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Episode 11: I’m Nice! I’m From Pennsylvania! (with Casey)

Shelby was out sick this week, so we brought in guest/guest-host extraordinaire CASEY to save Olive from talking to herself. In this weeks delightfully explicit episode listen to Olive & Casey explain how going to the movies and taking a walk drove these two midwestern ladies to go full New Yorker and yell at strangers. And how a routine meeting with a professor became the stage for the most awkward eye contact in the history of the world. Plus Olive makes the case for Bridget Jones’ Baby...


Episode 10: Pete and Repeat Go To The Beach (with Rachel)

We welcome the lovely, globe-trotting RACHEL to share her stories of shame this week. You'll hear how Alan Rickman(may he rest in peace) embarrassed her at The Plaza, how Martha Stewart embarrassed her at play rehearsal, and how our very own Shelby embarrassed her in front of Pete (or Repeat?) at the beach. AND, as a special treat for you special people, Olive kicks off the episode with a dramatic reading of some haikus about horses. ENJOY. Show Notes: Read about the horse haikus on...


Episode 9: Phoning it in from our FOOD COMAS

First things first: Happy Thanksgiving, people! We're thankful you're alive. We're thankful you're listening. AND we're thankful you love us, BECAUSE...we phoned it in a little this week. The stories are still here and still funny, but tbh the production did not get the ~tender loving care~ it deserves because we're busy thinking about Gilmore Girls and our futures. Please don't judge us too harshly. We're learning how to produce in a new setup, and this week has been long AF. LOVE YOUUUU....


Episode 8: It’s Not Me, It’s You (with Meghan)

This week, MEGHAN (aka BooksRock101) joins us to recap the week-long affair that was her first romantic relationship. You’ll hear how it started with a kiss, ended with a hug, and has haunted her ever since. You’ll also hear a little about how we’re boosting our karma and how we’re paying for our Thanksgiving turkey. Maybe best of all, you'll learn which of your illustrious hosts was accessible at funnybunny222 [at] hotmail [dot] com UNTIL TWO THOUSAND AND TEN. Check. It. Out. Music in...


Episode 7: Diaries of a Boy-Crazed Pre-Teen

We’re still working our way through a hurricane of emotions this week. Sooo we’re looking to the past for a little perspective. In this episode, journey back with us to our boy-crazy middle school days. You’ll hear excerpts from Olive’s self titled “crush diaries” circa 2003, and how Shelby’s movie-worthy first slow dance was orchestrated by a well-meaning (if maybe misguided) bestie. It’s a wild ride. Music in this episode: “Blanks” by Podington Bear (http://soundofpicture.com)


Episode 3: I’ve Been Pooped on at Least 6 Times (with Brianne)

This week we invite BRIANNE, our #1 fan/friend/roomie and the girl “with no shame” to share her stories. We travel in time from her bat mitzvah, to her years as a Teddy Geiger groupie (they make a pretty cute couple!), to her very brief and hilarious stint in therapy. It's quite the journey. Music in this episode: "Baby, I'm Bad Weather" by Toussaint Morrison (http://www.iamkidfresh.com/) "Nothing Like Captain Crunch" by Broke For Free (http://brokeforfree.com/) "Siesta" by Jahzzar...


Episode 2: I Don't Really Get Embarrassed (with Mike)

This week, Olive and Shelby welcome their inaugural guest, MIKE! He warms up with some classic embarrassing tales (which he routinely shares on Tinder dates?) before digging deep into high school memories and recounting the time he met an internet girlfriend playing The Dark Ages of Camelot. He was 14 and she was 30-something… Buckle up.


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