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A weekly podcast with a new story from our storytelling class every week.

A weekly podcast with a new story from our storytelling class every week.
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A weekly podcast with a new story from our storytelling class every week.






Ep 37: Jim Hjort - A Better Class Of Vehicle

Jim Hjort shares his journey of vehicular challenge. Bio: Jim Hjort is a psychotherapist, personal and executive coach, and founder of the Right Life Project. He enjoys introducing beautiful women to the X-Men franchise and using vehicles for their intended purposes. He thanks Lynn for her guidance, devotion to her craft, and therapeutic value to the world. You can watch the video of this story at was...


Ep35 - Brent Boyd - That Time Dad Took Me Fishing.

Brent Boyd tells a great story of an epic fishing adventure with his Dad. Bio: Brent Boyd usually plays hockey on Friday nights at the ice arena up the street. Telling a story on stage might seem like a less rigorous activity, but he’s still planning to wear a helmet. You can watch the video of this story at was started by Lynn Ferguson after becoming embroiled in the...


Ep 32 Monte LaMonte - Upward Adoption.

We’re back from a wee podcasting break with a cracker of a story! When Monte LeMonte was just 14, he was already considering adopting… {Note: a couple of naughty words slipped in} Bio: Monte LaMonte is an excellent maker of sandwiches. He is a lover of all bugs insects, and creator & co-producer of the Shoot Em Up show, which takes stories to scripts to film. was started by Lynn Ferguson after becoming embroiled in the storytelling community in Los Angeles. Lynn firmly...


Ep 30. Catherine Zukowski - Circus At Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving this week in the US and we’ve heard it can be a tricky time for families. So for this week we have Catherine Zukowski with a story that we hope will help with your Thanksgiving perspective. Bio: Catherine Zukowski is a transplant from Chicago and with her husband has made downtown Los Angeles her home for over 8 years . A Legal Secretary for 22 years, she is now is an Office Manager for a large real estate development company responsible for a lot of the gentrification...


Ep.13 - Matthew Struski - The Jinx

It seems appropriate for our ‘lucky’ 13th episode to have Matthew Struski, aka Matty, and his story of a terrifying jinx. They say life is but a game, but we’re not so sure that this is what they meant…. (This story is also on YouTube.) Matty Struski is a stay at home Dad/Introvert who is trying to reconnect with his creative side and conquer his increasingly present social anxiety. Before becoming a father, Matty racked up 17 years in the e [...]


Ep. 9 - Nidhi Sapra - Teaching My Parents.

Episode 9 with Nidhi Sapra. In this week’s story Nidhi Sapra tells us about growing up in India and the lessons she passed on to her parents… Nidhi’s Bio:


Ep 5. Russ Maloney - Love Is A Spiritual Thing

Episode 5 with Russ Maloney. Russ has a embedded himself in YouTellYours since he arrived in Los Angeles from Indianapolis and this is his story of looking for love and finding spirituality? Russ’ Bio: “Russ Maloney was finally sick o [...]


Ep.4 - Rebecca McLauchlan - Four Weddings In One Summer.

Episode 4 has Rebecca McLauchlan’s story from the Class Storytelling Event on Jan 28th, 2016. Rebecca’s story is a funny story of 4 weddings in one summer. Rebecca’s Bio: “Rebecca McLauchlan is a UK transplant, explorer, and a self-proclaimed word nerd. Her thesis on the history of swearing included an entire chapter on the history of ‘f**k’; yet somehow didn’t mention its most avid and charming proponent, Lynn Ferguson. Rebecca runs Rhubarb Studios - a tech studio in downtown Los...


Ep 3 - Rob Tepper - How Big is a Hobbit?

Rob’s Bio: