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Funeral Directors, Ryan Ballard and Brian Waters discuss life, death and the story of funeral service.


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Funeral Directors, Ryan Ballard and Brian Waters discuss life, death and the story of funeral service.






#543 Mountain Morning with Jason Duvall

Brother Jason introduces his new show. He talks about what it is like in rural Kentucky and being a funeral director. Jason is down near the Appalachian Mountains close to the West Virginia border, his new series will be stories and the history as to how funeral service has been done in that area. I truly believe we can learn from all people from all walks of life and we can apply it to our everyday. I want to hear other professionals experiences to be the best funeral director possible. Lets walk with brother Jason down a new journey within the Undertaking: The Podcast Network. Welcome Jason Duvall!!!! www.duvallandmoore.com Sponsors: www.indianadonornetwork.org www.lovealwaysproject.org https://gather.app/ https://www.youtube.com/@undertakingthepodcast1667 www.undertakingthepodcast.com www.certifiedsafetytraining.org www.supernovaintl.com


#542 Undertaking The Colts

The guys are back with their thoughts on this weeks game. There have been alot of headines this week for the colts and quite honestly I personally think every week we are rolling the dice in hope of good news. Blake and JB go deep with a guest and explain some of the happenings from the week and the future for the weekend. Sponsors: https://www.lovealwaysproject.org/ https://www.wilbert.com/ www.gather.app www.certifiedsafetytraining.org www.indianadonornetwork.org https://www.natlmortuaryshipping.com/


#541 Your New Embalmer with Ben Schmidt

Our good friend Ben Schmidt talks about what the new embalmer looks like this day and age. Its an interesting take that I am glad is recorded. We all may not think the same way but the goal is to serve the families. The new gereation of funeral service does look different, that is because funeral service is changing. We see you friends. Rock and Roll! https://www.youtube.com/@undertakingthepodcast1667 www.undertakingthepodcast.com https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-funeral-science-podcast/id1556255596 Sponsors: www.indianadonornetwork.org www.natlmortuaryshipping.com www.supernovaintl.com www.gather.app www.lovealwaysproject.org


#540 What a Funeral Director and his Daughter are thankful for

Ryan and Kennedy sit down for the first few minutes and talk about what they are thankful for. The last 15 min Ryan talks about mental health with funeral directors. We See You! Peace comes in many forms and sometimes witnessing it can be a moment that is beneficial. Enjoy your Holiday. Sponsors: https://www.wilbert.com/ https://matthewsaurora.com/https:/ www.natlmortuaryshipping.com https://www.garfieldrefining.com/ www.certifiedsafetytraining.org www.indianadonornetwork.org


#539 Sharon Mascarello "Embalming: History, Theory, and Practice

Robert Falcon corners Sharon at the Indiana Funeral Directors convention this last May. She had recently done some work on the book that is linked below. Embalming: History, Theory, Practice is a book that will mold young funeral directors for the future. Robert has a chance to talk with her and gets the story of her walk within funeral service. Rock and Roll! https://cphs.wayne.edu/mortuary-science/news/sharon-gee-mascarello-wraps-up-24-year-wayne-state-university-career--41187 https://www.amazon.com/Embalming-History-Theory-Practice-Sixth/dp/1260010074/ref=sr_1_1?adgrpid=1345802796864126&hvadid=84112745836365&hvbmt=bp&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=162754&hvnetw=o&hvqmt=p&hvtargid=kwd-84113021352531%3Aloc-190&hydadcr=9838_10709715&keywords=embalming+history+theory+and+practice&qid=1698165663&sr=8-1&ufe=app_do%3Aamzn1.fos.f5122f16-c3e8-4386-bf32-63e904010ad0 Sponsors: https://indianadonornetwork.org/ https://certifiedsafetytraining.org/ www.familyestatemanager.com https://www.youtube.com/@undertakingthepodcast1667 www.undertakingthepodcast.com www.familyestatemanager.com www.gather.app


#538 Undertaking The Colts

Blake and JB are back to explain things that I dont understand about the Indianapolis Colts they also have a guest they introduce. Ryan opens and closes the episode with some sponsors then rants for a bit. Ryan gets emotional in the closer. Sponsors: www.indianadonornetwork.org www.lovealwaysproject.org www.garfieldrefining.com www.undertakingthepodcast.com https://www.youtube.com/@undertakingthepodcast1667


#537 My Fathers Chair Episode 3

This Episode I talk about the phrase "one more time" and the importance of it. I talk about my friends disappearing and dealing with mental health. "The We See You" movement is referenced. Its ok to not feel ok, get a mentor. Be better to yourself so you can be better in the profession. Rock and Roll! Sponsors: https://indianadonornetwork.org/ https://www.youtube.com/@undertakingthepodcast1667 www.gather.app www.wilbert.com


#536 Duane Hills IFDA 2023 "One Block West of the Whitehouse"

Duane Hills Joins the podcast to talk about his book "One Block West of the Whitehouse". He talks about his experiences managing Joseph Gawler's Sons Funeral Home in Washington D.C. In the show notes below is a link to his new book that can be pre-ordered. This man has some great stories for funeral service. I hope he continues to write them down. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/@undertakingthepodcast1667 www.undertakingthepodcast.com https://funeralhistorygroup.com/product/one-block-west-of-the-white-house-joseph-gawlers-sons-undertaker-of-the-presidents/ https://www.dignitymemorial.com/funeral-homes/district-of-columbia/washington/joseph-gawlers-sons-llc/2216 Sponsors: www.expressfuneralfunding.com https://indianadonornetwork.org/ https://certifiedsafetytraining.org/


#535 Undertaking The Colts: The Return

Its different, lifes different, the seasons are different, the content can be different at times. Sometimes its a good break to listen and just enjoy. I as a funeral director find that I have to listen to football more than watch. Blake and Jordan Talk football, they have been gone for a few weeks and they explain why. Ryan has questions in the opener and closer. Is Ryan a Unicorn? Ryan opens and closes the episode. Sponsors: https://www.youtube.com/@undertakingthepodcast1667 www.indianadonornetwork.org www.garfieldrefining.com www.lovealwaysproject.org


#534 Leann Quinn says Hello!

Ryan is pulling content he has had for a while, and putting it out there. This is another floor walk epsiode with Brian and Robert Falcon (Observations from a Hearse). They walk the floor at the Indiana convention this last May and run into one of Ryans classmates. She teaches the boys some knowledge too! https://www.youtube.com/@undertakingthepodcast1667 www.undertakingthepodcast.com Sponsors: https://indianadonornetwork.org/ www.supernovaintl.com www.hiltonfuneralsupply.com


#533 Tracy Ballard and Hard conversations!

Tracy Ballard talks with Ryan about what she went through the day that Marty Ballard died Feb 6, 2023. She had some hard conversations that I was not around for. We need to remember that our experiece is ours alone, my wife experienced something completely different than me. Lets hear Tracy tell us a little about herself and her story. I think there are other mothers out there that can relate. It was exciting to have her as a guest. Rock and Roll! Sponsors: www.indianadonornetwork.org www.gather.app www.natlmortuaryshipping.com https://www.youtube.com/@undertakingthepodcast1667 www.undertakingthepodcast.com


#532 Grant Inman and Brian walk the floor NFDA 2023

Ryan opens and closes the episode and explains the chaos. Walking the floor at conventions can be very high energy at times. This is Grants first time at a funeral directors convention and he could feel the vibe in the air. Its just a good back and forth of two people walking and talking. Enjoy! www.undertakingthepodcast.com https://www.youtube.com/@undertakingthepodcast1667 Sponsors: www.lovealwaysproject.org https://indianadonornetwork.org www.myasd.com


#531 "My Fathers Chair Episode 2"

Ryan is on a drive a few days after his dads birthday. He decides to record his thoughts , its a short episode. Sometimes the conversation can seem very odd but lets remember its real in grief. We see You Movement!!!!!! Ryan talks about the expectation for these episodes in the intro and outro. Sponsors: www.undertakingthepodcast.com https://www.youtube.com/@undertakingthepodcast1667 www.lovealwaysproject.org https://indianadonornetwork.org/ www.natlmortuaryshipping.com


#530 55.com So many questions!

Well, this is a short episode, and quite honestly I need more info. Its an interesting concept and I would love to hear more about membership and its privilege. This is a tear down interview on the convention floor (you can hear them tearing down in the background) where Brian talks to 55.com about the membership package. Sponsors: https://www.youtube.com/@undertakingthepodcast1667 https://indianadonornetwork.org/ www.butlercoach.com www.matthewsaurora.com www.undertakingthepodcast.com


#529 "My Fathers Chair Episode 1"

Ryan starts his series off with a tough one but probablly a much felt feeling by all. He has a beer with his dad on his dads birthday. RB talks accountability and also plays a recording of feelings in the moment. Rock and Roll and share if you relate. #realtalk Sponsors: https://www.garfieldrefining.com/ https://indianadonornetwork.org www.wilbert.com


#528 Jason Duvall , For the Win!!!!

Jason dives deep into something Ryan is passionate about. Ryan opens and closes the episode but Jason goes on this journey solo. Jason Duvall gets direct into how we treat each other professionally and in general. Ryan talks about we see you and the movement. Rock and Roll Friends!!! Sponors: https://indianadonornetwork.org www.natlmortuaryshipping.com https://gather.app


#527 Observations from a Hearse with Robert Falcon and Jeff Chancellor

Ryan digs through the vault and finds an episode that was never released. Lets talk embalming, conventions and ICCFA 2023! Robert Falcon and his interview with Observations from a Hearse.


#526 Jeff Grimm, Kachina Funeral Supply

Lots of laughs with Jeff Grimm from Kachina Funeral Supply at Indiana's funeral convention. Check out KachinaFuneralSupply. Today's show is supported by: Pierce Chemical: www.piercedirect.com/ Garfield Refining: www.garfieldrefining.com/


#525 Undertaking: The Colts versus Titans

With a Titanic matchup this Sunday in The House That Peyton Built, is the return of Jonathon Taylor enough to end a 5 game losing streak against our AFC South rival? Find out what Blake & JB have to say on this week's preview episode of Undertaking: The Colts. "My favorite thing is trying to convince them that they can win." -Dick Butkus, 1942-2023 Today's show is supported by Indiana Donor Network: https://indianadonornetwork.org/


#524 Undertaking: The Colts Post-Game

JB and Blake have post-game coverage of Rams at Colts. As we ponder the loss, the Tennessee Titans loom in the distance. Today's show is supported by: Indiana Donor Network: https://indianadonornetwork.org/