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Episode 31 – Numenera RPG

Numenera RPG Download Episode ( The GROGNARD files is back with the latest episode which looks in-depth at Numenera RPG based on the Cypher System which was the first new-fangled game that we played when we returned to the hobby. There’s a great First, Last and Everything from Kaye Elling ( (make sure you follow the progress of her Judge Death model on Twitter). Also...


EXTRA – Blake’s 7 Actual Play

Blake’s 7 Actual Play Download Episode ( As an extra to Episode 30, here’s the rest of the Actual Play. It also features a ‘Games Master Prepares’ segment about using The Five Room Dungeon.


Episode 30 – Blake’s Seven RPG

Download Episode ( INTRO: This time we are looking at Blake’s 7 and its influence on our gaming. GROGGLEBOX: Eddy joins us in a noisy Port Street Beer House in Manchester to discuss ‘Project Avalon’ ACTUAL PLAY: Thanks to Andrew Cousins of lending me his copy of the rules to play. Blythy as Avon, Doc Con Cowie as Blake, Andrew Cousins as Vila, The Welsh Wizard Michael Hobbs as Jenner,...


Episode 29 (Part 2) White Dwarf the RPG years

Episode 29 (Part 2) White Dwarf the RPG Years Download Episode ( In this episode we discover the seven ages of White Dwarf with @DailyDwarf and the First Last and everything from Nick Edwards. We also bang on a bit about the Patreon which has got some new goals. (


Extra – Mike Brunton: a tribute

Mike Brunton: a tribute Download Episode ( Mike Brunton, our special guest for Episode 29, suddenly passed away on 18th July 2019. This is the interview in full, released as a celebration of his gaming career. It also features Paul Cockburn adding a tribute to his old friend and colleague.


Episode 29 (Part 1) White Dwarf the RPG years

Download Episode ( It’s taken us 50 podcasts to dedicate an episode to White Dwarf. It was the centre of our RPG lives when we were teenagers. In this episode Mike Brunton tells us how he got into RPGs and worked with TSR UK and Imagine magazine. Next time he will be relating his experiences as editor of White Dwarf and working for Games Workshop. Neil...


EXTRA – An RPG GamesMaster Prepares (UK Games Expo 19)

Download Episode ( This is a GROGPOD extra, made possible thanks to the generosity of the GROGSQUAD patreons ( . This is a Newstalgia podcast talking about the things we are playing now. It is focused on the preparations for the RPGs played at UK Games Expo: Savage Worlds, PSI World and Lyonesse. Here are some links...


Episode 28 (Part 2) More Tunnels & Trolls RPG (with Ken St Andre)

More Tunnels & Trolls (with Ken St Andre) Download Episode ( INTRO: A new review of The GROGNARD files ( INTERVIEW: A list of interesting things referred to by Ken: His mini ( , Trollhala...


Episode 28 (Part 1) Monsters! Monsters! RPG (with Ken St Andre)

Monsters! Monsters! RPG with Ken St Andre Download Episode ( INTRO: 00:00:16 – This is the first part of a two part episode looking at the games and worlds created by Ken St Andre. He’s one of the founders of the hobby and tremendously influential on the development of RPGS. OPEN BOX: 00:04:40 – Live from his Troll Cave in Arizona, The Trollgodfather tells...


Extra – Stormbringer Actual Play (with Red Moon Role-playing)

Stormbringer Actual Play Download Episode ( I was kindly invited to Games Master a game of Stormbringer ( by the wonderfully macabre actual play podcast Red Moon Roleplaying. ( These is a teaser for an upcoming special guest, listen to the show to find out more … Adventure:...


Episode 27 (Part 2) Fate (with Robin of Sherwood actual play)

Download Episode ( We’re continuing our Robin of Sherwood theme. We discuss Fate and use it to provide a sample play in Sherwood Forest created by the TV series. We hope that it will inspire you to invest in some FUDGE dice and have a go at creating your own worlds.


EXTRA – Call of Cthulhu Actual Play (with How We Roll and Scott Dorwood)

The auditorium was massive! Call of Cthulhu Actual Play (with How We Roll and Scott Dorwood) Download Episode ( I attended the first ever PodUk Convention ( in Birmingham and appeared in a live show. How We Roll ( podcast hosted a live, actual play, with Scott Dorwood (from The...


Episode 27 (Part One) Robin of Sherwood (with Graham Staplehurst)

Robin of Sherwood (with Graham Staplehurst) Download Episode ( INTRO: In this episode we are continuing our exploration of the context of gaming in the eighties, by looking at one of the TV series that influenced how we played. POTTED HISTORY: This is a quick summary of how the programme came to be made and a bit of background about Richard Carpenter. If...


Episode 26 - HeroQuest (with Ian Cooper) from GROGMEET19

INTRO: This is an unusual GROGPOD as it was recorded live at GROGMEET 18\. Ian Cooper talks about HeroQuest and there’s a chance for you to win a copy of the game thanks to our friends at Show us your favourite handout, character sheet, floor plan, prop, mini or any other physical item you’ve produced for your gaming before the end of Feb to be in with a chance of winning. INTERVIEW: Ian Cooper talks about his formative years in gaming, oral story telling, Greg Stafford,...


More Download Episode ( INTRO: This is an unusual GROGPOD as it was recorded live at GROGMEET 18. Ian Cooper talks about HeroQuest and there’s a chance for you to win a copy of the game thanks to our friends at (


Episode 24 (Part 2) WARHAMMER Fantasy Role Play (with Graeme Davis)

Download Episode INTRO: We’ve had another iTunes review (we’d love to get more!) GAMESMASTER’S SCREEN: Graeme Davis takes us on a whistle stop tour around his career so far: check out this book-listing at Graeme’s site for all the references mentioned. WHITE DWARF: @dailydwarf has given another insightful perspective of all of the adventures that … Continue reading


Episode 23 (Part 1) WARHAMMER Fantasy Role Play (with Graeme Davis)

Download Episode INTRO: The GROGNARD files is dedicated to Greg Stafford (1948-2018) OPEN BOX: Graeme Davis talks to us about the genesis of the 1st edition of WARHAMMER and some of the plans for the new edition. You find out more about his long and distinguished career in gaming on his website. WHITE DWARF: The … Continue reading


Episode 23 – Dungeons & Dragons, Storm King’s Thunder

Download Episode Intro: It has been a summer of love for the library – there’s too much on there! Open Box: We’re in Port Street in Manchester reflecting on the campaign The White Dwarf: Daily Dwarf goes Against the Giants. Games Master’s Screen: What’s our favourite class? Ed’s Shed: Ed decides to ‘bring out the Gimp‘ when he creates … Continue reading


Episode 22 (Part 2) RuneQuest RolePlaying in Glorantha (with Michael O’Brien aka MOB)

Download Episode INTRO: I’ve got one of those blowers with a feather on the end to celebrate our anniversary and the release of RuneQuest RolePlaying in Glorantha. MOB RETURNS: MOB talks about all the different ways that you can play in Glorantha: 13th Age, HeroQuest, but especially RuneQuest. Here he talks about how RuneQuest appeals … Continue reading