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Doctors by day; gamers by night! Exploring interactions between mental health and gaming, and promoting wellbeing in the gaming community. In this podcast we discuss a wide range of stories regarding video games and mental health.


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Doctors by day; gamers by night! Exploring interactions between mental health and gaming, and promoting wellbeing in the gaming community. In this podcast we discuss a wide range of stories regarding video games and mental health.




World of Horror and “sanity meters”

We take a look at World of Horror, which has now left Steam …


Suzume and grief following disasters

We have another “anime takeover” for our podcast, as we cover Makoto Shinkai’s …


Resident Evil 4 Remake and PTSD

Capcom’s refreshed look at Resident Evil 4 adds a wealth of depth to …


Virtual suicide in games

(Content warning: this podcast describes suicidality and suicide in media, including non-detailed descriptions …


Live panel: “Soulsborne: Mythology and Mental Health”

FromSoftware’s games have had profound effects on the lives of players, especially those …

Kirby and the healing power of cuteness!

What makes Kirby so cute, and why does he make us so happy? …


Elden Ring and impostor syndrome

We’re discussing the game of the moment, and probably game of the year, …


Belle: coping with grief and anxiety in the online world

In the latest episode of the podcast we are having an “anime takeover”, …


Talking about Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk

In the latest episode of the podcast we discuss the game Milk inside …


Goliath: Playing with Reality – speaking to the directors

In the latest episode of our podcast we chat to Barry Gene Murphy …


Ace Attorney and dependent personality disorder

Spoiler warning: this episode contains an in-depth discussion of the final case in …


Mental health stigma in games

What is stigma, how does it apply to mental health, and what are …


Into a Dream – interview with creator Filipe F Thomaz

Sachin (mental health doctor) talks to Filipe F Thomaz, creator of Into a Dream. This new game tasks the player with entering the dream of a man who has severe depression, so that you can explore their mind, find out how their life has led to this depression, and to help them out. They discuss the inspiration behind the game, how depression is presented within the game. They also get into some spoilers in the second half of the interview, to get into what messages and lessons the game conveys - don't worry, the spoiler half of the interview is clearly indicated!


Kelvin Plomer from Jagex discusses developer mental health

Sachin (mental health doctor) talks to Kelvin Plomer, Director of Player Experience at Jagex, to learn what the company is doing to support the mental health of their staff, and how wellness culture has evolved in the workplace. Also, he discusses how Jagex along with their partner charities are raising mental health awareness among the player community. He also talks about the measures Jagex are taking to keep players safe online, and how Jagex is working to help players who find it difficult to regulate play time or spending on microtransactions and loot boxes. Also he discusses the positive impact RuneScape has had on many players.


Coping with the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic, and anxiety around the illness, as well …


Mental health advocacy in video games – EGX panel

Listen to our panel at EGX 2019 about mental health advocacy in video games. There's lots of interesting talk about how games can portray mental health well, the importance of games in raising mental health awareness, and also a whole lot about how the industry can improve and do more to take care of the people who create these games and put their own experiences into them. We were joined by: Vic Hood (games writer at TechRadar, runs the ReCharge group) Marina Díez (game designer & developer of PTSD and Consent) Rachel Clancy (developer of The Hero's Guide To Gardening; Sky Women in Tech Scholar) Laura Kate Dale (author of Uncomfortable Labels; games writer at


Judgement and cocaine

The release of Sega’s Yakuza spin-off Judgement was delayed on the PS4 after …


Blue Whale, Momo, and Doki Doki Literature Club – the myths of games compelling suicide

[content warning - mentions of suicide] In this episode Don, Marcus and Sachin discuss "games" which have variously been reported as the cause of suicides: but is there any known truth to such claims? We look at the phenomena of Blue Whale and the Momo Challenge - what they are, why ideas about them have spread, and what is the reality behind the scare stories. We then look at Doki Doki Literature club, which has been described in the media in a similar way to Blue Whale and Momo: again there is a lot of misreporting on this game, but there's still a lot to say about the game's depiction of suicide. We also discuss the game Catherine, transphobia within the game, and whether there's any right way to feel about it.


Virtual violence: “sin tax” and morality

Violence in video games: does it cause violence in real life? And how do we morally feel about it? [content warning - mentions of suicide and shootings] In this episode Don, Fai, Marcus and Sachin discuss a report of a bill in Pennsylvania that would increase tax on violent games, to raise money to keep schools safer. Is it a good idea? We discuss if there's any evidence to justify such a tax. Then we talk about ways in which virtual violence could be wrong - from a moral perspective. Skip to 24:45 if you want to get straight into these topics. Please note this episode was recorded long before the August 2019 Dayton and El Paso shootings.


Mortal Kombat and PTSD

Can people develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder following exposure to traumatic media? …