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The New Perception of Political Correctness

To watch the news or listen in on social media, you might think that either the nation has become hypersensitive or that you’re the last person alive with emotional grit. These days it feels like to engage in any public discourse we need a twenty-page manual that outlines not only what we can say, but the specific words we can and can’t use to say it. A surprising (or perhaps not so surprising) new study, however, provides hope. You’re not as alone as you might think in your disdain of the...


The Myths and Facts About Introverts and Extroverts

If the thought of an Open Office layout, a busy Happy Hour scene, or a networking event makes you feel a little queasy, then you’re probably an introvert. Up until recently, introverts got a fairly bad rap. Consider shy and stand-off-ish, it didn’t seem that they were ideally suited for the types of things that lead to success. Recent studies and publications are changing all that. In fact, today it’s becoming kind of cool to identify as an introvert. But don’t worry, extroverts, your...


Amazing Facts That Sound Completely Fake

Some things sound too good to be true and others, well, they seem about as believable as your neighbor’s evidence that the postman is an alien and there is a conspiracy to use junk mail to overtake the world. Hmm, we’d actually like to hear more on that . . . But instead, we’re returning from summer vacation with some actual . . . And maybe even unbelievable. . . Facts that will surprise and entertain you. So, for this episode, we reached deep into the bowels of Wikipedia and threw together...


Did You Know? Incredible Facts You’ll Never Use

At Wit Without Wisdom we’re all about interesting facts and getting to the truth. In fact, one might even say that we are a bit too obsessive in our pursuit of interesting knowledge. And based on this episode it is kind of hard to argue such an observation. Because we’re doing a brain dump episode where we’re sharing a plethora of tidbits, snippets of info, and factoids. (Did you know a factoid originally meant information that wasn’t true? See! You’re learning something already.) So if you...


Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? The Perception of Words.

In a watershed moment, here at Wit Without Wisdom we take on the epically philosophical question: Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? And believe it or not, we actually took a straw poll to add some texture and depth to our discussion. After our point-counterpoint on the argument and because we didn’t think anyone would devote thirty plus listening minutes to it, we move on to a bigger discussion. The subjective meanings of words and how they have the power to both define how we observe our world and...


Why Bad Habits Are So Good

Habits are the one area of behavior that requires an adjective for clarity. There are the good ones and then there are the bad ones. And many people spend a lot of time thinking about their need to form more good ones and extinguish the bad ones. But did you ever lament over the reality that it is so much easier to pick up those bad habits than it is to make more productive activities? To make them so second nature that you needn’t even think about them? Wouldn’t it be nice if most of us had...


Disgust: The Culture of Gross

Disgust is one of those things that is universal and yet so individual. In fact, although we’re sort of biologically primed for the emotion, the stuff that grosses us out is actually something we learn. Tonight, we thought it would be kind of fun and kind of gross to delve into the gag-inducing world of the emotion of disgust. Not an episode to listen to while eating because we’re taking a journey around the world to explore some of the most disgusting behaviors of each culture. In this...


Easter & Halloween Birthday Special

Are there any two holidays that have more in common than Easter and Halloween? Seriously, think about it: they are both a religious celebration. Most years you have to go to work the next day. They both deal in spirits (some of the Holy kind and some of the unholy type). Resurrections are standard for both. Kids and adults are often dressed in funny outfits. And most of all, there is all that candy. It seemed to us that whether you’re hoping for the Easter Bunny or The Great Pumpkin, this...


Insane TV Commercials and Why They Work

Every self-improvement program requires at least one product purchase. Seriously, what is the point of gaining a new habit, greater success, or a new and better you, if you don’t get to do some shopping? Even something as simple as “walking” requires a new pair of shoes. Thankfully, advertisers understand and are willing to spend millions of dollars to guide us toward that one thing, that single purchase that will help us reach our goals. And sometimes, because, well, we’re all kind of...


Dear Celebrities, Stop Ruining Our Shows!

There is an old saying that states, “there is a time and a place for everything.” There is also a song by the band The Birds that put the idea to a catchy tune. And although there are often important matters we feel passionate about, sometimes the timing of the discussion can really ruin a moment. You know things such as your spouse asking if you paid the water bill during love making or when a cop ruins your new land-speed record just to ask if you know how fast you were going. Lately,...


Marriage Advice from the 1950's - Was it completely wrong?

The 1950’s is perhaps the pinnacle of traditional gender roles. And much of the advice and marketing of the time can make any modern woman rage . . . and many modern men secretly long for yester-year. (Yeah, forget it guys.) In this episode, expert homemaker, Lynda Dietz, joins us as we bring you your slippers and serve you these deliciously ridiculous tidbits in the style of the 50’s most dutiful housewife. Trust us, we found some real gems! You’ll be more appalled than hearing a housewife...


Perfection is Thine Enemy

It’s pretty common to hear someone say, “Hey, I’m not perfect.” But it is also a tough confession to make. Truth is, a lot of us spend a lot of time trying to achieve our own versions of personal perfection. Social media has put us all in the public spotlight. It’s important that our lives appear a “certain way.” I mean, not you of course, it’s just the rest of us using photo filters, picking and choosing our relationship updates, and making sure our hair is just right before we take that...


Awful Movie Scenes We Just Can't Stand

Obviously when you sit down to a movie or television show you expect a bit of fantasy. You’re willing to suspend your disbelief and allow the filmmakers a bit of creative license. That is, after all, part of the fun. But there are often things in movies—and usually the smallest of things—that are so contrary to the human experience and the laws of physics, or so obvious in their attempt to sell a message that they jar you from the fantasy. It’s downright annoying. It makes you wonder if...


Why Success Stories Are Mostly B.S.?

If you’re not successful, then you’re pretty much a loser. It has to be because there are literally thousands of books, articles, stories to model and even systems you can buy that teach you…yes you…how to be a success. So, either you’re not trying hard enough or there is just something intrinsically wrong with you as a human. Except…maybe not. In this episode, we’re taking the topic of Success to task. In the artful confusion of being human, nothing is more confusing than the things one...


Is All Fitness Advice Just Ads?

Once upon a time fitness wasn’t so hard. Humans spent most of their days hunting and gathering food, so there was little time for a cross fit class. Plus, a Peloton bike really clashed with post-modern caveman décor. Times have changed. Whether for health or for vanity, most of us are at least thinking about getting in better shape. And even those who—by average standards—seem in excellent form believe there is room for improvement. In theory, becoming physically fit shouldn’t cost...


Resolutions and Other Lies We Tell Ouselves

Hey, so we’ve reached February. That time-honored month where we get to replace the burden of resolutions with the burden of getting the romance thing just right. But be thankful because expensive flowers, carb-filled chocolate, and long restaurant lines serve as an excellent distraction from our disappointment from an early resolution failure. The good news is that we’re not alone. Studies suggest that by February, nearly 70% of “resoluters” have abandoned their pesky self-promises. So,...


Is Most Advice Filled with More Wit than Wisdom?

In the first episode, SK and Raymond introduce Wit Without Wisdom. The show is an eclectic collection of topics and discussions that is one part science, one part snark but all completely relevant to the human experience. We cover some of the great upcoming topics and of course share some advice about the 9 things you must stop doing on Facebook.