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Podcast with 99.9 WFRE. Hosted by one of the DJs.

Podcast with 99.9 WFRE. Hosted by one of the DJs.
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Frederick, MD


Podcast with 99.9 WFRE. Hosted by one of the DJs.






Interesting People #60: Monica Pearce - Tenth Ward Distilling Company

Monica Pearce is the owner and co-founder of the Tenth Ward Distilling Company in Downtown Frederick! We talk about how Monica got into distilling, the thought process behind Tenth Ward's drink designs, and get excited about Maryland's first Absinthe! The drink chat also has a side of Frederick small business stories! Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:...


Interesting People #59: Jill Cameron President of the Frederick Steeplechasers

Did you know that Frederick has an amazing local running club? Jill Cameron is the President of the Frederick Steeplechasers. We chatted about the local races the Steeplechasers host, how she got into running, and an overview of their training programs! FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: iTunes - Google Play - Every Interview -


Interesting People #58: Jessica Binder

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Interesting People #57: Puppeteer Chris Heady

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Myq Kaplan



Interesting People #56: AARP Maryland

David Conway & Nancy Carr from AARP Maryland join the show to talk about the new Healthy Working Families Act. Get all the details on a law that has already been benefiting you since February. We also cover what it is like to be part of the AARP. Volunteering, outreach, and fun with a purpose! Check out it. Found out more: iTunes - Google Play - Every Interview -


Interesting People #55: Matthew Schrier author "The Dawn Prayer"

Matthew Schrier is the author of The Dawn Prayer (Or How to Survive in a Secret Syrian Terrorist Prison): A Memoir. It covers the seven months Matthew spent held hostage in Syria by Al Qaeda. It is a page-turner! Our interview covers the story of his capture, how his life gave him the skills he needed to survive, and the experience of turning this nightmare into a fantastic book. The first 11 minutes of the interview stay clear off spoilers, and the rest of the episode only reveals a few...


Interesting People #54: Wayne Dorsey - S.O.S. Safe Ride CEO & Founder

"Wayne Dorsey is the freakishly tall Founder & Chairman of The Safe Ride Foundation." - Wayne's Bio This interview covers the background of the Safe Ride Foundation, the ways that they are combating drunk driving in Frederick, and their upcoming comedy show. Check out the show: Facebook: Website: iTunes - Google Play - Every...


Free Country Lounge #3: Dave McElroy

Dave McElroy stopped the WFRE studio and played a short set on Facebook Live. This interview covers the style of his music videos, his musical influences, and how he still has time to goof off on the road. Watch him in the Free Country Lounge: Music Video "Without You": Music Video "Tangled Up": DIG IN w/ DMac - Episode 1:...


Interview: Southern Halo

Learn more about the stars of our next Random Act of Country! 99.9 WFRE & Mick’s Plumbing & Heating invite you to a Random Act of Country with Southern Halo with special guest Adam Rutledge at 7:00 PM on April 18th at Champion Billiards Sports Bar! This is a free show! Brought to you by Avis Car and Truck Rental & Canyon Contracting.


Interesting People #53: Bang! Power Dance with Amanda Strand

What is Bang! Power Dance? I spoke with the creator of Bang, Amanda Strand about how she fell in love with group fitness, her background in dance, and how much fun Bang can be. It turns out that Bang is more boxing than dance! You can check out Bang! Power Dance at Onelife Fitness! That is also where it got its start before it hit the world stage! Facebook: Website: iTunes - Google...


Interesting People #51: Shannon Aleshire CEO of Mental Health Association of Frederick County

Shannon Aleshire, the CEO of the Mental Health Association of Frederick County first appeared on the 19th episode of the podcast to discuss depression and men's mental health. This interview covers her background with the MHA, the reasons she has stayed with the organization since 1996, and a deeper dive into how the MHA helps children. Shannon has done a ton for Frederick, and you should know her story. First Interview:...


Interesting People #50: Martin Silva from Onelife Fitness

Onelife Fitness is the official training center for TEAM WFRE, and their North Frederick location is where I am currently getting into shape. This episode features Martin Silva the Fitness Director of the North Frederick Location. We talk about his background in personal training, the incredible amount of science in fitness, and leg day. I didn't forget to ask about leg day. We also cover all the questions I forgot to ask on the tour while picking up on the theme that Onelife Fitness is...


Interesting People #49: Denise Rollins of The Whole Heart Center

This episode features Denise Rollins, Ph.D. the Executive Director & Master L.I.F.E. Coach of The Whole Heart Grief & Life Resource Center. We talk about how grief has affected our lives, how she created the Whole Heart Center, and how her mission has expanded. Facebook: Email: Call: (866) 393-5847 iTunes - Google Play - Every Interview -...


Interesting People #48: Ashley from Indellibelle

This interview covers the wild story of Ashley from Indellibelle, a semi-permanent make-up shop in Downtown Frederick. We talk about her roots in Utah, the time she spent as a photographer, and why she decided to open Indellibelle. Glittery golden door backstory included! That isn't everything! Ashley is also an award-winning bodybuilder. We dive into what it is like to start a business and completely change your body at the same time. You can also hear Ashley on the "I Woke Up Like...


Interesting People #47: Kristin Zimmerman & Jillian Joseph

Tomorrow (2/27/18) is National Pancake Day, and you can spend it at your local IHOP with the volunteers and staff of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! I pre-celebrated by speaking with LLS's Light the Night Campaign Managers Kristin Zimmerman & Jillian Joseph. We talk about our favorite pancakes, Jillian's experience with lymphoma, and everything The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is doing to end blood cancer. Event Page: Facebook:...


Interesting People #46: Susanne Seymoure

Susanne Seymoure is the author of My Secrets from Heaven: A Child's Trip To Heaven and Back. Our conversation is about her 45 minutes long near-death experience and how that became her inspiration to bring more joy to the world. We also talk about what it is like to write a book and how it can change your life. You can get a copy of the book on Amazon - iTunes - Google Play -...


Interesting People #45: Surrogate Grandpa Nick

Do you need to hear a happy story? I recently had a chance to chat with Nick Int Veldt, a grandchildless piano teacher that over the years has become a surrogate grandfather for six kids! Nick's story is a beautiful reminder we all surrounded by people that could use a little more love in their lives. iTunes - Google Play - Every Interview -


Interesting People #44: Marvin Ausherman

I would love to be able to see Frederick the way that Marvin Ausherman sees the possibilities of this city. He is the founder of the Ausherman Family Foundation and Ausherman Properties. This interview covers the goals of the Family Foundation, Marvin's background in building, and why he helping to grow the art scene in Frederick. We also touch on the New Spire Arts & Spaces projects. Website: Facebook:...