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The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.

The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.
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The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.






Trump signs order that stops his policy of separating families; New CNN poll: Democrats lead GOP by 8 points in generic poll; Lewandowski refuses apologize for seeming to mock girl with Down syndrome; Charity CEO who runs shelters earns $1.5 mil

First Lady & Ivanka Trump wanted to keep families together; CNN poll: Voters are more enthusiastic to vote for Democrats; NY mayor: 239 kids at one facility, including 9-month-old; Trump flips on separating families as protests & pushback erupt; Lewandowski refuses apologize for seeming to mock girl with Down syndrome; Will Trump's order reunited separated families immediately?; Migrant kids under 13 being held in "tender age" shelters; Charity watch: Sanchez 5th highest paid charity salary;...


McConnell: GOP senators support plan to keep families together; Source: family separations weren't implemented early in administration out of concern of backlash; 2,342 children separated from families at border

Trump uses word "infest" to describe illegal immigration; Trump attacks media, Dems for his own immigration policy; Trump officials can't get story straight on own policy; Wash Post: Trump shown only positive images of kids at border; WSJ warns child separation could cost GOP politically; Republicans turn on Trump over child separations at border; Trump defiant as anger grows over separating families; Source: fearing backlash, Trump Admin. didn't implement family separation policy earlier;...


Boiling point: outrage grows as families separated at border; Whose caring for the kids taken from immigrant parents?; WH official: DHS secretary rushed to White House for briefing; Pressure mounts on Trump for separating families at border

New CNN poll: 67% disapprove of change in policy toward immigrant families at U.S. border; Brand new CNN polls as families are separated at border; Any moment: WH briefing amid controversy over separated families; Trump falsely blames Dems for separating families at border; DHS chief: "we do not apologize" for separating children; Sessions: no need to separate families if we build a wall; Whose caring for the kids taken from immigrant parents?; Shelter houses youngest immigrants, kids under...


Trump legal team emboldened by critical IG report; Trump praises Kim dictatorship, says he's solved NK; Cohen telling friends & family he's willing to cooperate; AG Sessions uses Bible to defend separating families; DHS: 2,000 kids separated from parents

Trump's many false statements during press scramble; Giuliani to Daily News: Mueller probe "might get cleaned up" with presidential pardons; Trump legal team emboldened by critical IG report; thinks they could now challenge a subpoena of Trump; Trump jokes about wanting people to sit up at attention for him; Trump on Crimea: Putin didn't respect Obama; Trump gives free-wheeling, fact-challenged statements; Source: Cohen "confused" over relationship with Trump; Judge rejects Cohen attempt to...


DOJ watchdog finds Comey violated FBI forms on Clinton probe, but not politically motivated; Suit claims Trump used charity to help himself & campaign; WH defends policy of separating undocumented children at border; Trump calls N. Korean dictator "tough"

DOJ watchdog not confident FBI Agent Strzok's delay in examining new Clinton emails was "free from bias"; IG faults Lynch for her meeting with Clinton on airport tarmac; Scathing suit accuses Trump & kids of "illegal conduct"; WH Defends policy of separating undocumented children at border; More than 14K immigrant children held in Texas shelter; Rare look inside border shelter housing immigrant kids; WH: "common courtesy" to return N. Korean general's salute; Conservatives turning on...


CNN: Trump's personal lawyer splits from his own legal team; Trump: North Korea "no longer a nuclear threat"; Primary results show dangers of crossing Trump; British political operatives met with Russian ambassador days after Trump visit

N. Korea applauds Trump suspending joint military drills; Trump tweets everyone can feel much safer now; Trump embraces Virginia Senate candidate with racist ties; Gardner: Senate GOP won't endorse Corey Stewart in VA; Trump critic Mark Sanford falls in SC GOP primary; Wash Post: Mark Sanford says Trump tweets sealed his loss


Did Trump give away a key concession for a vague promise?; Trump U.S. to stop "provocative war games" with South Korea; Corker: Republicans are afraid of "poking the bear"; Judge rules in favor of AT&T/Time Warner merger

Trump says brutal dictator Kim Jong Un "loves his people"; Trump, Kim sign agreement will it be different this time?; Trump U.S. to stop "provocative war games" with South Korea; Trump touts summit success in call to senate GOP; Trump: Kim Jong Un "trust me, and I trust him" ; Trump lavishes "smart" & "talented" Kim with compliments; Top NK expert walked us back from brink of war; Trump last fall: NK makes "fools" of U.S. negotiators; Trump shows Kim "movie trailer" of bright North Korea...


Soon: Trump to meet one-on-one with Kim Jong Un; Trump slams G7 leaders ahead of Kim Jong Un meeting; NYT: WH aides, burned out over Trump "drama," eye exits; Ex-staffer: Trump routinely rips up papers that need to be preserved

Official: Trump leaving earlier due to Kim's plans; Pompeo: U.S. goal is irreversible denuclearization; Trump advisor: "there's a special place in hell" for PM Trudeau; Dueling photos show Trump and Merkel stare-down at G7; Trump suggests bringing Russia back to G7 alliance; NYT: Kelly called White House "miserable place to work"; Trump attacks Trudeau: "very dishonest and weak"; Atlantic: WH official says Trump doctrine is "we're America, b****"; Di Niro joins celebs using TV spotlight to...


Pompeo: both sides "very serious" about North Korea talks; Pompeo on Giuliani: Rudy doesn't speak for the administration; Trump tweeted unsubstantiated claim about start of FBI probe; Two Senators on how Democrats and GOP can work together

Pompeo: U.S. wants concrete steps, not just words from N. Korea; Trump: NK summit more about attitude than preparation; Trump: Don't need to prepare much for NK summit; Trump: we could sign an agreement with North Korea; Trump headed for G7 showdown over trade tensions; NYT reporter: first lady spokeswoman says "I don't believe Mrs. Trump has ever discussed her thoughts with Mr. Giuliani"; Giuliani defends attack on Stormy Daniels' credibility; Graham: I see "no evidence" of Trump's spy...


Stormy Daniels sues her former attorney & Trump lawyer Michael Cohen; Wife of George Papadopoulos asks Trump to pardon him; Mexico retaliates against Trump with tariffs on U.S. goods; Anti-Trump sketches by longtime artist cut from paper

Stormy Daniels accuses former lawyer of colluding with Michael Cohen; Giuliani: Mueller team trying "very hard" to frame Trump; House speaker & Senate intel chair reject Trump's conspiracy theory; Trump commutes life sentence of Alice Marie Johnson; CNN: Trump preparing dozens of new pardons; Trump praises Pruitt, snubs sessions at roundtable; Official: two Pruitt aides resign amid ethics questions; Iran says it plans to boost uranium enrichment capacity; PA newspaper cuts string of...


Trump cancels Eagles WH event, seizes on anthem controversy; Source: Trump plans to push anthem issue until midterms; Mueller team accuses Paul Manafort of witness tampering; 72 dead as volcano swallows towns in Guatemala

Trump boasts of big turnout at alternate event; WH holds "celebration of America" in lieu of Eagles visit; White House blames Eagles for "political stunt" ; Trump cancels WH visit for Super Bowl champ Eagles ; WH official: fewer than 10 people were to attend Eagles event; WH: "vast majority" of the Eagles "abandoned" fans; Eagles players push back against Trump's false claims; Legal troubles mount for Former Trump Campaign Chairman; Giuliani on shifting Trump Tower story: "it was a...


Trump: "I have the absolute right to pardon myself"; Supreme Court sides with baker in gay wedding cake case; U.S. allies push back on Trump's new tariffs; Bill Clinton defends handling of Lewinsky sex scandal

Lawyers admit Trump "dictated" misleading Don Jr. statement; Trump lawyers to Mueller: President cannot obstruct justice; Baker ruling fuels debate on gay rights v. discrimination; Republican leaders challenge Trump's new tariffs; Schultz to leave Starbucks, is he running?; CA Dems fear they could be shut out of key midterm races; Fmr Pres: I apologized to everybody for Lewinsky scandal; Robert Kennedy's children talk about father's life & death; Does "the Kennedy Style" of politics still...


Trump says meeting with Kim Jong Un is back on; U.S. allies vote to retaliate for Trump's steep tariffs; New 3.8% jobless rate matches 50-year low; Are uncivilized comments, attacks the new political norm?

Trump says Kim letter was "nice," then admits he didn't read it; Trump hints at strong jobs report ahead of its release; Congressional Republicans lining up against Trump on trade; Trump berates Canada for trade practices; Trump calls for Samantha Bee to be fired over Ivanka joke; Trump: response to Bee vs. Roseanne is a double standard; Police find 3 bodies at home of man accused of kidnapping; State will pay you $10,000 to move there


Is Trump's pardon spree a message to Mueller witnesses? ; Samantha Bee apologizes to Ivanka Trump: "I crossed a line"; Kim Jong Un's former top spy to deliver letter to Trump

Trump pardons conservative & hints at more celeb clemency; Trump's Russia claim... contradicts Trump's Russia claim; TBS: Samantha Bee's attack on Ivanka inappropriate; Pres Trump attacks ABC instead of condemning racist, anti-Semitic & Islamophobic comments; Pompeo: N. Korea security "is greater" if they denuclearize; Coors warns new tariffs could increase the price of brews; Will new aluminum tariffs hurt American beer industry; Source: Trump pressured sessions on multiple occasions to...


ABC cancels "Roseanne" after star's racist tweets; Inside ABC: the hours leading up to Roseanne's firing; Trump floats new conspiracy theory about Mueller probe

Donald Trump Jr. retweets 2 of Roseanne's conspiracy tweets; Disney source on Roseanne "enough was enough"; Giuliani admits political strategy to undermine probe; Will Trump's conspiracies become action? ; Trump on probe: "sorry," I've got to focus energy elsewhere; U.S., North Korean talks underway around the globe ahead of possible Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un; WH: Pompeo to meet N. Korea's former top spy in NY; U.S. N. Korean officials trying to revive Trump, Kim meeting; Top U.S., N....


U.S., North Korea Race to Revive Trump-Kim Summit; Trump Admin. Loses Track of Nearly 1,500 Migrant Children; Giuliani: Origin of Mueller Probe is "Illegitimate"; 2 Million in the Path of Sub Tropical Storm Alberto; WWII Veteran Marks 97TH MEMORIAL DAY

WH: Trump Spoke to Japan's PM Today About NK Summit; Trump: "I Truly Believe North Korea Has Brilliant Potential"; Trump Officials Defend Separating Families at the Border; Trump Blames Dems for His Policy Separating Families; Giuliani: Trump's Legal Team Wants Briefing on FBI Source; Flake: Growing Concern Trump Will Fire Mueller; Sources: Mueller Wants to Ask Trump About Flynn Firing; Giuliani: Basis for Mueller Probe is "Illegitimate"; "Once Every 1,000 Year Flood" Happens Twice in 2...


Trump: North Korea summit may still happen, "everybody plays games"; N. Korea: Kim Jong Un ready to meet Pres Trump "at any time"; Weinstein charged with rape, other sex crimes in New York; Border officials give conflicting accounts of deadly shooting

Trump: still talking to North Koreans now; WH: "we'll see" if staff still travel to Singapore today; Nat'l Security Council confirms talks with NK back on; Sen. Graham: Trump will end NK nuke program in first term; Trump: North Korea summit could still happen on June 12; WaPo editorial: summit cancellation "hasty, strategy-free"; U.S. intel monitoring if N. Korea resumes missile tests; Cardin: miscalculation can have "dangerous consequences"; CNN: Russian oligarch met with Michael Cohen...


DOJ officials end briefing with lawmakers on FBI source; Nunes proves to be key ally to Trump amid Russia probe; Trump cancels summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un

WH attorney Emmet Flood attends part of DOJ briefings; GOP aide on WH lawyer at meeting: "craziest s**** I ever heard"; Democratic leaders speak after classified briefing; Lawmakers talk about two DOJ briefings on FBI source; WH lawyer attended briefings on FBI source; Warner: "never seen" WH member attend a meeting like this; Trump touts' military might after canceling Kim summit; U.S. official: NK "stood us up" at planned meeting last week; Trump: "I am waiting" if Kim Jong Un wants to...


Trump repeats unproven claims about "spy" inside campaign; Clapper rejects Trump's unproven claims about campaign "spy"; Former Trump campaign aide suggests Clinton email entrapment scheme

Trump's "spy" claim joins a number of dubious theories; Trump on proof of "spy" in his campaign: "you'll see"; Trump: I want "total transparency" on FBI's source; Ex-DNI Clapper responds to Trump's "spying" attacks; Clapper: I never knew about FBI's confidential source; Ex-intel chief Clapper: Russians swayed election for Trump; Clapper: Trump spinning narrative that "he's a victim"; No end in sight for gushing lava, ash and toxic gas via Knit


Trump on DOJ demand: "disgrace" if FBI spied on my campaign; GOP lawmakers call for independent probe of FBI, Justice Dept.; Trump: Summit with North Korea may not happen in June

GOP house members call for a second special counsel; unanswered questions about what DOJ will share with lawmakers; Campaign officials describe interactions with FBI source; WH: "keep you posted" on whether Dems get invite to DOJ brief; Campaign aide on meeting with informant: not "substantive"; Gaetz: WH doesn't know full extent of info gathered on Trump; Gaetz: AG Sessions suffering from "Stockholm syndrome"; Gaetz: WH doesn't know full extent of info gathered on Trump; Christie: Mueller...