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Plano Podcast is an relaxed, interview-style show focused on Plano, TX. Our guests tell their stories in their own words. We’re inside our city, just outside of what you might expect.

Plano Podcast is an relaxed, interview-style show focused on Plano, TX. Our guests tell their stories in their own words. We’re inside our city, just outside of what you might expect.
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Plano Podcast is an relaxed, interview-style show focused on Plano, TX. Our guests tell their stories in their own words. We’re inside our city, just outside of what you might expect.






Episode 31 Plano Farm Life

We take a look at Plano farm life, both past and present. Spring brought new life to the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano this year - as well as a heartbreaking reminder of the struggles that faced the area's original settlers. We take a look back at Plano's rural roots in this episode. Plus - if you've ever driven by Wells Brothers farm store and wondered what's inside - you'll find out, because we take you there to meet Richard Wells for our Plano Podcast Curiosity. Finally, meet one...


Episode 30 Troubled Waters

We're navigating troubled waters in Plano, following a chlorine burn that led Erin Brockovich to call out our water system as unsafe. We help you sort out the fears from the facts. Plus, we visit Plano ISD's little known museum, and meet a Plano resident who shares a message of gratitude from the people of the Netherlands for their American liberators.


Episode 28 Domestic Violence | Plano Issues and Resources

The mass shooting September 11, 2017 sent a grim reminder: domestic violence happens in Plano. We find out how Hope’s Door / New Beginnings and Plano PD help victims and even batterers toward a new life. Meet our Plano character, former NBA player and Plano resident Stephen Howard who’s inspiring and mentoring the next generation. Plus, we bust a Super Bowl myth and show you how shop to fight domestic violence.


Episode 27 | Home for the Holidays, Plano

Will you be home for the holidays in Plano? If so, we've got you covered with this episode. Guests share the very best Plano offers in food, festivities, faith and ways to give as the season begins. Our Curiosity takes you back to the Great Texas Snow of 1929 - and shares how your family can commemorate that historic event: at Lantern Light at the Heritage Farmstead this year. And finally, our Character is pretty special. In fact, it's a pair that you'll want to stay on the good side of...


Episode 25 | Plano Family Plots

Just in time for Halloween ... we take you on a spooky tour of Plano family plots, the pioneer cemeteries of Plano. From tiny family plots tucked in quiet corners, to Plano Mutual, the sprawling final resting place for thousands of souls we visit with the living, telling tales of the departed. Learn the dark and tragic tale from Plano's past that's the origin story of one graveyard, and uncover the hidden stories behind headstones, of the founding families' heartbreaking losses, resilience...


Episode 24 | The Harvey Response

When Hurricane Harvey struck, Plano responded. We'll hear creative ways Plano residents stepped up to help, go behind the scenes at Allen, TX based Trusted World, where donations are sorted and shipped to Houston. We talk to a Plano church that's the hub for a nationwide recovery effort and ask Plano's emergency management team for tips on weathering a disaster. Plus, an exclusive tour of the Interurban's Car 360 from Motorman Jack, and a taste test of a throwback frozen confection --...


Episode 23 | Late Night Plano

Plano night life - no, it's not an oxymoron! Brixton, Scruffy Duffies, Brick Road Theatre, Hyena's Comedy Club and even the Texas Pool- we catch the Friday night vibe. From 80's hair band Metal Shop; to a Patsy Cline tribute performance by Julie Johnson; as well as American Idol finalist Josh Wright - music makes the scene in this episode. Plano Firefighter Marco Banuelas is our featured character, giving us a glimpse behind the scenes, and plenty of entertainment. Chiborken, anyone?


Episode 22 | Steve Stoler

Steve Stoler has seen Plano from both sides now - as a TV news reporter covering the Collin County beat for two decades, and now as the city's media spokesperson. And Steve's got stories - from the breaking national news he witnessed firsthand, to his longtime friendship with Plano's own "Doctor Doolittle." Hear his behind-the-scenes tales, as well as a cheeky nod to Ron Burgundy in this episode.


Episode 21 Sleepless Nghts

Hear from those who have dared the many sleepless nights to create a TEDxPlano experience, all for the love of "ideas worth spreading." Do you have what it takes to deliver a TEDx Talk, or organize a TEDx event? Find out, as we go behind the scenes at TEDxPlano, the annual event that draws hundreds of devotees from across North Texas.


Episode 20 Apartments

Feelings are running high over Plano's upcoming May 6 election. At the center of the fury: homeowners up in arms over high-density apartments built or approved in Plano in recent years. They fear too many apartments will drag down schools, snarl traffic and affect our quality of life. We look at the question of apartments - good or bad for Plano? And we separate fact from fiction.


Episode 19 Play Ball, Plano | Bill Van Horn

It's the start of Spring softball and baseball season in Plano. All across our city ball fields are packed with excited parents, hopeful players and a team of umpires ready to get the games underway. In this Plano Podcast Extra, we meet umpire Bill Van Horn who has spent his life devoted to the love of the game.


Episode 17 Plano Valentine | Officer Arthur G. Parker, Jr.

We’re sending a Plano Podcast Valentine to one of our Plano’s most beloved characters: Officer Arthur G. Parker, Jr, widely known as "OP", around town. Parker, who has been with the Plano Police Department for 31 years, was the department’s Officer of the Year for 2015, making him the first school resource officer in department history to receive that award. He’s also the only Officer in Plano we’re aware of that has their own Facebook Fan page. If you haven’t met OP yet - or heard him...


Episode 15 First Up | Plano Early Risers

Does the early bird REALLY get the worm? Does "early to rise" truly make you healthy, wealthy and wise? For some answers, we dragged ourselves out of bed before the crack of dawn to talk to some Plano early risers. By the time the rest of us are awake, they've been up for hours. Find out what they've been doing and how it affects their careers, bodies and minds.


Episode 14 Art and Wine Walk in Downtown Plano

The Downtown Plano Art and Wine Walk in December. Yes, it was the coldest night Plano had seen in 2016, but there was wine, art, shopping and music. So naturally we had to go. Catch the vibe from the Downtown Plano Art & Wine Walk and hear from brave crowd members (and one not-so-timid youngster) willing to answer a few questions live on our mic. It was a historic night for our city, listen to find out why.


Episode 13 Plano Heroin Shutdown | 20 Years Revisited

It’s been 20 years since Plano, Texas was gripped in a heroin crisis. Go behind the headlines to hear the story from the remarkable team who worked to save lives and shut down a major drug operation in the city. The painful lessons remain relevant for the nation and local community today.


Episode 7 Mayor Harry LaRosiliere | City Or Suburb

Is Plano a suburb of Dallas, or a city in its own right? Dallas Morning News columnist says that Plano remains Dallas' little brother, but Mayor Harry LaRosiliere counters with his own vision of "Plano 3.0." We look at the word "suburb," and all of its baggage, and how the question gets at the heart of how Plano defines itself going forward.

Episode 6 Aces Of Suits

With the advent of "business casual," fewer and fewer men are wearing tailored suits in Plano. But we found a few who continue to rock the suit with style. Find out how the trend toward casual has changed the way men shop in Plano, and meet our Aces of Suits.

Episode 2 David Downs | Arts In Plano Extra

Nobody's better equipped to talk about the future of the arts in Plano than David Downs. He's a member of Plano City Council, and an accomplished photographer. David talks about the vision for the downtown arts district in Plano and how fostering a "creative class" within the community makes Plano a more attractive destination for employers.

Episode 4 Macy Hedrick | Plano Grown

How do you know you’re from Plano? Oklahoma State University student Macy Hedrick proposed “20 Signs You Grew Up in Plano” in an essay that’s gone viral. The Plano native shares those signs, along with her observations on growing up in Plano, the transition from Plano ISD to higher education, and why she misses the Purple Cow.

Episode 1 Ten20 Gallery | Arts In Plano

Some guys get together to go hunting, or fishing, or to play poker, but these three guys got together to open an art gallery -- or, "art cave" as they like to call it. Meet the instigators behind the newly-opened Ten20 Gallery in downtown Plano: Jorg Fercher, Jeff Bergus, and Ken Wesley. Find out how Ten20 Gallery has become a hub that's bringing art and artists from all over North Texas into the downtown neighborhood.