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A podcast from the Vermont Folklife Center that explores the diverse cultures of Vermont through the voices of its own residents.

A podcast from the Vermont Folklife Center that explores the diverse cultures of Vermont through the voices of its own residents.


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A podcast from the Vermont Folklife Center that explores the diverse cultures of Vermont through the voices of its own residents.






Episode 20: A Year of Listening in Place

Over a year since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic we take a moment to look back on a year of the Listening in Place project, focusing on submissions to our Sound Archive. This facet of Listening in Place began with a small collection of audio recordings submitted via a portal on our website in response to an invitation to sit down and interview someone in your household, or remotely, during our first weeks of lockdown. We received about 30 recordings from across the state. College...


Episode 19: Sweetest Joys Indeed

Sugaring is a central part of life in Vermont. Anthropologist Marge Bruchac tells us that the Abenaki people, the indigenous group native to Vermont, called the fourth new moon of the year the “maple sugar-making moon.” The Abenaki were the first people in the place we now call Vermont to boil down sap and make syrup, and they taught European settlers this practice--one unique to North America. Today in Vermont sugaring is an important economic activity and a seasonal milestone that marks...


Episode 18: Meet Cute 2021 - Everest and Marjo

It’s that time of year again! Although our annual “Meet Cute” episode is a bit different this year, isn’t everything? We’re coming up on one year of living through the Covid-19 pandemic, and as a part of our Listening in Place project, we’ve focused on hearing from Vermonters about their experiences of this tumultuous time, in their own voices. We know that Vermonters have continued to cultivate new romantic connections during this time but, to be honest, we paused a bit around asking...


Episode 17: The Audio Diary of Pete Sutherland

Back in March 2020, Pete Sutherland opened up the voice memo app on his phone, hit record and said “This is just day-one of one person's journal about isolation in the time of the Coronavirus outbreak worldwide.” In the following nine months, Pete continued to hit record and share his thoughts with what he calls “the vault” on his phone. Sometimes he discusses the COVID-19 Pandemic, other times he reflects on walks in the woods, his family, teaching, or the 2020 election. In this episode of...


Episode 16: 2020 Thanksgiving Special!

Driving turkeys THANKSGIVING SPECIAL! As we’re all gearing up for what is likely to be one of the most, shall we say “unusual,” Thanksgivings of our lifetimes (thanks again, 2020), here at VT Untapped™ we reached out VFC founder Jane Beck once more in search of suggestions for a seasonal story. Not surprisingly, once again Jane came through! Jane directed us to a series of interviews she conducted with Earle Fuller of Warren, VT between 1979 and 1983. Jane interviewed Earle over 45 times...


Episode 15: The Apprentices

Established in 1991, our Vermont Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program (VTAAP) was created to support the vitality of Vermont's living cultural heritage. In this episode we explore VTAAP by talking with some of the program participants—master artists and their apprentices—to explore their perspectives on these time-honored art forms, and the experience of teaching and learning during a global pandemic. Traditional arts are often perceived as primarily—or even exclusively—tied to the past,...


Episode 14: Spooky Halloween Special 2020

It’s Halloween! Which means it’s time for our annual SPOOKY HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! This year we reached out to VFC founder Jane Beck to see if she could think of any extra spooky stories in the archive—and boy did she come up with a corker! Jane interviewed Floyd Cowdrey on November 14, 1994. It’s a wide ranging interview, with Floyd recounting events from the late 19th and early 20th century including family stories, grisly details of a few local murders, some off-color (and by today’s...


Episode 13: Sounds of Camp

What does a vibrant camp sound like without its campers? Camp Killooleet sits on the banks of the Hancock Branch, a tributary to the White River in Hancock, Vermont. Since 1927 it’s welcomed kids ages 9-14 for a classic summer camp experience. Hiking and swimming, arts and woodworking, sports, horse-back riding and a particularly strong music and song culture due in large part to the longtime connection of the Seeger family with Killooleet. John and Ellie Seeger bought the camp in 1949 and...


Episode 12: Project Independence

This episode of VT Untapped™ is the first in a six-part series built around our “Listening in Place” project. We’ll take you into six different Vermont communities where we’ve spent some time listening to what people are going through and what they’re thinking about during the pandemic and beyond. Since mid May the VFC has been working in partnership with Project Independence, an elderly day center in Middlebury, as part of our Listening in Place project, which seeks to document the...


VT Untapped Special: Story Circles

This special episode of VT Untapped shares three stories that were recorded during a “Virtual Story Circle” in early April during the Covid-19 pandemic. A Story Circle is a supported space where participants respect the testimony of others as each person is invited to speak about their own experience. In this case, people are speaking about their experience living in Vermont during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The VFC first used this model of group storytelling as a response to Tropical...


Episode 11: Meet Cute 2020!

‘How did you meet?’ is probably one of the most common questions couples receive. In the spirit of Valentine’s day we’re sharing another round of these love stories recorded by VFC staff through interviews with friends and neighbors. So what do we mean by “Meet Cute”? Well, the term refers to the conditions under which two potential partners meet—trust us, it’s in the Oxford English Dictionary. Last year in Episode 4 we shared three stories of Vermonters finding love, and this year we’ve...


Episode 10: Pub Sing!

A guy walks into a bar and…starts singing? If that bar is Brattleboro’s McNeill’s Brewery and it’s the third Saturday of the month between 3-5 pm then the chances of this happening are pretty high. That’s when the Brattleboro Pub Sing meets. And in this episode of VT Untapped you get to come along! The pub-sing or pub-session tradition originates in the British Isles. “The Pub” being a place where people gather as much to socialize with friends and family as to enjoy a local brew, the...


Episode 9: Spooky Halloween Special

This month on VT Untapped we hear spooky stories told by Kim Chase of Essex Junction. Kim is a second-generation, bilingual Franco-American and the stories she shares were passed down through generations of her family members. Kim’s maternal grandmother moved from Cap-Santé, Québec to Winooski, VT sometime between 1905-1910. Her mother, Claire Bouffard Chase was born in Winooski. Kim grew up in Massachusetts but spent every summer with her grandparents in Winooski until her family moved back...


Late-Summer Update

Hello Vermont Untapped listeners! It's time for a late-summer update. The days are still (sort of) long, the sun is bright and we’ve been pretty darn busy here at the Vermont Folklife Center. Listen in for a short update on our doings (and to hear where to get the best cinnamon rolls in St. Johnsbury!) We’re also taking a moment to let you know that our next full episode of VT Untapped will be released towards the end of September. Following that, we’ll release one more episode in late...


Episode 8: The Perks of Being a Storyteller

VT Untapped is produced by the Vermont Folklife Center. June is a month when we celebrate our fathers, so we would like to use this month's VT Untapped episode to show you Vermont through the eyes of a unique father and daughter team: Perkins Flint (1878-1969) and Katharine Flint DuClos (1907-2010). Perkins Flint lived and farmed in Braintree, Vermont, in the late 19th and early 20th century. His great-great-great-grandfather, William Flint, was one of the first settlers of the town, and...


Episode 7: Out on the Ice

This month on VT Untapped we take a trip to the “Retreat Meadows,” a flooded, marshy area at the convergence of the West and Connecticut rivers in Brattleboro, Vermont, that regularly freezes over in winter. It was on this icy plain that Vermont-based Colombian photographer Federico Pardo noticed a small village of rough, squarish structures spring up each season. These ice “shanties” intrigued him and he began documenting them in 2016. The VFC became involved when Vision & Voice Gallery...


Episode 6: Remembering Martha

Martha Pellerin was a musician, scholar, advocate, educator and song collector—to name just a few of her many roles. Her family immigrated to Vermont from the Eastern Townships of Quebec in the 1960s, settling in Barre. Growing up, Martha navigated a complicated landscape of culture and identity. While her family spoke French at home and maintained strong ties to Quebec, Martha also spent much of her life immersed in American culture and the English language. Ultimately she found her...


Episode 5: Vermont Women

Three Extraordinary Vermont Women To celebrate Women’s History Month, we honor the achievements of three extraordinary women: Nellie Staves, Daisy Turner, and Gert Lepine—all of whom were interviewed extensively by Vermont Folklife Center founder (and pioneer in her own right) Jane C. Beck. Nellie Garnet Dunbar Badger Staves was born in West Danville, Vermont, in 1917 and grew up on Walden Mountain. She was an avid outdoors woman and conservationist, as well as an artist known for the...


Episode 4: Meet Cute

‘How did you meet?’ is probably one of the most common questions couples receive. In the spirit of Valentine’s day, we share these love stories recorded by VFC staff through interviews with friends, neighbors, and family. So what do we mean by “Meet Cute”? Well, the term refers to the conditions under which two potential partners meet—trust us, it’s in Oxford English Dictionary. Your true love could be on the other side of the desk at a job interview, at the end of a scavenger hunt, or the...


Episode 3: Stalag Luft III

Major J. Francis Angier tells the gripping story of being shot down over Germany during World War II, surviving as a prisoner of war, and saving two ships carrying hundreds of soldiers from certain doom. In the early 2000s Greg Sharrow and audio producer Erica Heilman conducted a set of interviews under the auspices of the Vermont Folklife Center for the Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress. From those interviews, an audio documentary was produced called “Prisoners of War: A...