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Podcast by WOMENdontDOthat




More of what you want in 2020

This week Myrrhanda and Stephanie discuss our new blog content, dealing with disapointment, and the brilliant guests we have coming up in 2020! Stuff mentioned in this episode: https://www.womendontdothat.com/post/how-to-get-more-of-what-you-really-want-in-2020 https://www.womendontdothat.com/post/grow-through-what-you-go-through-how-to-survive-in-survival-mode https://www.womendontdothat.com/post/books-to-make-you-even-more-brilliant Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter at our website...


What we learned from our mistakes in 2019 (and why we plan to make more in 2020) Ep.32

This week Myrrhanda and Stephanie discuss Myrrhanda’s conversation with Jane MacLatchy, Assistant Commissioner of the Manitoba RCMP and Stephanie’s interview with Myrrhanda! We also reflect on what a big year 2019 has been and look forward to 2020! Stuff mentioned in this episode: Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter at our website to not miss out. www.womendontdothat.com, scroll down and look for the section “get on the list girlfriend”. We also share our latest blog content and...


Inspiration to Keep Going with Myrrhanda Novak, Part Two: Survival Guide Ep. 31

Welcome to part two of the interview with Myrrhanda Novak, co-founder of WDDT. In this episode, we jump right in where we left off and discuss the processes and steps Myrrhanda took to rise strong and move through the tragic loss of her young son. This episode includes: Encouragement that you can do whatever it is you think you can’t do Steps you can take to get through hard times and loss How to support friends who are grieving How to find joy after hardship Learn more about Myrrhanda’s...


Inspiration to Live Your Best Life with Myrrhanda Novak, Part One: The Story Ep. 30

Are you someone who wants to find more joy in your everyday life? Are you struggling to move past a difficult loss or heartbreak? This week’s guest is the co-founder of WDDT, Myrrhanda Novak. Myrrhanda is a loss-mom who has overcome devastating grief and moved through guilt and fear to reclaim joy. In part one of the interview, Myrrhanda shares being married young, her career path, as well as the challenges she faced with two difficult births and the death of a child. Stuff mentioned in this...


Exceed expectations and lead like a woman with pioneer police officer Jane MacLatchy Ep. 29

Some women know from a young age that they want to break the girl mould - that they’re meant to do the very thing society tries to tell them they can’t do. Jane MacLatchy had a dream of becoming a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police before women were even allowed to apply for the job, and she now serves among the highest ranks. Her career has included War Crimes Investigations, Major Events Security including for the Vancouver Olympics and Paralympics, as well as serving as the...


How to say yes to new challenges Ep. 28

Stephanie and Myrrhanda reflect on travelling for work, trusting your gut, and sorting through the seemingly conflicting advice to say yes to opportunities and be empowered to say no. Comment at womendontdothat.com. We love your questions and feedback. Relevant blog posts: The many reasons women don’t take risks and why it’s important we do by Myrrhada Novak https://www.womendontdothat.com/post/the-many-reasons-women-don-t-take-risks-and-why-it-s-important-we-do How to feel good about saying...


Becoming an awesome boss with Heather Cayouette Ep. 27

Have you ever wondered how some managers earn the respect of their team, get results and also have a reputation for being well-liked? It can seem like an impossible combination, but thankfully, it’s not. I (Myrrhanda) have been thinking a lot about this since returning to work and becoming a director, so Stephanie told me that I had to ask her former colleague, Heather, for advice. So, I did! And we made the conversation into a podcast:) Heather Cayouette is a Certified Information Privacy...


How to stop overthinking and trust your gut with entrepreneur and connector Natasha Morano Ep. 26

Natasha Hope Morano is the President of NHM Connect, an Ottawa based consulting company that specializes in strategic partnerships, fundraising and event management. She shares how she has always been motivated to help the underdog and how she became even more empathetic after caring for her parents during illness. Natasha also shares how she has built her brand and her reputation as someone who gets results. As a woman who’s made big career moves, she’s learned to not overthink everything,...


How far should you lean in? Ep. 25

Myrrhanda and Stephanie reflect on figuring out how far to push yourself when you aren’t feeling your best, and share wisdom from our conversations with Catherine Clark and Amy Tung. We also dive into topics such as overcoming adversity, creating boundaries, leaning out and leaning in. Stuff mentioned in this episode: Listen to the Happy Mom episode with Ann Douglas here:...


Redefine your professional life with President of Catherine Clark Communications Ep. 24

In this episode, Stephanie speaks with Catherine Clark, a respected broadcaster, emcee, writer and the President of Catherine Clark Communications Inc.. Catherine was named one of Ottawa’s Forty Under 40 by the Ottawa Board of Trade, and is a champion of many important causes. She is also a busy wife and mother. In this episode we discuss Catherine’s career path, her thoughts on how we should do work differently, and what it was like to grow up with a Prime Minister as a father and the...


Surrender to your best life with Amy Tung, founder and CEO of the I Am Love Project Ep. 23

In this episode, Myrrhanda speaks with Amy Tung, Founder and CEO of the I Am Love Project. Amy left her marriage and a high-paying job to start a social enterprise that cultivates community through meaningful collaborations. Amy’s leadership has attracted media attention and awards and raised thousands of dollars for charities such as the Higher Learning Fund and Women's Health Clinic. Through her work and life, Amy promotes the message that everyone is worthy of love, and that incredible...


How badass women make the best choices Ep. 22

Myrrhanda and Stephanie reflect on their conversations with President of The Economic Club of Canada and Co-Founder of The Global Institute for Conscious Economics, Rhiannon Rosalind and award-winning, bestselling parenting author and the weekend parenting columnist for CBC Radio, Ann Douglas. They also dive into how to be engaged in Canada’s current federal election. Stuff mentioned in this episode: Listen to the podcast with Rhiannon here:...


How to get promoted and stay on top with Economic Club CEO and founder Rhiannon Rosalind Ep. 21

This episode features an interview with Rhiannon Rosalind, the President, CEO, and Owner of The Economic Club of Canada, Founder of The Jr. Economic Club of Canada and CEO & Co-Founder of The Global Institute for Conscious Economics (GICE). WDDT co-host Stephanie Mitton asks Rhiannon for her insights on topics such as leadership, becoming an entrepreneur, career advancement, and networking. You don’t want to miss Rhiannon’s answer to the questions: what high profile person left the biggest...


You can be a happy mom! with author and parenting expert Ann Douglas Ep. 20

Have you ever asked yourself if it’s even possible to be a calm, happy mom? Maybe you’ve looked at the state of the world and wondered if having children has become irresponsible? Or maybe you just need some help with getting your kids through school. In this episode, one of Canada’s most trusted parenting experts gives us a dose of reality and hope. Ann Douglas is an award-winning, bestselling parenting author and the weekend parenting columnist for CBC Radio. Some of her books include The...


Why feminism is good for men Ep. 19

Why feminism is good for men Ep. 19 Stephanie and Myrrhanda reflect on turning 35, on balancing relaxing and productivity when taking time off work, and on why men are happier and healthier in countries with greater gender equality. Comment at womendontdothat.com. We love your questions and feedback. Stuff mentioned in this episode: Blog: How to be mentored by everybody: Advice to build mentorship into your life...


A global perspective of gender equality with Plan Canada CEO Caroline Riseboro Ep. 18

Caroline Riseboro is the President & CEO of Plan International Canada – the leading NGO in Canada advancing the rights of children and equality for girls. As the youngest person to ever lead a major Canadian charity, Caroline is a passionate advocate for gender equality and is well-respected for her commitment to tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues. Caroline and Stephanie discuss the global perspective of gender equality and what the latest data says about where we are at and...


How empathy can change your life with Roots of Empathy founder Mary Gordon Ep. 17

Ep. 17 Mary Gordon is as an award-winning social entrepreneur, an educator, author, child advocate and parenting expert. She is the creator and President of the Roots of Empathy and Seeds of Empathy programs and a global leading expert on empathy. Mary and Myrrhanda discuss the life-long impact of developing empathy as a child and why countries need policies and programs in place to support the parent-child bond. Comment at womendontdothat.com. We love your questions and feedback. Stuff...


Why we wish we had wives: reflections on being working moms Ep. 16

Myrrhanda reflects on going back to full-time work after maternity leave, celebrating other women’s success and leaning in to wherever you are right now. Stephanie shares some advice on efficiency and balancing work and family. We announce our first contest winner and our new social media accounts!! Comment at womendontdothat.com. We love your questions and feedback. Stuff mentioned in this episode: Roots of Empathy program: https://rootsofempathy.org/ Sipology by Steeped Tea Catalogue:...


Empowering women to own our choices with advocate and stay-at-home mom Jamie McCallum Ep. 15

Feminism has opened up a wide range of career options for women, and we celebrate that on WDDT. We also want to celebrate the full range of women’s options including the choice that many moms make to stay home. Jaime McCallum is one of those moms and we hear why she loves (and sometimes doesn’t love) the choice she’s made to opt-out of the workforce and be a full-time mom to her three children. Jamie is a certified DONA Doula and worked as a teacher before having kids. She is passionate...


Becoming Canada's top female entrepreneur with Steeped Tea founder Tonia Jahshan Ep. 14

This week's change-maker is one of Canada’s foremost female entrepreneurs, Steeped Tea (now Sipology) founder Tonia Jahshan. Hear how she gave one of the most successful pitches in the history of Dragons’ Den and grew her Hamilton-based direct sales company to more than $20 million in annual sales. Tonia is authentic, honest and vulnerable and shares how growing an international company has come with its share of challenges for her and her family. I hope you enjoy the conversation. I KNOW...