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The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine. Get to know all things wet and salty. The intro and outro theme is Soft Illusion and was generously provided by Andras.

The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine. Get to know all things wet and salty. The intro and outro theme is Soft Illusion and was generously provided by Andras.


Melbourne, VIC


The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine. Get to know all things wet and salty. The intro and outro theme is Soft Illusion and was generously provided by Andras.




Pint of Science & Jeff with Soundwaves

This week, Bron and Dr Beach head into the marine lab (to see what’s on the slab), and will peer down the microscope to examine... • Pint of Science 2021! Are you feeling thirsty for some marine science and perhaps a bevvy to boot? Then Pint of Science is for you! Chanel Egan is Chief of Staff (or should that be Head Bartender?) at Pint of Science and will tell us about the wonderful two weeks of online science programs about to kick off. • We’ll then have a chat with two of the stars of...


Seaspiracy, Parks Victoria and Marine Vertibrates

Fam and Anth are on deck Sunday with a diverse rock pool of marine and coastal stuff! Fam been watching Seaspiracy - yep - and like all of us has some views. Join for an RM TV review (with a difference). This weekend is Sharing the Love #5 - the amazing 5th time that Parks Victoria and others have run the Victorian Marine Volunteers Forum - Sharing the Love 5. Time they are in Anglesea. We will be joined live on the line from STL5 by a mystery reporter to fill us in on how this year has...


Cabin Boy, Baykeeper, Bellerine Art & Flinders Pier Demolision

This week, Bron and Kade are in the beach house: •Cabin Boy joins us for a sailing report, taking a look at places to sail if you don’t live by the sea. •We’re speak with Bellarine Peninsula artist Chelsea Gustafsson, who frequently uses washed up beach debris to create stunning art that expresses her worries about the health of our oceans and questions the role we as individuals play in making this world a better, or worse, place. •Baykeeper Neil Blake talks about the perils of...


Tommy Dodd, Ethic of Fossil Hunting, Soundwaves

Bron and Fam catch up with •Rex Hunter about exciting news about the discovery of the Tommy Dodd in Port Phillip Bay •Ben Francischelli (Museums Victoria), to explore the ethics of fossil hunting, and what you should do if you think you’ve found a fossil, and •Jeff Maynard with Soundwaves Seaquels: this week we ask the burning question… how many Seaquels does it take to sink a franchise?


Cape Bridgewater, Nudibranch, Vegetarian Sharks and Little Penguins of Middle Island

Dr Beach and Kade bring you a diverse hour of all things wet and salty, including: •an update on Save Cape Bridgewater campaign with campaign spokesperson Mary Picard •a fascinating new science paper describing how a species of nudibranch literally loses its head (or body, depending on your perspective), only to grow itself whole again. •evidence that once upon a time, there was a species of now extinct vegetarian shark (go Bruce!) •and Deakin University’s Dr Trish Corbett joins us to...


Whales - All Killer...

Anth and Bron And Cabin Boy bring you all things wet and salty this week - really very interesting updates on killer whales included.


Baykeepers, Platypus, Spidercrabs and Life's A Beach

Bron and Dr Beach bring you this week’s hour of all things wet ‘n salty, including: • Baykeeper Neil Blake calls creeks and rivers the ‘skinny bits of the bay’, so with that in mind, Neil joins forces with Werribee Riverkeeper John Forrester to talk about platypus, and their connection to the sea. Neil also reports on his recent work with Darebin Creek Sweepers, and John will tell us about a clean-up event happening tomorrow. • We’ll then catch up with Jacqui Younger and Mandy Robertson...


Cabin Boy, Save Cape Bridgewater & Mt Martha Beach Patrol

Bron, Fam and Kade bring you this week’s hour of all things wet ‘n salty, including: • Brett-the-Cabin-Boy, from somewhere in the middle of Port Phillip Bay, who’ll talk us through the logistics of planning a sailing voyage. • We’ll then catch up with Mary Picard, member of ‘Save Cape Bridgewater’ about a private proposal to build a 240 bed resort on the cliffs of the currently undeveloped magnificent Cape Bridgewater, on the far western Victorian coast. • And Jacqui Younger joins us from...


Shipwrecks, The Idiots Guide to Anglin' and Danglin' & Climate Adaptations

Oh so much on the show this week! Bron, Anth and Rex are in the studio. Rex is hunting a new shipwreck - the wreck of the 17 ton ketch, Tommy Dodd lost off St Leonards in May 1877. He'll fill us in on the recent surveys and have located a small target... which may or may not be the site. Tune in to find out. Q: What do you get when you cross Russell Coight with AFL Essendon legend Terry Daniher? A: Goofy larrikin Barry Jeffrey that, with his mate Roy McCoy (picture Coight-meets-comedian...


Antarctic Krill Mission, Conservation Biology, EcoCentre Microplastics Research

Well ahoy there! The Marinara crew has polished the decks, hoisted the sails, and we're ready to embark on 2021 – the year of all things wet n salty! For our first show back, tomorrow 9am: • Bron, Kade and Fam bring some of the summer news. Or maybe that should be ‘extended-spring’ news as summer’s mostly taking some time out this year. Kade brings news of the Antarctic krill mission. And some upcoming events to plug including a clean-up dive, sea slug census event (with thanks PT...


Wrapping up 2020

Wrapping-Up 2020


Baykeeper Neil, The Banda Sea, Birds and Beaches

Anth, Bron and Kade are (virtually and actually) in the house/ship Sunday and streaming online and in your pods anytime! Lots of news and views and secret live musos (that even Anth pressing the buttons does not know who they are - Bron will reveal all live onair!). BayKeeper - Neil Blake is in and will talk about the flexibility of the Baykeeper beach microplastics audit method in all beach conditions which is an Australian first! Also an update on the Moon Snail egg-mass survey that...


Smooth Handfish, Noumea Fisheries and all the wet and salty news

The Smooth Handfish was once so plentiful in Tasmania, it was one of the first Australian fish species to be documented in scientific literature. In July this year, it was declared extinct, representing another significant and devastating loss of a species. Tomorrow afternoon (Sunday 22.11) The Smooth Handfish Vigil will provide a space and time for anyone, anywhere in the world to pause, congregate, consider, and reflect on extinction, and particularly the Smooth Handfish. We’ll speak with...


Bigfin Squid, 'Seacreatures' Podcast & Port Phillip Bay reef health.

We speak with Dr Deborah Osterhage, Tasmania-based marine scientist, about some incredible recent footage of Bigfin Squid 'Magnapinna sp'. in the Great Australian Bight from the 2017 research voyage of the CSIRO vessel ‘Investigator’. We’ll speak with Deb about Bigfin Squid, this particular sighting, and the global significance of this sighting for Bigfin Squid distribution. ·Fam and Bron bring a plethora of marine news, including a fabulous new podcast called ‘Seacreatures’, nominations...


Remembering Ecologist Joe Connell, Waterbears and all that's wet and salty

Remembering Ecologist Joe Connell, Waterbears and all that's wet and salty


Ballast Trade, Blast Off Surfing & Spider Crabs

Rex Hunter teaches us all about the former ballast trade, carried out during the 19th century, and its vital role in enabling ships to leave Melbourne. · ‘Blast Off’ is a fantastic surfing coaching program and competition for kids. In a great example of local leading to national leading to global, Blast Off is now celebrating its 15th year, and young surfers from all over the world are being encouraged to submit footage of them showing their stoke in the water. The competition finishes at...


Aequorea Jelly FIsh, Orcas, Seafood and Unidentified Marine Objects

Baykeeper Neil Blake joins us to talk about the Aequorea jellyfish that arrived in the mouth of Port Phillip Bay during the week. These jellies are pelagic, but their natural range is the east Pacific Ocean, so it’s quite unusual to find them this far west. Neil will speak to the potential connection of their presence to climate change and the easterly winds associated with our new La Nina cycle. We’ll catch up with Dave Donnelly (Killer Whales Australia, Dolphin Research Institute) about...


Bron, Anth, Fam and Rex Hunter

All kinds of cool stuff to kick off Daylights Savings! Yep - they are taking our hour of sleep for 6 months again... Bron, Anth, Fam and Rex Hunter will all be in (virtually) for the show. Bron and Fam will be catching us up on all the news currently - including some great events around the Bay and via the Yarra Riverkeeper Association. And they will be reviewing My Octopus Teacher as a Netflix fill in lockdown time! Anth will be talking whale diving with Simon Mustoe (ecologist and...


Radio Marinara - 27 Sept 2020

Whales and Puffer Fish and a whole lot more with Bron and Kade


Radio Marinara - 13 September 2020

Fam and our Baykeeper Neil Blake talk about new legislation in South Australia that bans single use plastics, making SA the first state in Australia to do so. SA for the win! Also some news about growing evidence about the impact of single use face masks on our marine wildlife, and Neil will lead a tribute to Tony Flude, the wonderful secretary from Port Phillip Ecocentre and Westgate Park, who dedicated 20 years of his life to restoring Port Phillip wetlands and sadly passed away this...