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Episode 84

Despite against all odds Beer, Bros & BS has made it to three years! In our BS-studded episode we got the State of the Show, discussed terpenes and beer, iPhones and some of their not known features, Wayne Huizenga and his legacy, some expectations between now and our next anniversary, farts in the shower and some sex world records. We also gave the code phrase for a giveaway that we’re doing. Listen to the episode, follow us and @sprungbeerfest on Instagram, tag three friends and DM us...


Episode 83

For Episode 83 we had an action packed show full of Star Wars & Jon Favreau, Ozzy Osbourne, Wu-Tang Clan & Martin Shkreli, a peacock on a plane plus a penguin colony seen from space. As always we played a few rounds of Would You Rather and ended the show with What Burns Your Bacon. We also got to review beer by Boulevard Brewing Company, Smuttynose Brewing Company, Brewery Ommegang and Founders Brewing Co. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to the show!


Episode 82

For episode 82 we were on location at Boxelder Craft Beer Market in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami and we were joined by none other than longtime friend of the show Scott. In this fun episode we discussed pizza for breakfast, about how monkeys will pay to look at pictures of other female monkey bottoms, a study that talked about alcohol and longevity, how there are people manufacturing new durable skin for robots and what shows Alex is currently watching. Because we recorded at Boxelder...


Episode 81

The bros were back with an ample amount of BS for episode 81! In this episode we discuss Intel’s augmented reality glasses, a Brazilian drug trafficker who’s being called a modern day Robin Hood, another round of BS or not and some interesting information on saran wrap. You better believe we tried some good beer. This week we tried delicious brews from Cigar City and their collaboration with Jameson Irish Whiskey, Civil Society, Avery Brewing Co. and Odd Breed Wild Ales. Plus like always...


Episode 80

On the latest episode of Beer, Bros & BS we recorded live at J. Wakefield Brewing in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami! And because we recorded there all the beer we tried on the show was from the brewery! In this episode we talked about Ronda Rousey joining the WWE, people replacing celebrity faces with that of Nicolas Cage, Hostess and Twinkies, Ferry McFerryface, a new segment called “BS or Not” that featured Burger King, Elvis, sharks and more plus some updated details on Miami’s...


Episode 79

In the latest episode of Beer, Bros & BS we recorded live from one of our favorite bars in Miami, Union Beer Store. On top of that we were also joined by a friend of the show, Adrian. We discussed many topics in this episode including how 50 Cent forgot he had approximately $8 million in Bitcoin, some interesting stats from Pornhub during the Hawaii false missile alarm, a disco ball in space and some interesting stories about Andre the Giant and other wrestlers. As always we played Would...


Episode 78

Happy New Year from us at Beer, Bros & BS! We're back with a brand new episode after a couple of months off air. What have we all been up to since November? Listen and find out. I will say that two of us were hospitalized, somebody went to Europe, somebody officially became a homeowner and somebody told us some interesting stories about Dick Van Dyke. We couldn't have a show without starting off with a few rounds of Would You Rather and of course you know we ended the show with What Burns...


Episode 77

We're back for a crazy adventure as we ditch beer and embrace booze! That's right, Beer, Bros & BS turns into Booze, Bros & BS! All of the liquor we reviewed in this episode is somehow tied to a brewery. Some of the liquor reviewed was from Sanctuary Spirits, New Holland Brewing/Artisan Spirits, Jameson Caskmates, Wicked Dolphin and more! As usual we covered some crazy topics including Amazon Key, Stranger Things on Netflix, Tony's experiences in Albania and Greece, drunk elephants in...


Episode 76

Fear not, after a few weeks off Beer, Bros & BS is back! In this episode we discussed a wide range of topics going from the king of Saudi Arabia and Yoda, Halloween movies and haunted houses plus facts that really aren't true such as Queen, Oscar Mayer, Berenstain Bears, Sex and the City, Darth Vader and more! As always, we started of the show with a few rounds of Would You Rather and ended it with What Burns Your Bacon. Plus we got try some fantastic beer from The Bruery, J. Wakefield,...


Episode 75

We’re back with episode 75 of Beer, Bros & BS! A few of the topics for this episode include the Bony-eared assfish, Hurricane Irma and a sign language interpreter, the beer style called chicha, answers to the questions you always wanted to know and the future of sour beer! Plus we tried beers from The Bruery, J. Wakefield, Funky Buddha, Cigar City, Cycle Brewing and Stone Brewing. As always we started the show off with a few rounds of Would You Rather and ended with What Burns Your Bacon....


Episode 74

We're back for another episode of Beer, Bros & BS! In our latest episode we discussed penis fighting and flatworms, weird facts about Walt Disney, Samuel L. Jackson and Magic Johnson's recent trip to Italy and a collaboration voice-controlled digital assistants of Microsoft's Cortana and Amazon's Alexa. As always we opened the show with a few questions of Would You Rather and we ended with everyone's favorite game, What Burns Your Bacon! Plus we drank beer from Modern Times, JDub's...


Episode 73

Beer, Bros & BS is back with a special new episode. Join us as we discuss our regular BS while we watch the film Beerfest by Broken Lizard. So pop in the film and watch along with us while we review some new beer and discuss all crazy things that go along with one of Broken Lizard's bests films! As always we start the show with a few questions of Would You Rather. And we had some special beers during the episode from Modern Times, Cigar City Brewing, Southern Tier Brewing Company, Dark...


Episode 72

We had a full house for episode 72 of Beer, Bros & BS! It’s been a few episodes since we’ve had everyone on hand and we had a plethora of topics ranging from NASA looking to hire a planetary protector, Rick and Morty, Tinder’s advertising with Manchester United, bumble rap with Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert and more. Plus we had some great beers from Cigar City Brewing, The Bruery, Odell Brewing, J. Wakefield, New Holland Brewing and Boulevard Brewing Company! As always we played a few...


Episode 71

Beer, Bros & BS is here for a special episode as we recorded with our first head brewer, Luis of King Fox Brewery. In this episode we discussed Rick Perry and how he got pranked by the Russian Jerky Boys, a Swiss startup company (Noonee) that makes an exoskeleton with a wearable seat, some show called Game of Thrones, a company offering to implant its employees microchips and bad movies. Because Luis came by to record with us he provided all of the beer for the episode. If you don’t...


Episode 70

Beer, Bros & BS is back for another action packed episode. We discussed some interesting topics ranging from Trainy McTrainface, LauraLania, Linkin Park, The Defiant Ones, a drug dealer from Turkey, Dana White and boxing. We also drank some amazing beer from Cigar City Brewing, Founders Brewing, JDub's Brewing, Heavy Seas Beer and Lincoln's Beard Brewing. Plus we played a few rounds of Would You Rather and What Burns Your Bacon. Make sure you subscribe and review the show!...


Episode 69.5

This is the first "mini" episode of Beer, Bros & BS! Recorded by our host and his brother in Michigan. Like every episode they had to play a few rounds of Would You Rather. And because it was recorded in Michigan they had to have a special drink from Founders Brewing!


Episode 69

Beer, Bros & BS is back for episode 69, giggity! In this wholesome episode we talked about sex robots and their implications on society, rockstar sex stories, Warped Tour and the Jasta Show plus a Mexican fan and the Confederations Cup. As always we reviewed some great beers from Surly Brewing Company, Roughtail Brewing Company, Libertine Brewing Company, Cigar City Brewing and North Coast Brewing Company. Plus we played a few rounds of Would You Rather and What Burns Your Bacon. We also...


Episode 68

After a few weeks off Beer, Bros & BS is back with a new episode! Though we've been off air, the beer is flowing and the BS is strong. In this episode we talk about Allen Iverson & Ice Cube's new 3-on-3 basketball league Big3, the European adventures of a couple of our bros, KFC and what they're doing in space plus the newest television shows you should be watching like Netflix's House of Cards. With all of this we still managed to play a few rounds of Would You Rather and What Burns Your...


Episode 67

Episode 67, we barely started this show on its tracks! As always we discussed a large range of topics including a passive aggressive Twitter war between Ukraine and Russia that included a Simpsons gif, PornHub's 10 year anniversary, E3 2017 plus the tale of how one of our Beer Bros got left behind at a gentleman's establishment by another Beer Bro! In this episode we tried some great beer from J. Wakefield Brewing, Civil Society, Lord Hobo Brewing, Rogue Brewing, Sante Adairius Rustic Ales...


Episode 66

In the latest episode of Beer, Bros & BS we discussed Universal's Volcano Bay, a radio station DJ and a 100 Grand, a television news channel that got pranked, frozen mice sperm in space and St. Augustine, Florida. We also drank beer from MIA Beer, Samuel Adams, Cigar City, Innis & Gunn and Perrin Brewing. Plus we played a few rounds of Would You Rather and What Burns My Bacon.


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