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Chuck & Jerm share stories about the past and muse about the future while sipping on the finest whiskey they can afford at the time!

Chuck & Jerm share stories about the past and muse about the future while sipping on the finest whiskey they can afford at the time!
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Chuck & Jerm share stories about the past and muse about the future while sipping on the finest whiskey they can afford at the time!






And I Kicked Her In The Titty... - tWMP Ep.45

Chuck is back from vacation and we get right to the bullshit. We talk about the fuck shit going on in society and really talk about the toxicity of social media culture and why people choose to do dumb shit or say wild shit for likes. Of course xxxTentacion recent death comes up, we touch on Tekashi and the danger of trolling and beefing in the street. Chuck tells a story about his high school days. We pay our respects to Vinny Paul from Pantera. Then the a power outage happens and we have...


Podin' @ Benders TWMP Ep44

There were mics, there were drinks and a podcast was created from the best bar in the City of Austin. Jerm & I finally made it happen. It was a good convo... come fuck with us! This is a throw back pic from a couple years ago at Benders... lotta goodtimes at that bar!


PodinAtTheJackalope TWMP Ep43

Lawd Forgive our problematic asses but hey... we had fun. This one is a bit chopped up and disjointed. Hopefully we'll be back to our normal podcasting situation soon. Shout Out to all the people still fucking with us through out all our inconsistencies and bullshit!


Mad Dogs Skeet In The Club - tWMP Ep.42

Jerm and I talk Syria, Drinking, Probation, Strip Clubs, Skeeting and Tristan cheating on OJ daughter...


Hooks Rub On Just The Tip - tWMP Ep41

On this episode we are joined by Erica, we argue politics, discuss the merits of "Just the tip" & shout out our new sponsors and longtime friends of the show... Hooks Rubs and Spices! Fuck Wit'em: P.S. RIP Craig Mack!


Who Is Lil' Chingy tWMP Ep. 40

Jerm and I talk that shit live on Facebook while absolutely no one watches... but its all good. We Trust the Process!


2 Weirdos & A Sex Doll - tWMP Ep. 38

Sex Dolls, Weird Sex Shit, Ginuwine, Aziz and the #MeToo Movement... the Whatevaman Podcast starts 2018 off with a bang.


tWMP Ep37 This Still Recording w_Max Mordieb

My kinfolk, the poet, the emcee and P.A. representer Max Mordieb came thru and hung with us so we had to turn the mics on. We recorded this after the Cyborg v. Holly Holm: UFC 219 at around 1am on the Dec 31st... enjoy this surprise NYE episode. We got into the impact of Hurricane Harvey, Music, Artistry and of course sex starved older ladies looking for the "D". We also got a live recital from the man himself. Easily one of our better episodes. It got real TEXAS in this bitch... Enjoy!...


tWMP Ep.34 Have You Met Bob?

Jerm and I sit down with Blues Musician and all around great individual, Mr. Bob Kniffin! He tells us stories about playing with Bo Diddley and opening for John Lee Hooker. He also plays a couple tunes. If you want to see the man himself check out this episode on our YouTube Channel.


tWMP Ep33 Play The Blues For That Pussy

Jerm and I get on the Mic and talk about the crisis in Puerto Rico, introduce our audience to the music of Bob Kniffen and get into the "For The Pussy / For The Dick" Challenge...


Ep. 31 The Recovery Cast

Jerm and I were on one the morning we recorded this. We intended to record the night before but other plans got made and we found ourselves returning home at 230am with fast food and a strong desire to sleep with our shoes on. There is little format or focus to this podcast but there are some truly entertaining parts. Sorry to our podcast brothers The Hashtag Blackout Podcast for not getting to their voicemails... we will get that in the next episode.


tWMP Ep.30 Keep Your Creepy Respectful

We are back on the mic and better than ever... we get these Usher, R. Kelly and OJ jokes off. We talk UFC 214, tell a few stories and get into how to get your "creepy on" while remaining respectful.


Ep. 29 The Hotep World is Black and White

Finally... We have returned to the mic and the verbal fury is cranked up to 11 on this episode of the WhatevaMan Podcast. We lay into the fuckery that is Dr. Umar Johnson and the culture of HOTEPs on the internet. We pay our respects to the late great Prodigy of the infamous Mobb Deep (check out one of my favorite Prodigy tracks at the end of the episode). We also go in on the Hypebeast that has been born out of the Mayweather vs McGregor spectacle. Damn it feels good to be a podcast...


W.I.L.L. Ep4 Cape Up For Freedom

In the last few weeks a lot of "Fuckery" has taken place in the media so I decided to add my two cents. I comment on Jason Whitlock's fat ass, Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin's "comedic" missteps and shitty apologies and I talk about why we should "Cape Up" for what's right and freedom all the time...


W.I.L.L Ep. 3 Rant For The Culture

I was on one tonight and decided to Podcast about it. My computer froze half way through the rant but I think I got my point across. I forgot to shout out @YouFOH ... I listened to his E.P. "Beginning" on SoundCloud. Not Bad! If you like lyrics, check him out (it's free!).


tWMP Ep. 28 Fake Asses and Curious Cocks

At long last Jerm and I are back on the mic... we pay our proper respects to Charlie Murphy and we ask the essential questions: 1. "is YG's 'Pop It, Shake It' this generations 'Tip Dril'" 2. "should the current crop of 'Bad Bitches' go into the history books with an ass-terisk for using performance enhancing implants?" 3. "does any of it compare with the OGs 2 Live Crew, Uncle Luke (solo) and the homie Too $hort?" We also get into the story of the Wu-Affiliate, Christ Bearer, who cut off...


What It Look Like Ep2 - Nostalgia Bias

Today I discuss the trap of Nostalgia Bias and how it can sour your outlook on the future. I also give some shoutouts and an update on when Jerm and I will be back on the mic together for the WhatevaMan Podcast!!! Thanks for the support and the feedback!


What It Look Like Ep1 - Cultural Appropriation

It's been way too long since Jerm and I have recorded a podcast, that will be remedied soon. This isn't an official WhatevaManPodcast so I have dubbed this series of podcasts "What It Look Like". They will be shorter and probably very different in tone and substance to what Jerm and I usually do, but I had some things on my mind and wanted to record so I said FUCK IT! I hope you guys enjoy it and give me feedback or hate it and give me feedback! Mostly I just want feedback... - Chuck


TWMP Ep27 Trans Commando Dinosaur Batmen

After 3 weeks away from the Mic good ol' Chuck and Jerm are back with a vengeance. We go 3+ hours on Movies, Superheros, being a Real Nigga, Jerm's disdain for wearing underwear, Politics, Religion, Science, Fake Asses and the important role Fathers play in keeping their daughters off that pole... - Enjoy


Ep. 26 A Podcast Called Trainwreck

Don't know what to say about this one... it is short and goes off the rails pretty quick. There is proof that drunk people shouldn't debate biology and doing a Podcast in the middle of what turns into a girls night party is never good for the audio guy. Sorry for all the background noise...