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003: Energy w/ Dami Lee, Alanna Okun, and Yucky Bangs

Working on a project after work requires energy, but what how do I get it? This episode, I talk to cartoonist Dami Lee and writer Alanna Okun about the work they do outside of their day job. Then we are blessed to feature music from Yucky Bangs. Me - @andrumarino on Twitter Dami Lee - Alanna Okun - Yucky Bangs -


002: What is art?

Recently I had a conversation with a co-worker about whether what we do at work is art or not. So it got me do you know when something isn't art? Recently I went to an art museum and was introduced to objects that were not art but turned into art. It was kind of funny. On this episode, I ask my friend Rachel Levinson to discuss and explain further what constitutes as art and how comedy can be influenced by it. Then I talk to Mark Murray, creator of the ‘hamdog’; a hot...


Episode 001: Prologue

It took a long time to make this show. My guests Anna and author Kelly Karivalis help me figure out why. Featuring music by Also Also Also. Links: