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The Cigar Dojo is the world's most fun cigar community and blog. We also feature the most watched cigar show on the internet: Smoke Night LIVE.

The Cigar Dojo is the world's most fun cigar community and blog. We also feature the most watched cigar show on the internet: Smoke Night LIVE.
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The Cigar Dojo is the world's most fun cigar community and blog. We also feature the most watched cigar show on the internet: Smoke Night LIVE.








Smoke Night LIVE with Crowned Heads Miguel Schoedel

Episode 193 of Smoke Night LIVE will feature special guest Miguel Schoedel the National Sales Manager of Crowned Heads Cigars. Miguel is a 15 year veteran in the cigar industry working for the likes of CAO, Torano, Duran, and Crowned Heads. We will get the inside scoop on all things Crowned Heads including the yet-to-be-announced 2019 Las Calaveras.


Smoke Night LIVE with Whiskey Guru Kristopher Hart

Episode 192 of Smoke Night LIVE will feature special guest Kristoper Hart. Kris is the host of the popular podcast Whiskey Neat. He is also the man behind Houston Bourbon Society, the largest single market whiskey group in the US and The States largest Whiskey Festival: The Houston Whiskey Social. The Whiskey Neat podcast can be seen on Facebook and heard on ESPN 97.5 FM. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about whiskey but were afraid to ask on this episode of Smoke Night LIVE.


Smoke Night LIVE with Beer Guru Randy Griggs

Episode 191 is a special Thursday night edition of Smoke Night LIVE featuring craft beer guru Randy Griggs. Besides being a hardcore Dojo member Randy has been the Craft Division – Team Lead for Northern California’s largest beer distributor for the past seven years. Randy oversees Brand Management and Sales strategy for an extensive portfolio of craft beers. With 16 years of experience working in the craft category, Randy has worked for the Brewers Association organizing and hosting beer...


Smoke Night LIVE From Protocol Studios

Episode 190 of SNL comes to you LIVE from Protocol Studios in eastern Pennsylvania. This special Thursday night edition of the show will feature Juan Cancel and Bill Ives of Cubariqueño Cigar Company. We will be talking about our newest collaboration cigar the Protocol Night Stick which will be released Friday April 5th. Every time Juan and Bill are on the show things get wild so you will not want to miss this epic episode.


Smoke Night LIVE with guest Klaas Pieter Kelner

Episode 189 of Smoke Night LIVE features special guest Klaas Pieter Kelner the brand ambassador for Davidoff Cigars. Klaas and the Dojo crew will be smoking and commenting on the highly acclaimed and anticipated Especiales 7 which is returning after a 15-year hiatus. We will also ask Klaas some in-depth cigar questions during our “Klaas is in Session” segment.


Smoke Night LIVE with guest Rob Rasmussen

Episode 188 of Smoke Night LIVE features special guest Rob Rasmussen formerly of Mombacho Cigars, Cigar Federation and Cigar Chat. We will catch up with Robby and find out what he is up to with Laughing Monk Brewing as well as the recent announcement that Robby has joined the Cigar Dojo staff! We will also put him to the test in the Cigar Company Stock Market. Make sure to tune in and join the fun on what has become the place to be on Friday night for cigar lovers.


Smoke Night LIVE with LFD’s Jon Carney

Episode 187 of Smoke Night LIVE featuring special guest Jonathan Carney Vice President of Sales of La Flor Dominicana. Jonathan is an outspoken guy who does not hesitate to share his opinion which always makes for a great show. Tune in to see what’s up with Jonathan, LFD, and find out what’s on our Weekly Top 5 list.


Smoke Night LIVE from RoMa Craft Headquarters

Episode 186 of Smoke Night LIVE comes to you live from RoMa Craft Tobac headquarters in Austin Texas. SNL’s Jack Heyer will be will be on location from Austin with Mike Rosales and Danny Vazquez of RoMa Craft while Skip Martin will join the show on remote thereby bringing the entire RoMa Craft team together in one place (so to speak). A surprise announcement will highlight the show as well as the Weekly Top 5 and much, much more.


Smoke Night LIVE Podcast Giveaway and Weekly Top 5

On this episode we highlight the Top 5 "Florida Man" headlines along with Eric and Jack's Double Take. We also select and announce the winner of the 50 Premium Cigars giveaway.


Alan, Alec & Bradley Rubin on Smoke Night LIVE

Episode 184 of Smoke Night LIVE comes to you live from the Alec Bradley Cigars headquarters in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The Dojo crew will interview Alan, Alec and Bradley Rubin of Alec Bradley.


Great Smoke Dinner with Litto Gomez of LFD

Episode 183 of Smoke Night LIVE features guests Litto Gomez of La Flor Dominicana and Even Darnell from the Red Meat Lover's Club.


Danny Moya and Abe Dababneh episode 182

And they are back!! Episode 182 of Smoke Night LIVE features our good friends Danny Moya from Moya Ruiz Cigars and Abe Dababneh from Smoke Inn. While the company briefly fell from the limelight they are back and have announced the Hand Gripper a Microblend release with Smoke Inn in Boynton Beach Florida. We will catch up with Danny and Nelson and get the inside scoop regarding what’s been happening the last couple years with their company.


Terence Reilly, Erik Espinosa & Jack Torano (181)

Episode 181 of Smoke Night LIVE is our Super Bo…. errrr…. Big Game edition featuring Terence Reilly of Aganorsa Leaf representing all New England Fans facing off with Erik Espinosa of Espinosa Premium Cigars who will be representing Los Angeles fans… errr… the rest of the world. The biggest game in football only happens once a year and we have the masters-of-smack-talk going head-to-head to get you ready for the big game.


Smoke Night LIVE with guest Michael Knowles (180)

Episode 180 of Smoke Night LIVE will feature special guest Michael Knowles the host of “The Michael Knowles Show” at the Daily Wire. Besides Michael’s work at the Daily Wire he is an avid cigar smoker. Michael has also performed in theater, television, and cinema, recently starring in the feature-length comedy film Hollyweird. In 2017, he teamed up with acclaimed novelist and screenwriter Andrew Klavan to perform the thirteen-episode narrative podcast Another Kingdom. We will find out from...


Smoke Night LIVE with Fred Rewey (179)

Episode 179 of Smoke Night LIVE will feature special guest Fred Rewey. It wasn’t that long ago Fred shocked the cigar industry when he sold Nomad Cigars. On this episode we catch up with Fred and find out why he stepped away and what he is up to now. We will also get Fred’s take on this year’s cigar awards as well as his candid thoughts on the industry in general.


Cigar of the Year 2018 Awards Show (178)

Episode 178 of Smoke Night LIVE will be the biggest show of the year! Yes folks, it’s time for the Dojo to announce our picks for the best cigars of 2018. We will discuss our Top 10 list, as well as the top 5 limited edition cigars from 2018. Not only that, but we will reveal the best under-the-radar cigar, value cigar, and luxury cigar. Last but not least, we will announce our pick for the factory and brand of the year.


Smoke Night LIVE with Jack Toraño (177)

Episode 177 of Smoke Night LIVE will feature Jack Toraño who has just been announced as the new Director of Sales for Espinosa Premium Cigars. Jack’s recent exit from General Cigar was the big news before Christmas so we will get all the details from Jack on his career shift.


Smoke Night LIVE with Omar de Frias (174)

Episode 174 of Smoke Night LIVE features special guest Omar de Frias of Fratello Cigars. Creating a great cigar isn’t rocket science but if it were Omar would be perfectly suited for the job after all he walked away from a big paying career with NASA to devote his full attention to the cigar biz. Fratello Cigars has been creating some if the industries most tasty cigars of the past few years and we will get their entire story on this week’s episode.