no. 35 - The Mindfulness & Meditation Episode

Going through the motions of every day life may seem like you're a well oiled machine on auto-pilot through your day. But did you know that this unconscious flow in and out of life's events may have you bypassing some very important mindfulness benefits? In this episode I'm interviewing Lisa Wellstead -- an Educator of Mindfulness Programs with over 13 years experience teaching mindfulness-based approaches to alleviate stress, anxiety, and pain. Her clients include Fortune 500 executives,...


no. 34 - The Apps Episode

A phone used to be the thing you hoped would ring and your best friend would be on the other line waiting to tell you about her day. Now, it's your taxi service, shopping cart, yogi and to-do list. No matter what it is, there's always an app for that. The question is which ones are the best apps for your life? In this episode I'm flying solo... or rather, giving voice to all the unmillennials of the This Unmillennial Life Facebook group who shared with me their fave "best apps" for their...


no. 33 - The BeachBody Episode

BeachBody may sound like the kind of program only the young, supermodel striving types should try. But the ease, affordability and workout-anywhere nature of the program actually make it an ideal choice for many unmillennials. Or at least that's what one fan of the show thinks. Today's show is her story. In this episode I interview Julie Staley -- a talented entrepreneur, mom and newbie to the BeachBody workout program. While Julie isn't an official BeachBody coach and isn't trying to...


no. 32 - The IBS Episode

Have you ever been affected by something so bad you were willing to give up 25% of the remainder of your life IF you could be cured or find relief? That's exactly how many people living with IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - feel. Today's show is about their story. In this episode I interview Kate Scarlata, MS, RDN -- a former guest of the show and creator of the #IBelieveinyourStory campaign. In this episode we discuss: Resources available To close out the show, I'm addressing a topic I...


no. 31 - The Peloton Episode

If the phrase "home-based fitness" makes you think of DVDs and ellipticals collecting dust in the corner, you haven't met a Peloton owner. The internet-connected spin bike has reached almost cultish status in a very quick time, but is it worth the hype (and price tag)? In this episode I interview Kim Nelson -- owner and creative director of Red Chalk Studios, a brand development, marketing and creative agency in Virginia Beach, VA. After years of a traditional gym membership, Kim found...


no. 30 - The Thinx Episode

Surely you've seen the ads in your Facebook feed. You know the ones -- the lady in the unassuming panties with a caption along the lines of "underwear for women who have periods." Those are Thinx panties and today's podcast gives a real-life recap of what it's like to buy, wear and wash them. In this episode I interview Carla Birnberg -- an author, blogger and online content creator, who tried Thinx for herself and quickly realized that someone else in her home might benefit even more from...


no. 29 - The Freezer Meals Episode

If you've ever found yourself at 4 pm staring in your 'fridge wondering What's for dinner tonight, today's episode is the podcast you never knew you needed. Featuring one woman's well planned and expertly executed batch cooking system, we're covering a new way to maximize output in the kitchen (and into your freezer) and minimize the stress of weekly dinner prep. In this episode I interview Mickela Mitchell -- a fellow registered dietitian and mom to two year-round athletes. Inspired by...


no. 28 - The Cannabis Episode

If a friend told you her aging mother had found a new salve that eased arthritis pain in her hands, you'd be happy for her, right? What if you noticed a co-worker missing fewer days from work after trying a new migraine prevention protocol - a good thing, no? What if both of them told you the treatment involved cannabis or "medical marijuana"? Do you feel the same? Setting aside the political nature of marijuana legalization for recreational use, today's podcast focuses on all the ways...


no. 27 - The Thyroid Episode

Feeling sluggish and tired may seem like a run of the mill complaint for unmillennials working long days and having sleepless nights. But what if it's more than just routine fatigue? What if there's a problem with your thyroid? Today's podcast answers the call from a listener of the show who requested an episode on thyroid health. Featuring two dietitians who are experts in thyroid treatment and culinary nutrition, the show covers everything from why thyroid issues seem to plague women...


no. 26 - The Autism Episode

With one out of every 68 children in the U.S. having an Autism Spectrum Disorder, the likelihood is high that you and your children know a family who has received this diagnosis. And while you may know some things about the suspected causes and some of the current research around Autism, how much do you really know about supporting these families, being a better friend or simply being more considerate with your actions and words? Today's podcast features friend of the show, Deanna...


no. 25 - The Uber Episode

The Jetsons told us growing up that the future of our car experience was up in the air, literally. And while that day may be coming, in the year 2018 the biggest change we've seen in how people get from place to place has to be the overwhelming popularity of ride-sharing apps, like Uber. Today's podcast features Uber Chronicles author, Jessie Newburn. Jessie started driving for Uber after a period of professional set-backs just to get some momentum going in the right direction. What the...


no. 24 - The Protein {Powder} Episode

As unmillennials, choosing a "protein powder" used to mean choosing between vanilla or chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast powder. But walk down the supplement aisle of your local supermarket and you may wonder if you're actually in a bodybuilder's kitchen. Mega-jars of protein powders have gone mainstream, but do you really know if any of these powders are for you, what benefits they offer or how to choose one? Today's podcast features frequent show contributor, Dr. Chris Mohr, a...


no. 23 - The This Is Us {Foster Parenting} Episode

When real life finds its way onto your TV screen at night, how accurate does the portrayal feel? The hit show every unmillennial seems to be talking about - This Is Us - touches at issues that hit close to home. But for one foster parent, the storyline of Randall's family's choice to become a foster family missed the mark. Today's podcast features foster parent, Elana Natker. Elana approached me a few months ago as a fan of the show wanting to share her story of how disappointed she was in...


no. 22 - The Getting Organized Episode

A digital society with no mail and no clutter may be the stuff millennials dream of. But the reality for many unmillennials is we're still drowning in a sea of our own stuff. Having spent years accumulating the day-to-day goods that make up a 40- to 50-something life, GenXers now find themselves at a crossroads of wanting more order while living an otherwise unordered life. Today's podcast features a leading expert on all things organizational, Lisa Woodruff. Lisa is a home organization...


no. 21 - The Orangetheory Episode

If checking your heart rate is something you only have done at an annual check-up, maybe it's time to look into the "theory" behind one of the nation's hottest fitness brands -- Orangetheory. Grounded in research that shows the "after-burn" effect of high-intensity, cardio-blasting workouts (read: high heart rates), Orangetheory promises "strength, more energy, and more life." But does it live up to its promises? Today's episode features Katy Widrick -- group fitness instructor,...


no. 20 - The Lululemon Episode

Search the hashtag #lululemon on Instagram and you'll find nearly 2 million posts of women all over the world showing off the beloved brand in their personal pursuit of fitness. But what do you not see? Any women wearing the brand who are larger than a size 12. Experts estimate the number of overweight women in America as being 40% of the population. Yet brands like Lululemon - a brand that describes itself as "born from a love of daily sweat" - seemingly don't want women of a certain size...