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There is a crack in everything, that's where the light gets in.


Melbourne, VIC


There is a crack in everything, that's where the light gets in.




Greening the Apocalypse - 27 November 2018

Someone who's heading to Tasmania to survive the fall of civilisation gets some advice from someone who's been there, done that. Kate Gracey is a self described "doomer" who is moving to southern Tasmania this December to grow potatoes while living on a farm with her son. Peter Harley, spent most of a decade in the 1980s living in a cooperative at Goongerah in East Gippsland, concerned about nuclear armageddon. We think they should talk. David Spratt joins Adam and Jed to host.


Greening the Apocalypse - 20 November 2018

Is Slow Food and organic produce an elitist form of status signalling? What's so good about McDonalds?! And why do we need food waste? Food historian Rachel Laudan joins Adam Grubb and Sarah Coles to talk reasons why she thinks many in the ethical and sustainable food movements could use a little historical perspective, and it's a fascinating and provocative discussion. See her critique of the Slow Food movement, and her award winning book 2013's Cuisine and Empire: Cooking in World...


Greening the Apocalypse - 13 November 2018

There's probably no more important single number than how much energy we produce as a globe, nor a more important prediction of what direction that trend is heading. It's almost impossible to think of anything we care about that won't somehow be shaped by those numbers. So Adam and Jed speak with James Ward from University of South Australia, to discuss his co-authored study into projections of global fossil fuel production, and a complementary paper on whether we can decouple GDP growth...


Greening the Apocalypse - 6 November 2018

Our climate is too hot. We are in an emergency. How do we get this message out to the wider public? Bushy and Jed are with clinical psychologist Jane Morton, making the case for emergency climate action.


Greening the Apocalypse - 30 October 2018

Bushy and Jed chat with Nikola Van de Wetering from 4ZZZZ in Brisbane on her audio documentary At The Coalface and the general attitude towards coal in QLD. You can hear the documentary here:


Greening the Apocalypse - 23 October 2018

Bushy, Kate and Jed are in the studio, fronting up to climate change. They look at examples of what has been done in the past and what needs to be done in the future - A war scale effort is necessary!


Greening the Apocalypse - 16 October 2018

Adam and Kent welcome first time host David Spratt, author of What Lies Beneath: The scientific understatement of climate risks. They chat with Rob Crawford - Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne - on the environmental impact of buildings.


Greening the Apocalypse - 9 October 2018

Adam chats to Manfred Lenzen, Professor in the School of physics of the University of Sydney, about his study on the energy, carbon emissions, water, biodiversity loss and labour that goes into powering our lives. They talk energy slaves, nuclear energy and reconciling your attitudes towards renewable energy and affluence.


Greening the Apocalypse - 2 October 2018

Bushy, Adam, Kent and Sarah are in to chat with Kirstin Bradley, one third of the sustainability skills and permaculture education project Milkwood team. They cover various aspects of Milkwood's new book, ranging within The Tomato, Mushroom Cultivation, Natural Beekeeping, Seaweed and Wild Food.


Greening the Apocalypse - 25 September 2018

Arianne and Kate are with Dylan McConnell, an energy analyst from the Australian-German Climate and Energy College. On this episode, they talk about where we get our electricity from, the transition to clean energy in Australia, and a fact check on electricity prices.


Greening the Apocalypse - 18 September 2018

Kate, Bushy and Kent are joined by Matiu Bush, to look at loneliness - Matiu is the founder of One Good Street, a social networking platform for encouraging neighbour initiated care for older residents at risk of social isolation and loneliness.


Greening the Apocalypse - 4 September 2018

Bushy, Jed and Ariane Wilkinson chat with Pete Smith (Manager of CERES Fair Wood and Raphy Kruse (general skills collector) about some of the harrowing phenomena born from illegal logging, and potential avenues for ethical consumption.


Greening the Apocalypse - 28 August 2018

Adam, Peta and Jed chat to Dr. Chris Williams and student Charlotte Bartlett-Wynne from Burnley Campus of Melbourne University's Urban Horticulture associate degree. Along with Pat Turnbull and Kirsty Edwards they have started the not-for-profit Farm Raiser, an organisation that sets up market gardens on vacant, underutilised land at schools to grow and sell food as a healthy fundraiser. They look at how the cultural status of growing food has changed in Australia and the realities of...


Greening the Apocalypse - 14 August 2018

Adam is joined by KMO, host of the C-realm podcast to discuss whether our world is on an unstoppable trajectory of material, social and technological progress, or if perhaps if faith in that process might be allowing us to defer responsibility for addressing some environmental and humanitarian crises. KMO's got a new web comic, check it out at This is an extended podcast-only episode. And... please please please subscribe to Triple R to keep us on air (and online)! Go to...


Greening the Apocalypse - 7 August 2018

Adam, Kate and Jed chat to Ian Dunlop (former corporation executive and head of coal council, turned activist) and David Spratt (climate activist, author and businessman). They unravel risk/scientific/political understatement, and the lack of imagination to think the unpalatable, when it comes to climate change.


Greening the Apocalypse - 31 July 2018

Bushy and Jed chat with Justin Cally from WOTCH (Wildlife of the Central Highlands) about the conservation, activism and citizen science of our forests.


Greening the Apocalypse - 24 July 2018

Jed, Bushy and Adam chat to Rohan Anderson; author of Whole Larder Love and A Year Of Practiculture, about his article "How being ethical made me hate being ethical", the online world and the way we communicate ethics and food.


Greening the Apocalypse - 17 July 2018

Katie and Jed speak with Erin O'Donnell; a Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne Law School, and Katie O'Bryan; lecturer in the Faculty of Law, and an Associate of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law at Monash University, about the law and rights of the natural world.


Greening the Apocalypse - 10 July 2018

Bushy, Katie and Jed chat to Professor Peter Doherty about Pandemics. Peter has shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology for Medicine in 1996 with Swiss colleague Rolf Zinkernagel, for their discovery of how the immune system recognises virus-infected cells. He was Australian of the Year in 1997, and has since been commuting between St Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis and the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Melbourne.


Greening the Apocalypse - 3 July 2018

Bushy, Adam and Jed talk to Dr Rachael Livermore; ARC DECRA Fellow in the Astrophysics Group at the University of Melbourne, about the formation the universe, and what coronal mass ejections (sunspots) can have on Earth.