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A daily, in-depth interview program providing context and background to the issues that face the Sacramento region.

A daily, in-depth interview program providing context and background to the issues that face the Sacramento region.


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A daily, in-depth interview program providing context and background to the issues that face the Sacramento region.




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Sacramento City Council Member Angelique Ashby Announces Candidacy For State Senate / Work-From-Home Challenges During Pandemic / Tahoe Author Suzanne Roberts’ New Book Of World Travels

The State Senate race for California’s 6th district is filling up with candidates hoping to represent Sacramento. In our first in a series of upcoming interviews with the candidates, City Council Member Angelique Ashby talks about her priorities as she officially launches her campaign. Plus, new survey results show people working from home with children have been struggling with productivity, and now that the Pfizer vaccine has been approved for 12 to 15 year-olds, we take a look at what...


Gavin Newsom’s Proposed Stimulus Breakdown / Navigating EDD Amid Major Backlogs / Income Gaps Widened Amid Pandemic / How To Help The Bees This Summer

Facing a recall and a massive surplus, Governor Newsom proposed more stimulus checks. About 11 million low and middle-income Californians would receive payments under Newsom's so-called 'Golden State Stimulus' plan; we have the latest with CapRadio Politics Reporter Nicole Nixon. Plus, our latest COVID-19 survey with Valley Vision shows the increasing economic divide for people of color has grown since the pandemic began. Today's Guests Nicole NixonJennifer Shawcall centerbacklogsSarah...


Concerns About Children Falling Behind In School / San Joaquin County Campaign For Black Mothers And Babies / SacState Virtual Art Exhibit ‘Un/Equal Freedoms’

Are you concerned your children are falling behind in school? CapRadio’s Pauline Bartolone speaks with parents and educators as part of the latest COVID-19 Resilience Poll with Valley Vision. We also learn more about a San Joaquin County campaign addressing the alarming rate Black mothers, and their babies are dying due to insensitive or inadequate care. Plus, a preview of a powerful art exhibition premiering at SacState covering ‘unequal freedoms.’ Today's Guests Pauline...


California Attorney General Rob Bonta / Valley Vision Survey Overview / Spike In Eating Disorders During Pandemic / Vietnamese Mini-Medical School

Updated at 8:50 a.m. Rob Bonta is making history as California's first Filipino American Attorney General; we talk with Bonta about his new role and transition to being one of the most influential officials in the state. Civic leadership organization Valley Vision has also released a new survey covering a number of topics, such as education equity and health care. Plus, a look at the spike in eating disorders among youths and teenagers during the pandemic and how an upcoming mini-medical...


Study Shows Gun Violence Program Working / Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis On California’s COVID-19 Relief Effort In India / Opera Modesto’s Award-Winning Virtual Production, “The Race”

Updated at 9:28 a.m. A new UC Berkeley study shows that gun violence reduction programs, such as Sacramento’s ‘Advance Peace,’ are working; we learn more today. California is also stepping up to help with India’s COVID-19 crisis and supplies are being airlifted to the stricken country, which has had a long relationship with the Golden State. Plus, the pandemic shut down Opera Modesto’s live performances, but its latest virtual concert, “The Race,” is winning awards worldwide. Today's...


CSU Chancellor Joseph Castro On Returning To Campus / Conversation With Senator Alex Padilla / Recall Campaign Events / Folsom Lake Boating Guidelines

The California State University system announced students and staff across all campuses must get their COVID-19 vaccine before returning to school grounds as soon as the vaccine receives FDA approval; we hear about how Chancellor Joseph Castro came to that decision. Senator Alex Padilla also joins the show to discuss his transition to representing the most diverse state in the country. Plus, recapping recent recall campaign events, and boating guidelines at Folsom Lake ahead of Mother’s...


California’s Dry Wet Season / Biography “The Triumph Of Nancy Reagan” / CLARA Classrooms Opens Free Virtual Art To 250,000 Students / Bike Legislation Research

The California Department of Water Resources gives an update on one of the driest water years on record. Political columnist with The Washington Post, Karen Tumulty, discusses her new biography “The Triumph of Nancy Reagan.” CLARA classrooms expands free virtual performing arts modules to 250,000 children in Sacramento County, and we hear more on biking legislation and how ‘micromobility’ has been impacted by the pandemic. Today's Guests California Department of Water ResourcesChris...


Universal Basic Income Proposal, California Democratic Convention Recap / Returning To In-Person Work Pros, Cons / Suicide Disproportionately Affecting POC / Rethinking Streets During COVID-19

California lawmakers are ready to talk about universal basic income, but they’re not ready to fund it; CapRadio Politics Reporter Nicole Nixon has the latest, including what happened at the state democratic convention over the weekend. We also weigh the pros and cons of returning to in-person work, why suicide rates have doubled among the Black community during the pandemic, and how COVID-19 has changed the public use of streets. Today's Guests Nicole NixonLynn Reaser Dr. Paul NestadtMarc...


Ken Rudin On President Biden’s Address / New Report On Sacramento ‘Government Economy’ / Disneyland Reopening Plans

The ‘Political Junkie’ Ken Rudin breaks down President Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress. Plus, a deep dive into Sacramento’s ‘Government Economy’ and how it’s fared after a year of pandemic lockdowns and the hopes for an economic turnaround. And as summer nears, Disneyland reopens with new restrictions and precautions. Today's Guests ‌‌Ken‌ ‌Rudin‌‌Sarah BohnSanjay VarshneyAndres Villa


Sacramento DA Anne Marie Schubert Discusses Her Bid For California AG / Wildfire Outlook, Prevention

California Attorney General Rob Bonta already has challengers looking to take his spot; we talk with Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert on throwing her hat into the race. Plus, the leading voices in wildfire science and prevention join us with a sobering outlook on this fire season and how more resources for prevention and restoration could make a difference. Today's Guests Anne Marie Schubert Scott Stephens Craig Thomas Lenya Quinn-Davidson


California’s Recycling Problem / 2020 Census Impact on California / New Nancy Pelosi Biography “Madam Speaker”

Recycling isn’t always as easy as it seems; we take a closer look at how state lawmakers are hoping to clear up confusion on what’s recyclable and what isn’t. Following the 2020 Census results, California is also taking a hit with the loss of a seat in Congress, and a new biography on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explains why she is ‘the most powerful woman in American history.’ Today's Guests Scott Rodd Mindy RomeroBen ChristopherSusan Page


‘Safe Ground’ Sites For Unhoused Residents, Project Roomkey Update / How Small Businesses In Sacramento Are Surviving COVID-19 Economy / Anxiety Of Going Out Into Society

It's been a challenging time for small businesses since the pandemic began a little more than a year ago. Nationwide polling shows many have cut employee hours, significantly changed their business model, or have closed permanently; we hear from small business owners in Sacramento about how they're surviving COVID-19. Plus, a closer look at Project Roomkey happenings and new 'safe ground' sites opening for unhoused residents and the anxieties about going out into society as pandemic...


Police Accountability Bills In California / Officially Recognizing Armenian Genocide / New Summer STEM Program For 9th Graders / Preparing For Lyrid Meteor Shower

A plethora of police accountability bills are moving through the State Capitol; we examine how they could change policing in California and why Governor Newsom vetoed one of them just last year. The state’s Armenian-American community is also waiting to see if President Biden will keep his campaign promise to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Plus, what to expect from the Lyrid Meteor Shower. Today's Guests California State of MindNicole NixonKeith David WatenpaughAlicia...

Northern California Reaction To Chauvin Verdict / Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn, Pastor Les Simmons / Community Trauma Resources

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is convicted on all counts in the murder of George Floyd. We check in with Northern Californians, with our own reporters on the ground listening to activists. Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn shares his perspective on the historic verdict, and Pastor Les Simmons explains it’ll shape the community’s relationship with law enforcement. We’ll also have mental health resources to process trauma as the tense, painful trial comes to a...


Sacramento Beer Week / Employees On Autism Spectrum Returning To Work / ‘Hidden Brain’ Host Shankar Vedantam’s New Book “Useful Delusions”

Countdown to Sacramento Beer Week; we explain what’s different and the challenges local craft breweries face. Plus, employment opportunities for adults on the autism spectrum are few and far between. Meristem, a Sacramento-based program, is looking to close that gap by training employers to see the value in hiring adults on the spectrum. And a familiar voice to NPR — ‘Hidden Brain’ host Shankar Vendantam discusses his new book “Useful Delusions: The Power and Paradox of the Self-Deceiving...


Sacramento Protests, Chauvin Trial Updates / Repeated Fatal Shootings of Unarmed Black People, What’s Changed Since Stephon Clark’s Death / Pets Left Alone As Pandemic Restrictions Loosen

The Derek Chauvin trial and recent high profile police-killings 20-year-old Daunte Wright and 13-year-old Adam Toledo have reignited a national conversation over use-of-force and law enforcement’s treatment of Black people; we discuss the latest and what happened with protests over the weekend, subsequent pain and trauma, and what needs to change going forward. Plus, tips for helping pets adjust as more of us return to in-person work with pandemic restrictions loosening. Today's...


Merced County Health Director On Exiting Purple Tier / Tahoe Area Rent Crisis / Jazz Appreciation Month

After being the only county in the most restrictive ‘purple’ tier, Merced County is now in the red. What took so long and why a backlog of COVID-19 tests delayed the county’s reopening. Plus, Truckee’s rental crisis deepens as Bay Area property owners move into their Tahoe homes, forcing long-time renters to leave. CapRadio Jazz Host Andrew Mills also joins us with some of his favorite music selections and tells us about events planned for this summer. Today's Guests Dr. Rebecca...


What Johnson And Johnson Vaccine Pause Means / English Learners Fall Behind With Online Learning / Why Asian Americans Are Keeping Kids Home From School / River Fox Train Reopening

When everyone shifted to online learning because of the pandemic, not all services carried over; we’ll talk about how English learners have fallen behind and what schools can do to help them catch up. Plus, why Asian Americans are keeping their kids at home from school, and a look at the River Fox Train reopening along the Sacramento River. Today's Guests Dr. Dean BlumbergMartha HernandezreportSarah Mizes-TanreportingRiver Fox TrainRob Petersen


Why Two Counties Remain In Most Restrictive Tier / Pandemic Mental Health Impact On Children, Teens / Nevada County Arts Center Begins Reopening

Updated at 9:47 a.m. The city of Bishop in Inyo County shares the hardships of being one of two counties still in the most restrictive tier, with the beloved and historic Mule Days celebration just weeks away. Plus, UC Davis Health offers some manageable solutions for the mental toll on adults and children during the pandemic, and The Center for the Arts in Nevada County reflects on the impact the foothill arts and performance center endured during closures, as they begin to reopen a year...


COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout With Blue Shield CEO / President Biden’s Plans To Curb Gun Violence, ‘Ghost Guns’ / Being More Physically Active Amid Pandemic

Today on Insight, a closer look at the various aspects and implications of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in California. President Biden also announced new initiatives to curb gun violence and mass shootings; we explore the President's plans, 'ghost guns,' and more. Plus, the importance and benefits of being more active as the pandemic ends. Today's Guests Sammy CaiolaDr. Garen WintemuteBert JohnsonJames Sallis