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Traveling interview-style podcast featuring 29-year-old millennials sharing gems from their journey to and thru the last year of their 20s. Hosted by producer/journalist Craig Stanley.


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Traveling interview-style podcast featuring 29-year-old millennials sharing gems from their journey to and thru the last year of their 20s. Hosted by producer/journalist Craig Stanley.






ep. 28: Rae

The Carters' album "Everything is Love" propelled me through much of this journey, so I was eager to record an episode or two in Houston! There, I first connected with Rae, the creative behind Succulent Southerner, and a friend I'd met nearly 10 years prior at HU. In this touching conversation, Rae opens about her journey to and through 20 thus far, including: a fresh start in Houston after confronting drug addiction, owning her sexuality, and the heartbreaking moment that led to big changes...


ep. 27: Swiya

Making it home to Michigan in time for the holidays, I then got a ride with my mom down to Cincinnati, Ohio, where I was set to interview her 29 year old hair stylist Swiya. The mom-of-2 is an entrepreneur with her own salon and spa, and she's looking to expand. She opens up about parenting, learning to manage her money, and the one place she can find happiness every time.


ep. 26: Ashley

By bus, I left NYC for Washington DC, where I met up with Ashley N. for the next interview. She reached out earlier in the year after hearing Ashley M.’s episode … which I thought was cool because hey, someone's listening! Ashley's got a lot of good stuff going on, but for this interview, the Howard University doctoral student talks about breaking up with long-term friends, the pressure to keep it together as a mental-health - counselor - dating - another - mental - health - professional, --...


ep. 25: Nakea

I believe a divinely inspired circumstance of connections and events (thanks to Salena, Janell, and the universe) brought me to the home of Nakea, creator of the Fearless Kea podcast, for the last NYC interview. In conversation, her revelations about the realities of trying to balance life, love and career in the big city helped me connect several dots of my own. Listen as the DMV native opens up about moving through the entertainment industry, finding her light and her purpose, and the...


ep. 24: Jillian

I was super excited that Jillian from the music duo Lion Babe was down to talk with me about being 29! I was even more excited to learn that her birthday is a day before mine. Jillian graciously invited me to Lion Babe's NYC studio, where the suburban- raised creative opened up about how city life has transformed her, learning to stand up for herself personally and professionally, and the important roles energy and intuition play in her life.


ep. 23: Alex

Despite intense feelings of anxiety, it was time for me to head to NYC - and it turned out to be a great decision. I sat down with Detroit transplant Alex English, a comedy writer slash stand-up comedian slash slash etc. He talks candidly about the man he is today, generational ghosting, battling body image issues -- and the good and the bad of dedicating his life to building his career as a professional comedian.


ep. 22: Cheron

After a long mental health break in Miami Beach, I ran into my former personal trainer Ryan who connected me with his friend, Cheron, also a personal trainer. After experiencing some down days of my own, it was uplifting to talk with the Army vet about his experiences from the war zone to homelessness, and now into manhood. Listen as he talks about being grateful, turning inequality into power, and why the moment of arrival never comes - because we’re already our future selves.


ep. 21: Lindsay

Luckily I was in LA in time to attend my dear friend Pia's birthday party, where I ran into Lindsay, another HU friend in town from Washington DC. We caught up a few days later to discuss her journey, including interning with the Obama White House, bouncing back from professional setbacks, dealing with the loss of loved ones... and why her natural hair journey brings her all the joy.


ep. 20: Will

From Oakland, I drove to Los Angeles, where I met up with Will (@_iam.will_) - my friend from the *First Grade.* As I've always been curious about life in LA, I was anxious to sit down with him to hear about his experiences. In this convo, Will opens up about leaving Detroit for LA, the importance of friends and family, goal setting, and why LAUGHTER is the answer to most of our problems.


ep. 19: Ralonda

Since I'd wanted to get out west to California to see friends and family, and my schedule was clear, I decided to head for the hills. I went to Oakland for the first time where I met up with fellow Hamptonian Ralonda (MPH). By car, she directed us to a spot high up in the hills where the passionate educator opened up about acceptance, the realities of motherhood, and the power of a little mustard seed.


ep. 18: Britney

Before leaving Detroit, I sat down with Britney - someone i'd met through my friend Allante Whitmore of the podcast Blk In Grad School. Britney's 29 is focused, successful and happily married with a dog, but as she reveals, you really never know what a person has been through. Britney talks about strong partnerships, the perils of comfort, and her relationship with high expectations.


ep. 17: Chris

Since I was in the midwest, I decided to drive down to Cincinnati, OH, to visit family. On my way back to Detroit, I stopped in Columbus to interview Chris, who I went to high school with. For Chris, 29 is: recently engaged, a new dad, and a rising political figure within the community. He breaks down his decision to propose, navigating as a black professional in politics, and learning to trust his process.


ep. 16: Chase

Sensei, my friend from the last episode, connected me with her friend Chase - another 29 year old who also grew up on the east side of Detroit, but as a white male raised by a black father. Chase sat down with me to explore his own experience growing up as the youngest of 17 and later becoming homeless; the power of perseverence; and why investing - and dinosaurs -are important for 29-year-olds all over, everywhere.


ep. 15: Sensei

As I was in my hometown, I really was curious about the perspective of 29 year old Terri, who prefers Sensei, as one of my favorite people from high school into present day. Sensei jumped right into "adulthood" right after graduation by moving in with her partner - and the rest, you'll just have to listen and experience for yourself!


ep. 14: Bradley

I had a chance to meet with Bradley just outside of Detroit, after being connected with him by Najeema from the previous episode. We caught up bright and early on a Sunday morning just before his 3-year-old woke up and took charge of the day. In this sit down, Bradley shares an incredible perspective of his 29 years on earth, including time in the military, the challenge of becoming a man and the incredible way he has chosen to share his light with those in his life.


ep. 13: Najeema

Next up - I had the pleasure of connecting with Najeema, a friend I've known for 17 years, who was visiting Detroit at the same time. In this interview taped 2 weeks before her 30th birthday, Najeema opens up *pushing through* as a soon-to-be divorced mother of 2, and the powerful impact that affirmations, prayer and therapy have had on her life.


ep. 12: Emerald

In Detroit, I met up with Emerald, a friend from my high school days at Cass Tech, to talk about her journey. For our interview, we actually sat outside of Cass as Emerald shared her experience of moving forward without a safety net, defining her own timeline, and the power and pride in taking up space.


ep. 11: Amber

Amber is the first interview done in hometown, Detroit, after leaving the south for a journalism conference there. Amber, my fellow Detroit native and Hamptonian, works in finance and also runs a blog called Honestly Sis. In this candid interview about her journey, Amber keeps it *very* honest about professional loss, using her passion of writing as creative fuel, and deciding to take ownership of her life and her future.


ep. 10: Reggie

Believe it or not, at one point during this journey I walked up to complete strangers in Miami Beach, to ask if they were 29 and would want to do this. And this guy, Reggie, resident of Las Vegas, happened to be 29 and want to do it! My convo with the DC Native was recorded within like 20-30 minutes of meeting, and I had no idea I’d be able to relate so much to this Princeton grad’s perspective on the world. Reggie sat down with me to talk about privilege, the personal and professional...


ep. 09: Twyla

In Orlando, I had the pleasure of visiting one of my college friends, (Dr.) Twyla! She sat down for an interview with me (after I stalked her on LinkedIn) and she opens up about bouncing back from the worst moment of her life, the reason her place is spotless, and what she's focused on now after a major realization about how she spent the majority of her 20s.