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Welcome to You Enjoy Life, offering a daily dose of inspiration from all walks of life. Listen along for some good vibes, groovy music, and the occasional non-dualistic life knowledge from the one and only YOU, otherwise known as Joshua, one half of the Brothers Green Eats Youtube channel with over 1 million subscribers. Sit back, relax and get ready for a boost of goodness, shot directly into the soil of your soul.

Welcome to You Enjoy Life, offering a daily dose of inspiration from all walks of life. Listen along for some good vibes, groovy music, and the occasional non-dualistic life knowledge from the one and only YOU, otherwise known as Joshua, one half of the Brothers Green Eats Youtube channel with over 1 million subscribers. Sit back, relax and get ready for a boost of goodness, shot directly into the soil of your soul.
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Welcome to You Enjoy Life, offering a daily dose of inspiration from all walks of life. Listen along for some good vibes, groovy music, and the occasional non-dualistic life knowledge from the one and only YOU, otherwise known as Joshua, one half of the Brothers Green Eats Youtube channel with over 1 million subscribers. Sit back, relax and get ready for a boost of goodness, shot directly into the soil of your soul.




The Two Biggest Relationship Killers...

Greetings friends. Today I am chatting about something that has come up recently in my life around relationships, not just intimate one's but all relationships. I've found that these two things can harm and completely ruin your relationships if you are not aware or careful of them. for more head on over to Become a supporter of this podcast:


How to never worry about finances and money again, I know it sounds impossible but...

Greetings, and welcome back to You enjoy life. Today I'm chatting about the one thing that always seems to be on everyone's mind, MONEY! But instead of looking at the traditional (old and boring) way that most people see wealth and finances, I'm breaking into a new paradigm that allows you to have financial stability and even freedom without all the fear and stress of the unknown. Hold on to your heads, it's about to get wild. shoot me an email at with any...


By changing your voice, you can change your life. Here is how to do it.

Greetings to YOU. Sometimes the simplest thing can have the biggest effect on our life. In this podcast we are going to explore how tapping into your voice, learning the power that you have, simply by breathing correctly via some simple exercises, can profoundly change who you are and the confidence you exude. Well, here we go. If you'd like to take a private lesson with me and deepen your ability to speak, sing and express yourself click HERE Become a supporter of this podcast:...


Are we living in the Matrix? And if we are, why that could be a good thing.

Greetings and a happy new year to you! I recorded this episode before the new year, but I felt it was a great way to kick things off as it's all about the reality we are living in and what advantageous we can have when we see things in a new light. It's about to get weird, but I like weird, makes you think, expands on what you've believed is possible. At the end of the episode I am sharing my first single from my upcoming album, get ready to dance and feel good!! As always, send me an email...


Today I lost it and broke down crying. But with my intense pain came a profound breakthrough.

I broke down and it got ugly, but through this massive breakdown I found something incredible on the other side of life. Today I am chatting all about that on this fine and snowy New Year’s Eve and sharing one song off my upcoming album at the end, so be sure to stick around and dance your face off to that. For more you can follow me on insta @youenjoylife and send me an email why don’t ya at Become a supporter of this podcast:...


I struggle as much as you do, and for good reason...

Happy days to you, I've taken a short pause on making episodes as I've been focused on that end of the year transition where everything shifts and life is yet reborn, but I wanted to get this episode out to you as I know it will shed a lot of light on why we struggle so much in life. send me an email at if there is something you need guidance on. To book a one on one music or mentorship session check out Become a supporter of this podcast:...


About Luck... The Biggest Lie Holding You Back From Greatness

Hello, Hello, how are you? I mean really, how the heck are you? If you can't honestly answer that question, why not take a minute to sit down and write about how you are feeling. On this episode, I am sharing a story that a listener sent in about his life being turned upside down, from losing a great job, to struggling to find new work, feeling stuck in depression and a fit of bad luck. I think this is something, in some ways, that we can all relate to, but I want to divulge and demystify...


How feeling shame can destroy us and what we can do about it

Greetings friends! Today I am focusing on shame and the harmful downfalls that you can go through when it overtakes you. But, as always, I hope to shed some light and offer a new perspective to help you break out of your struggles. A special thank you to our friend who wrote in and was kind and open enough to share her story that sparked this podcast. As always send me an email if you'd like at Also, please let me know if you are okay with me potentially reading...


When you've chosen the wrong career path and want to make a change but are scared about how.

Hello friends and fam, I hope you are all having a glorious day, and if you are not, that is okay because you should know it will all turn around soon, perhaps in the next 20 minutes while you listen along. In this episode, I am responding to someone who was kind enough to write in and share something they were struggling with in regards to their current career. It's easy to feel stuck when you've invested so much time doing something that you no longer enjoy but are scared to leave for fear...


I Don't Feel Wanted or Accepted Wherever I Go. Tales From My Life

Greetings Life Friends! I'm getting ready to leave Spain tomorrow and I wanted to get this final trip inspired podcast out into your ears before flying home. I've been noticing a general theme during this trip that keeps coming up whenever I feel insecure, one that clearly has followed me around for a good portion of my life, not feeling accepted, or wanted. I wonder if you relate... As always, feel free to write me an email with a question or something you need guidance in and I will try...


How to communicate your needs in a relationship without starting a WAR

Recently a listener wrote in (which you can do as well at for some relationship advice, expressing that she felt as though her needs weren't being met in her relationship but didn't know how to express this to her partner without causing a big stir. Being someone who has spent a large portion of his life in a similar situation, I wanted to record a podcast with some things that I thought might help her, and anyone else in a similar boat, have some guidance. As...


A Special Auditory Eating Experience Through Spain

On today’s episode I really wanted to push what was possible on a podcast, especially being on the road, in a foreign country, as I eat and dance my way through a place I have truly come to fall in love with. Spain is home to some of the finest and freshest food in the world, but globally it is not as well known as other countries cuisines because it is so incredibly simple and doesn’t really hold up in this viral and trendy world, which is a good thing. I’ve had some of the best food of my...


I've Never Gotten So Much Hate Before...

Recently I put out a new Brothers Green video about cooking and video game addiction and, to say the least, it got slammed pretty badly. While there were a lot of people who enjoyed the episode, I had more negative comments and hate on the video than I have in a LOOONG time, and it honestly messed me up. I was able to make it through and see the purpose of it all but it took some time to get through and I wanted to take some time to share a bit of my creative process and what happens when...


What happens when your plans get ruined? Tales from my Spain trip...

Greetings from Spain! I’ve been here nearly three weeks and while the trip has been mostly amazing, there have been some things that have gone terribly wrong and not as planned. So in this episode I wanted to share a bit about some of the unfortunate things that have happened during the trip as well as all the lessons that I have learned and the clarity that has come from going through the tough stuff. I hope this find you well. You can sign up for my mailing list at to get...


Does everyone have an addiction to something? Let’s take a look...

Today I am tying this podcast into an episode on Brothers Green Eats that I've been working on for over a month, all about using cooking as a tool to overcome video game addiction. Whether you are someone, or you know someone, that struggles with addiction, I wanted to offer some tips and insights that just may help you out. for more check out Become a supporter of this podcast:


Dealing with family members during the holidays (and everyone else)

Holiday season is just starting to brew, maybe you are excited to see your family, maybe you are dreading it, or maybe you have created your own tradition, but regardless of what you normally do, the holidays are one of the best opportunities to learn and grow from the past. In this episode I’m chatting about slipping beyond your old patterns and beliefs to develop new ones. How can we grow the way we see people and empathize with those that are different than us? Let’s chat about it. For...


How to speak without language and the struggles that come from working for yourself

Hey there friends! Tomorrow I leave for Spain with my wife , we are going for 35 days and couldn’t be more excited. It’s not a work trip and it’s not a vacation, when you are an entrepreneur and run your own business everything you do tends to fall into one blanket, working, having fun, relaxing, it’s all about finding balance, but it can be extremely challenging making your own hours, on today’s podcast I’m chatting about that and a few other things. Nice to have you here. Thank you again,...


Using the lies of others to your advantage, acceptance, and wondering if I am boring now.

Happy day to you. Today's podcast hits on a few things, one of the biggest being about the state of the world in relation to marketing and how companies only share what they want us to see, how they use research to get us to buy into them, but how we can use this concept to our advantage. I also share a bit about acceptance and accepting what comes your way, and touch on wondering if my life is boring now. All that and more on You Enjoy Life. Enjoy and share with a friend who needs to hear...


How to Heal Yourself From Sickness without Medication

In conjuction with a video I just released on Youtube that you can see here: I wanted to share a bit of my story going from someone who used to take a ton of medication to only using food as medicine over the last ten years. I am not a doctor, so I'm not here to give you medical advice, but more so to open your mind up to new possibilities, to see how food can be preventative medicine and help you feel better in your life. It's pretty wild when you think you are...


A New Perspective on Death

Hi friends, today I'm switching up things a bit on account of a recent death of a family member and talking about a heavy and tough subject, death. While death can have a lot of meanings, and an endless number of different perspectives and beliefs, I do feel it's important to talk about and explore. If any of what I say resonates with you or opens you up to a new perspective, I would love if you shared this podcast with someone you care about. Have a great weekend. Become a supporter of this...