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Finding your voice is about people who want to do more with their careers and their lives. By trusting God and themselves, they started to walk out those steps toward more meaningful and purposeful lives.

Finding your voice is about people who want to do more with their careers and their lives. By trusting God and themselves, they started to walk out those steps toward more meaningful and purposeful lives.
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Finding your voice is about people who want to do more with their careers and their lives. By trusting God and themselves, they started to walk out those steps toward more meaningful and purposeful lives.




596 Dyslexia Warning Signs for Parents - Judy Gaman

Speaker and author of “Age to Perfection” Judy Gaman talks about overcoming dyslexia, raising kids, and warning signs to be on the lookout for.


595 21 Ways to Make Money in Speaking - Felicia Slattery

Author of "21 Ways to make Money in Speaking", global speaker Felicia Slattery shares how to market, grab the attention of planners, and find paid gigs. Make money in the speaking business Raise your speaking fees Make money as a breakout session speaker Grab the attention of meeting planners Get paid to speak Find your ideal target market For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/595 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


594 Success for Storytellers - Brenda Barbosa

One of the best speech writers I know, veteran journalist, speaker, and coach, Brenda Barbosa talks resilience, communication, and story-selling. Write more persuasive copy Tell better stories Resilience for writers Resilience for speakers Sell from the stage Success for storytellers For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/594 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


593 The Trap of Success - Gene Hammett

Speaker and author of "The Success Trap", Gene Hammett talks financial disaster, the keys to courage, bouncing back, and success in the speaking business. Become a better speaker Book your first speaking gig Bounce back from financial disaster Baby steps for success Never second guess yourself again Build your courage muscle Book: The Trap of Success For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/593 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


592 The Recipe - Chef Charles Carroll

Author of "The Recipe", award-winning Olympian and gold medalist, Charles Carroll talks perseverance, overcoming rejection, and the courage to dream big. Become a better chef Leadership lessons from a chef "The Recipe" for success Become a better leader Cook up your own success Life lessons from an Olympian Book: The Recipe For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/592 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


591 Write Books for a Living - John David Mann

Award-winning author, with book sales of more than 2 million, John David Mann talks about ghost writing and turning your book into a business. Become a better writer Concert performer to bestselling author The busine$$ of writing Turn your book into a busine$$ Write books for a living Become a ghost writer Book: The Recipe For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/591 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


590 Rebuild Hope, Faith, and Life - Julie Ziglar Norman

Author of "Growing up Ziglar" Julie Ziglar Norman talks about healing from broken dreams, lies, and abuse,and how she rebuilt her hope, faith, and life. Heal from abortion Heal from alcoholism Christian living for women Recover from a spousal abuse Healthy living for women Emotional healing for women Book: Growing Up Ziglar For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/590 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


589 Storytelling Made Easy for Speakers - Michael Hauge

Schoolteacher turned in-demand speaking coach and storyteller, Michael Hauge talks about a better way to connect, engage, and impact your audience. Storytelling made easy for speakers Overcome discouragement as a speaker School teacher to in-demand storyteller Tell stories that stick Fill your speaking calendar Raise your speaking fee Book and Resource: Complimentary - 6-STEP SUCCESS STORIES eBook and Chart Storytelling Made Easy For more info on this...


587 Make Better Business Decisions - Verne Harnish

Author of "Mastering the Rockefeller Habits" and founder of the globally-known Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Verne Harnish talks leadership and leverage. Scale your business Bounce back from financial heartache Make better business decisions Delegate for fun and profit Overcome financial ruin Lead a stronger team Books: Scaling Up Mastering the Rockefeller Habits For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/587 Podcast...


586 Practical Ways to Pivot your Career - Robert Dickie III

Author of "Love your Work" and "The Leap", career transition expert Robert Dickie III talks about mistakes to avoid, passion, and career reinvention. Make more money with a job change Pivot your career Find the work you love Avoid career landmines Life after the military Big mistake for career transitioners Books: Love your Work The Leap For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/586 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


585 Profitable Podcasting - Stephen Woessner

Author of "Profitable Podcasting" Stephen Woessner shares how podcasting done right, can build an audience, create opportunities, and drive success. Six-figure podcasting Launch your podcast in record time Make $$$ podcasting Profitable podcasting Grow your podcast audience Turn your podcast into a sales machine Book: Profitable Podcasting For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/585 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


584 Real Artists Don’t Starve - Jeff Goins

Author of "Real Artists Don't Starve", Jeff Goins talks about getting in the writer's groove, & how to jumpstart your writing and grow your audience. Originality can kill your business Start a side gig Get paid to write Side hustle writing gigs Build a profitable audience with your blog Writing for a living Books: Real Artists Don’t Starve The Art of Work For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/584 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


583 Booked and Paid to Speak - Benji Bruce

An expert when it comes to getting booked and paid to speak, Benji Bruce talks about the best way to connect with decision makers and get top dollar. Launch a full time speaking business Get booked and paid to speak Raise your speaking fee Grow your confidence as a speaker Find paid speaking gigs Never lower your speaking fee again For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/583 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


582 The Future of Happiness - Amy Blankson

Author of "The Future of Happiness" Amy Blankson talks about kids in the digital era, symptoms of screen time burnout, and how to get your happy back. The future of happiness Symptoms of digital burnout Boost your energy Less screen time for kids Freedom from FOMO Raise happier kids Book: The Future of Happiness For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/582 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


581 Run Away From Home: And Bring Your Family With You - Adam Dailey

Entrepreneur and author of "How to Run Away from Home", Adam Dailey shares how he was able to travel the world and take his wife and 4 young kids with him. Overcome entrepreneurial burnout Run away from home... and take your family w/you Raise confident kids Teach your kids self-reliance Never miss another family moment Take your family with you Book: How to Run Away From Home: And Bring Your Family With You For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/581 Podcast...


580 Raising Confident Kids - Lindsay McCarthy

Co-author of The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, Lindsay McCarthy talks about creating a family vision, confidence, and helping kids succeed. Raise creative kids Raise confident kids Help your kid succeed Confidence & self esteem for parents & kids Develop a family vision What to do when plan A fails Book: The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/580 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


579 Faith on Fire - Sherrie Wilson

Author, speaker, retired firefighter and paramedic, Sherrie Wilson talks about how her resilience helped her to overcome gender and career challenges. Faith on fire Lead better today Overcome impossible situations Should you give up? Discover God’s will for your life What new speakers should do first Book: Faith on Fire For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/579 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


578 Public Speaker Secrets - Michael Hudson

Author of "Public Speaker Secrets", Michael Hudson shares tips for connecting with the audience, overcoming frustration, and maximizing your impact. How to own the room immediately How to get rid of filler words & redundant phrases Never forget your lines Ivy league teacher to 6-figure earner Become a 6-figure speaker Get your message heard Book Title: Public Speaker Secrets For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/578 Podcast...


577 Play a Bigger Entrepreneurial Game - Kary Oberbrunner

Author of Elixir Project, publisher, and corporate speaker Kary Oberbrunner talks about overcoming childhood insecurity, self injury, and perfectionism. Pastor to men's mentor Leave the day job Play a bigger game Ready for a career pivot? Overcome fear, hesitation, & doubt Get past childhood insecurities Book: Elixir Project For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/577 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


576 From Jail Cell to Multi-Millionaire - Randy Gage

Hall of fame speaker and NY Times bestselling author Randy Gage talks about teenage life as an addict, criminal, and prisoner, and how he broke the cycle. Teen alcoholic to hall of fame speaker High school criminal to award winning speaker Teen drug addict to NY Times bestselling author End self sabotage No more failed relationships Get past scarcity thinking Books: Risky is the New Safe Mad Genius For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/576 Podcast...