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A weekly podcast with a new story from our storytelling class every week.

A weekly podcast with a new story from our storytelling class every week.
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A weekly podcast with a new story from our storytelling class every week.






Ep 37: Jim Hjort - A Better Class Of Vehicle

Jim Hjort shares his journey of vehicular challenge. Bio: Jim Hjort is a psychotherapist, personal and executive coach, and founder of the Right Life Project. He enjoys introducing beautiful women to the X-Men franchise and using vehicles for their intended purposes. He thanks Lynn for her guidance, devotion to her craft, and therapeutic value to the world. You can watch the video of this story at was started...


Ep 36 Heidi Hornbacher - Simon

Heidi tells a wonderful tale of the perfect dog, Simon. Bio: Heidi Hornbacher grew up in Colorado where she always pined for pets. She's lived in LA since 2003 where she has a production company and a teaches screenwriting in LA and Italy with PageCraft Screenwriting. She and her husband have three cats and a dog. You can watch the video of this story at was started by Lynn Ferguson after becoming embroiled in the storytelling community in Los...


Ep35 - Brent Boyd - That Time Dad Took Me Fishing.

Brent Boyd tells a great story of an epic fishing adventure with his Dad. Bio: Brent Boyd usually plays hockey on Friday nights at the ice arena up the street. Telling a story on stage might seem like a less rigorous activity, but he’s still planning to wear a helmet. You can watch the video of this story at was started by Lynn Ferguson after becoming embroiled in the...


Ep 34 Chris Cassone - Ziggy And My Guitar.

This week's story is from our friend Chris Cassone charts his Rock Star journey and how he met David Bowie during the Ziggy era. BIO: Chris Cassone is a writer of songs, stories, plays and musicals with a career in corporate team building to support all. His co-writing with old friend, Ace Frehley, led to a Billboard #9 hit last year. Currently "The Brain That Wouldn't Die - The Musical" is scheduled for its second run in Charleston's Music Hall in June with sixteen of his songs in the...


Ep 33 Kathleen Ingle - Remembering Quacker

Despite a terrible cold we're back! (Apologies for sounding like I'm under water) This week's story is a journey, Kathleen Ingle remembers a duck named Quacker. Bio: Kathleen Ingle is an actress, singer, human being ....and now a story teller! She'd like to thank you all for coming out to support true stories. You can watch the video of this story at was started by Lynn Ferguson after becoming embroiled in the storytelling community in Los...


Ep 32 Monte LaMonte - Upward Adoption.

We're back from a wee podcasting break with a cracker of a story! When Monte LeMonte was just 14, he was already considering adopting... {Note: a couple of naughty words slipped in} Bio: Monte LaMonte is an excellent maker of sandwiches. He is a lover of all bugs insects, and creator & co-producer of the Shoot Em Up show, which takes stories to scripts to film. was started by Lynn Ferguson after becoming embroiled in the storytelling community in Los Angeles. Lynn firmly...


Ep31 Benjamin Speed - Love And A Lie

This week's story is about love. But the storyteller isn't French or one of those European romantics… no he's a true romantic, he's Australian! So here's newcomer Ben Speed with his story about a big romantic lie that he's going to tell. Benjamin Speed is a composer and dreamer, whose greatest goal is to have music he's made shot out inside a spaceship as an example of artistic human endeavour for interstellar civilisations to discover. Besides music and film, he's obsessed with soccer,...


Ep 30. Catherine Zukowski - Circus At Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving this week in the US and we've heard it can be a tricky time for families. So for this week we have Catherine Zukowski with a story that we hope will help with your Thanksgiving perspective. Bio: Catherine Zukowski is a transplant from Chicago and with her husband has made downtown Los Angeles her home for over 8 years . A Legal Secretary for 22 years, she is now is an Office Manager for a large real estate development company responsible for a lot of the gentrification...


Ep 29. Declan Michael Laird - A $25 Bet.

This week we have yet another Scottish implant to Los Angeles, Declan Laird's story tells us how big an innocent $25 bet can become. Declan's Bio: Declan Michael Laird is a Scottish native now living in Los Angeles. Declan loves soccer, performing...ooh and staying out of trouble. Twitter: @declanmlaird was started by Lynn Ferguson after becoming embroiled in the storytelling community in Los Angeles. Lynn firmly believed that we all have stories to tell and so started...


Ep 28. Lynn Ferguson - Perspective

This week is different because this week we have a story for the YouTellYours teacher, Lynn Ferguson. Storytelling is all about sharing your perspective, and so it probably shouldn't be a surprise that Lynn's story is about perspective. Lynn's Bio: Lynn Ferguson is an award winning writer-performer and a regular storyteller/ host for The Moth. Back in the UK, aside from being the voice of a chicken in the movie Chicken Run, Lynn appeared regularly on TV and BBC Radio 4, writing and...


Ep 27. Hannah Davis - Bondage

This week Hannah Davis explains how leather and laughter can lead to a love that reaches new heights! Bio: Hannah Davis studied acting with Sanford Meisner at theNeighborhood Playhouse, NY before returning to the UK to work with Mike Leigh on Secrets and Lies. After acting in various theatrical and television productions, Hannah decided to duck behind the camera for a bit: her first short film, A Life in a Day, was nominated for Best British Short Film and then came the features, Mothers...


Ep 26. Tim Scott - Clean Streets

In this week's podcast story, Tim Scott tells how his first night in a new job becomes a matter of life and death. Note Tim uses of the 'F' word a couple of times, so if that offends you might want to sit this one out. Bio: Tim Scott has a small parking lot sweeper business - 27 years and going. Not one to sit still, he's learned how to play Bagpipes, how to go Fly fishing, and also Stand-up comedy and now Storytelling. Married to wife, Jamie for 19 years, they have 3 daughters and 6...


Ep 25 Colette Freedman - My Greatest Challenge

This week we have Colette Freedman's story from our recent storytelling event in Burbank. If I were to compete in any kind of contest with Colette I'd really like to be on her team please... Sister Cities on Life’s too short to be afraid of speaking in public, so we decided to try to help anyone about to speak to an audience of any size - be it to an arena or a boardroom. In a single 6 min video Lynn Ferguson will change the way to look at public speaking...


Ep 24 Mark Tweddle - Continental Traffic Lessons

This week's podcast is different. For a start there's no introduction for our usual host, Mark Tweddle, because this week we have Mark's first story! Have you ever tried to introduce yourself for a video podcast? Mark hasn't either! He thought it would be too much Mark. Bio: Mark Tweddle is a Scottish, Londoner living in LA with his wife and two sons. With an Electronics degree and an MBA he knows more than is wise, and less than is useful. Talk to him about online marketing. he is...


Ep 23 Jill Bodie - In The Blink Of An Eye

Some stories have car chases, explosions and the like... and yet others still compel us to walk a while within the storyteller's shoes without the need for these "big ticket" items. Well in this week's podcast, Jill Bodie's story is grounded with just one big ticket item... Jill Bodie's Bio - By day, Jill works as a personal development coach, helping people get out of their own way, and reach their potential. By night and on weekends, she can be found hanging out with her husband, two...


Ep 22 Christian Shirm - Free In A Box

New storytellers will tend to gravitate to the 'high drama' stories in their lives, but we have learned with our classes is that often the story of what happened after the drama can be just as powerful. This week Christian Shirm tells a story as cute and playful as a kitten in a box... Bio: Christian Shirm was born and bred in Boca Raton, FL by a single Father from the Bronx. She ran away to California to be with the gays. She was drawn to stand up comedy because it was the only thing...


Ep 21 Russ Maloney - To all the Girls...

Russ Maloney's story from our recent storytelling event in Burbank. Russ tells his complete relationship history without harming any ex-wives or girlfriends... much! ;) Russ's Bio: Russ Maloney was finally sick of Indiana winters and moved to California to pursue his dream of writing for television. He’s spent more than 25 years in radio and television as an on-air host, producer, writer, voice actor, and college professor. Thank you Lynn for your guidance, thank you fellow storytellers...


Ep 20 Pamela Beaty - Can You See?

Pamela Beaty's story from our recent start storytelling class in Burbank. Not everyone sees the world the same. And not many see the world the way Pamela does, which makes her story so interesting. Pamela's Bio: Pamela Beaty is a writer, blogger, and podcaster for fun but she makes her living taking people on self-discovery journeys with past life therapy, empathic healing and talking to spirits. Plus, with five cats she is now officially a crazy cat lady....


Ep 19 Jodi Cooley - Trip Hazard

Jodi Cooley's story from our recent start storytelling class in Burbank. Do NOT underestimate the unbridaled pleasure of impractical footwear.... Jodi's Bio: Presently Jodi is a Life Coach/Workshop Facilitator of the Work of Louise Hay and Mike Dooley’s “Infinite Possibilities”. She has a very successful one woman cabaret called “Extra Foam”. She’s been in several really bad films, her claim to fame is being in the Masterbation episode of “Seinfeld”. She’s an Ambassador for the Multiple...


Ep.18 Jeremy Ratchford - Moscow Meal

Jeremy Ratchford's story from our recent graduate class in Burbank. Jeremy's Bio: A native of Canada but not a Canadian Native, Jeremy has been looking for work as an actor for over 30 years with a seven year layover on a show called Cold Case. Ratchford divides his time between looking for work and raising three insane lunatics he calls his sons. Life seems to be a never ending answering of questions, whether it's industry questions like, “ What's my character's motivation?” or questions...