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Cigar Dojo is the world's most fun cigar community, app, and blog. We also feature the most watched cigar show on the internet: Smoke Night LIVE.

Cigar Dojo is the world's most fun cigar community, app, and blog. We also feature the most watched cigar show on the internet: Smoke Night LIVE.


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Cigar Dojo is the world's most fun cigar community, app, and blog. We also feature the most watched cigar show on the internet: Smoke Night LIVE.








Smoke Night LIVE With Luis And Alec Cuevas

Luis Cuevas and his son Alec from Casa Cuevas Cigars join us as our special guests on Smoke Night LIVE. We will ask this father and son duo about the rich history their family has in the tobacco industry and how they have successfully navigated the difficult and unique challenges in today’s industry.


Smoke Night LIVE with Rafael Nodal Of Aging Room Cigars

Rafael Nodal from Altadis USA and Aging Room Cigars joins the show to discuss the cigar industry as well as the fantastic year the company has had, including their Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua, which received Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar of the Year award.


Smoke Night LIVE With José Blanco Of Arturo Fuente

Our good friend José Blanco returns to Smoke Night LIVE, but this time around he represents Arturo Fuente. José is now Fuente’s director of sales for the entire eastern hemisphere. That’s right folks, he gets his own hemisphere! We will catch up with José and see how he is handling life in the eastern hemisphere and we will also get an update on all things Fuente.


Smoke Night LIVE With Perdomo’s Nick Perdomo

Nick Perdomo is back to discuss one of the hottest cigars of the summer, the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Sun Grown and Maduro. We will get the scoop from Nick to find out what makes these new releases so special.


Smoke Night LIVE With Camacho's George Rami

Camacho’s George Rami joins the show to talk about the new Camacho Nicaragua, as well as all the other happenings with Camacho and AVO this summer. Also on the show, Alec Bradley’s Alan Rubin joins us to pick the winners of our MASSIVE #summercigars2020 contest/giveaway.


Smoke Night LIVE - Undercrown DOGMA Sun Grown Edition

It’s a monumental edition of Smoke Night LIVE, as we prep the world for the imminent release of the Drew Estate/Dojo Undercrown DOGMA Sun Grown. Smoke Inn’s Abe Dababneh joins Master Sensei and Drew Estate’s Jack Heyer to outline and detail the July 30th pre-sale launch.


Smoke Night Live - Name That Tune (3rd Edition)

It's the third edition of the Name That Tune audience participation game show. One of our most popular game show episodes is back for another encore! On this episode, we read song lyrics and the first person to respond on Facebook with the name of the song (and which artist recorded it) will be awarded a point. The person with the most points at the end of the show will win a killer prize from the Dojo (you must participate LIVE to have a chance to win).


Smoke Night Live – Team Espinosa

Smoke Night LIVE welcomes in the entire Espinosa Premium Cigars team to the show! The Alpha Dawg himself, Erik Espinosa, as well as Erik Jr, Héctor J. Alfonso Sr., Jack Toraño, and Richie Otero will all join Jordan and Master Sensei for fun and informative round-table discussion.


Smoke Night LIVE - Round Table

Get ready for FIREWORKS as we assemble a roundtable of guests and a possible train wreck of podcasting. The Protocol boys (Juan Cancel and Kevin Keithan) join Matt Booth (Room101) and Terence Reilly (Aganorsa Leaf) for a full hour of shenanigans.


Smoke Night LIVE Hidden Gems Edition

It’s the hidden gems edition of Smoke Night LIVE. We round-up the Cigar Dojo review staff and explore some of their favorite cigars that might be a bit off the radar. Robby Rasmussen, Randy Griggs, Bear Duplisa, and Kevin Acuff join Master Sensei and Jordan for a fun round table discussion.


Smoke Night LIVE With Steve Saka

Are you ready to rant? Steve Saka joins Smoke Night LIVE and he’s bursting at the seams, ready to unload on any given topic! The founder and CEO of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust will be back for what should be an entertaining night of polite and pleasant conversation...


Smoke Night LIVE With Drew Estate’s Pedro Gomez

Put on your seat belts, because Drew Estate Factory Spokesman Pedro Gomez joins what could be the most important Smoke Night LIVE in years. Pedro’s infectious positivity and passion will be on full display as he joins Master Sensei in revealing a massive announcement.


Smoke Night LIVE with Foundation Cigar Company’s Nick Melillo

Special guest Nick Melillo, AKA the Chief of the Broadleaf, AKA Nick R Agua joins the Dojo crew for a fun-filled show. Nick, the Founder and CEO of Foundation Cigar Company, has a huge resume in the cigar business, and all in a short amount of time! We will get his take on the state of affairs today and catch up with what’s new for Foundation Cigar Company.


Smoke Night LIVE Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony 2020

It’s one of the biggest shows of the year, as we induct five more members into the Dojo Hall of Fame. Each and every year we recognize a group of Dojo members who have gone above and beyond to support the Cigar Dojo community, either through tireless participation or by other means. Tune in this week to see who joins this very prestigious class.


Smoke Night LIVE With JDNs Juan Martinez

Juan Martínez, Executive President of Joya de Nicaragua, is our guest. We will be discussing the 2nd consecutive year that Joya blew away the cigar industry with incredible releases, including the Número Uno, which was the Dojo’s number 1 cigar of 2019. We will also catch up with how things are going in Nicaragua during these difficult times.


Smoke Night LIVE with Davidoff’s Klaas Kelner

It's time for another “Klaas is in Session” on Smoke Night LIVE. Klaas Kelner, Senior Brand Ambassador from Davidoff, joins us for a special edition of Smoke Night LIVE. We will get the 10 best questions from the Cigar Dojo community and pose them to Klaas live on the show.


Smoke Night LIVE - MEGA Edition

It’s VERY special Smoke Night LIVE, featuring: Jonathan Drew, Erik Espinosa, Matt Booth, Terence Reilly, George Rami, Eddy Guerra, Skip Martin, Alec Rubin, Juan Cancel, and Kevin Keithan. We have assembled almost every cigar brand that has ever collaborated with the Dojo and are throwing them into the Dojo/Protocol Virtual Lounge for a chat about cigars, life, and the existential nature of man’s existence.


Smoke Night LIVE with Cigar Coop & Nick Libretti

Smoke Night LIVE features cigar media giants William “Cigar Coop” Cooper and Nick Libretti of JR Cigars. We get the state of the nation, errr… the state of the cigar industry, in these trying times. Online retailers, brick and mortar operations, manufactures, cigar reps—how are they are they faring during the coronavirus outbreak? Will the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) trade show happen this summer? And if so, what will it be like? We answer all these questions and much much more.


Smoke Night LIVE with Nick Perdomo Jr.

Join us for a very special Monday edition of Smoke Night LIVE with Nick Perdomo Jr., the President and CEO of Perdomo Cigars. Nick is a true rags to riches story, starting a cigar company in his garage in 1992 and turning it into one of the most well-known and respected brands in the industry. Perdomo Cigars is one of the few truly vertically integrated companies in the business, and Nick knows every detail of every step in the process, so you will not want to miss this show.


Smoke Night LIVE with Alan Rubin of Alec Bradley

Join us as we welcome in Alan Rubin, founder and CEO of Alec Bradley Cigar Co. Not only does Alan have some great opinions on the cigar industry and its direction, he also isn’t afraid to share his thoughts on just about any topic you can throw at him. On this show, we will get Alan’s thoughts and feelings on a wide range of topics.