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Ep. 58: How Austin artists are reacting to 'Crazy Rich Asians'

Austin was one of the film's strongest premiering cities for the hit film "Crazy Rich Asians," thanks to an effort from local leaders, including Christine Hoang of Color Arc Productions, to fill local theaters. Hoang, who is hosting an Asian Pacific American artist meet-up at the Vortex on Sept. 29, and Austin comedians Yola Lu and Santino Fernandez came in to talk about how the movie has rallied Austin’s Asian community. Lu and Fernandez also talked about their comedy troupes, Y’all, We...


Ep. 57: Gray Haddock and Evan Narcisse on Rooster Teeth’s new ‘gen:Lock’ series

When Austinites Gray Haddock and Evan Narcisse booked “Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan for their new series, “Gen:Lock,” they couldn’t tell anyone. In this episode you can hear the story of how Haddock, the head of Rooster Teeth’s animation studio, and Narcisse, a writer on the “Rise of the Black Panther” comic, attracted such a celebrity-studded cast for this show, which launches in January, PLUS: Austin’s first immersive selfie museum, the FOMO Factory, opens in downtown in...


Ep. 56: Finding opportunity and good java at Empowered Coffee

The co-founder, Jonathan Davis, and employees of Empowered Coffee talk with co-host Tolly Moseley about running a radically inclusive coffee shop, where employees of all abilities pour you a cup of joe. Davis explained why he wanted to create meaningful employment for a segment of population that wants to work hard but doesn’t always get the opportunity. 101X radio host Deb O’ Keefe didn’t always have dreams of becoming a bodybuilder, but when she found out the mission of a local competition...


Ep. 55: Riders Against the Storm; the return of Austin's Quesoff

Chaka Mpeanaji and Qi Dada are so much more than a local hip hop group. The husband-and-wife team behind Riders Against the Storm come in to discuss RAS Day, the annual family friendly music festival happening Saturday at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard. With new music coming out this fall, the couple behind the monthly Body Rock dance party talked about their passion for bringing audiences and communities together through movement and music. ALSO: Since 2011, the Quesoff has drawn Austin’s best...


Ep 54: Joshua Bingaman on following his passions with Helm Boots and Progress Coffee

What if you followed your dream, no matter how unlikely it was and how many people told you it was crazy? Joshua Bingaman did it twice, creating two uniquely Austin businesses, Progress Coffee and Helm Boots. On this episode, Joshua discusses what inspired him to start each of them and why the creative synergy of around 2008-2010 in Austin led to so many successful offshoots from some of Austin’s best artisans. PLUS: Austin360 restaurant critic Matthew Odam talks about the blowback from his...


Ep. 53: Lilly Rockwell on Austin's surprising real-estate market

Austin’s real estate market continues to boom, but what does that mean for homebuyers and renters? Former Statesman reporter Lilly Rockwell, who is now a realtor at Coldwell Banker joins us for a conversation about what it takes to buy a house in Austin these days, what it's like to switch careers to real estate and which neighborhoods are still considered affordable. ALSO: The hottest month of the year is upon us, but we’re staying cool all over Austin. We share the best spots to stay cold...


Ep. 52: Daniel Curtis on Pay It Forward, plus some Myers-Briggs personality-test talk

We get to know Daniel Curtis, who, in 2011, slipped while diving in his backyard pool, resulting in a vertebrae injury that left him paralyzed. Two months after the accident, his family and friends in the food and hospitality industry put together an event called Pay It Forward to raise money for the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation. The annual event, which to date has garnered $360,000 to help others, too, continues this year on Aug. 2. Curtis talked about how his life has changed since the...


Ep. 51: Richard Garriott's big life of adventure (real and virtual) + Melissa Radke's brave year

On Richard Garriott, Austin’s legendary creator of online virtual worlds and real-life adventurer joins us; he’s been to space, he’s been to the Titanic, and he even hit the North Pole recently with his kids. But he's best known for designing role-playing video games such as "Ultima: Online" and his latest, "Shroud of the Avatar," which launched out of Austin in March. He tells us what real-life adventures make it into his games and what it's been like for Lord British to embrace fatherhood....


Ep. 50: the great, big summer travel episode!

For our 50th episode of Austin360’s “I Love You So Much” podcast, we’re going places. In this special travel episode, we talked to some of our travel expert friends and colleagues about staycations, affordable excursions and nearby adventures for adrenaline junkies. Statesman travel editor Kristin Finan joins in to talk trips that get you the most bang for your buck: creative day trips from Austin, Texas beaches post-Hurricane Harvey and even a new obstacle course on Lake Travis. Travel...


Ep. 49: why we love grackles, Austin's other mascot

To help kick off our Austin360 Grackle Week, this week’s grackle-themed episode of “I Love You So Much” brings stories from fellow Austinites who interact with this loud and prolific bird species on an everyday basis. Judith Bailey, who is a volunteer birding guide with the Travis Audubon Society, talks about the biology, geography and behavior of grackles and what it was like playing herself in a grackle-themed Fusebox Festival performance earlier this year.Breaking: Heloise Gold talks to...


Ep. 48: Jay B. Sauceda on turning a Twitter account into a successful company

Jay B. Sauceda joins us this week to talk about how he went from being an editorial photographer for publications including Texas Monthly to the owner of a T-shirt company that sprang from a Twitter account, @TexasHumor. Features editor Emily Quigley chats about a recent summer books recommendations story from Austin360 and why summer reading doesn't have to be light and fluffy. In this week’s Webb Report, Statesman online editor Eric Webb tells us whatever happened to Celebration Station,...


Ep. 47: Beth Bellanti on philanthropy and dog love at Tito's Vodka

Tito's Handmade Vodka launched more than 20 years ago and is now one of the country's most beloved spirit brands, and in this week’s show, Austinite Beth Bellanti, who has helped expand the company's philanthropic efforts through her Vodka for Dog People program, talks about the company's work with rescue dogs and how becoming a philanthropy-first business has shifted its work culture. ALSO: If you haven't yet seen "Won’t You Be My Neighbor?," make sure you bring tissues when you go....


Ep. 46: Home Slice's Jen Strickland and Terri Hannifin on their new location

A pizza field trip to New York sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime dream, but for Home Slice Pizza workers, pizza camp is an integral part of their training. We visited co-owners Jen Strickland and Terri Hannifin at their new North Loop restaurant about why they’ve chosen to invest in their staff with these annual trips, why it took them a decade to open a second location and the importance of neighborhood restaurants in a quickly growing city. ALSO: Austin photographer Scott David Gordon has...


Ep. 45: Tara Ariano on ATX Television Fest and the peak-TV landscape

Why does TV matter so much to us? How is producing or critiquing television different in the peak TV era ? We dig into the joys of television ahead of the ATX Television Fest.Joining us in the studio is Tara Ariano, an Austinite who helped pioneer the TV recap format as one of the creators of the website Television Without Pity and who continues to evolve it with write-ups and podcasts at Previously.tv. ALSO: One of the highlights of the festival this year is a "Felicity" reunion, which got...


ILYSM Ep. 44: 'Handmade Mama' author Mary Helen Leonard on hippie parenting

What's it like to be a hippie parent in the 21st century? In her new book, "Handmade Mama" author and Mary Makes Good blogger Mary Helen Leonard offers dozens of projects, recipes and tips for mothers and their babies-to-be. In this week’s episode, she chats with Addie Broyles about the many ways that families, especially in Austin, have elements of what might be called "natural parenting," from making your own baby food to baking lactation cookies for a friend. ALSO: Our music, comics and...


Ep. 43: Erica Lies and Katie Moore on getting cringey with 'Mortified: Austin'

We’re all awkward at age 13, but some people decide to revisit that time in front of a live audience, in supremely cathartic and hilarious fashion. This week, we welcome "Mortified: Austin" producers, Erica Lies and Katie Moore, who coordinate shows that feature everyday Austinites reading from their old diaries, instant messages or even the songs they wrote to deal with their adolescent and teen emotions. How did reading your old, cringe-worthy, diary entries become a thing? Erica and Katie...


Ep. 42: Paige Davis on mindfulness and 'Here We Grow'

This week: startup entrepreneur, cancer survivor and now meditation teacher Paige Davis. When the BlueAvocado founder was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 38, her reaction was pretty shocking: Instead of waging a battle against cancer, she embraced the diagnosis. She recently wrote a book about the experience, “Here We Grow: Mindfulness Through Cancer & Beyond,” which she’ll be signing at BookPeople on May 22. ALSO: Care2Rock founder, Karyn Scott, a former juvenile courts prosecutor whose...


Ep. 41: Are Austin crawfish boils controversial?

Are crawfish spring’s most perfect communal meal, or are they too much work for too little payoff? We discuss the growing number of crawfish boils in Central Texas, why even upscale restaurants and wineries are getting in on this trend and how much is too much to charge for what has always been a food for the people. ALSO: Why are 11 women, some who have never distance-cycled before, pedaling 1,700 miles from Seattle to San Diego this summer? Savannah Nauwelaers and Grace Pfeffer tell us...


Ep. 40: what's new in Austin restaurants with Matthew Odam

Austin360 restaurant critic Matthew Odam talks to us about recently opened restaurants on his radar, including Tyson Cole’s new casual eatery, Loro; which barbecue restaurant earned his top pick in a recent ranking; what dishes stand out at downtown’s Fareground food court; and why every Austinite should venture to San Antonio for tacos once in a while. ALSO: Ahead of Austin Lemonade Day, several lemonade entrepreneurs, including second-graders Rowan Briscoe and Joey Svoboda, came to the...


Ep. 39: Ben Wear on Austin's Electric Scooter Wars of 2018

Electric scooters have taken over the greater downtown Austin in the past few weeks, and not everybody is pleased. Ben Wear, the Statesman's transportation writer, talks about the ups and downs, stops and starts of this new-to-Austin form of hitching a ride. Ken Dunn, founder of the Austin-based GoRead.com, an online retail store and community for book lovers and authors, explains why he left the police force — he was a homicide detective in Canada before ultimately landing in Las Vegas and...