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Slate interviews Americans about their jobs.

Slate interviews Americans about their jobs.
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Slate interviews Americans about their jobs.




Working With Weed: How Does a Cannabis Lawyer Work?

Marshall Custer wasn’t planning on going into the marijuana industry after he graduated law school. But as he tells host Jordan Weissmann this episode, it’s turned out to be a booming business. You just have to be a little careful about knowing exactly who your clients are. This episode is brought to you by Transferwise. Check them out today at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Working With Weed: How Does a Marijuana Farmer Work?

In this episode, Jordan goes back to Green Dragon in Denver to talk with Ryan Milligan, the company’s co-owner and head of cultivation. He quickly learns that the hardest part of farming marijuana definitely isn’t growing the plant. This episode is brought to you by Slack, a workplace communication hub. Find out more at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Working With Weed: How Does a Cannabis Researcher Work?

This week Jordan takes a detour from the cannabis industry to take a look at the science of it all. Dr. Angela Bryan conducts research on marijuana at the University of Colorado Boulder. She studies marijuana’s connection to teen risk behavior, it's effects on cognition and even why it might make you hit the gym more often. And while cannabis is legal in Colorado, there are still all kinds of restrictions that have meant Dr. Bryan and her team have had to get creative. Their biggest...


Working With Weed: How Does an Edibles Baker Work?

In this episode, Jordan gets deeper in the nitty gritty of baking with marijuana. He talks with Lauren Kaufman, who helps oversee the kitchen at Love’s Oven in Denver, about the nuances of working with weed and why requires so much more precision than normal baking. This episode is brought to you by Slack, a workplace communication hub. Find out more at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Working With Weed: How Does the Head Chef at an Edibles Company Work?

Years ago, a terrible accident left Hope Frahm without taste buds. To cope, she began baking for friends, which led her to cooking school and jobs in top restaurant kitchens. Today, she’s the corporate executive chef for Love’s Oven in Denver, where she creates recipes for a popular line of marijuana infused edibles. In this week’s episode of Working, she talks with host Jordan Weissmann about how in some ways the accident that left her unable to taste has made her better at her...


Working With Weed: How Does a Hash Maker Work?

Our series on workers in Colorado’s legal cannabis industry keeps on burning. This week, Jordan talks with Max Platt, a cannabis extraction technician at Denver’s Concentrated Love about the physically demanding art of making professional-grade hash for a living. This episode is brought to you by Slack, a workplace communication hub. Find out more at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Working Presents: Secret History of The Future

Technology continues to change the way we live and work. Which is why The Secret History of The Future—the new technology show from Slate and The Economists—is digging through the past to find lessons for our future. Subscribe to Secret History of the Future via Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Working with Weed: How Does a Dispensary CEO Work?

This week, Working with Weed goes to the top of the command chain at a dispensary. Jordan speaks with Alex Levine, owner and Co-CEO of a company called Green Dragon. Green Dragon is one of the largest recreational dispensary chains in Colorado with 12 locations statewide. They are definitely an example of what a weed company looks like in a fully legal system. Forget the image you have of stoners goofing off and getting high on the job. Green Dragon runs on corporate efficiency and...


Working With Weed: How Does a Trimmer Work?

Can you imagine what it would be like to spend 10 hours a day sitting at a table, cutting the leaves off marijuana buds? Working’s season on the legal cannabis industry continues with a job you’ve probably never thought about—weed trimmer. These folks are for pruning each bud to make it look nice, aka give it “jar appeal”. Most trimmers work in crews that hop from grower to grower which means, when it comes the cannabis industry, they’ve pretty much seen it all. Listen to Matthew Mitchell,...


Working With Weed: How Does a Dispensary Manager Work?

What’s it really like to grow and sell legal weed for a living? In the new season of Working, we’re finding out by visiting Colorado to talk with people employed in the state’s cannabis industry. On the first episode of the series, Jordan talks with Lazarus White, an assistant manager at Terrapin Cares Station in Boulder, about the day-to-day of running a dispensary. Turns out it’s a great job if you like long, heart-felt conversations with customers—but not so much if you like to wake and...


How Does the Owner of Katz’s Deli Work?

This week on Working, Jordan sits down with Jake Dell who is the latest member of his family to take over New York’s famed Katz’s Deli. When you own a restaurant that has been beloved since 1888, your work is never done. Jake tells us about what goes into making sure their pastrami always tastes amazing, how the business has and hasn’t changed in 130 years ago and just how often people reenact the iconic “I’ll have what she’s having” scene from When Harry Met Sally. Go to...


How Does a Tattoo Artist Work?

This week, Jordan talks with Victor J. Webster of Brooklyn’s East River Tattoo, who specializes in striking, large-scale pieces of body art inspired by Polynesian traditions. Victor discusses why working in black ink is trickier than you think, how tattoo machines actually work, his techniques for coaching clients through pain, and how he strives to draw inspiration from foreign cultures without simply appropriating them. While you’re listening, check out his work on Instagram. Learn more...


How Does a Professional Wrestler Work?

This week, Jordan talks with pro-wrestler Bull James, a longtime pro-wrestler and former WWE personality who now performs on the independent circuit while working as the head trainer at New York Wrestling connection. Bull (real name: James Smith) tells Jordan about his path into the ring, about the “punk rock” business of independent wrestling, how he orchestrates a match, and how he handles getting hit with a spiked baseball bat. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


How Does a Child Life Specialist Work?

Chances are, you don’t know much about Jami Barretta’s job. But you really should. Jami is a Child Life Specialist at the Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone. Which means she is in charge of the education and emotional well being of patients whose ages range from toddlers to teenagers. She and her colleagues work with the young patients and their families to help them cope with the stress and confusion of a hospital stay. In this episode, Jami explains how play can be an...


How Does a Music Supervisor Work?

If you really love the music in a film from the last 25 years, there’s a good chance Randall Poster was responsible for that. This week, Jordan speaks to the veteran music supervisor who has worked with Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Richard Linklater, Harmony Korine and plenty of other directors you love. Randall tells about collaborating with some of the world’s best auteurs, hunting down obscure recordings in India, and delicately convincing directors that, sometimes, their favorite...


Working Presents: Better Life Lab

Today, we're coming to you with something special — the inaugural episode of Better Life Lab, the new podcast from Slate and New America. Better Life Lab looks at the challenges to work-life balance, and how we can change as a culture. Subscribe to Better Life Lab via: Apple Podcasts Overcast Spotify Stitcher Google Play Or wherever you get your shows. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


How Does a New York City Archaeologist Work?

What does it mean to be an archaeologist in one of the world’s biggest cities? In this episode, Jordan talks to Alyssa Loorya, an archaeologist whose job it is to find out exactly what’s buried under New York City. Along with her Brooklyn-based firm, Chrysalis Archaeology, Alyssa uncovers all kinds of amazing cultural resources as a consultant on construction sites in the city’s many historic districts. From a 19th-century beer hall on the Bowery to the old alms house buried under City Hall...


How Does an Art Auctioneer Work?

This week, Jordan takes a trip to the New York office of Sotheby’s, the world’s oldest and largest international auction house, to interview Helena Newman. Helena is the Chairman of Sotheby’s Europe and Co-head of Impressionist & Modern Art Worldwide and also happens to be the auctioneer who recently sold the firm’s most expensive painting to date: a 1917 Modigliani that went for $157.2 million. Helena tells us how she finds and sells some of the most expensive art in the world and what it...


How Does an Urban Winemaker Work?

Working is back with a new season and a new host, Slate’s economics correspondent Jordan Weissmann. In his first episode, Jordan talks to Christopher Nicolson, head winemaker at Red Hook Winery, a unique operation in the heart of Brooklyn that produces wine from grapes grown across New York State. As the man who oversees all the winery’s production, Christopher is in charge of making and bottling his own creations, while also producing wines for two consulting vintners from California. As...


Working Classics: How Does a Drag Queen Work?

On the final episode of Working Classics, Jacob Brogan talks to New York drag queen, and now Rupaul's Drag Race contestant, Miz Cracker about how she conceives of her shows and outfits, the significance of makeup, drag lore, the place of drag and RuPaul's Drag Race in gay culture, and battling robot Hitler. In Slate Plus, Miz Cracker discusses her favorite songs to lip-sync to. Check out Miz Cracker at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit