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What I Don’t Talk About @ BBQs is a podcast where we talk about moments and episodes from our lives that have shaped the people we are today.

What I Don’t Talk About @ BBQs is a podcast where we talk about moments and episodes from our lives that have shaped the people we are today.
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What I Don’t Talk About @ BBQs is a podcast where we talk about moments and episodes from our lives that have shaped the people we are today.




Richard Carroll - Director, Writer & Producer

Richard Carroll is a director, writer and producer. That's just for starters. He also hosts his own podcast, Every Musical Ever, is a board member of The Pipeline Arts Ltd and was one of the founders of The Hayes Theatre Company. In only a few short years Richard has established himself as one of the most creative and innovative directors on the Australia theatre scene. Excitingly, Richard, in association with the Darlinghurst Theatre Company, is bringing award-winning musical "Once" to...


[OUTTAKE] Stage Fright: "I Just Melted"

Hi Everyone. no full pod this week. Instead, a cool little outtake from my conversation a few weeks back with Documentary Photographer, David Ryan. Just a few moments into our conversation David's nerves got the better of him, but instead of crumbling into an inaudible mess, David was able to articulately talk through what was happening to him as he experienced it. It was so amazing to listen back, I checked with David and he was alright with me sharing this. In the end, David was able to...


David Ryan - Documentary Photographer

David Ryan is a storyteller. He tells other people's stories with his camera. As a documentary wedding photographer he's a particular man who share's other's special moments in a very particular and unique way. Only David can tell a story through pictures the way he does. His is a special and distinctive talent. David has a special place in my heart along this journey that's led me to starting a podcast. A couple of years ago I was attending a good friend's wedding in Ballina, Co. Mayo....


Dr Enda Murray - Festival Director

Dr Enda Murray is the Festival Director of the Irish Film Festival which is currently on in Sydney until Sunday, 5-May before moving to Melbourne from 9-12 May. He has a penchant for seeking out and bringing to the screen stories from marginalised communities, not just in Australia, but all over the world. In today's conversation we discuss the through line from being one of fourteen children to Enda's passion for storytelling as a way of drawing attention to really important issues. You...


Nigel Featherstone - Author, Pt2

Ep13...Pt2 Nigel Featherstone is an Australian writer who, on 23rd April, publishes his powerful new novel, Bodies of Men - the story of two Australian soldiers who find love on the fringes of the Egyptian desert while World War 2 rages around them. This book is significant. This story is important. It's beautifully written. Nigel is the right person to be telling this story at this time. Great literature and art can sometimes be ahead of its time, yet it acts as the beacon so we can all...


Nigel Featherstone - Author, Pt1

Ep13...Pt1 Nigel Featherstone is an Australian writer whose, powerful new novel, Bodies of Men is to be published by Hachette Australia on the 23rd April - it's the story of two Australian soldiers who find love on the fringes of the Egyptian desert while World War 2 rages around them. This book is significant. This story is important. It's beautifully written. Nigel is the right person to be telling this story at this time. Great literature and art can sometimes be ahead of its time, yet...


Naomi Mourra - Comedian & Producer

Ep12. Naomi Mourra is a comedian, improvisor and co-producer of a regular comedy night on the Sydney scene. There's a well developed sense of irreverance to her comedy - she's not afraid to speak comedy truth to power. In her upcoming show for the Sydney Comedy Festival she tackles a little book called The Bible. Naomi's performing her show, An Open Book @ The Enmore Theatre on 26, 27 & 28 April. Get your tickets here: https://www.facebook.com/events/237656840454622/ or here...


Ben Lancken - Organisational Development

Ep11. Ben Lancken is a natural born leader. His journey to becoming a leader is filled with learnings he's now using to help both people and organisations become all they can be. Ben is all about engaging the hearts and minds of people within an organisation. Human beings need to change. Prof. Jason Fox says, "that which cannot change cannot continue." Ben spends his days doing the work to connect people to a shared vision, activating the leadership instincts in us and helping us see...


Douglas Spafford - Actor

Ep10. My guest today on What I Don't Talk About @ BBQs is professional actor, Douglas Spafford. He's had a long and winding journey from Birmingham in the UK through Scotland, the NT, Wagga and now to Sydney and this very day you can find him treading the boards, plying his craft. During my conversation with Douglas I was reminded of the motto of my high school, St. Clair High in Western Sydney. It was three overlapping C's, and you know what, I'm not sure if I'd ever committed them to...


Caoirne Ward - Musician

Ep14. Caoirne Ward in an emerging musician who knows what he wants. When it comes to his music, he knows how he wants it to sound and he doesn't compromise when it comes to his compositions. He's not apologetic for who he is, his opinions and the success he's working hard to achieve. He started off wearing his influences very obviously on his sleeves in YouTube videos, yet now, after writing more than 100 songs, releasing 2 albums and a number of singles his own voice and style is coming...


Trish Morosin - Actor, Writer & Producer

Ep9. My guest today is, simply put, capital A, amazing. Trish Morosin is an actor, writer and producer among other things. What I admire most about Trish is all she has overcome to bring her creative vision to life. Thirty, season 1, premiered in May 2017 as a 6-part web series. While season 2 has been filmed, Trish along with her fellow producers Madeline MacRae (who stars as Jess) and Sarah de Possesse (who stars as Bianca) still need to raise funds in order to have the show...


Frances Chapman - Writer

Ep8. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce my guest this week to you, 2018's Ampersand Prize winner, Frances Chapman. I've had the pleasure to have known Frances for a few years since we first met at a creative writing course @ The Australian Writers Centre in Sydney, What I admire most about Frances is her work ethic, and make no mistake, she approaches writing like it is a job. She turns up everyday. She does the work. And as a result she's become an amazing writer of both...


Ali Whitelock - Poet

Ep7. Ali Whitelock is a poet. Hailing from Glasgow in Scotland, her writing is both brave and bold. I've been fortunate through this podcast to meet so many people who've decided to put creativity at the centre of their lives. Ali's path to poetry wasn't a straight forward one and maybe the journey has made her writing all the richer for the experiences she's had and the decisions she's made. On the page her work squirms and wriggles and challenges at every turn. Through performance her...


Jason Dibbs - Writer, Maker & Teacher

Ep6. Jason is a writer, a maker and a teacher. I've known him as someone who has dedicated his life to searching, exploring and learning. I often think of Jason as someone who, in his quiet moments, is listening for that original frequency that rang out in the moments just before the Big Bang because he believes there might be something there that tells us something about ourselves. Whatever Jason does, he does it with a serious and an all consuming concentration. He lives very intensely...


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Asking is not easy, so here goes... I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm going to take every opportunity I can to grow my podcast this is an amazing one, as opportunities go. All I need you to do is follow this link to my page on the MyRodeCast competition site and click VOTE. Simples, right? It will only take you a few seconds. www.rode.com/myrodecast/listen/entry/475 I couldn't do this without so, so THANKS. I'll be back soon with another fantastic chat so stay tuned.


Maxine Fawcett - Writer

Ep5. Choosing to live a creative life means you HAVE TO be ready to commit to whatever it is you want to produce. Whether it's painting or sculpture or movies, or for me, podcasts, you have to be prepared to push through the tough times. When it's tough and we still turn up to create, we're making a statement about how important what we do is to us. My guest on this episode of What I Don't Talk About @ BBQs turns up each and every day, no matter what. Maxine Fawcett is a writer, a mother,...


Gabrielle Bates - Visual Artist

Ep4. Thanks for joining me this week. I'm chatting with visual artist, Gabrielle Bates. This podcast means a lot to me, and I'm grateful that you're here. I love to create. Ideas excite me but ideas alone are not enough. They can be like eating a Mars Bar to deal with my hunger when what I really need is a good meal. This podcast is my good meal. It’s helping me have the type of meaningful conversations with people I’ve always wanted to have. Each time I sit down to record with someone...


Amuse-bouche: Ep4 - Gabrielle Bates

Oh, what a sample this is. One of the most joyous I've dropped yet. Join Gabrielle and I on Sunday 24-February were we really get into it.


Sheree Strange - Blogger & Writer

Ep3. I'm learning folks. Every time I sit down to record with someone I find out something new. In this episode, I'm grateful to some advice from soon-to-be guest, Jason Dibbs, for telling me to always have a Plan B when recording. Today with Sheree there was a moment when I could have given up, could have said, 'Sorry Sheree, this just isn't going to happen in exactly the way I want it to.' But that's not what happened. This is a podcast about people who find a way, despite the...


Amuse-bouche: Ep3 - Sheree Strange

A morsel to tide you over. Ep3 with Sheree Strange wherever you get your precious, precious pods from drops on Sunday 17-February.