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Inquiring Minds Wanna Hear.
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Irvine, CA


Inquiring Minds Wanna Hear.




#FreeThemAll AND #MeToo

The first guest will be Colby Lenz, organizer and legal advocate with the CA Coalition for Women Prisoners and the Transgender Advocacy Group, who is in a dash to have Governor Brown commute as many sentences as possible before he crosses the finish line of his 4th and final term as governor of California. Concerned parties can follow up with: In the second half (min 28:10) UCI political science professor Kristen Renwick Monroe considers the...


Ask A Voter; Finally, The November 2018 Midterm Elections Are Here

The Midterm elections are now. In keeping with our ritual on elections, it’s “Ask A Voter,” and we check around the country: Monique Wong at the UCI polling place, (min 1:28); Sue Jones in Madison, WI, (min 9:00); Ann Bidlingmaier in Tallahassee, FL (min 21:53); and Marcos Scauso in South Bend, IN (min 36:00). Vote. Get your friends, families, and co-workers out to vote. Check your county’s registrar of voters for all the information that you need!


Meet Irvine City Council Candidate Farrah Khan

In the lead up to the Nov 6 midterm election, we continue local election coverage with Irvine City Council candidate: Farrah Khan, Executive Director for the Newport Mesa Irvine Interfaith Council and Co-founder of First Drops.


Meet Irvine City Council Candidates: Kev Abazajian and Frank McGill

In the lead up to the Nov 6 midterm election, we continue local election coverage with Irvine City Council candidates: UCI physicist, Kev Abazajian, in the first segment; and in the second segment (minute 29:00), urban planner, Frank McGill.


Meet Irvine City Council Candidate Lee Sun

We continue local election coverage with Irvine City Council candidate Lee Sun, seeking election to fill one of two open seats in this midterm election on November 6th.


Meet Irvine City Council Candidates: Carrie O'Malley and Jaci Woods

We continue local election coverage with Irvine City Council candidates: Carried O'Malley, Irvine Transportation Commission Vice-Chair; and Jaci Woods, Irvine real estate broker at Seven Gables.


Meet Irvine City Council Candidate Lauren Johnson-Norris And League of Women Voters Review CA Propositions

Lauren Johnson-Norris, local attorney and Irvine Community Services Commissioner, makes her case for why she should fill one of the two open seats on the Irvine City Council. In the second segment (min 29:21), Rebecca Newman, president of the League of Women Voters of Orange Coast offers the pros and cons of the California statewide propositions. Useful resources for voters include:,...


SB 54 at Irvine City Council AND Meet CA 49th Congressional Dist. Candidate Mike Levin

Jennifer Koh, immigration attorney and professor at Western State College of Law, takes up Irvine Mayor Don Wagner’s resolution pertaining to SB 54, the CA Values Act. Postponed, the resolution is once again on the City Council agenda the same day as this show, 10-9-18. Its agenda Item 4.1 may begin at 5 p.m., at the City Council Chambers The legal and political implications of this resolution will be considered. 949-724-6205 is the City Clerk's number. In the second segment (min 30:00),...


Grace Kelly Interview

In advance of her Barclay Theater 10-19 performance on her ""Grace's Joy Party" tour, Grace Kelly calls it in from Logan International. Catch this rising star as she talks of her formative years, her inventive productions, her non-profit contributions, and her growing studio enterprises. Follow her on


UCI Voter Registration PSA

UCI Voting PSA for general election 2018, featuring OC Registrar of Voters, Neal Kelley


Meet Kevin de León for CA US Senate AND OC Registrar of Voters On Task

We begin electoral coverage with a CA State Senator Kevin de León, challenging incumbent US Senate Diane Feinstein in this year's general election on November 6th. In the second segment, OC Registrar of Voters, Neal Kelley weighs in with how he's managing this year's midterm election; it's the ritual, we have elections - we talk to Neal. Important voter information is available on his always improving website: On November 6th the office can be reached by phone at:...


There's A Place for ALL of Us

Interview with soprano, Nadine Sierra.


Pre-Trial Detentions in CA AND Rethinking Water Management

Jeffrey Clayton, Executive Director of the American Bail Coalition, offers a grounded analysis about what California, versus others states, is doing with SB 10, the law ending money bail in CA. Petitions for reversing this law are being distributed statewide; qualified signatures are due into the Governor's office by November 26th. In the second segment (min 26:06) Conner Evers, water policy whisperer of Southern California, has tools for some out of the box thinking with water solutions....


The 29th Annual Southern CA Alzheimer's Disease Research Conference AND Native American Relics Beneath Our Subdivisions and Infrastructure

UCI researcher Daniel Gillen speaks to all facets, including his talk, of the upcoming 29th annual Alzheimer’s conference, held this Friday, 9-21, 7:30 a.m. til 4 the Irvine Marriott Hotel. Right around the corner, right down the street. Registration is still available at: Details regarding participation in clinical trials are available at: 949-824-0008 or In the...


At Risk Before and After 9/11

We mark a somber 17th anniversary of the 9/11 with voices reminding us of what’s been and continues to be at risk in this nation of ours. First, Melina Abdullah, co-founder of the LA Black Lives Matter, breaks down the persistent structural barriers that deprive African Americans of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In the second segment Nuha Eshaq, lets sink in the huge divide that current immigration policy poses for her Yemenese family, friends, and colleagues; the travel ban...


Citizenship Fair Live in Anaheim 9-29-18 AND Assistance League of Irvine

Jorge Hermosillo of the OC Communities Organized for Responsible Development (OCCORD), puts on the map and your calendar their yuge Citizenship Fair in Anaheim on Sept 29th; an opportunity for all to assist applicants to become naturalized citizens. The Fair is here before we know it! Details about training to prepare for the big event and the big event itself are available at: OCCORD is located 13252 Garden Grove Blvd. Suite 204, in Garden Grove. In the...


CA's 4th Climate Change Assessment AND OC's Climate Action Campaign

John Laird, Governor Brown’s appointment as California Secretary for Natural Resources, takes up the California’s 4th Climate Change Assessment with menacing trends that the state stares down; this in advance of the Global Climate Action Summit to be held Sept. 12-14th in San Francisco. Details are available at: In the second segment (min 16:10), Robin Ganahl, Orange County Organizer for the Climate Action Campaign, presents a trove of...


Greenpeace Ups Brown's Game AND Domestic Violence Intersections with the Vagaries of Immigration Policy

Greenpeace is engaging the public to raise Gov. Jerry Brown’s climate change leadership game in time for next month’s Global Climate Action Summit hosted in San Francisco. Covering that is Greenpeace Senior Climate Campaigner/attorney, Naomi Ages. Assignments related to "Brown's Last Chance Campaign" are regularly posted by texting 877-877 and typing CLIMATE; news posted at: In the second segment (min 17:53), Jane Stoever, Director of UCI’s Law School...


Welcome Dean Tyrus Miller AND Wayward Artists Productions

The show offers a warm anteater welcome to our brand new dean of UCI School of Humanities Tyrus Miller; let us listen to him make the case(s) for a more perfect union the Humanities way. Then, keeping the civilization theme going in the second segment (min 38:35), is Craig Tyrl, artistic director of Wayward Artist productions, presenting his inestimable theater in beautiful downtown Santa Ana, 125 North Broadway. Information about the upcoming performances as well as their Kickstarter...


Ziggy Marley Interview

In advance of his 8-19-18 appearance at the Pacific Amphitheater at the Orange County Fair, Ziggy Marley talks about his music, music he listens to, and where it all fits in these times.