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The Scott Thompson Show, heard weekdays 12PM - 3PM EST on AM900 CHML. Learn more about the show and read Scott's blog posts at 900chml.com

The Scott Thompson Show, heard weekdays 12PM - 3PM EST on AM900 CHML. Learn more about the show and read Scott's blog posts at 900chml.com


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The Scott Thompson Show, heard weekdays 12PM - 3PM EST on AM900 CHML. Learn more about the show and read Scott's blog posts at 900chml.com




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Raptors' first game of the season, A national vaccine passport system & Hamilton's COVID-19 antibody therapy clinic

The Hamilton Today Podcast with Scott Thompson... Today Scott checked in with Manny Rao to get his take on last night's Raptors game, and got Elissa Freeman's input on Facebook Inc's impending name change. Dr. Ahmad Firas Khalid and travel expert Caleigh Alleyne shared their thoughts on Canada's vaccine passport for international travel. Dr. Zain Chagla told us about Hamilton's groundbreaking COVID-19 antibody therapy clinic, and Dr. Rodney Rohde updated us on the situation in the U.S., and...


Small Business Spotlight on Gifted in Ancaster, something different for the holiday season or any time of year

Hamilton Today Small Business Spotlight on... Gifted in Ancaster, specializing in curated gift boxes, customized one-of-a-kind and corporate gifts, for those in the Greater Hamilton Area. Guest: Jamie Riddel, owner and curator of Gifted, in Ancaster. https://shopgifted.ca/ Host - Scott Thompson Content/Technical/Podcast Producer - William P. Erskine What else happened in Hamilton Today? Subscribe to the podcast and to find out! https://omny.fm/shows/scott-thompson-show See...


The supply chain crisis and inflation rate explained, The psychology of the 'Bystander Effect' and violent crime & Vaccinations in parliament

The Hamilton Today Podcast with Scott Thompson Scott got expert input on the Texas plan crash that saw all passengers survive, as well as the nuances of the supply chain crisis and why the inflation rate has reached levels not seen since 2003. Professor Steve Joordens discussed the unsettling psychology behind why groups of people fail to intervene when witnessing a violent crime, Michael Taube weighed in on the debate around vaccinations in Parliament, and Matt Johnston of Collective Arts...


Small Business Spotlight on the Beckett Fine Art gallery on Locke Street in Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton Today Small Business Spotlight on... The Beckett Fine Art gallery, which was established Hamilton in 1966 and represents a select group of established and emerging artists working in multiple forms of media. Its current show RESPECT, features the works of Arthur Shilling, Norval Morrisseau, Tom Wilson and many other indigenous artists. Guest: Thomas G. Beckett, owner of Beckett Fine Art gallery, 196 Locke Street South Hamilton, Ontario https://www.beckettfineart.com/ Host - Scott...


Canadian parents ready to vaccinate their kids for COVID. AB dropping equalization, Trudeau's monetary bets not paying out and so much more!

Hamilton Today with Scott Thompson Pfizer has officially requested Health Canada approve their COVID-19 vaccine for ages 5-11, and an Angus Reid poll suggests that 50% of Canadian parents are ready to get it for their kids. Steven Del Duca made a splash with that 4-day work week promise, so Scott spoke with the Toronto-based Leadership Agency who did just that. How has the global supply chain affected Hamilton's businesses? Those and so much more on Hamilton Today! Guests: Dave Korzinski,...


Political Science Professor Elliot Tepper on the probe into the origins of COVID-19

The World Health Organization hopes that its new panel will have better luck probing the origins of the coronavirus dubbed SARS-CoV-2, that causes COVID-19. Are they heading down the exact same track as previous attempts? Guest: Elliot Tepper, Emeritus Professor of Political Science with Carleton University See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Small Business Spotlight on Cake Empire in Stoney Creek, Ontario

Cake Empire, creating beautiful and tasty custom-made cakes, cookies, and cupcakes for all occasions. https://www.cakeempire.ca/ GUEST: Sandy, owner of Cake Empire. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


What is MSA and how do we fight it? A 4 day work week!... pilot project and Trudeau's truth and PR

Hamilton Today with Scott Thompson Today Scott helped shine a light on "MSA." What's that? Multiple system atrophy, an incredibly rare and under-researched disease. CNN's Brian J. Karem spoke with Scott about Colin Powell's untimely passing from COVID. Scott's mind is boggled by Stephen Del Duca's strategy. Brantford has Land Defenders around a Arrowdale Golf Course... what's that about? Scott liaises with one of the Land Defenders. And what would the show be without Trudeau's trip to...


Small Business Spotlight on Mabel's Labels, Hamilton entrepreneurs going strong

Small Business Spotlight on… Mabel’s Labels, filling a gap in the market for durable labels for kids since 2003. Guest: Julie Cole, co-founder and senior director of public communications with Mabel’s Labels https://mabelslabels.ca/en_CA/about-us/ What else happened in Hamilton Today? Subscribe to the podcast and to find out! https://omny.fm/shows/scott-thompson-show See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Ontario has new COVID vax QR codes and an app, shady dealings in the CanSino vaccine partnership, Bill Clinton in hospital and so much more!

Hamilton Today with Scott Thompson Today Scott gets the inside intel on a couple of announcements out of Queen's Park not least of which is to do with the new QR code vaccination "passport." How easy is it to use? What does it do? Can you get one without a phone? Scott has that and more. Remember the CanSino vaccine agreement? How we didn't get the vaccine from China that we partially paid for? Shouldn't shock you that there was something nefarious going on behind the scenes. Did COVID...


Small Business Spotlight on Roma Bakery apprenticeship program, Anthony DiFilippo

The iconic Roma Bakery, home to Hamilton's famous slab pizza! They have been operating since 1952 and the business as seen quite a lot in their time -- not just a pandemic -- and they are mentoring the next generation through their apprenticeship program! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Peter Khill faces a retrial, Pervasive problems in the CAF culture, Ontario's vaccine certificate app & Expanding urban boundaries

Hamilton Today with Scott Thompson Scott got expert explanations of why Peter Khill will face a retrial, and why there seems to be a pervasive problem of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces. Professor Andrew McDougall discussed new details of Canada's ill-fated deal with China for COVID-19 vaccine, and Dr. Colin Furness weighed in on Ontario's rising capacity limits. Michael Taube and Scott chatted about the Government of Ontario's approach to pandemic restrictions as well as Erin...


Small Business Spotlight on Studio on James, providing a space for artistic growth for all ages in Hamilton

The Hamilton Today Small Business Spotlight on… Studio on James is the second home to local artist Tara Smith. The space provides an oasis for learning, creating, developing, socializing, and relaxing -- offering classes mixed media, photographic art and more, for children, teens and adults. Guest: Tara Smith, owner and operator of Studio on James, at 126 James Street North on the 3rd floor, in Hamilton, Ontario. What else happened in Hamilton Today? Subscribe to the podcast and to find out!...


U.S. prepares to open its land borders, Shatner blasts off & Restaurants question remaining capacity limits

Hamilton Today with Scott Thompson The U.S. land borders are set to open, people are speculating that Justin Trudeau is readying to step aside, and William Shatner has been launched into space and returned safely! Scott covered all of that, as well as Facebook's attempts to rehabilitate its public image, and we heard from a restaurant owner affected by the remaining restrictions, who wonders why his business has been left behind by stadiums and arenas are allowed full capacity. Plus the...


Small Business Spotlight on the Monarch Tea Co. and tea sommelier Katie Cyr

The Hamilton Today Small Business Spotlight on... Monarch Tea Co. whose products can be found in select retailers in our aread, as well as cafes and restaurants across Ontario. Beyond the tea, though, Monarch offers tea education online and for in-person get-togethers, and services for corporate events. It is all about spreading appreciation of tea! Guest: Katie Cyr, founder and owner of The Monarch Tea Co. Certified Tea Sommelier https://monarchteaco.com/ What else happened in Hamilton...


Col. Chris Hadfield on space travel and William Shatner, one half of Lennon-McCartney is pointing fingers, and will Trudeau go tougher on China?

The Hamilton Today Podcast with Scott Thompson Col. Chris Hadfield joins the show to discuss the easing access to space travel and his new book The Appolo Murders! Scott also found out more about how The Beatles actually broke up, whether Canada can take a tougher stance on China now, as well as what happens to Maj-Gen Dany Fortin now, and which federal leaders Canadians think need to step aside. Guests: Chris Austin Hadfield OC OOnt MSC CD, retired Canadian Space Agency astronaut, engineer,...


Small Business Spotlight on Tracey-Mae Chambers, local Métis artist behind the #HopeAndHealintCanada installations

The Hamilton Today Small Business Spotlight Tracey-Mae Chambers, local Métis artist whose work with encaustics can be found in galleries in New York City and have been displayed across Canada, as well as commissioned by the U.N., and even featured in the third season of Star Trek: Discovery in 2020. But in response to the revelations of Canada’s residential school history, as well as the pandemic, she took up a new medium as part of her Hope and Healing Canada project, creating installations...


The worldwide impact supply chain issues cause, New WHO-backed vaccine for malaria, Do we now know who the Zodiac killer is? & What's it like selling a home in a naturist resort?

The Hamilton Today Podcast with guest host Scott Radley How do issues with supply chains impact just about everything in the world? What will the Hamilton Bulldogs focus on as they start their season tonight? The World Health Organization has backed a new vaccine but this one isn't for COVID-19 but rather malaria! Has the true identity of the Zodiac killer been revealed? Should MPs be making public financial disclosures? How has COVID-19 made home care providers and hospitals victims of the...


Is James Bond still relevant? What does it take to be a city councillor? & A big boost to downtown Hamilton entertainment venues

The Hamilton Today Podcast with guest host Scott Radley While there's much excitement surrounding the new James Bond movie, how relevant is the super-spy in 2021? Tina Turner is now among the ranks of Bob Dylan and Neil Young as a result of selling the rights to her whole solo music career to BMG. As the weather begins to cool and vaccination rates rise, are Canadians opening back up to the idea of travel? Could anything have been done to prevent the Homecoming mayhem from happening? What...


Oil prices set to go through the roof, Facebook's future, How to have a safe Thanksgiving & Launching William Shatner into space

The Hamilton Today Podcast with Scott Thompson What has Facebook's impact on people and society-at-large been? Has it knowingly been a negative influence? Why is the price of oil and gasoline set to have a big surge? How can we ensure this Thanksgiving is a safe Thanksgiving? Did Trudeau's apology truly make up for what he did wrong? What kind of economic impact will come to the US as a result of the decision to keep the border closed to Canadians? And William Shatner is going to space! It's...