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Cigar Dojo is the world's most fun cigar community, app, and blog. We also feature the most watched cigar show on the internet: Smoke Night LIVE.

Cigar Dojo is the world's most fun cigar community, app, and blog. We also feature the most watched cigar show on the internet: Smoke Night LIVE.


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Cigar Dojo is the world's most fun cigar community, app, and blog. We also feature the most watched cigar show on the internet: Smoke Night LIVE.








Smoke Night LIVE – Cigar Industry War Room

We gather a panel of experts and tackle several cigar-related topics that affect the industry. William "Cigar Coop" Cooper, Nick Libretti from JR Cigar, and Flavor Odyssey’s Robby Rasmussen and Randy Griggs join Jordan and Master Sensei in the War Room for a top secret meeting that could shape the cigar industry's future for years to come.


Smoke Night LIVE – Casey Haugen Crux Cigars

Casey Haugen from Crux Cigars is in Colorado, joining Master Sensei and Jordan for a an interview, where we will get an update on the Crux brand and find out what Casey has been up to the past year.


Smoke Night LIVE – Terence Reilly Aganorsa Leaf

Aganorsa Leaf’s Terence Reilly joins Smoke Night LIVE to discuss the ReviveR – the much anticipated re-release of the Dojo’s collaboration with Aganorsa Leaf. We will get the full story from Terence and catch up with all things Aganorsa.


Smoke Night LIVE – Blind Cigar Reviews

Emmett Malone from Blind Man’s Puff joins the show, challenging Jordan the “Wonder Boy” producer and your host, Master Sensei, to smoke premium cigars “blind,” seeing just how accurate their judgement is. In return, Jordan and Sensei challenge Emmett as well in the battle of the palates.


Smoke Night LIVE – Matt Booth Room101

Matt Booth from Room101 Brand joins the show for what is sure to be a wild episode. When Matt is on the show you never know what to expect, but it’s always a fun ride! We will catch up with all things Room101 and see what Matt has up his sleeve in the coming months.


Smoke Night LIVE – Cigar Lounge Hot Button Issues

It’s a special audience participation edition of Smoke Night LIVE. Master Sensei is joined by William "Cigar Coop" Cooper and Scott Braband from Trinity Cigar Lounge to discuss several hot-button issues that affect all cigar smokers. The audience can let their voices be heard during the show in a fun, interactive participation event.


Smoke Night LIVE – Nick Melillo Foundation Cigars

It’s a special Wednesday night edition of Smoke Night LIVE, as Nick Melillo stops by Dojo Studios to catch up on what’s going on with Foundation Cigar Co. and discuss what comes next from the former Cigar of the Year winner.


Smoke Night LIVE – The 300th Episode

It’s a very special Smoke Night LIVE, as we celebrate our 300th episode! Live from Dojo studios, it’s a virtual cavalcade of cigar personalities, on location to commemorate this momentous occasion, and also kick off the 2021 Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival.


Smoke Night LIVE – Cigar Brand Stock Market & First Impressions

Tonight, we gather a panel of experts for two of our most popular segments. Join your hosts, Master Sensei and Jordan, plus Robby Rasmussen, Emmett Malone, and Bear Duplisea, for the Cigar Brand Stock Market, in which we decide if we should buy, hold, or sell stock in a list of cigar brands based on their recent performance in the industry. We will also give our first impressions on cigars that we will smoke for the first time live on the show.


Smoke Night LIVE – Robert Holt of Southern Draw Cigars

We catch up with Robert Holt from Southern Draw Cigars. It’s been a semi-quiet past year for Southern Draw, which could mean the company has big plans for the upcoming year. Tune in to find out what Robert and the team have up their sleeve.


Smoke Night LIVE – Erik Espinosa & Nick Libretti

We interview Erik Espinosa from Espinosa Premium Cigars and Nick Libretti from JR Cigar. We will be discussing the upcoming release of the Psychedelic Turtle II, which will be available August 6th on the JR Cigar website. We will also get Erik and Nick’s take on the summer Olympics and much more.


Smoke Night LIVE – The Future Of Cigars

With our guests Terence Reilly from Aganorsa Leaf and Kyle Gellis from Warped Cigars, we explore the future of the cigars, i.e., the trends, techniques, marketing, and the exploding demand for premium cigars in today’s market. Both Terence and Kyle are young, innovative brand runners that have a unique perspective on the trajectory of the premium cigar market.


Smoke Night LIVE – 2021 PCA Trade Show Recap

We analyze and recap the 2021 Premium Cigar Association Trade Show. Find out who were the winners, who were the losers, and what all the drama was about. William “Cigar Coop” Cooper will join the Dojo crew to hash out all the details.


Smoke Night LIVE – Battle Of The Bundles

It’s the Battle of the Bundles! We smoke and rate 5 of the most popular bundle cigars to see what value smoke is king of the hill. We will also be testing 5 bottom-shelf bourbons, hoping to find a diamond in the rough.


Smoke Night LIVE – Gas Station Cigar Showdown

It’s the first-ever Gas Station Cigar Showdown. Premium cigar experts rate and review some of the most popular non-premium cigars, such as: Phillies Blunt, Dutch Masters, Backwoods, Black & Mild, and Al Capone. Just how big a gap is there between a gas station cigar and a premium cigar?? Tune in and find out.


Smoke Night LIVE – Eating Scorpions With Camacho's George Rami

We will eat a SCORPION with Camacho’s George Rami. What would drive us to do such an insane thing? A shameless ratings grab, of course! Plus, we will get all the details on the exciting new Camp Camacho digital experience inside the Dojoverse, along with info on the new Factory Unleashed cigar from Camacho.


Smoke Night LIVE – Fratello’s Omar de Frias

Our special guest is Omar de Frias from Fratello Cigars. We will get the scoop on Omar’s latest venture into the world of craft beer!


Smoke Night LIVE – JSK's Riste Ristevski

Riste Ristevski, the owner and operator of Jas Sum Kral Cigars, joins us in studio as we discuss the future of JSK, as well as what is on the horizon for alternative cigar products such as the Nuggs and other similar innovations.


Smoke Night LIVE – LFD’s Jonathan Carney

We welcome back to the show Jonathan Carney, vice president of sales of La Flor Dominicana. Jonathan has had an eventful past year and we will catch up with all the things LFD, including what to expect in the next calendar year from the company and Jon.


Smoke Night LIVE – Cigar Industry SPECIAL REPORT

It’s a special Wednesday night edition of Smoke Night LIVE. On this episode we get a “state of the union” update from the Premium Cigar Association. Josh Habursky, director of government affairs, and Glynn Loope, director of state advocacy from the PCA, will bring us up to speed on the FDA’s war against premium cigars.