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The Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales Podcast

The Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales Podcast
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The Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales Podcast




Are You Being Paid Enough?

In our last episode, we discussed the fact that you can only really build and sustain a profit-focused business if you are consistently creating exceptional value for your customers. What’s a good gauge for whether or not you’re doing that? Ask yourself this: Are you being paid enough for the time you’re putting in? The […]


The High Value/Profit-Focused Business

Recently I was explaining to our Inner Circle and AIM SmartEQP members about how to maximize their revenue within the 3 areas of customer contact, and more specifically, within the 9 focus areas that ensure profitability. Most distributors don’t even know what the 9 focus areas are, let alone how to maximize them, which gives […]


Getting Referrals with Words and Actions

When your best clients talk to other people about you, what do they say? Do they say you’re creative? Do they say you’re responsive? Do they say you’re excellent at coming up with recommendations that make perfect sense for the objectives they’re trying to reach? What if they’re not saying anything about you at all? […]


Just Because We Can, Doesn’t Mean We Should

One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned in business, is that just because I’m capable of doing something — either well or poorly — doesn’t mean I should do it. And like most business lessons, I learned this one the hard way. In the early days of my career in the industry, I […]


Talking, Thinking & Worrying (Instead of Selling)

It’s interesting to me that some people in our industry spend so much time talking about selling, thinking about selling and worrying about selling, that they rarely find the time to actually do any selling! The best salespeople I know are essentially machines when it comes to performing the most important and profitable tasks associated […]


Persistence Can Be Deadly

One afternoon a few weeks ago, my wife noticed something strange going on outside our home. There was a bird that kept flying into the window on the side of our house again and again and again. It wasn’t big enough to damage the window, but if it kept it up, it would certainly kill […]


Leading Prospects Off of Social Media

As a professional in our industry, you probably differentiate between your online activities, and your offline activities. You may further differentiate between your personal online activities and your business online activities. Or you may just find the whole thing a gigantic distraction. In any event, today I’d like to talk with you about why you […]


Desire + Discipline = Success

Every day in our lives, there are things that need to be done. Sometimes we feel like doing those things and sometimes we don’t. But one thing’s for certain. If you rely on discipline alone — forcing yourself to do things you don’t feel like doing to get them done — you’re probably making things […]


Can You Create a Need for Promotional Products?

Most experienced salespeople are at least somewhat familiar with the idea of selling to a client’s needs. So how do you do that when prospects feel like they don’t have a need for promotional products? For decades, business owners and sales managers have encouraged their sales teams to sell to the prospect’s needs. Find a […]


Creating a Positive Buying Experience

I’ve had quite a few buying experiences recently that have left me feeling frustrated, annoyed and kind of sad. Frustrated that people can be so blasé about business, annoyed that I’ve spent money with people who really don’t seem to appreciate the business I’ve given them, and sad that as a society, we seem to […]


How to Be Confident, Helpful and Persistent (Instead of Cocky, Overbearing and Pushy!)

Some salespeople in our industry are very good at what they do, but they don’t get to do enough of it, so they don’t get to sell as much as they could, because they’re afraid of coming across as pushy. And that fear can slow them down or even stop them dead in their tracks. […]


Why Account Penetration Should be Mandatory

We got some good feedback last week regarding our topic, How to Penetrate Large Accounts. In it, I provided a simple framework for using referrals to spread yourself throughout a large organization like a virus. This week, we’ll discuss three reasons why following this strategy and fully penetrating every large account you work with is […]


How to Penetrate Large Accounts

This week, a long time client asked me a question about penetrating large accounts. He was talking about how they’re currently working with one location, trying to penetrate a second and then realizing that there are actually many more locations. So the question is “what’s the best way to penetrate a large account?” Many of […]


Creating a Compelling Marketing Voice

Most marketing messages and business communications are bland, directionless, and dull as dishwater. If you’re sending out emails that don’t get a response or leaving voicemail messages that are largely ignored, take a look at what you’re putting out. I can virtually guarantee it’s missing one or more of the Five Elements of a Compelling […]


The Problem with Under-promise/Over-deliver

Everyone knows that if you over-promise and under-deliver, it kills your credibility with clients. But what about the reverse? What if you under-promise and over-deliver — giving them more than they expected or were promised? Sounds like a good plan, right? But delivering more than what’s promised often comes with it’s own set of issues. […]


The Social Media/Sales Funnel (Dis)Connection

There is a huge disconnect in business today — one that wastes enormous amounts of time and causes salespeople and business owners to miss out on enormous opportunities. While it’s common in many businesses, it’s rampant, even among those who might be great at everything from social media, to content marketing to traditional selling. It’s […]


The Intent Behind Your Sales Message

In our last episode, we discussed the fact that there are more ways to reach people now, than ever before. As a result, we’re all bombarded and it’s harder to get a response. In this episode, we’ll continue our discussion on Monetizing Your Message: Crafting Communication that Sells with a look at the direction of […]


Prospects Not Responding? Do This…

One of the biggest issues that sales professionals are dealing with these days is the inability to get a response. “People aren’t answering their phones, people aren’t responding to my emails, people aren’t returning my phone calls, I waste lots of time on social media with nothing to show for it.” All of these issues […]


Is Anyone Training Your Salespeople?

In our last episode, we talked about the fact that in sales, there are times when making more calls can actually do you more harm than good. Particularly, when we’re saying the wrong things, targeting the wrong businesses or approaching the wrong people. Each of these situations is symptomatic of the same problem: untrained or […]


When More Calls ISN’T the Answer

“Sales is a numbers game,” they said. “Make more calls and you’ll make more money,” they said. “Keep smilin’ and dialin'” they said. They said a lot of things, but who are they, anyway? Is sales really a numbers game? Will making more calls always increase my sales? Here’s my take on it. Yes, sales […]