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Between all the crazy dates, drunk mischief and his first love leaving him at a loss for words, witty host Tony Bonilla presents Tongue Tied to highlight not only his experiences but those of his special guests. Stories of contemporary dating, maintaining friendships, awkward interactions and so much more! Tony is a dog dad, currently residing in Southern California.

Between all the crazy dates, drunk mischief and his first love leaving him at a loss for words, witty host Tony Bonilla presents Tongue Tied to highlight not only his experiences but those of his special guests. Stories of contemporary dating, maintaining friendships, awkward interactions and so much more! Tony is a dog dad, currently residing in Southern California.
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Between all the crazy dates, drunk mischief and his first love leaving him at a loss for words, witty host Tony Bonilla presents Tongue Tied to highlight not only his experiences but those of his special guests. Stories of contemporary dating, maintaining friendships, awkward interactions and so much more! Tony is a dog dad, currently residing in Southern California.






Outta Your League!

Dating someone out of your league.... does it exist or is it simply a mind set? This week, join your hosts Tony and Gabby as they break down what they believe means to date someone out of your league. From personal standards to social status, from perception to reality, shallowness and if this is just an excuse to avoid rejection? Tune ine to hear our thoughts and don't miss the nonsense!


Do Things Happen For A Reason?

Everyone experiences losses or pain during their lifetime. It can be through work, family, friends, love, sports... it's unavoidable. What makes the difference is choosing to move on or remain the victim. Gabby and Tony discuss it on this week's episode if things happen for a reason. Do they actually happen as if life is scripted in some way? Or is that an excuse to help cope with hardships? Tune in to hear our insights!


Crazy Jealous!

Hey whaddup y'all!! Tongue Tied is back! We are ready for season 3 and new stories and topics to discuss. Joining us on the show is our new co-host, Gabby "Gee_Bites" Sandoval! She originally made her debut in season 2 on the "Hairy Cookies" episode! We liked working with her so much that she is now a member of the Tongue Tied Team! This week we discuss what is worse in a relationship: being crazy or being Jealous? We give our opinions and insights on the topic and hope that you guys can...


Hairy Cookies

Do Nice Guys Finish Last? Do you choose the bad boy or the nice guy? Does the friend-zone exist? Gaby Gee-Bites joins the nonsense this week as we dive into these topics and she gives us some female insights on what it comes down to for the nice guys and the bad boys, and who really ends up being in the friend zone, or at least what it means! And just what the hell are HAIRY COOKIES?! Tune in this week and choose for yourself! Who's side are you on?


Friends with Benefits

Hey! Whaddup y'all! This week's episode features a very special friend of the show. All the way from Pennsylvania, Maddie! Maddie joins the shows to discuss friends with benefits with me (the topic, mind you!) She tells us personal experiences and I ask her a few questions of what the term means and if FWB actually can work out. Tune in and you'll hear all the nonsense for this week, coast to coast!


Sarah Marshall

Hi guys! This week's episode gives all you listeners a small taste of the bonus content that is up on the PATREON page. Patrons of the show will receive bonus material such as extra episodes, behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and exclusive blogs and newsletters. You might also get script material and the inside scoop for future episodes. There are a lot of perks, you just have to sign up! In this episode, we break down the 2008 Rom-Com, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Mind you this is just...


Moving On

Moving on ain't easy! That one who got away isn't an easy situation to deal with either, and I briefly discuss my experience with that! But everyone has their way of dealing with these occurrences. Lauren (from "Down In The DM") joins the nonsense this week and we discuss and break down some things we have experienced and what we did to move on. It just really varies but I think time is a big factor and really just separating from that past can help a person grow and not dwell on it. Tune in...


Under the Same Roof

Cohabitation. Living with your significant other/partner before marriage. Is it beneficial? Is it a necessity? Some people think it's against social norms. Others like the idea of "test driving" their relationship and marriage. In this episode, I am joined by the host of the Vlog Series "Blunts & Bibles" Cynthia, and we dive into this cohabitation topic. We discuss our personal experiences and what we think of that living situation. We mention possible outcomes of cohabitation and events...


Love, Planes and Hurricanes

There's something comforting about knowing someone so well that you can complete their sentences. But there's also something terrifying about feeling as if you've reached the mutual knowledge saturation point as a couple. The future suddenly looks peaceful but boring as hell. Is it even possible to grow closer once there's nothing left to discover? It becomes a question of falling in love versus staying in love? Tune in as my guest, all the way from Puerto Rico, joins the nonsense as we...


Cunning Linguist

Hello hello! We are back! Tongue Tied is back y'all! We kick off season two with some spicy topics: Oral Sex and is porn healthy for a relationship? We were asked about these topics when Tongue Tied hit the streets in Las Vegas!!! We heard some great stories and Lauryn (LoLo) joins the nonsense as we discuss and analyze both topics! Oral sex in a relationship: how important is it? If your partner doesn't perform it on you, is that a deal-breaker? All I know is, some "cunning linguist" (get...


Tongue Tied

Hi everyone! Your host with the most here to tell you that season one was a success. I'm beyond grateful and excited to have been able to get Tongue Tied on the air and I'm really looking forward to whats in store for the show. In this season finale, I recap some of the topics we've discussed, feedback and what my favorite moments were! More importantly, I am ready to set the tone for the next season! We're going to hear more stories and really start picking brains here and understanding...


Blue Balls

Hey whaddup y'all! Your host with the most is joined by Gio and Cesar as we take on questions some of the ladies have asked me. We discuss topics such as sleeping with someone on the first date, are exes really all crazy, who should pay on the first date and are blue balls a real thing! It's funny stuff so you're not gonna want to miss out on this episode. We also share some funny experiences we've had with women, including Cesar losing a tooth! What in the literal f**k!! Tune in and don't...



Whaddup y'all! We thought we'd change things up a bit this time around and we decided to have Jackie (from Apt 201) our producer, join the show and ask me questions about dating! I thought it was great so the listeners can get a better idea of who I am and how I feel about certain dating topics. We discuss a lot of the polls I've posted and some random a** questions that all pertain to dating. Tune in and don't miss the shenanigans!


Down in the DM

Social Media... It plays such a huge role in our daily lives. I mean we're basically attached to our phones and constantly checking what's going in the world via social media. But can social play a role in our relationships? I have my guests, Lauren and Millie join the shenanigans this time around and we discuss what social media means for people and their relationships, friendships and just their social image. We discuss sliding in the DM's, posting pics with your significant other and more...



Dating... drinking... adulthood... You guys already know how this goes. I'm joined this week by the fabulous Lauryn (aka Lolo) as she sits down with me and discusses bisexuality vs pansexaulity, ideal situations to meet people in, follow up texts and ghosting! All this while downing some drinks, and having some great laughs! I learn a new term and get a better understanding of bisexuality. Even though we give our insights on these topics, just remember, we're not "sexperts", just...


Save it for the Fourth Date!

Okay guys! Just got back from PODFEST 2019 in Orlando! That was a dope a** trip! Super, super informative and I met some very cool people. I really had no clue as to how many people host a podcast! I mean hundreds of them! All kinds of shows each with their own reason for doing so. It was massive, or as I enjoy saying, TREMENDOUS! Anyway, this episode here is a quick run through of my experience and I even share a dating story (maybe two) I heard while interviewing some people there. Check...


She Likes Me Now...

The ladies asked and we delivered! My dude Allan joins the show and we discuss some juicy topics that I was asked recently. We just give some great feedback on the "f**k boy" syndrome, what we think about love, and the dreaded, "what are we" talk! Now I tried my best but.... we talked so much that there will be a part 2, that's right, a part 2 for this episode!! So tune in for some laughs, grab a drink and enjoy the shenanigans! Lastly.... there is a great surprise that I reveal!


Face Plant

Good friends will take your drink from you when you're drunk off your a**! Your best friends will say "You better finish that sh*t! We don't waste drinks like that!" This time around on tongue tied, Amy joins me and we discuss how we met, some drunk stories and we discuss our thoughts on my dating polls I posted. Amy has been my drinking buddy for a minute and we definitely have some stories to share! But it was great hearing what she thought about first dates, relationship milestones and...


Crush Out

Happy Valentine's/Singles Awareness Day! This week I have two guests join the show, The girls of Apartment 201, Jackie and Jasmine. We discuss some of our dating stories and reflect on past experiences, give our insights on dating topics, discussing crushing on someone and slowly crushing out and slam a few drinks while enjoying the laughs. Tune in to hear our tales of first dates, holding hands and how much is too much liquor on a date!


Battle of the Siblings

How well do you know your sibling? My sister (spoiler: shes also the producer for the show) joins the nonsense this time and we duke it out in a trivia game, with the loser having to share an embarrassing drunk story on the air! What crazy drunk adventures have you been on? Tune in this week to find out what went down and who had to reveal this embarrassing drunk story!