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Ep 28 - Chinese Canadian Archives and Wilder Girls

Lin visits Plum Blossom from the Bitter Cold: Selections from the Chinese Canadian Archive ( It is an exhibit featuring photographs, official documents, and journals of Chinese immigrants who lived in Canada hundreds of years ago. Margrit ventures into a new genre with Wilder Girls by Rory Power ( A thriller/horror story, the novel comments on society's perception of...


Ep 27 - Interview with Tamsen Parker

We chat with USA Today bestselling author Tamsen Parker about writing political romance, ensuring diverse representation in publishing, and being an introvert in the era of personal branding. Warning: there’s a lot of honest talk, laughter, and even one F-bomb. Proceed at own risk. Find Tamsen online at: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Join the...


Ep 26 - Mr. Iglesias and Blown Away

In this PODVERSARY!-Episode, we have a conversation about diversity, the pressure on successful marginalized people to represent their identity and educate the public, and the hierarchy between high and commercial art. Lin brings up the sitcom Mr. Iglesias ( and Margrit talks about the reality competition Blown Away ( on Netflix. Join the conversation on Twitter at @World_ofStories or email us at...


Ep 25 - Interview with 'Nathan Burgoine

Special guest, 'Nathan Burgoine, joins Lin and Margrit in this episode to chat about diversity in speculative fiction, found families, working with queer youth, and how to be better allies. 'Nathan Burgoine is a tall queer guy who mostly writes shorter queer stories, though he's somehow up to four novels now. Regardless of length, his happy place is queer stories with speculative elements. Light, his debut, was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award, and his most recent, Exit Plans for...


Ep 24 - Treasures of a Desert Kingdom and Friday Black

Lin raves about the ROM special exhibit Treasures of a Desert Kingdom: The Royal Arts of Jodhpur, India ( The exhibit features beautiful artifacts and opportunities for interactivity and learning about India’s rich history through one of its former kingdoms, Jodhpur. Margrit recommends the short story collection Friday Black by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah ( that mixes...


Ep 23 - Food Edition: Tibetan Momos

This special “WoS: Food Edition” episode centres on momos, the Tibetan dumplings that started it all. We chat about the tumultuous Tibetan history, its culinary traditions and diasporic influences, and we cap it all off by enjoying many delicious momos at the annual Momo Crawl ( organized by Students for a Free Tibet ( in Toronto’s Little Tibet. Brace for many happy-belly noises! Join the conversation on...


Ep 22 - Interview with Dr. Ann Gagné

We chat with Dr. Ann Gagné (; about access and inclusion in post-secondary education and in the wider world. Ann contextualizes her doctoral research on how Victorians used touch and tactility as code for queer relationships. Ann’s reading recommendations include Zalika Reid-Benta’s Flying Plantain ( and Jon Macy’s Teleny and Camille...


Ep 21 - Becoming and No One Can Pronounce My Name

Michelle Obama’s Becoming ( is an inspiring and candid memoir that does not flinch away from the hard decisions she’s had to take or the political opinions she had not expressed as a First Lady. Rakesh Satyal’s No One Can Pronounce My Name ( shows a way to do the work of compassion and love for our fellow humans, so we eschew the knee-jerk reaction of fear and mistrust of difference. Join the conversation on...


Ep 20 - The Indian Detective and Tales of the City

Lin enjoyed Netflix’s The Indian Detective ( in which Russell Peters brings his irreverent brand of self-deprecating humour to a cop show full of mishaps and cultural commentary. Margrit raves about Netflix’s Tales of the City ( and its nuanced depiction of the different lives of it diverse queer characters. Join the conversation on Twitter at @World_ofStories or email us at


Ep 19 - Sex & Love and Young Voices Magazine

Lin enjoyed Netflix’s Sex and Love around the World (, which showcases Christiane Amanpour interviewing people in six big cities about their love- and sex-lives. It’s a refreshing and honest look at cultural views of these taboo topics and Amanpour serious demeanour allows for frank and interesting conversations. Margrit discusses Toronto Public Library’s annual Young Voices ( publication,...


Ep 18 - Interview with Ekaterine Xia

While in Taipei, Lin interviews author Ekaterine Xia. They chat about being third culture kids and the importance of food to the Taiwanese identity. About Ekaterine Xia: Born in Taiwan and raised abroad, Ekaterine is a first generation immigrant third culture kid. If push comes to shove, Somerville Massachusetts is home. She's currently living in Taiwan. Ekaterine studied psychology in undergrad and has started a Masters in interpretation and translation. She is a self-published author...


Ep 17 - Tao People of Lanyu and My Sister, the Serial Killer

As Lin returns from her trip to Taiwan, she shares a little about what she learned of the Tao people, an indigenous group from Lanyu Island off the coast of Taiwan ( Her stories highlight the objectification of people when they become tourist attractions. Margrit did some traveling through books when they read My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite ( In the book, older sister Korede is a nurse...


Ep 16 - Sour Heart and My Brother's Husband

Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang ( is a collection of short stories about Chinese immigrant families in 1980’s and 1990’s New York City. The stories are told from the perspectives of the daughter in each family, showcasing the challenges of immigration on marriages, parenting, cultural identity, and belonging. The stories closely mirrored Lin's own immigrant experience, which made the book touching and...


Ep 15 - The Feels and Darius the Great is Not Okay

The Feels ( is a Netflix movie about a lesbian bachelorette party that goes awry when one of the brides admits she's never had an orgasm! It's a comedy with very dry humor that sucker punched Lin with all the feelings right at the very end. She recommends it! Adib Khorram’s Darius the Great Is Not Okay ( is a YA novel about a mixed raced teenager who discovers more about his Iranian identity. It delves into the difficult...


Ep 14 - Captain Marvel and I'm Afraid of Men

Lin ventures out of her apartment and braves the real world to see Captain Marvel ( in the theatre! She enjoyed it and didn't understand why some reviews were negative; let's face it, it's probably because of misogyny. Margrit read I'm Afraid of Men by Vivek Shraya (, who is a multi-platform artist. She writes fiction and non-fiction, composes and performs music, and as Margrit can...


Ep 13 - History is Gay and The Poet X

Last month, the publisher Little Brown announced they would publish a problematic book that misgenders a historical figure. When called out on it, the publisher and the author doubled down on their position. In December 2018, an article appeared in the Romance Writer's Report criticizing historicals for romanticizing white supremacy. The article garnered backlash from authors who felt they had creative license to write whatever they want, including only tragic endings for people of color and...


Ep 12 - Heritage Journey and Dating Around

In the documentary Heritage Journey (,, Rondel Holder shows how the popular trend of DNA testing can be illuminating for African Americans whose specific ancestry may have been lost in the Transatlantic slave trade. Lin recommends this informative and thought-provoking documentary. The concept for Netflix’s non-scripted Dating Around ( is five first dates, but only one second date for a...


Ep 11 - Carmen Sandiego and Front Desk

If you’ve grown up playing Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, Lin wants you to know that you can relive its delights with Netflix’s eponymous new series ( It brings entertaining geography lessons alongside fun and dynamic adventures which prove Carmen to be a thief with a heart of gold. Kelly Yang’s middle-grade novel Front Desk ( features the so-called “sandwich generation” of Chinese immigrants who came to...


Ep 10 - Netflix Comedy Specials & Heidi Heilig's YA Duology

Lin has been enjoying Netflix comedy specials and she recommends a number of shows that tackle immigration and cultural translation with humour and panache. Such as Maz Jobrani’s Immigrant, Vir Das’s Abroad Understanding and Losing It, Gabriel Iglesias’s I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry, Hari Kondabolu’s Warn Your Relatives, Mo Amer’s The Vegabond, Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife, Gina Yashere’s Laughing to America and Skinny Bitch, and Tig Notaro’s Happy To Be Here and...


Episode 9 - Interview with Jackie Lau, plus Crazy Rich Asians, and Outrageous Acts of Science

Jackie Lau (,, joins us for a lively conversation. We talk about indie vs. traditional publishing, writing ethnically diverse characters respectfully, writing humour that eschews damaging stereotypes, and having a great sense of place in a story. Margrit watched Outrageous Acts of Science ( because hashtag children on...