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Open conversations exploring the nature of our reality and experiences, aiming to discover our most universal truths. My hope is that by listening, you’ll have breakthroughs in further understanding, accepting and loving yourself... and others.

Open conversations exploring the nature of our reality and experiences, aiming to discover our most universal truths. My hope is that by listening, you’ll have breakthroughs in further understanding, accepting and loving yourself... and others.




Open conversations exploring the nature of our reality and experiences, aiming to discover our most universal truths. My hope is that by listening, you’ll have breakthroughs in further understanding, accepting and loving yourself... and others.






76 | Donald Trump, Messiah of the Apocalypse | Evelyn Paul

Evelyn expresses her insight on how racism, covid and the environmental crisis could be a manifestation of our collective broken human spirit; “I can’t breath”. Ev shares about the absolute necessity of forgiveness and compassion for our victimisers if we are to heal our one collective human spirit, especially as black people. And why she, as a black woman, loves Donald Trump; believing him to be the embodiment of our collective shadow, and therefore a relevant ingredient for the evolution...


75 | Discovering what you love doing | Olivia Cummings

Olivia shares about the existential crisis she had in Paris that set her on the path to Istanbul and discovering what it is that brought her joy in life. Olivia Cummings is a jeweller.


74 | From superficiality to fulfilment | María Teresa Guerrero

Maria involves us in her adventure from being a well-known television personality in Ecuador, to getting hospitalised after a hit and run, that made her realise what she really wanted to live for. María Teresa Guerrero is an athlete and presenter.


73 | From suffering to spiritual awakening | Biet Simkin

Biet shares her incredible journey from pain, grieving and heavy drug use to sobriety, meditation and spiritual awakening. Biet Simkin is spiritual teacher and author.


72 | Uniting people through music | Mitch James

Mitch opens up about some difficult times, looking after his mental health, and experiencing moments of unity with people through his music. Mitch James is a singer and songwriter.


71 | The craft of producing music | Benson

Benson shares his creative process in producing music, how he’s come to understand his craft and the art of connecting with the crowd when performing. Benson is a DJ and music producer.


70 | Harmonious connections through empathy | Thomas King

Thomas shares his journey of discovering how important empathy and understanding is in connecting with the broadest amount of people. How he went from activist to an integrated change maker within the food industry, as CEO of Food Frontier. Thomas King is a social entrepreneur, speaker and future food specialist.


69 | Optimising teenagers' mental wellbeing | Tamsyn Rose

We explore Tam's work in preventing and critically responding to mental health issues within our youth, and optimising the mental resilience of the leaders of tomorrow. And hear about her innovative solutions currently being rolled out in mass around Australian schools and sports clubs, to empower kids with mental resilience. Tamsyn Rose is a human development facilitator and entrepreneur.


68 | Taking ourselves too seriously | Stavros Fisher

Stavros shares his opinions on the new age movement, how spirituality is being fragmented in the west, our seemingly absurd state of society, how we tend to take ourselves too seriously, and his gritty experience of awakening. Stavros Fisher is a bad ass mofo.


67 | Prison cell awakening | Windell Taylor

Windell shares his experience of discovering spirituality from within a Los Angeles prison. Windell Taylor is a Christian pastor.


66 | Power of song and love | Josh Piterman

Josh shares his passion for singing and the experience of communicating love and emotion through song. Josh Piterman is a classical singer and actor.


65 | Medicinal marijuana revolution | Adam Noodle

Adam shares how the legalisation of cannabis is creating immense innovation in its use for healing. Adam Miller is a medical cannabis expert.


64 | Integrating wisdom | Salvatore Malatesta

Salvatore shares his journey in leading an extraordinary life, putting wisdom in action, sustaining creativity, prioritising love and influencing Melbourne's coffee and culture. Salvatore Malatesta is an entrepreneur.


63 | Ancient life-support technology of mycelium | Julze Serendipity

Julze shares how mycelium and mushrooms are an ancient life-support technology contributing to the healthy growth of so many organisms. We explore how it could be the future of healing, and hear what his medicinal mushroom company Teelixir are doing to pioneer this space. Julze Serendipity is an expert in Medicinal Mushrooms.


62 | Forging new creative territory | Billy Davis

Billy opens up about the recent loss of his mother, how it’s affected him, and creatively forging new territory. Billy Davis is a musician and music producer.


61 | Encounters with extraterrestrial beings | Casey Lake

Casey opens up about his experiences with beings in other dimensions of reality, altered states of consciousness, martial arts and his spiritual path. Casey Lake is martial artist and coach.


60 | What it's like to be a drug dealer | Anonymous

A former drug dealer shares their experience of getting involved in criminal activity, being caught, convicted and eventually integrating back into society. They talk openly about recovering mentally and self-acceptance. This individual wishes to remain anonymous.


59 | Future of sex | Bryony Cole

Bryony explores how technology is increasingly effecting how we experience sex, if watching porn influences how good you are in bed, what it’d be like having sex in space or on psychedelics, the list of reasons we have sex, and many other areas on a topic that can always do with more open conversation around. Bryony Cole is a podcast host, public speaker and expert on sex tech.


58 | The humility in awakening | Tess Shanahan

Tess wonderfully embodies two invaluable characteristics of spiritual development that can be easily forgotten; humility and artfulness. We explore how self-awareness is crucial for a progressive society, and how dynamic, deep, robust relationships make for a richer experience of reality. Tess Shanahan is a businesswoman, presenter and model.


57 | Footy mentality | James Aish

James shares his journey as a professional athlete, including a positive mentality, the effects of concussions, the benefits in being part of a team, and the more recent evolution in men's maturity in sport with a growing focus on holistic mental wellbeing and reducing toxic masculinity. James Aish is an Australian rules footballer.