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Episode 15: Margaret and Paul's Story

What do you think of when you think of your parents? Providers, protectors, best friend, disciplinarian, supporter, your guidance? These are typical words that would arise when asked that question. But what happens when this is not the response you have when you think of your parents? What if when you think of your parents you think words like manipulative, unkind, greedy or selfish whether these things are true or not. What would happen if your thoughts were blacker and darker than this,...


Episode 14: Tara's Story

Australia is a place where men and women have equal rights in the eyes of the law. Our strict gun laws are the envy of many nations where shooting deaths are rampant and our laid back life style is admired far and wide. But what lurks beneath the veneer of our nations friendly smile and sparkling beaches is something far more sinister. Research shows that a woman is killed by her ex or current partner almost every single week in Australia. With the end of every year comes the end of a grim...


Episode 12: The Story of Jody Harris

What makes a criminal? What turns someone from the naïve innocent child into a thrill seeking, money hungry criminal? Is it the home they come from? Or maybe something deep inside them? Could it be a mixture of both? Or something different altogether? It’s something that fascinates us all and this story and its main character will do just that. This is the story of Jody Harris. Editing and production by Chelsea Rizza at KINSHIP PRODUCTIONS...


Episode 11: Joshua's Story

Why wouldn’t you trust your friends? Your best mate? A family friend you have known basically your entire life? It really doesn’t seem to matter does it? How long you have known a person, or how close you may be. The bad man is out there maybe down the dark alley or a seemingly empty park. But why would you need to fear that if you have the people closest to you right by your side? Because it seems any one can hurt you. This is Joshua’s Story. Editing...


Episode 10: Patricia's Story

Have you ever done strange things in your sleep? Like said a few things you may be embarrassed by if you were awake? How about sleep waking? Patricia Cogdon was a beautiful young woman, a good daughter, but she has her hands full at times. This is Patricia’s Story. Editing and production by Chelsea Rizza at KINSHIP PRODUCTIONS Original music by Gabe Rizza at IICONIC CREATIVE Artwork by Joel Micah...


Episode 9: Louise's Story

Louise O'Brien was 18 years old. She was a slight, strawberry blonde girl with her whole future ahead of her. She had plans. A sweet girl, a good friend, who deserved much, much better than the hand she was dealt. She wanted a life far better than the one she found herself in. She wanted a home where she felt safe, and loved. A home nothing like the nightmare she was unable to just wake up from. This is Louise’s Story. Editing and production by Chelsea...


Bonus Episode 3: Darcey's Story

All murders are heinous. They are painful and confusing and terrifying. But there is nothing more painful than losing a child. There is nothing more confusing than when someone takes a child’s life away. And there is nothing more terrifying than when it’s their parent that does it. When one parent kills their child to hurt the other, taking advantage of their son or daughters innocence and trust. Taking them away from all of us, from everything. Darcey was only days away from turning 5,...


Episode 1: Sanaya's Story

This is the story of the fate of Sanaya Sahib, only 15 months old. In a case as horrendous as a child murder, nobody wants to imagine that there is nothing a loving parent could do to protect their child against someone who wishes harm to them. None of us want to think we live with the reality where in one moment we could lose everything. We demand more rhyme and reason to the world than that. We demand a back story. This is Sanaya’s Story. Editing and production by Chelsea Rizza at...


An Introduction to True Crime Story Time

This is an introduction to True Crime Story Time. Production and Editing by Chelsea Rizza at KINSHIP PRODUCTIONS Original music by Gabe Rizza at IICONIC CREATIVE