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Firearms Friday // 9 - 21 - 18 // Mental Health and Guns with Michael Soldini

Today's #FirearmsFriday is all about providing solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the gun community. How do we deal with the nexus of mental illness and gun ownership? It's one of the questions we'll discuss with Michael Sodini, president of Eagle Imports and founder of Walk the Talk America. Plus we'll cover gun headlines and even get a chance to do some gun Q&A (remember there's no such thing as a dumb gun question)


Wednesday // 9 - 19 - 18 // SCOTUS, Politics & Pirates.

More's Wednesday and its ITLAPD....what's that? We also take a look at the meltdown over the SCOTUS nomination and the desperation on the Democratic Side. Plus we'll take your phone calls and talk with our old friend Cap'n Slappy.


Tuesday // 9 - 18 - 18 // SCOTUS, Brad Keithley & KPB Candidate Troy Jones

Today we get back into the details. National headlines start the show, then we chat with Brad Keithley from Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets about the state of the State. Then in hour 2 we talk with Troy Jones, who is running for the Kenai Borough Assembly in District 9 from the Homer area.


Monday // 9 - 17 - 18 // SCOTUS, PFD, Micciche and Ak Politics

Monday...back home today. Let's recap what happened over the weekend on the SCOTUS nomination, then we'll take on the weekend announcement from Peter Micciche about the PFD. Finally we'll talk about what is happening in politics across the state and other issues.


Firearms Friday // 9 - 14 - 18 //Firearms Friday, America and Florence + Gun Q&A

Firearms Friday, gun rights, America and Florence + Gun Q&A


Thursday // 9 - 13 - 18 // Stand for Alaska & Care Clift for Lt Gov

Good Morning! We're hoping this morning to have some folks on from Stand For Alaska, the group against the upcoming Ballot Measure #1, on top of that we'll do headlines and more. Then in hour two we'll talk to Care Clift LIbertarian Candidate for LT Gov


Wednesday // 9 - 12 - 18 // May MacGuineas & Brad Keithley talk budgets

Today is all about budgets and details. In hour one we start by talking to Maya MacGuineas, president of Committee For a Responsible Federal Budget about the national tax cut situation, and how exactly we are going to pay for it over the long term. Then in hour two our normal Tuesday guest Brad Keithley with Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets comes in to discuss a similar situation here in the State of Alaska. Break out your pencils and your slide rules, we're going to dive deep!


Tuesday // 9 - 11 - 18 // Sarah Vance Dist 31, Chris Story Positivity & where's the Journalism?

Normally Tuesday's are for Brad Keithley, but since he's traveling today we've got the next best thing. Sarah Vance, candidate for Dist 31 comes in to talk about her strategy to "unseat Seaton" in the lower peninsula. We'll talk numbers on budget, how to fix education, what to do about crime and her solution to fixing the PFD. Then in hour two Chris Story on Top of the World give us a boost of positive. Finally we finish up with a story in the Juneau Empire about State Retirement, that seems...


Monday // 9 - 10 - 18 // Headlines, Parenting and the defense of the Republic

Monday! Are you ready for headlines? We'll cover stuff from around the state and the rest of the nation. Then I get a little introspective and talk about raising kids in the modern age, where everything is plugged in to the interwebs. We get a surprise visit from write in candidate Ron Gillham and finally we have a "reason block" where we talk about the importance of the electoral college, and why the move by several states to cast their electoral votes for the popular national candidate...


Firearms Friday // 9 - 7 - 18 // Larry Pratt on SCOTUS and Gun Rights

It's our favorite day of the week, where we get to discuss issues surrounding the 2nd Amendment and firearms issues. Today's guest is Larry Pratt, former Executive Director of GOA. We talk about some of the stuff from Cincinnati and Washington State. Then in hour 2 we do a "Gun Q&A" where we answer any question you may have about firearms or the 2nd Amendment.


Tuesday // 9 - 4 - 18 // Tuesday's Info Overload, Brad Keithley, Chris Story

Today's show is a deep dive into the numbers. We start in hour one with Brad Keithley from Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets talking about Alaskan budgets, then in hour two we try to end on a high note with Chris Story on Top of the World.


Thursday // 9 - 6 - 18 // Jackson & Gattis (cop team or lawyers?) talk education

Today is about education. We get to chat with two, count'em two former Lt Governor candidates. In hour one we talk with Sharon Jackson and in hour two the chat begins with Lynn Gattis. We'll be discussing the state of education in light of the latest article from the ADN about more than half the students in AK failing to meet grade requirements.


Wednesday // 9 - 5 - 18 // Scott Kawasaki for State House

Seems like we're starting to get back into election groove. We start off this morning with Maya MacGuineas from Committee For a Responsible Federal Budget discusses the Tax Cuts (CANCELLED). Then in hour 2 we talk with Scott Kawasaki who is now running for State Senate in Dist A.


Monday // 9 - 3 - 18 // Labor Day Edition a.k.a. (why aren't we still in bed?)

It's the Labor Day holiday and we're gonna just chat about whatever we feel like today. Hope to have you call in as well (if you're not sleeping in on the holiday). 503-298-4540, also feel free to drop me a line via email.


Firearms Friday // 8 - 31 - 18 // #FirearmsFriday Rob Pincus, NPR and Gun Q&A

It's #FirearmsFriday! Today we talk with Rob Pincus from Personal Defense Network about the latest eye opening article from NPR that disputes the idea that we have nearly one school shooting per day in this country. Then we delve down into firearms news and take on your firearms questions with "Gun Q&A" where there is "no such thing as a dumb gun question".


Thursday // 8 - 30 - 18 //'s Eric Boehm and our Fiscal Future.

Time for a little Reason with Reason Magazine's Eric Boehm. He discusses the plight of the country in regard to spending and taxes. Plus we discuss what's happening around the state as we get geared up for fall and winter.


Wednesday // 8 - 29 - 18 // Fraud in the 15th Dist with Tuckerman Babcock

Yesterdays story about what has happened with potential voter fraud was just the tip of the iceberg. Today we talk with Tuckerman Babcock, Chair - Alaska Republican Party about the irregularities that were found in the absentee ballots, who they think is to blame and what they are planning on doing about it. We'll also take your calls, emails and comments in the chat room.


Tuesday // 8 - 28 - 18 // Brad Keithley & Chris Story

oday's show includes discussions of election fraud, plus Brad Keithley from Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets in hour one. Then the discussion continues with Chris Story on Top of the World in hour two


Monday // 8 - 27 - 18 //McCain Passes, Shooting @ The Landing +Michelle Tabler BBB

We'll talk a bit about the passing of John McCain, the shooting in Florida and other headlines. Plus we'll take some phone calls as well. Then in hour two we'll talk with Michelle Tabler from the Better Business Bureau Northwest Serving Alaska about potential scams and problems facing us across the State.


Firearms Friday // 8 - 24 - 18 // More Concealed Carry & the Next Phase of the War on Guns

It's #FirearmsFriday! Your chance to sound off on 2nd Amendment Issues. We'll be covering issues revolving around guns and the rights afforded under the Constitution. We'll also be answering any question you may have about firearms. Remember, 'there's no such thing as a dumb gun question'.