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The Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales Podcast

The Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales Podcast
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The Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales Podcast




How to Overcome the Obstacles and Dominate Your Market

In today’s podcast, I’d like to share with you the audio of the third video I did on the topic of Total Market Domination. In this session, I explained how to overcome the twelve obstacles outlined in our previous session. This podcast also mentions a free pdf mind-map you can follow along with. If you’d […]


12 Obstacles to Creating Top of Mind Awareness and Dominating Your Market

Today, I’d like to share with you the audio of a presentation I did on the twelve obstacles to creating top of mind awareness and dominating your market. This is part two in our workshop series, so if you missed part one or if you’d like to see the videos that go with this series, […]


Who is the Leader in Your Market? Is it You?

Hi and welcome to the podcast, this week I’d like to share the audio of a presentation I did recently on the topic of how to be the leader in your market and create the top of mind awareness you’ll need to dominate, in a good way! If you’d like to see the video that […]


Are We There Yet?

We’ve been talking a lot lately about different levels of awareness, from the entry-level awareness necessary to let someone know we exist, to the comfort-level awareness we need for prospects to feel comfortable enough with us to place that first order, to the top of mind awareness necessary to start dominating your market. And all […]


Top of Mind Awareness

In our last couple of episodes, we’ve been talking about different levels of awareness, starting with the entry-level awareness necessary to let people know we exist, then the comfort-level awareness we need to create so new prospects can feel comfortable enough with us to place that first order. But if you want to create the […]


How to Make Prospects Comfortable Enough to Buy from You

Last week, we talked about the sort of entry level awareness that’s required before you can start selling to anyone. This week, we’ll kick it up a notch and discuss the type of awareness you’ll need to create if you want to truly make a name for yourself, become a recognized force in your market, […]


Do Your Best Prospects Know You’re Alive?

If there’s one ability necessary to begin creating an environment in which the people best suited to doing business with you have an opportunity to do so, it’s not bonding, it’s not rapport-building and it’s not schmoozing. It all starts with awareness. Simply letting people know you’re alive. One of the biggest issues that I’ve […]


Three Characteristics of Leadership

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been talking a lot about the idea of dominating your market. It’s a topic that resonates with a lot of business owners and salespeople, but it also appears to make some people uncomfortable. So today, instead of talking domination, I’d like to talk to you about leadership. Every market […]


Why the Best Need to Dominate Their Markets

A few weeks ago, I posted a podcast and conducted a live training session in Chicago on the topic of Total Market Domination. Since then, I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback which made me realize that some people might not be comfortable with the title. To me, Market Domination is not a bad thing. […]


Selling After the Sale

So what happens after a customer buys from you? “Thank you, have a good day. Bye-bye!” If the purchase is the end of your sales process, you’re doing it all wrong! I’m back from the ASI Show in Chicago, my last major industry trade show of the year. It’s always such a pleasure seeing our […]


How to Dominate Your Market

Read or listen to the blog/podcast below, then enter your questions in the box at the bottom of this page. Visit any city in the world and you will find a slew of distributors, each virtually indistinguishable from the next. Same approach, same products, same pitch — dull as dishwater! If you don’t want this […]


5 Must-Have Tips For Getting Comfortable With Prospecting

How well does your current prospecting approach work? On a scale of one to ten, how confident are you that your current approach to prospecting — that is, identifying and bringing new clients through the door like clockwork — is completely dialed-in and as effective as it can possibly be? Do you have a clear […]


Paupers Selling Promos

Most people starting out in our industry have no experience selling promotional products. That’s understandable. Maybe they had previous experience selling other services like print or embroidery, or maybe they had some customer service experience. That’s all fine. But there’s a disturbing trend in our industry now that I would like to see ended as […]


Did I Say Don’t Make Cold Calls?

Would you believe that some people thought from last week’s episode that I was saying not to cold call? However did you get that impression? 🙂 As expected, I got a lot of passionate feedback about last week’s episode. Some were passionate about how right I was, some were passionate about how wrong I was, […]


Here’s What I REALLY Think About Cold Calling

Some people hate even the idea of cold calling. Other people swear by it. But generally, at least once a month, someone will either talk to me about the problems they’re having with their cold calling efforts, or ask me my thoughts on it. So today, here’s my two cents. Cold calling. Just saying the […]


Are You Being Paid Enough?

In our last episode, we discussed the fact that you can only really build and sustain a profit-focused business if you are consistently creating exceptional value for your customers. What’s a good gauge for whether or not you’re doing that? Ask yourself this: Are you being paid enough for the time you’re putting in? The […]


The High Value/Profit-Focused Business

Recently I was explaining to our Inner Circle and AIM SmartEQP members about how to maximize their revenue within the 3 areas of customer contact, and more specifically, within the 9 focus areas that ensure profitability. Most distributors don’t even know what the 9 focus areas are, let alone how to maximize them, which gives […]


Getting Referrals with Words and Actions

When your best clients talk to other people about you, what do they say? Do they say you’re creative? Do they say you’re responsive? Do they say you’re excellent at coming up with recommendations that make perfect sense for the objectives they’re trying to reach? What if they’re not saying anything about you at all? […]


Just Because We Can, Doesn’t Mean We Should

One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned in business, is that just because I’m capable of doing something — either well or poorly — doesn’t mean I should do it. And like most business lessons, I learned this one the hard way. In the early days of my career in the industry, I […]


Talking, Thinking & Worrying (Instead of Selling)

It’s interesting to me that some people in our industry spend so much time talking about selling, thinking about selling and worrying about selling, that they rarely find the time to actually do any selling! The best salespeople I know are essentially machines when it comes to performing the most important and profitable tasks associated […]