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The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine. Get to know all things wet and salty. The intro and outro theme is Soft Illusion and was generously provided by Andras.


Melbourne, VIC


The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine. Get to know all things wet and salty. The intro and outro theme is Soft Illusion and was generously provided by Andras.




A New Vic Coastal Fossil Site, Surveying Shipwrecks, and Port Phillip Sea Pilots

Coastal paleontologist Ben Francischelli fills us in on Summer by the Sea and a new coastal fossil site; Rex Hunter talks about surveying shipwrecks in 2023; Dr Beach joins the Port Phillip Sea Pilots on board the ‘Akuna'; Bron and special assistant Edie Walker chat about their favourite things of 2022; and it’s 'Tomorrow Never Dives,’ a farewell to James Bond and Jeff Maynard's Soundwaves History of Diving Series. With Presenters Bron, Dr Beach and Rex Hunter. Program Page:...


Jawbone Marine Sanctuary, Protecting the Great Barrier Reef, Plastic Pirates

Baykeeper Neil Blake explains recent citizen science programs happening in Victoria’s coastal and marine environments, and he tells us about Sandy Webb's hot-off-the-press book about Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Tony Fontes is a veteran Great Barrier Reef dive operator who was invited to meet the UN reef monitoring mission, and shares his ideas with our team about what we are doing about the collapse of the Reef. And Connor Clarke, Director at...


Port Phillip Bay's Ship Graveyard, Victorian Coastal Treasures, Ancient Giant Sharks

Rex Hunter talks about fifty years of diving the Ships Graveyard on Port Phillip Bay, and Jim Anderson, one of the original Graveyard divers from a group known as the ‘Geelong Skindivers’, explains the history of this amazing site, and some of his incredible discoveries; Author Graham Patterson discusses his latest book ''Coastal Guide to Nature & History: Western Victoria (Point Lonsdale to the South Australian Border)'; and Ben Francischelli, coastal paleontologist, presents what looks...


Marine Science Early Career Researchers and Seaing Country with Lisa Waup

Allyson O’Brien from the Australian Marine Sciences Association talks about the upcoming event ‘Showcasing Victoria’s Marine Science: Spotlight on early careers researchers'; Celebrated Melbourne-based artist and curator Lisa Waup and her colleague Paul Bishop discuss the creation of ‘Seaing Country’, a public art project soon to be paragliding around the Ninch as part of the 'Front Beach Back Beach' extravaganza; Jeff Maynard continues to explain the history of diving according to Bond...


Baykeeping, Mapping the Seafloor, Orcas Circa 1930

Baykeeper Neil Blake reports on the 20th anniversary celebrations of Victoria’s Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries. Dr Tim O’Hara, Museums Victoria Research Institute’s senior curator of marine invertebrates, chats about CSIRO’s research vessel ‘The Investigator’ returning from a voyage mapping the Indian Ocean seafloor; and Dave Donnelly from Killer Whales Australia and PhD researcher Isabella Reeves discuss the genetic links between the renowned orca ‘Old Tom’ and today's killer whale...


Port Phillip Sea Pilots, Oceans and Climate, and The Sea Urchin Problem

Rex Hunter talks about Port Phillip Heads and the work of the Port Phillip Sea Pilots; Dr Kim Reid is a researcher in the Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes at Monash University, and explains how oceans drive our weather and our climate; and Dr Paul Carnell chats about how sea urchins and kelp interact. With presenters Dr Beach and Anth. Program Page: Facebook Page:


Western Port Bay's Ghost Ship, and Front Beach, Back Beach

Cabin Boy recounts the tale of the ‘Edwina May’, a Ghost Ship that you may have seen from the South Gippsland Highway. Then, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery and Deakin University's Public Art Commission present Front Beach Back Beach (FBBB) – a massive public art project that celebrates the 'Ninch' in all its glory. The team chat to Danny Lacy, Co-Director of FBBB and Director of Mornington Peninsula Art Gallery about the project’s origins, and then to artists Lisa Waup and Katie Lee,...


Giant Prehistoric Seabirds, NZ's Sustainable Seaweed Aquaculture, and Frozen Water Bears

Presenters Bron and Dr Beach talk to coastal paleontologist Ben Francischelli about Naarm’s very own giant seabird dinosaurs known as ‘pelagornithids’, the largest flying bird that ever existed; Dr Nigel Bradly, CEO of Envirostrat, NZ, explains an exciting development in a huge aquaculture start-up program that not only regenerates algae in the waters off the Coromandel peninsula, but has all the hallmarks of a huge new sustainable seaweed industry; and Dr Beach reports on a new insight into...


Bellarine Coastcare, Seagrasses of WA, and Ethel Mermaid

Presenters Bron and Fam catch up with Matt Crawley and Suzanne Hudgell from the Bellarine Catchment Network about the launch of an exciting new Coastcare group on the Bellarine Peninsula; Caitlyn O’Dea, Master’s student at Edith Cowan University, talks about the seagrasses of seven WA estuaries that are part of the Healthy Estuaries WA program, a WA State Government initiative; and Melbourne cabaret artist Amanda Buckley chats about her faaaabulous one-woman show called ‘Ethel Mermaid -...


Stranded Whales, 20 Years of Marine National Parks, UK Wind Farms

Presenters Bron, Anth and Kade chat to Dave Donnelly about killer whales and recent mass strandings; Kade asks... What do we know about our Marine National Parks? Sure, they were created 20 years ago to protect representative areas of Victoria’s unique and diverse marine environments. But have they worked? And what have we learnt from marine protection in Victoria? Parks Victoria’s Marine & Coastal Science Manager Dr Michael Sams answers these questions and shares some of the awesome...


Pesky Penguins, The Sea Slug Sensus, Whales' Wonderful 'New' Nets

Baykeeper Neil Blake talks about his brilliant new penguin-proof plant guards that support the nests of the resident penguins from the St Kilda penguin colony; the brilliant work of Brighton Sea Scouts, plus some coastal planting Neil is leading at Middle Park dunes. Then, Nicole Mertens from Victorian National Parks Association discusses the 14th Sea Slug Census, which has just started; and Dr Beach explains the cetacean retia mirabilia, or wondrous network, which researchers now believe...


Titanic Myths and Ocean Liner Design, OZ Dive and the Advanced Diving Conference, Bond Villains and their Nuclear Submarines

Michael Brady (not the Up There Cazaly one!), Maritime researcher and illustrator joins Cabin Boy, Jeff and Kade to talk about his business Oceanliner Designs and the work that goes into creating large scale, detailed drawings of famous ships from history. Then the team talk to Sue Crowe, the convener responsible for bringing the OZTek Advanced Diving Conference & OZDive Show to Melbourne. The conference has over 50 presenters highlighting the adventure and excitement of diving and the...


A Dolphin Named Jock and whales - from exploding carcasses to migration season

The Beach is back! Fresh from his summering in Europe, Dr Beach joins Bron and Rex for this week’s Marinara to talk about the value of decomposing whales, new tech for deep dives, the transforming power of dolphins and the beginning of the 2022 whale migration season. Rex brings us the latest techniques for diving deep wrecks using mixed gases and re-breathers. This is the new cutting edge of diving, enabling divers to dive wrecks off the coast of Australia. The 2022 east coast whale...


Baywide Data Pioneers, Spider Crabs Zooniverse, Demon Ducks From Hell, Swans & Seagrass

Baykeeper Neil Blake explains the EcoCentre’s brand new project ‘Baywide Data Pioneers’, partnering with community groups to record coastal sand surface profiles including plants and molluscs at various sites around Port Phillip Bay; Elodie Camprasse, Deakin University research fellow in spider crab ecology, brings a progress report from analysing hours of footage of spider crabs from the 2022 season; Coastal fossil expert Ben Francischelli talks about the fossils of giant predators that...


Dolphin Population Dynamics, Ocean Literacy, and Seaweed Sustainability Research

Presenters Bron and Kade talk to Dave Donnelly from the Dolphin Research Institute about exciting news from the Port Phillip Common Dolphin community, with the first evidence of transitional movement between Port Phillip and Phillip Island. Dave also talks about some brand new Common Dolphin calves, and the significance of this for the Port Phillip Common Dolphin catalogue. And sticking with our charismatic megafauna, Asssociate Professor Guido Parra Vergara from Flinders University talks...


Spider Crabs, Hulks and Lighters, and Bond, James Bond

Rex Hunter talks about the reuse and recycling of old ships in the Port of Melbourne during the 19th to mid-20th centuries – Rex covers the use of coal hulks and lighters, some of them famous clipper ships like Matthew Flinders’ ‘The Investigator’; Dr Elodie Camprasse, Deakin University, invites us all to come on a science-packed journey to help scientists use footage from time lapse cameras to solve spider crab mysteries, as part of National Science week; and Jeff Maynard continues the ’22...


Spider Crab Update, UN Oceans Conference, & Corals

Dr Elodie Camprasse from Deakin Uni provides an update on the latest Spider Crab news - including her trip to the museum to see ancient crabs; Jas Chambers is an ocean advocate and the Chair and Co-founder of Ocean Decade Australia – a not-for-profit organisation with one client: the Ocean. She went to the UN Oceans Conference and talks about what happens at those big meetings; Dr Wing Chan returns after 2 years of experiments to tell us the results; and - Can we save corals by training...


Stingrays, Seadragons and Medusa

Joni Pini-Fitzsimmons, marine scientist and expert in fish behaviour and ecology, conservation and human-wildlife interactions, talks about the first documented accounts of stingrays making noise; Louise Howlett, Artistic Director of Re-Action Theatre, explains the story of 'The Raft of the Medusa' and how, through a residency in France, she will bring it to the stage with a new work called 'The Secret of the Raft'; and underwater explorer extraordinaire Dr Nerida Wilson from the WA Museum...


Parks Victoria, Lung Fish & Baykeeper Neil Blake

Mark Rodrigue from Parks Victoria joins us to celebrate 20 years of Marine Parks in Victoria and talk about urchin culling as part of Bay pest management. And then... lung fish! Whaaaat... fish with lungs? Indeed! Dr Alice Clement from Flinders Uni explains how lungfish brains have changed throughout their evolutionary history – this can give us an idea of which senses were more important than others (such as vision vs olfaction) and what the brains of our land-based ancestors might have...


Hobsons Bay Wetlands, Great Southern Reef, & Whitsundays Sailing

Presenters Cabin Boy and Kade speak to Dr. Marilyn Olliff, Founder and Chair of the Hobsons Bay Wetlands Centre, and learn about the groups vision to build a community hub for all things wetlands; Dr. Prue Francis, Course Director of the Bachelor of Marine Science at Deakin University, chats about 'Great Southern Reef', the new children's book that she has co-authored; and Cabin Boy provides tips on how to escape the chilly weather by sailing around the Whitsundays. Program Page:...