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A current affairs program produced at Triple R in Melbourne, Australia. Exploring domestic issues in a global context, The Grapevine features interviews with those in the know, providing insights into our politics, cities, rights, cultures and the environment. Hosted by Kulja Coulston and Dylan Bird. The intro and outro theme is Soft Illusion and was generously provided by Andras.


Melbourne, VIC


A current affairs program produced at Triple R in Melbourne, Australia. Exploring domestic issues in a global context, The Grapevine features interviews with those in the know, providing insights into our politics, cities, rights, cultures and the environment. Hosted by Kulja Coulston and Dylan Bird. The intro and outro theme is Soft Illusion and was generously provided by Andras.






Victorian election review with George Megalogenis, The Freedom Of Information Funny Files

On the final episode of The Grapevine for 2022, Kulja and Dylan explore the Victorian state election results with George Megalogenis; Writer and director for film and theatre, Kaylene Tan and the State Library Victoria's new CEO Paul Duldig discuss White Magic, a new research project as part of the SLV's 2023 Fellowships; and Petra Stock returns with some odd Freedom Of Information requests and funny files. The Grapevine will return on January 30, 2023.


A.I. and the university, preferential voting and mosquito-borne diseases

Kulja and Dylan return to The Grapevine to chat with Jeff Sparrow about the challenges facing universities in regards to the use of AI by university students; Stephen Mayne discusses Victoria's use of the Group Voting Ticket system and preferential voting in the upcoming state election; and Dr Tanya Russell, Senior Research Fellow at James Cook University explains what we can do to minimise mosquitoes in the home and protect ourselves against mosquito-borne diseases.


The Brazilian Election, COP27 and exploring the stories of women in prison

Kulja and Dylan explore the Brazilian election with Dr Deborah Barros Leal Farias, Senior Lecturer at UNSW's School of Social Sciences; Cam Walker covers the global climate talks at COP27; and Kharen Harper - the artistic director of independent theatre company Somebody's Daughter discusses their new podcast about lives and experiences of women in prison.


Sponsorship of Australian Sports, Police Accountability and South Parkville Heritage Precinct

Kulja and Dylan talk with Emma Sherry, Professor and Co-director of the Sport Innovation Research Group at Swinburne University of Technology about the new report 'Out of Bounds: Coal, gas and oil sponsorship of Australian sports'; Spokesperson for Police Accountability Project, Ilo DIaz presents new research into lowered trust in the community towards vic police; and Dave Nichols discusses 50 years of South Parkville being declared a heritage precinct.


Energy announcements & what's going on in Syria

On this episode of The Grapevine; Kulja and Dylan are joined by Grapevine regular Giles Parkinson from Renew Economy to chat all things energy policy in both the upcoming Victorian state election and this week's Federal Budget; and Dr Marika Sosnowski, research fellow with the German Institute for Global Area Studies explores 'What's Going on in Syria'.


Australia in the international arena, Ukraine refugees and Melbourne's soaring rent prices

On this episode of The Grapevine, Dylan and Kulja talk with Professor Clinton Fernandes about his new book Sub-Imperial Power: Australia in the International Arena; David Manne of Refugee Legal discusses refugees in Australia and those fleeing Ukraine; and Swinburne Uni's Professor Wendy Stone explores the impact of soaring rental prices in Melbourne.


Climate 200, Threats of Nuclear War and the Victorian State Election

On this week's episode of The Grapevine, Kulja and Dylan talk to Climate 200's Simon Holmes à Court about his new essay The Big Teal; The Grapevine's regular, Jeff Sparrow, explores the Russian-Ukraine war and escalating threat of Russia's use of nuclear weapons; and Victorian State Correspondent for The Guardian, Benita Kolovos, discusses the Essendon CEO saga in the context of the upcoming Victorian State Election.


Media Diversity, A Fairer Future For Women At Work and The Italian Right Wing Movement.

Kulja rejoins Dylan on The Grapevine to discuss the rise of fascist politician Giorgia Meloni in Italy and the modern European far-right movement with PHD Researcher Sofia Ammassari, Kristine Ziwica talks about her book Leaning Out - A Fairer Future for Women at Work in Australia and Independent MP for Goldstein, Zoe Daniel explores the push for an inquiry into media diversity.

The findings from the Vic Law Reform Commission's report into Stalking.

Kulja is away again this week, while Dylan talks infrastructure and planning with Dave Nichols in the lead up to the State Election. Uluru Youth Dialogue Co-Chair, Bridget Cama discusses the History Is Calling education campaign on voice to parliament. Chair of the VLRC, the Honourable Tony North QC, reviews the findings and recommendations from the Victorian Law Reform Commission's final report into stalking and Andreea S. Claude, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Waikato,...


Dan Andrews Biography, Reforms To Regulate Truth In Political Advertising and The Upcoming Election In Brazil.

Dylan flies solo this week while Kulja is away. Sumeyya Llanbey discusses her Dan Andrews Biography, Deputy Vice-Chancellor UNSW, Professor George Williams talks about the call for reforms to regulate truth in political advertising and Dr Raul Sanches-Urribarri, Senior Lecturer in Crime, Justice and Legal Studies at LaTrobe University explores the failed referendum in Chile, a progressive wave in South America and the upcoming elections in Brazil.


The Wellbeing Agenda, What Now For The Republic and Female Frontline Journalists, Through Her Eyes.

On this episode of The Grapevine, Kulja and Dylan discuss the Wellbeing Agenda with VCOSS CEO, Emma King, in regards to policy for housing, homelessness and the rising cost of living. Jeff Sparrow explores what it could mean for an Australian Republic following the death of Queen Elizabeth, Author and Journalist Melissa Roberts talks about the new book Through Her Eyes, which details the work of female foreign correspondents on the front line.


True Crime Podcast Ethics, Friends of the Earth & Priorities for The Victorian Music Industry.

On this episode of The Grapevine Kulja and Dylan talk to Siobhan McHugh, Honorary Associate Professor, University of Sydney, about the ethics of true crime podcasting following the guilty verdict of Chris Dawson. Regular guest on The Grapevine, Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth discusses new environmental regulations along with electric vehicles, building codes and biodiversity markets. Music Victoria Board Member, Nkechi Anele, covers a new white paper outlining the Priorities for the...


State Politics, Uber Air and The Forum for Dwelling Justice.

Dylan is back this week and joins Kulja to discuss the upcoming State Election with Benita Kolovos, VIctorian State Correspondent for Guardian Australia; Regular guest on The Grapevine, FOI Correspondent Petra Stock reports on her findings into what happened with the proposed Uber Air launch; Housing activist and scholar, Dr David Kelly talks about The Forum for Dwelling Justice.


Renew Economy, Medicare Bulk-billing Inequality & Refugee Reform

On this episode of The Grapevine, Kulja flies solo with Dylan away for the week. She discusses new environmental and clean energy action with Giles Parkinson, Editor of Renew Economy; Stephanie Convery, Inequality Reporter for The Guardian reports on the rising cost of Medicare, Bulk-billing in critical condition and how these changes are impacting those most vulnerable; Executive Director of Refugee Legal, David Manne talks on the Refugee reform agenda.


New government, new emissions target?

On this episode of The Grapevine, Kulja and Dylan are joined by Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth to discuss the adequacy of the new Labor government's 43 percent emissions reduction target. And, investigative journalist with The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, Nick Mckenzie, to break down IBAC's revelations of branch stacking in the Victorian State Labor Party. Then, lawyer with Maurice and Blackburn, Patrick Turner, gets on the line to discuss employees rights as the government urges...


Woke Capitalism, Ukraine foreign fighters and the new Marcos Presidency

This week on The Grapevine things get international. Crikey's Amber Shchultz talks about her reporting on the Ukraine War - particularly around foreign fighters who've accused Ukraine of corruption and mismanagement. Nicole Curato talks about her essay in the latest edition of Foreign Affairs which is all about the return to power of the Marcos Family dynasty in The Philippines. Plus, chats with Professor Charl Rhodes on his new book Woke Capitalism: How Corporate Morality is Sabotaging...


Inala Cooper's personal exploration of Aboriginal identity

On this episode of The Grapevine, Kulja and Dylan get on the line with Inala Cooper, director of Murrup Barak, The Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development at Melbourne Uni, to talk about her essay for the National Interest Marrul: Aboriginal Identity and The Fight For Rights. And executive director at Refugee Legal, David Manne, steps into the studio to talk about the new Federal Government's refugee policy which could mean reforms to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Legal...


Why Is Australia So Infatuated With The USA?

On this episode of the Grapevine, Kulja and Dylan get on the line with Emeritus Professor of Strategic Studies, Hugh White, to talk about Australia's America-centric approach to strategic policy in the Indo-pacific. Prof White explores the high stakes geo-politics of the Pacific in the latest edition of The Quarterly Essay, Sleepwalk to War: Australia's Unthinking Alliance with America. And Guardian Australia’s Victorian state correspondent, Benita Kolovos, calls in to discuss the mass...


Freedom of Information, the housing crisis and the energy market

Petra Stock provides a progress update on her Freedom of Information research and reporting. Petra digs into the details of remote learning and teaching environments during the pandemic. VCOSS CEO Emma King breaks down the 5.2 minimum wage rise in the context of Australia's housing and cost of living crisis. Renew Economy’s Giles Peterson explains the unprecedented decision by the Australian Energy Market Operator – taking control of the direction of Australia’s power supply away from the...


What will Parliamentary representation, Pacific relations and Press Freedom look like under Labor?

On this episode of The Grapevine, Dylan gets on the line with the CEO of the Grattan Institute, Danielle Wood, to discuss the gender balance in parliament as the newly elected Labor Government installs record numbers of women to the Cabinet. Then, as Anthony Albanese and Penny Wong jet all over the Pacific in the first days of governance, Director of the ANU Pacific Institute Dr George Carter helps analyse what the impact of the new federal government might be for Australia’s relationship...