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Joyce is here to remind you that, "it's not perfect, but it's worth it." By sharing stories as to how she navigates through the frustrations of relationships, parenting, and life. Email any questions or comments to

Joyce is here to remind you that, "it's not perfect, but it's worth it." By sharing stories as to how she navigates through the frustrations of relationships, parenting, and life. Email any questions or comments to
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Joyce is here to remind you that, "it's not perfect, but it's worth it." By sharing stories as to how she navigates through the frustrations of relationships, parenting, and life. Email any questions or comments to






34: I'm so over marriage & relationships

Hey hey! Happy First day of school! In this Episode, listeners get to listen in as Joyce and Mike resolve a conflict they had at Disney World. Which leads Joyce to share why she's not really feeling relationships or marriage these days. She then goes on to share a very vivid snapchat story that happen between TC and someones raggedy son. Song of the week: X10 Aha Gazelle & 1k Phew Email to book your next trip


33: Watch How You Talk To Me

Public Service Announcement ---> Watch how you talk to people! If you want people to be open, honest, and respectful with you create a space where they feel safe enough to communicate freely with you. There may or may not be a part two for this episode..... Knowledge nugget of the day: Tone is everything! Follow on IG @2b4isnap Email questions & topics to:


32: Ex-Etiquette

In this episode, Joyce doesn't have time for the shenanigans or the disrespect. While answering listener questions, Joyce shares valuable tips to live by when dealing with an ex. She goes on to offer tools for your relationship tool-belt that will make a huge difference in making your relationship healthier. Knowledge nugget of the day: Always take your spouse side, unless you're okay with losing them. Tuh! Email topics & questions to: Follow on IG at 2b4isnap...


31: Me, You, & MaryJane

In this episode, Joyce sits down with Mike to talk about the biggest tribulation in their relationship. Tune in to hear how Mike's stronghold almost ended their marriage. Knowledge nugget of the day: you can not fight a person's battle for them. Follow on IG at 2B4ISNAP Email: for all your travel needs This episode is being sponsored by: Peace Mind & Beauty Day Spa


30: The Dirty 30!

In this episode, Joyce sits down with some VERY transparent ladies to talk about life in their thirties. LOL....The ladies address how they felt turning 30. They go into heavy topics such as open marriage and "hoe phases". Get ready for laughs, and a bunch of different views. Follow on IG @2B4ISNAP Email topics and questions to: Book of the week: Girl, Stop Apologizing


29: Period Sis!! What do black men really think of black women?

In this episode, Joyce gets the views and opinions from a panel of amazing black men, on various topics surrounding black women, relationships, ghosting, and so much more. You're going to want to tune in to gain a few knowledge nuggets, and/or get a new perspective on a few things. Joyce learned something new! She had no idea how much it cost for men to get their haircut. Follow on IG @2B4ISNAP Email topics and questions to: Must see movie: When They See Us


For Better or Worse- 90 days in was the worse. #28

In episode 28, Joyce shares some of the adjustments and trials she and Michael faced 90 days into their marriage. She forces listeners to truthfully ask themselves daunting questions before entering into marriage. While reminding married people that hard times will come. Remember those vows you said on your wedding day, and know that things will and can get better. Subscribe at Follow on IG @2B4ISnap Email questions & show topics to 80...


Don't Come For Me #27

In this episode, Joyce is joined by Candice to talk: -Mom's -The power of waiting -Being authentic with people -Leaving the judgement of others to God -Freaking out when God finally answers your prayers Follow Joyce on IG @2B4ISnap Email questions and show topics to: Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe to the show.


Everyone in the group chat is not your friend. #26

Hey hey! In this episode Joyce blast out JG for stealing her idea, but she gives him props for making it better. LOL Joyce talks about addressing issues & problems with her friends, then moving on. Alert! Alert! She welcomes back snap moments by listener request. Yayyy! Follow on Ig @2B4Isnap Email if you have any questions or topic request.


Life of A Mom Boss

Hey hey! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. In episode 24, Joyce and a few Mom Bosses share the struggles of juggling motherhood, and owning your own business. They talk about everything from music,TV Shows, Beyonce's Homecoming Documentary, to the challenges of work-life balance. If you're an aspiring mompreneur you have to check out this episode for some great Mom Boss tips. Song choice for this week brought to you by Ebony. lol I'm a Boss-Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross


2 Seconds Before We Do What's Best For Our Kids

Subscribe and check out the show notes at Stay connected with Joyce on IG @2B4ISnap. In this episode Joyce answers a few listener questions about co-parenting, discipline, and ADD/ADHD. She sounds off about her daughters upcoming middle school trip and minimizing social media with your kids. This episode is being Sponsored by PMB Day Spa. Book you and/or your Mother a facial for Mother's Day. This episode is being sponsored by PMB Day...


2 Seconds Before We Stop Putting Ourselves last.

Subscribe to the Two Seconds Before I Snap Podcast at for show notes. Stay connected with Joyce on IG @2B4ISNAP. The owner of PMB Day Spa shares some skincare routines, tips, and tricks. Please check out PMB Day Spa for all of your skincare needs.


2 Seconds Before We Tackle the 5 Love Languages

Share your thoughts with Joyce on IG @2b4isnap about the episode. Do you know your love language? Even better questions: Do you know your spouse love language? Do you know your Child's? Why are they important? What the heck are they? Find out in this episode... Show notes: 5 Love Language quiz: Instagram:


2 Seconds Before you are your own Relationship Goals.

In this episode Joyce shares 5 tips we can use to be our own relationship goals. Everyone wants a dope relationship and these tips will definitely help to get you there. It's cool to admire others and look to them for inspiration. However, we should use that inspiration to motivate us to cultivate or own relationship. We want to be our own goals...period! Follow the Two Seconds Before I Snap Podcast @ 2B4ISnap on IG and Twitter. Subscribe on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google Podcast....


2 Seconds Before I Break My New Year's Resolution

Joyce sits down with Ernestine Lyons to chat about how they navigate through the frustrations of setting goals, and putting yourself out there to chase your dreams. The conversation takes many exciting turns addressing: Traveling, Foreign Language, New Years Resolutions and Interracial Dating Ernestine is the creator of the blossoming travel consulting LLC-Linglobal. Please visit for all your travel and foreign language needs. Stay connected with Ernestine on Instagram...


2 Seconds into the New Year

Happy New Year! Season 2 has finally emerged and with new pod art. Listen in as Joyce shares updates on Decembers festivities, Trysten kissing boys, must watch new TV shows, her new blog, and more. Now available on Spotify & Stitcher. Whoop Whoop! Please subscribe rate & review the show.


Band Geeks and Breastfeeding

Last episode of the year! Some of my close friends stop by to talk about band geeks, stay-at-home-mom stereotypes, breastfeeding, and so much more. Get ready to laugh your butt off. Thank you all for the love and support. This year has been awesome. Please don't forget to subscribe on iTunes/Apple Podcast and rate the show. Please email or message me on IG with topics you want to hear next season. Happy New Year!


The Seperation and why it was necessary. Part 2

Marriage and relationships are challenging at times. It's much easier to walk away than it is to stay and fight when things get difficult (believe me I know). Before you make a decision to divorce try separating first. Sometimes a separation is necessary. Often times it's the thing your marriage needed to reignite the spark and get a clear vision of what you two want your relationship/marriage to look like. Other times a separation gives you clarity that divorce is the next step towards your...


Dope Chicks in Christ

Candice and Brittany(Pretty Lit Pod)join me to talk about being dope and living for God. Having a relationship with God doesn't mean your life is boring. It doesn't mean that you are perfect and that you won't have problems. It doesn't mean that you will address every situation the correct way. It does build character, integrity, and morals. There will be trials, tribulations, and test while walking with God, but living your life for him is so worth it!


Holiday season prep

Get ready for the holiday season with Mama J and your Favorite Babymama, Dom. A "serious" Christmas tree debate goes down (real v. fake trees) LOL. As always we talk about the "joys" of raising teenage girls and parenthood.This episode is sure to get you in the mood for the holiday season. Tune in for ways to save, side hustle, and give back. Happy Thanksgiving! Follow on IG @2B4isnap Subscribe on iTunes Podcast App- Two Seconds Before I Snap Now available on Google Music!! Song: What...