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The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.

The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.
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The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.






Trump defends revoking Brennan's security clearance; Trump blames Washington DC politicians for high parade costs; Trump doesn't rule out Manafort pardon: he's a "good person"; WSJ: Cohen offered to pay Stormy Daniels after "Access" tape

Trump: "tremendous response" to pulling Brennan's clearance; Former intel chiefs rebuke Trump for revoking clearance; Trump: I cancelled military parade due to cost; Conway pivots when asked about military parade price tag; Poll finds 75% of Americans don't support cost of military parade; NYT: Omarosa may have as many as 200 tapes; Pentagon: China likely training pilots for strikes on U.S. via Knit


Trump: I stripped Ex-CIA Dir. Brennan's security clearance because of Russia investigation; "Queen of soul" Aretha Franklin dead at age 76; Omarosa releases tape of Lara Trump offering campaign job

Trump ties revoking clearances to Russia investigation; Trump: Ex-CIA Dir. Brennan led the "rigged witch hunt"; Adm. McRaven: I want President Trump to revoke my clearance; GOP senator Kennedy: ex-CIA chief is a "butt-head"; Lara Trump fires back: Omarosa's "bombshell" tape is "a fraud"; Kellyanne calls husband's anti-Trump tweets "disrespectful"; Trump, NY Gov. Cuomo trade barbs after Cuomo says "America was never that great"; Iraqi refugee accused of being ISIS killer arrested in U.S.;...


Trump revokes ex-CIA director's security clearance; Jury could get Manafort case at any moment; Omarosa stands ground, Trump falls silent as backlash grows; U.S. troops caught in conflict as Afghan violence erupts

Hayden: Decision won't change what I say about Trump admin; Hayden: dignity and restraint were "degraded today"; Sources: CIA "caught off guard" by Trump revoking ex-CIA director's security clearance; Sen. Warner accuses Trump of "Nixonian" tactics; Prosecutor: Manafort case is all about "lies"; Prosecution touts documentary evidence in Manafort case; Defense rests in Manafort case without calling a witness; Trump admin hit with retaliatory tariffs by Turkey; 48 killed as suicide bomber...


WH: "cannot guarantee" tape won't reveal Trump using N-word; Omarosa says she's been interviewed by special counsel; CNN poll: 66% say Mueller should wrap up probe by midterms

WH: Trump voicing frustration in calling Omarosa a "dog"; Trump campaign files legal action against Omarosa;CNN Poll: majority of both parties want probe over by Nov.; Trump renews attacks against Attorney General Jeff Sessions; CNN poll: 70% say Trump should testify under oath in Mueller probe; Manhattan madam: Mueller team "concerned" about collusion; Senior Pentagon aide under investigation; accused of using staff for personal errands; 6 firefighters now killed battling California flames;...


Omarosa threatens to release more WH tapes; FBI agent Peter Strzok fired over anti-Trump texts; Giuliani now claims Trump & Comey didn't discuss Flynn; Uncle of Trump adviser calls nephew "immigration hypocrite"

Omarosa releases tapes of conversations with WH chief of staff and President Trump; Omarosa admits to taping WH chief of staff in Situation Room; Omarosa: Trump has a pattern of attacking African Americans; Omarosa: The Trump WH lacks black senior advisers; Kellyanne Conway struggles to name black WH adviser; Trump excludes McCain in speech about "McCain" defense bill; Trump: Sessions "scared stiff and missing in action"; Trump supporters embrace Don Jr. despite controversy; Attorney for...


Trump hits NFL players, stays silent on planned white nationalist rally; WH slams Omarosa tell-all as "filled with lies"; Stormy Daniels' lawyer eyes presidential run; Mueller team closes in on names linked to Roger Stone

White nationalist rally planned one year since Charlottesville; Trump's rhetoric on race ignites strong reactions; Kanye West silence on whether Trump cares about black people; Trump: NFL players "unable to define" what they're protesting; Wash Post: Omarosa claims she was offered $15,000 a month job to stay quiet about her time in WH; John Boehner also attended Iowa state fair; Democratic candidates distance themselves from Pelosi; Odd sidebar with lawyers in Manafort trial as "Manhattan...


Trump's new ominous tweet on Mueller probe: "stay tuned!"; Judge admits he was "probably wrong" to scold prosecutors; Nunes: "we have to keep the majority" to protect Trump; Rep. Collins' arrest gives opponent major money boost

Giuliani: some possible Mueller questions a "perjury trap"; Source: Trump having dinner with Rudy Giuliani tonight; Giuliani falsely claims probe must end before midterms; CNN polls: approval of Mueller probe dropping; Nunes: GOP "the only ones" who can "clear" Trump; Intel Chair Nunes: senate must confirm supreme court pick first then focus on impeaching Rosenstein; Nunes: Deputy AG hasn't been impeached because of "timing"; Dems plan to profit off of Republican ethics scandals; Pelosi...


GOP Rep. Collins charged with insider trading, lying to FBI; Giuliani: Trump's legal team sends counteroffer to Mueller; U.S. to sanction Russia over nerve agent attack; Ohio special election deemed too close to call

Another person in Trump's orbit in trouble with the law; Giuliani: Trump willing to consider obstruction questions but warns against "perjury traps"; Trump admin. hits Russia with sanctions for ex-spy poisoning; Sen. Paul reveals he delivered letter from Trump to Russia; Sen. Paul delivers letter from Trump to Russia, after arguing in 2015 Trump didn't have to negotiate with Putin; Republican Balderson holds slim lead in Ohio special election; Trump backed candidates go five for five in...


Gates: Manafort directed movement of secret money; Trump team to respond to Mueller interview invite soon; Close Ohio special election strikes fear in GOP for midterms

Manafort's account details his ties to prominent Russians; Defense questions Manafort's ex-business partner Rick Gates; Gates in court admits extramarital affair, disputes Manafort over embezzled money; Giuliani to WAPO: "real reluctance" about obstruction questions; Trump endorses controversial Kansas Gov. candidate; Dems believe Trump-backed Kobach easy to defeat in midterms; Pence once made a case for impeaching a President; Wildfire burning size of Los Angeles, largest in CA history; WH...


Sources: Trump worried about Don Jr. being entangled in probe; Star witness Rick Gates called to stand in Manafort trial; U.S. to restore first Iran sanctions after exiting nuclear deal; Melania Trump's independent streak adds to public intrigue

Trump admits 2016 Trump Tower meeting about getting Clinton dirt; Trump attorney blames false statements on "bad information"; Source: Trump encouraged to stop tweeting about Trump Tower meeting; Trump Attorney: facts develop, that's what investigations do; U.S. to restore first Iran sanctions after exiting nuclear deal; Iranian President on U.S. talks: "let's start right now"; European nations: "deeply regret" U.S. reimposing Iran sanctions; Iran President: Iran "will make America regret"...


WH brings out Natl security officials in show of force on Russia; Mueller wants to interview pop star & dad who helped set up 2016 Trump Tower meeting; Prosecutors highlight Manafort's most expensive purchases; Have Democrats gone too far to the left?

WH says Trump "cares deeply" about meddling despite Helsinki remarks; WH official: Trump instructed security chiefs to hold news conference on election interference; GOP Sen. Lankford: Trump not paying attention to 2018 Russia threat; Coats says Russians exploiting every opportunity regardless of party, after Trump claimed Russia would push for democrats; Coats: can't understand or speak to what happened in Helsinki; NYT: Trump pushing for in-person sit-down against legal advice;...


WH falsely claims Mueller probe based on dossier; Questions arise over whether Gates will testify in Manafort trial; Trump & his son retweet video of heckled CNN reporter; TSA considers ending security screenings at small airports

WH: Call to stop Russia probe just Trump's "opinion"; Trump: Sessions "should stop" Russia probe "right now" ; WH: call to stop Russia probe just Trump's "opinion"; Giuliani: Mueller probe should "put up or shut up"; Giuliani: Trump's legal team received Mueller's response to counter-offer on possible Trump Mueller sit-down; Manafort defense tries to lay blame on Rick Gates; FBI Agent: Manafort's name was on wire transfer; Questions arise over whether Gates will testify in Manafort trial;...


Trial of ex-Trump campaign Chief Manafort underway; Opening statements wrap, first witness to take stand soon; Facebook discovers new meddling ahead of 2018 midterms; Trump follows Giuliani lead, says collusion is not a crime

Mueller faces major first test as Manafort trial starts; Prosecutors: Manafort had "secret income," had a "cash spigot" from his "golden goose in Ukraine"; Defense team: Ukrainian oligarchs paid Manafort through secret foreign accounts; Jury seated in trial of ex-Trump campaign chair; Trump allies try to downplay Manafort's campaign role; Jury seated, opening statements wrap in Manafort trial; Mueller faces major first test as Manafort trial starts; Manafort business partner Rick Gates to be...


Grassley: If Donald Trump Jr. misled congress, it's a "crime"; Trump slams Mueller directly, claims conflicts of interest; Trump lawyer Giuliani compares Cohen to famed traitors; Six dead as California wildfires burn out of control

Trump launches most personal attack yet against Mueller; Trump: I would meet with the President of Iran; Giuliani: not sure if "collusion" is a crime; Giuliani: Manafort not very involved with Trump; Giuliani: don't know if "colluding with Russians" is a crime; Did Giuliani "move the goal posts" by brushing off collusion?; Giuliani: Mueller investigation is "done"; Trump alleges Mueller conflicts without any evidence; Giuliani: Cohen is lying about Trump knowing if Russia meeting; Giuliani...


WSJ: Trump's "financial gatekeeper" subpoenaed; NYT: Mueller looking at Trump's tweets in obstruction probe; Some kids separated at border may never see parents again; Consumers begin paying for Trump's tariffs

Allen Weisselberg handled Trump's finances for decades; handled; Source: this is "ultimate nightmare" for Trump, because Weisselberg knows "anything and everything" about finances; Secret Cohen tape includes reference to "Allen"; NYT: Mueller looking at whether Trump intimidated witnesses; CNN: Former Fox exec becoming close Trump confidant; CNN: WH chief John Kelly's stature diminishing; CNN reporter banned from covering WH event; Facebook suffers worst day in stock market history; Long...


Senators grill Pompeo on Trump's controversial Russia, North Korea summits; Trump makes surprise statement as Pompeo grilled on Russia

Pompeo defends Trump's controversial Putin summit; Pompeo won't say publicly if N. Korea is still making advancements in its nuclear program via Knit


Trump launches new claim: Russia wants Dems to win in 2018; Trump tries to talk tough, contradicts U.S. intel again; Audio of migrant mothers in court begging for their kids; Attorney General Sessions repeats 'lock her up' chant

Trump claims Russia wants Democrats to win in 2018, even after Putin admitted he preferred Trump in 2016; Trump: Russia will interfere in mid-terms to help Dems, not me; Ryan: Trump security clearance threat is just "trolling"; Trump admin possibly deported 463 parents without kids; Gov't facing Thursday deadline to reunite migrant families; Sessions: colleges are attacking freedom of speech, thought; Haley warns high schoolers against inflammatory speech; Attorney General Sessions repeats...


WH: Trump may revoke security clearances of ex-intel chiefs; Judge delays Paul Manafort trial until July 31st; Carter Page denies being Kremlin adviser; FBI releases warrant documents on ex-Trump adviser

Judge grants immunity to five witnesses in Manafort case; FBI seized 12 audio recordings from Trump's former "fixer"; Source: Avenatti pitched Cohen on working together against Trump; Trump slams Obama, calls Russian meddling a hoax; Sanders: WH has been clear on Trump, Putin meeting; WH: Pres Trump may get more involved in Russia investigation; Lawmaker drops pants and uses n-word on TV show; Sacha Baron Cohen takes aim at conservatives, progressives via Knit


Trump's former personal attorney recorded Trump discussing payment to silence Playboy model; Trump facing mounting problems from Cohen tapes, Mueller probe & Putin meeting; U.S. intel chief blindsided by Trump invitation to Putin

Source: Trump said "I can't believe Michael would do this to me"; Source close to Cohen: tape not good for Trump; Trump team worries Helsinki disaster may help Mueller; Trump invites Putin to DC, even after summit widely panned; GOP Rep. Will Hurd: "Trump is being manipulated by Putin"; 17 killed after duck boat capsizes Missouri via Knit


Intel Chief: "undeniable" that Russia trying to "wreak havoc" on elections; White House makes third reversal this week on Russia; WH: Discussions for Putin to come to DC this fall; Interior Secy Zinke kept appointments off public schedule

U.S. Intel Chief talks for first time since clashing with Trump on Russian interference; Intel Chief: "obviously, I wished" Trump had made "different" comments; Intel Chief: "important to take a stand" against Trump comments; Intel Chief: "I'm concerned about a cyber 9/11"; Intel Chief: "I don't know what happened" in Trump-Putin meeting; WH: Trump disagrees with Russia's offer to question Americans; Republicans lead symbolic vote to rebuke Russia's offer to interrogate Americans; Intel...