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Your home for craft beer, pop culture & other BS! Each episode we crack open a few bottles of delicious brew, shoot the breeze and let the conversation flow. We're mostly funny, we don't take ourselves too seriously and on a few occasions we'll record live from a brewery or bar! Be a friend of the pod and hit subscribe. From Miami, Florida.


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Your home for craft beer, pop culture & other BS! Each episode we crack open a few bottles of delicious brew, shoot the breeze and let the conversation flow. We're mostly funny, we don't take ourselves too seriously and on a few occasions we'll record live from a brewery or bar! Be a friend of the pod and hit subscribe. From Miami, Florida.








Episode 120

Beer, Bros & BS is back with a special edition for Episode 120 as we recorded live at the Burger Museum by Burger Beast at the Magic City Casino. On top of that we were also joined by none other than Mr. Burger Beast himself! In this episode we covered a wide array of topics including a review of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a grown man who was accidentally circumcised at a hospital, how California defines what beer is plus Tool’s new album. We started off the show with our obligatory...


Episode 119

After a couple of months off we are finally able to put up our last episode since our summer break. We had some funny things to talk about ranging from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge to E3 and boxing to end street beefs in Baltimore. This episode also included our new segment “Miami Minute,” our most popular game “Would You Rather” and the best way to get something off your chest “What Burns Your Bacon.” On top of that we got drink great beer from our friends over at 3 Sons, Saugatuck, Stone...


Episode 118

Episode 118 of Beer, Bros & BS brings a new offering of our take on craft beer and the news. For Episode 118, we played a few rounds of everybody’s favorite game, Would You Rather, and we ended the show with What Burns Your Bacon. We also brought back our Miami Minute segment to keep things local. In this episode we covered topics ranging from a trial in Connecticut over a hash brown, Agent Penis and a CIA trespasser, loot boxes in videogames, a monkey killed by his troop and Burger King...


Episode 117

After a couple weeks off, Beer, Bros & BS is back with a brand new episode. In Episode 117 we discussed some of the ways that KFC is trying to help you treat your mother, the future of Marvel films, Death Metal that was created by artificial intelligence and the wacky and crazy adventures of Florida Man. All the beer we had was from local breweries, which included J. Wakefield Brewing, Bangin Banjo, Lincoln’s Beard and the collaboration beer between The Tank and 3 Sons! This episode we...


Episode 116

Beer, Bros & BS is back with another edition of our “At the Brewery” series as we visited our friends at their recently opened brewery in Doral, Florida, Tripping Animals Brewing Company. Joining us from the brewery was Ignacio and Daniel. In this episode we discussed a study by Lyft and Brightline, the unique ending to a LA high speed chase, yeast that was found in a shipwreck and turned into a beer plus a few true stories from April Fool’s Day. Because we recorded at their brewery, all of...


Episode 115

In our April Fool’s Day episode, Beer Bros & BS was taken over by Beer, Babes & BS!!! Yes, you are reading correctly...we turned the controls over to several of our beer ladies to have fun! Beer, Babes & BS featured Sonia aka Beer Dolfan, Danette aka Craft Beer Goonette, Amanda aka Babes Beerventure, Ely, Danii Dollars, and Michelle "Michelada" Fernandez. They spoke about their introduction to craft beer and the craft beer world, chatted about the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers: End Game release...


Episode 114

Beer, Bros & BS is turning 4! In our 4th anniversary episode we talked about our 4-year state of the show analytics, the Ohio man who is on a 40 day lent fasting, Florida man, Google Stadia, a possible upcoming Star Wars trilogy and the White House economic report that listed the alter egos of Spider-Man, Batman and Captain America as contributors. Like usual, we started off the show with a few rounds of “Would You Rather” and we ended with “What Burns Your Bacon.” We also got to review some...


Episode 113

Episode 113 of Beer, Bros & BS brings another edition of our “At the Brewery Series” as we got to record live at the freshly opened 3 Sons Brewing Co. in Dania Beach, Florida. Joining us from the brewery on this episode was Corey, Luis and Nic. During the episode we discussed some of the new and oldest internet challenges, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Orlando, Breaking Bad and Schraderbrau, the best fictional beers, the geography of water and more! Because we recorded at 3 Sons, all the beer...


Episode 112

Episode 112 of Beer, Bros & BS brought us to Exit One Taproom’s #CraftBeerNotCrapBeer Festival over in Florida City. This was a special episode for us as it was our first recording during a beer festival. On this episode we were joined by Breezy and Auris from Exit One Taproom. Plus, we went out into the festival and did a few rounds of Would You Rather with some friends of the show. On this episode we discussed 19th Century sex euphemisms, the whitest songs ever and the NY Islanders booing...


Episode 111

Episode 111 of Beer, Bros & BS brings us another edition of At the Brewery Series as we got to record with our friends over at Beat Culture. We were joined by Alan and Erik from the brewery. Also joining us was longtime friend of the show, Hugo from Sweden. Among things discussed in this episode were new beers with odd ingredients, specially themed cruises, the Momo challenge and yeast that was cultivated from THC. Because we recorded at the brewery, all the beer we had was produced only a...


Episode 110

For Episode 110 of Beer, Bros & BS we’re back at Lincoln’s Beard Brewing for another edition of “At the Brewery” series. Joining us once again was the main man behind the brewery, Falco, and first time BSer Alex from Mr. PB&J. We recorded at the brewery because we’ll be defending our title at this year’s Don’t Be Jelly Fest sponsored by Lincoln’s Beard and Mr. PB&J. Beyond all of the smack talk, we also talked about the Jamaican lottery winner who picked up his winnings in a Scream Halloween...


Episode 109

In Episode 109 of Beer, Bros & BS we discussed our favorite and most surprising beers from this year’s Wakefest, we caught up on the adventures of Florida Man, Bud Lite and their “corny” Super Bowl commercials, Pepsi putting their beverage on nitro, Xbox Live going to the Nintendo Switch and the oldest beer found in England. We started off the show with a new version of Would You Rather (thanks Jess) and like always we ended with everyone’s favorite way to vent, What Burns Your Bacon. On top...


Beer Talk: Kush 1/30/19

On 1/30/19 Kush held a beer talk panel discussion on craft beer. In attendance were representatives from Equilibrium Brewing, Mondo Brewing Company, Southern Prohibition Brewing, The Tank Brewing, Monkey Business Brewing and Nomad + Co. Distributing. There were also a few people from the Miami beer scene including our own host Dave plus Cam Camacho, Haidar Hachem, Marilyn Hachem, Amanda Lou and Kris Marino.


Episode 108

Episode 108 has brought us back to Union Beer Store in Little Havana! We were joined by long time friend of the show Union Adrian aka Manolo and DLo from Brewtiful! In this episode we discussed the upcoming two year anniversary of Union, we heard about all of the cool things that Brewtiful is up to, Oscar nominations, Ozzy Osbourne’s new toy for charity, the upcoming Super Bowl concession prices and WWE Royal Rumble predictions. We also got try beer from Captain Lawrence Brewing Company,...


Episode 107

In our first episode of 2019 we discussed how the federal government shutdown is affecting craft brewers, which 2019 film release everybody is looking forward to, a study that mentions a different way to relax at work, a 13,000 year old brewery found in Haifa plus Costco’s newest (and biggest) item they’re selling. We also got to review some great beers by Clown Shoes, Odd Breed Wild Ales, Mikkeller, Other Half Brewing and Tripping Animals Brewing Company. Don’t forget you can find out what...


Episode 106

We wrapped up 2018 with a fun filled hour of beer and BS! Some of the BS included PornHub’s 2018 data analytics, TV shows of 2018, a court ordered punishment that involved the Disney movie Bambi, the AVN award categories, a special upcoming episode of Black Mirror and more! As always, we got to review some interesting beer from Decadent Ales, Cigar City, Goose Island, The Bruery, Hidden Springs plus a collaboration beer by J. Wakefield and Mostra Coffee. We started the show off with...


Episode 105

Episode 105 of Beer, Bros & BS was our second Christmas Beer Special. In this episode we discussed PETA’s recommended anti-animal idioms, how Burger King is trolling McDonalds, the new Avengers trailer, Soulja Boy’s new gaming console, Red Dead Redemption and more! Because it was a Christmas Beer Special all of the beer was holiday themed. We got to try some great beer by The Bruery, Cigar City, Rogue Ales, Samuel Adams and Ridgeway Brewing. As always, we started off the show with a few...


Episode 104

As the weather drops, the beer gets darker and the episodes even funnier! In Episode 104 we talked about an Irish soccer team that had a game cancelled by saying one of their players died when they didn’t, Microsoft’s new military contract, the newly renovated Mariner of the Seas, odd brewery locations and Ross Edgley. What did Mr. Edgley do? Listen to the show to find out. With all of that we also had some great beer by Funky Buddha, Mikerphone, LIC Beer Project, M.I.A. Beer Company and...


Episode 103

Episode 103 of Beer, Bros & BS features a gathering of randomness including Snoop Dogg and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Mystery Science Theater 3000, the metal band As I Lay Dying, the first mobile phone with iTunes on it (it wasn’t made by Apple) and a few random KeyForge deck names. On top of all of that, we also got to review beer from Odd Breed Wild Ales, Great Divide Brewing, Bruery Terreux, Brew Rebellion and Elmhurst Brewing Company. You can also checkout what we ranked these beers on...


Episode 102

In Episode 102 of Beer, Bros & BS we covered a wide range of topics including a Japanese hotel that is staffed with robot dinosaurs, classic game systems, the Vatican’s newest Pokemon Go clone, which dead celebrities made the most money last year and Tony answers the question that has been burning in everyone’s heart! On top of all of that we got to review some great beer from Terrapin Brewing, Tampa Bay Brewing, Tusk & Grain, Cycle Brewing and Harpoon Brewing. Like always, we started off...