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The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine.

The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine.
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Melbourne, VIC


The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine.




Radio Marinara - 24 November 2019

our Baykeeper Neil Blake is doing beach microplastics audits around the Bay this weekend. He'll join us by phone to summarise findings of audits over 2 years, and mention other studies underway to help track plastics to their source. Neil will also be joined by Amy Westnedge from Mt Martha Beach Patrol and Boomerang Alliance to talk about the great work her group does, and why they believe it’s time for a Container Deposit scheme in Victoria. Then we’ll be joined by Dr Paul Hamer from...


Radio Marinara - 17 November 2019

VNPA's Nicole Mertens tells us all about the 15th annual Great Victorian Fish Count – kicking off this weekend, the statewide ‘Our Marine Life Rocks’ citizen science project highlights the many wonderful and unique species of fish that call Victoria’s Rocky Reefs home. Then we’ll be joined by Drs Damien Callahan (Deakin University) and David Hill (Melbourne University) to give us the full low-down on their 3 weeks on board the RV Investigator. Rex Hunter goes back to basics – what’s...


Radio Marinara 10 November 2019

Fam Charko brings us her next instalment of ‘Plastic Litteracy’ – this month, plastic roads. Kerrie Goodall and Priya Cooper from Sea Shepherd Australia join us to talk about the MV Steve Irwin, once the mighty flagship defender of marine life in our southern oceans, now with a new purpose in Sea Shepherd’s 'Ship4Good' program. We’ll speak with Kerrie and Priya about the history of the MV Steve Irwin, and some of its great activities coming up as we head into summer. And we make our second...


Radio Marinara - 03 November 2019

Brett Ditchfield brings us Chapter 2 of Cabin Boy Diaries – are you thinking about getting into sailing, and best way to go about it. Should you start on a keel boat or get in a dinghy? And what defines a keel boat anyway? Brett has all the answers for you (and us!) Dave Donnelly joins us live on location from his research vessel to talk about whale migrations – some late season sightings, the season summary, and a very exciting new paper he’s co-authored on the transmission of humpback...


Radio Marinara - 13 October 2019

Fam Charko brings us ‘Plastic Litteracy’ – this month, nano and microplastics in the human body (there's a marine hook we promise!), some exciting new research that’s being done this year by research in the Netherlands, and the dilemma of the Great Ocean Cleanup project. Then bits and pieces on sharks from Dr Beach. And Jeff Maynard brings us ‘Soundwaves meets Blowaves’ – get ready to rug up, cos the coolest guy in 70s television is about to hit Marinara (oh please tell us we’re not about to...


Radio Marinara - 06 October 2019

Big Show! Bron, Kade and Anth are in the good ship Marinara. And don't forget to put your clocks forward on Sunday morning... How many uses of seaweed are you aware of? Zoe Brittan will fill us in on her research into all the amazing indigenous uses of seaweed in Australia. Journo Callum Denness tells the team about his book, Sharks: A History of Fear in Australia. Group Lead Climate Sciences from CSIRO Kathy McInnes was a lead author on the recent IPCC Special Report on Oceans and the...


Radio Marinara - 29 September 2019

Eleven years ago ‘Beached Az’ was born - a 90-second animation series featuring random conversations between a Kiwi seagull and his mate the whale who is, well, beached as. Next week Beached Az returns to our screens with ‘Beached Aziversary’, and we are stoked to chat with Beached Az co-creator and voice of Seagull, Anthony McFarlane about the the new mission of Whale and Seagull to ‘Kck the sht’ out of global warming (it’s from their press release so we fgure thet’s ok!) . Then... Back in...


Radio Marinara - 15 September 2019

Did you see the footage of the Sunfish just cruising around Port Phillip Bay this week? Just when we think we’ve seen everything PPB has to offer! Baykeeper Neil Blake notes his observations on the sunfish and also talks about sandy sediment mollusc surveys, Northern Pacific Seastars, the link between the two, and how we need to better understand their movements and impacts on the Bay’s environment. Kade brings us Part 2 of ‘Noise in the Sea’ – the much long awaited sequel to ‘Noise in the...


Radio Marinara - 08 Sept 2019

Hoist the sails! Our brand new sailing reporter Brett Ditchfield brings us his inaugural segment ‘Cabin Boy Diaries’. Brett will talk about the myths and mysteries of crossing Bass Strait in a small yacht. Got a question for Brett about this? Post it below and we’ll ask him for you. We catch up with AJ on the Mornington Peninsch about this week’s diving options, plus news of a very special cleanup event happening next weekend in Frankston. Holy great trashbags Batman! Then, Dave Donnelly...


Radio Marinara - 01 September 2019

The Beachster and Anth are piloting the good ship marinara this week as we reflect on the excitement that was Radiothon. Dr Bryce Stewart all the way from the University of York in the UK joins us to talk about Scottish Marine Protected Areas, interactions with Fisheries and good old Brexit (from the fish perspective!). Dr Beach will bang on about a deep-sea microbe that’s getting evolutionary biologists very excited, and how 100-year old salmon-smeared notebooks tell of the massive...


Radio Marinara - 4 August 2019

Marine Protection meets Marine Science! Have you ever seen a sea creature and wondered ‘What on earth is that?’ If the animal or plant is from Port Phillip Bay, the answer to that question can now be at your fingertips! Dr Jacqui Pocklington (Parks Victoria) will tell us all about a brand new guide to the marine life found in Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park. Then we speak with Dr Dustin Marshall (Monash University) about an exciting new research paper he has had published in the...


Radio Marinara - 28 July 2019

Radio Marinara turns 1000! Way back in December 1996, Tim Allen, Dave Speller and Anthony Boxshall launched a summer fill on RRR that still has not gone away... Bron will talk with Tim, Dave and Anth about the origins of Marinara and all our recollections of what RM has done over the years. We will play some snippets of our some our favourite interviews going more than 22 years ago. Some other old voices will join us, including Joh Ford. And more... We will highlight some of the movements...


Radio Marinara - 21 July 2019

We’re somewhere near the half-way point in the annual whale migrations along Australia’s east coast, and Dave Donnelly (Killer Whales Australia) gives us a mid-season review of what’s been spotted and where, including reports of a match from Phillip Island to Port Stephens in NSW. Dave will also bring us up to speed on vessel regulations – with all the excitement of spotting whales, it’s a timely reminder of what the law says in terms of how close we humans are allowed to be to whales and...


Radio Marinara - 14 July 2019

Fam Charko brings us the next installment of ‘Plastic Litteracy’, Fam’s monthly segment focusing on the problems caused by plastics in the marine environment, and what we can all do to address them now and into the future. Then we speak with Dr Matt Dunbabin, creator of Rangerbot, the world’s first vision-based underwater robotic system designed specifically for assessing and managing coral reef environments. This week Rangerbot was announced the winner of the Good Design Award for...


Radio Marinara - 7 July 2019

It's Kade and Dr Beach in the fishbowl with Dr Surf phoning in the surf report


Radio Marinara - 30 June 2019

Big Week! Bron and Anth are joined by a huge line up of guests. Fam Charko from Port Phillip Eco-Centre and her next in the series on plastics and our oceans. Dave Donnelly from Killer Whales Australia to give a whale watching report - there have been lots of sightings of whales in and around Port Phillip and Westernport this week. Jeremy Brown, Founder of Ocean Protect, shares tips on keeping our oceans and beaches clean. Dr Beth Strain, School of Biosciences about some recent work on...


Radio Marinara - 16 June 2019

Bron and Dr Beach catch up with Port Phillip Baykeeper Neil Blake about the ‘native wells’ on the beach between Beaumaris and Brighton, there due to local sandstone layers that seep groundwater in sheltered coves such as Half Moon Bay. Neil will also tell us all about a Hercules Club Whelk shell found at Point Richards that’s not been recorded in Victoria west of Wingan Inlet. How did it get there? Neil might have a theory for us! We’ll then catch up with Dr Erich Fitzgerald, Senior Curator...


Radio Marinara - 9 June 2019

Bron and Dr Surf talk eco-friendly surf wax, orcas in the bay, and cleaning up Frankston Beach. We’ll speak with Bianca Julicher, young local surfer who has has created and set up a market for environmentally friendly surf wax, whilst also battling sexism in surfing. We catch up with Dave Donnelly from Killer Whales Australia, now off the CSIRO Investigator and gearing up to launch into whale watching season. Dave will tell us about a new whale watching app, reports of orcas in Port Phillip...


Radio Marinara - 26 May 2019

Fam Charko presents ‘Plastic Litteracy’, a monthly exploration of the impact of plastics on our oceans, and some alternatives to their production and use. Tomorrow Fam will talk about how mushrooms can replace polystyrene packaging, and also methods of clean-up after oil spills. Then we’re joined by Lina and Christine, two science communication students from Deakin Uni. They’ll present a segment they’ve prepared just for us and you on adapting coral reefs for climate change.. Jeff Maynard...


Radio Marinara - 19 May 2019

Rex Hunter runs through the recent finding of the Iron Throne (oops Iron Crown) and the circumstances surrounding torpedoing. Well catch up with Jacqui Younger from Dive2U about the results of the Oyster Watch, a citizen science project looking at what has been growing on settlement plates at Blairgowrie Marina, in partnership with the VNPA. Well also hit Jacqui up for a dive report on this magnificent autumn weekend. Then we zhoom over to Perth to speak with artist Erin Coates about Dark...