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11 | Exploring consciousness | Cody Holland

Exploring our experience in expanding our awareness of consciousness, why getting deep enriches our shared experiences, and how connecting with intent is more fulfilling than the materialisation of the intended outcome. Cody is an open-minded, creative soul who is enthusiastic about exploring consciousness.


10 | Why we need empowered women | Suparna Bhasin

We hear Suparna’s journey from leaving her corporate job to finding a life of meaning, and explore why it is that she cares so much about bettering the lives of women in today’s society. Suparna is the passionate leader of She Creates Change, an organisation facilitating the awakening of your womanhood.


9 | The hurtful effects of subtle racism | Abraham Nouk, Zulema Syama & Abdullah Yusuf

A refreshing and vulnerable conversation exploring the experience of being subject to overt and subtle segregation within the Australian community. We discover the empowerment that arrives in taking responsibility for what you can, knowing the objective truth of what we are as a collective people on earth, and transcending the negative energies received from people’s ignorant behaviour. Abraham Nouk is the Founder/Director of Creative Rebellion Youth and a lighthouse of embodied...


8 | The power of listening | Luke Wallace

We explore the potential in expanding your capabilities to listen. Mostly through tuning into your body’s senses in order to prevent disease and heal dysfunction. And hearing someone to understand them, not just respond to them. All in order to enrich your experience of, and capability in, loving. Luke Wallace is an Osteopathic Doctor with an enlightened approach.


7 | The fun in being honest with yourself | Christian Hull

We go deep, shallow and everything between on our insecurities, the media industry, and how the world’s going to end! Our conversation reminded me the importance of celebrating our similarities, embracing our differences, and have fun doing it all along the way. Christian Hull is a fun-loving, honest, bold comedian and content producer.


6 | Understanding “God" regardless of belief | Jonni Pollard

Jonni is an exponent of spiritual teachings predating all religions, and so who better to offer you a closer-to-truth perspective on the greatly misunderstood concept of “God”. In this conversation, Jonni unravels an unexpected outlook on God. Not only will his perspective likely align with both your head and heart, but it'll give way to inner, and outer fulfilment. Jonni suggests it’s less about a belief or non-belief in God, and more about a direct experience with the intelligence of...


5 | Treating mental illness with human connection | Professor Malcolm Hopwood

Professor Malcolm Hopwood shares the continual innovation of curing mental illness, the importance of discernment in tailoring a collection of treatments that work best for an individual, and how story-telling allows us to truly understand the nature to our human condition. Malcolm Hopwood is a Professor of Psychiatry at The University of Melbourne, and has recently assisted in developing an app (with Medicine X) that helps diagnosed mentally ill individuals (and family/friends)...


4 | Understanding the mechanics of our intuition | Lianda Swain

Lianda shares how through establishing an ability to listen to the wisdom of her intuition, she’s been able to remove conditioning, ill-serving patterns, and blockages and so allow her truest, most fulfilled self to thrive. All together, generating an irresistible allegiance to it! Lianda has an aura of bright light and clarity, from years of regular exploration and experimenting with acting on her intuition.


3 | How connection with spirit enriches our experience of reality | Mariam Issa

Mariam Issa shares how she not only integrated within, but contributed significantly to, a community that she initially felt segregated by. Mariam also tells of how one night under the stars in a refugee boat at sea, she experienced profound connection with a divine energy. We discuss the practices for continual growth, discovering and then establishing personal invincibility, acknowledging and so dissipating our fears, taking responsibility for what we are, and enjoying the playfulness...


2 | Why business leaders are responsible for the fabric of our society | Radek Sali

While driving the future of transport, an electric car, Radek and Jeremy explore the future of business and community. Radek expands on why he believes business leaders have the greatest responsibility to the quality of our society. He shares the proven financial and spiritual advantages of creating a workplace that people love coming to, and gives a refreshing perspective on the fun and growth that occurs when business teams operate with a sports team mentality. Radek Sali is a radiant,...


1 | Why men’s vulnerability is needed to resolve women's inequality (in support of HeForShe) | Em Paulo

Em shares her challenges being an ambitious female within a male dominated work environment. She also draws Jeremy out about a recent social interaction with man who was behaving ignorantly with a racist remark toward his girlfriend, Michelle, who also shares how it affected her. Em Paulo is a vibrant, empowered, giver, who deeply cares about people awakening to their full potential. She is a master facilitator of human spirit, a social change leader and the CEO of Collective...