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004: Halloween Spooktacular

Stuck inside on a rainstorm is spooky, especially when you're all alone. On the special Halloween episode of AWYLATT, we encounter ghosts, ghouls, and possibly even goblins in the form of audio. Listen to find both tricks and treats.


003: Energy w/ Dami Lee, Alanna Okun, and Yucky Bangs

Working on a project after work requires energy, but what how do I get it? This episode, I talk to cartoonist Dami Lee and writer Alanna Okun about the work they do outside of their day job. Then we are blessed to feature music from Yucky Bangs. 10:42 - Dami Lee 41:01 - Alanna Okun 55:45 - Yucky Bangs Me - @andrumarino on Twitter Dami Lee - Alanna Okun - Yucky Bangs -...


002: Art w/ Mark Murray (Hamdog), Rachel Levinson, and 12h08

Recently I had a conversation with a co-worker about whether what we do at work is art or not. So it got me do you know when something isn't art? Recently I went to an art museum and was introduced to objects that were not art but turned into art. It was kind of funny. On this episode, I ask my friend Rachel Levinson to discuss and explain further what constitutes as art and how comedy can be influenced by it. Then I talk to Mark Murray, creator of the ‘hamdog’; a hot...


Episode 001: Prologue

It took a long time to make this show. My guests Anna and author Kelly Karivalis help me figure out why. Anna reads my fortune with tarot cards and Kelly talks about her new book "Adult Gummies" Featuring music by Also Also Also. Links: