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AEW's Joey Janela

This week on "Prime Time with Sean Mooney," we welcome "Bad Boy" Joey Janela! Joey talks about getting into backyard wrestling as a kid and the impact that ECW and the Attitude Era had on him. Joey also talks about the characteristics that got him over, and what it's like being a smaller wrestler facing bigger competition. Joey discusses his two infamous bumps - the rooftop bump against Zandig, and the bump he took in September that broke his knee. He also talks about the process that goes...


John "Bradshaw" Layfield

This week on "Prime Time with Sean Mooney," we welcome John "Bradshaw" Layfield! John talks about his introduction to pro wrestling, and being thrown right into the fire. He also talks about being sent to Japan mere months after starting in the business, and the lessons he learned when teaming with Cowboy Bob Orton. JBL reflects on his journey to the WWE, the formation of The Acolytes, Wrestlers Court, and he shares his opinion on what turned the WWE around in the mid-to-late 90's, Also,...


Prime Time with Sean Mooney: Best Of 2018 Episode!

What a year it was for "Prime Time with Sean Mooney" in 2018! We welcomed legendary superstars like Sgt. Slaughter, Edge, Christian, Lex Luger, Demolition and many more. We talked with pro wrestling trailblazers like Wendi Richter and Conrad Thompson. We were inspired by the stories of Marc Mero and Jeff Jarrett. We heard behind-the-scenes stories from longtime WWE referees, Tim White and Jimmy Korderas. And, of course, there was Sid! And we bring these all to you today on our Best Of PTSM...


B. Brian Blair

We bring you a "Killer" conversation with B. Brian Blair of The Killer Bees! Brian talks about his journey from Indiana to Florida as a kid, quickly falling in love with wrestling, and almost getting shot by Leroy McGuirk, before arriving in the WWE right after WrestleMania I. Plus, Brian recounts an incident involving Tony Atlas and Paul Orndorff that you do not want to miss! Prime Time with Sean Mooney t-shirts make the perfect holiday gift for the wrestling fan in your life! Pick up the...


Buggsy McGraw

This week on “Prime Time with Sean Mooney,” we welcome pro wrestling legend, Buggsy McGraw! Buggsy talks about his definition of “old school,” plus the good and bad of working during the territory days. Buggsy also talks about training under The Shiek, working for Stu Hart in Calgary, for Gorilla Monsoon in Japan, and memories of The Cow Palace and Madison Square Garden. Buggsy recounts working for Vince Sr. in the WWWF, being given the Buggsy McGraw name, how he almost returned to the WWF...



This week's episode of "Prime Time with Sean Mooney" totally reeks with awesomeness, as we welcome the co-host of the Edge and Christian show, Christian! Christian talks about growing up in a small town in Canada, and the similar roads both he and Edge traveled into the world of professional wrestling. Plus, Christian recounts working indy shows in Canada and the United States, and the impact those shows had on his in-ring abilities. Christian also talks about breaking into the WWE, and...


Dr. Tom Prichard

On this episode of “Prime Time with Sean Mooney,” we welcome the legendary Dr. Tom Prichard! Tom talks about growing up as 1 of 5 brothers, performing as a kid, and getting into wrestling as a teen in Texas. He also discusses working for different promoters and territories all across the country - Paul Boesch in Houston, Bill Watts in Louisiana, Chavo Guerrero in Los Angeles, and Smokey Mountain Wrestling. Tom also talks about his move to the WWE, and being a part of The Heavenly Bodies and...


Wendi Richter

This week, "Prime Time with Sean Mooney" brings you an exclusive conversation with a trailblazer in the world of women's pro wrestling, as `80's WWE sensation Wendi Richter joins the show! Wendi talks about growing up as a cowgirl in Louisiana, playing sports, and first getting into wrestling. She discusses the treatment of women in pro wrestling back in the day, as well as her impression of women in wrestling today. Wendi talks about the "Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection" with WWE and MTV, the...


Jimmy Korderas

This week on “Prime Time with Sean Mooney,” we welcome a man who has seen A LOT over his 20+ year career as a WWE referee, as Jimmy Korderas joins the show! Jimmy talks about getting his start in pro wrestling, his relationship with Jack Tunney, and breaking into WWE. He also discusses being introduced to refereeing by Pat Patterson, and his promotion from ring crew to referee. Plus, Jimmy talks about the art of being a good referee, taking bumps, getting knocked out at Wrestlemania IV, and...


Vickie Guerrero

After more than 70 episodes, we are excited to welcome our VERY FIRST female superstar to "Prime Time with Sean Mooney," as Vickie Guerrero joins the show! Vickie talks about growing up in El Paso, and what the legacy of the Guerreros was like there. She also talks in-depth about her relationship with Eddie, about his time working in Mexico and Japan, dealing with Eddie's demons, and his ultimate road to recovery. Vickie reflects on Eddie's tragic death, and her time working in WWE after...


Bill Apter

On this week's episode of "Prime Time with Sean Mooney," we welcome legendary wrestling historian, Bill Apter! Bill talks about the influence author Stanley Weston had on him, establishing trust with wrestling promoters, and his rocky relationship with the McMahons. Plus, Bill talks about his involvement with Hulk Hogan and Rocky III, the Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler Tonight Show confrontation, memories of the Von Erich's, his new podcast, and much more! Join Sean Mooney LIVE on Nov 11th for...


Santino Marella

This week on “Prime Time with Sean Mooney,” we welcome former WWE Superstar, Santino Marella! Santino talks about growing up in Canada, and getting into judo and baseball as a kid. He reflects on becoming a father while in college, and how that affected his drive and motivation. Santino talks about wrestling in Japan for BattlArts, before returning to the United States to work for OVW. Plus, Santino discusses breaking into the WWE, developing the Santino Marella character, what he thought...



On this episode of Prime Time with Sean Mooney, we welcome WWE Hall of Famer, Edge! The “Rated R Superstar” opens up about growing up without a father, and how that impacted him in becoming a father himself. Edge talks about getting into wrestling school, and ultimately breaking into the WWE, and working with Michael PS Hayes. Edge also reflects on the pressure of staying relevant during the Attitude Era, the breakout ladder match with Christian against the Hardy Boyz at Wrestlemania 2000,...


Zack Ryder

This week, Prime Time welcomes WWE Superstar, Zack Ryder! Zack talks about growing up on Long Island and attending wrestling shows at Madison Square Garden. Zack reflects on his pro wrestling fandom, and how that helped him in his battle against cancer. Plus, Zack talks about breaking into the WWE with Curt Hawkins, being Edgeheads and getting to work WrestleMania. Zack also discusses the biggest moment of his career, winning the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 32 with his dad...


Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis, former NWA and Impact Wrestling heavyweight champion, joins Prime Time this week! Nick talks about the organic success of the ALLIN event, and the art of the promo. Nick also talks about the differences between British and American wrestling, character development on the independent scene vs. the WWE, as well as his time in TNA. Nick weighs in on the appeal of the "big fight," the importance social media plays in getting a wrestler over, and so much more! Join Sean Mooney for a...


Tully Blanchard

This week, we welcome one of the original Horsemen, Tully Blanchard, to Prime Time! Tully talks about learning the game of football from his father, who played in the CFL with Gene Kinisk, and his experience playing college football at West Texas State University. Tully also discusses his start in pro wrestling, and working for Eddie Graham and Jim Crockett. Plus, he talks about the formation of the Four Horsemen, working as a heel, and his time in the NWA. Tully discusses his arrival and...


General Adnan Al-Kaissie

What better way to follow-up our legendary conversation with Sgt. Slaughter, than to welcome General Adnan, Adnan Al-Kaissie, to Prime Time this week! Adnan discusses what it was like growing up in Iraq, his relationship with Saddam Hussein, and his departure, and eventual return, to the country. Adnan also talks about adjusting to life in America, being introduced to pro wrestling, and his start in the AWA. Plus, he recalls meeting and tagging with The Iron Sheik, developing the General...


Super Q&A with Sean Mooney!

On this episode of Prime Time with Sean Mooney, Sean answers your questions! Did Sean ever party with Ric Flair? Most memorable Superstar he ever interviewed? Favorite Coliseum Video? Will he return to WWE? And so many more! Subscribe to Prime Time on YouTube for full episodes, clips, and exclusive bonus content at Shop for Prime Time merchandise at! And follow Prime Time on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Sgt. Slaughter

Listen up...and that’s an order! A brand new episode of Prime Time with Sean Mooney comes your way, as we welcome WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter! Sarge talks about his time in the Marine Corps, his introduction to pro wrestling through the AWA, and his close relationship with Lord Alfred Hayes.. Plus, he discusses the creation of the Sgt. Slaughter character, his influence on Jesse “The Body” Ventura, his struggles with stage fright, and much more! Subscribe to Prime Time on YouTube for...


Marty Scurll

Fresh off of ALLIN weekend, Prime Time welcomes "The Villain" Marty Scurll! Marty talks about a rocky childhood and being raised by a single mother. Plus, the strange world of pro wrestling in the UK, and the creation of the Villain gimmick. And an EXCLUSIVE scoop on the ALLIN controversy surrounding his match with Okada and the missed curtain call. Subscribe to Prime Time on YouTube for full episodes, clips, and exclusive bonus content at Shop for Prime Time...