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Inquiring Minds Wanna Hear.
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Irvine, CA


Inquiring Minds Wanna Hear.




Meet 45th Cong. District candidate Katie Porter And International Conference on Learning and Memory

Katie Porter, UCI law professor, currently running as a Democrat in the CA 45th Congressional District, speaks about her candidacy. Additional candidates' interviews forthcoming on AAL! Reminder that everyone confirm their voter registration at: In the second segment (min 27:26), Michael Yassa, UCI proferssor and Director of the Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory International Conference on Learning and Memory to be held at this week, 4/18-4/22 at the...


Sanctuary City; Not In Some Backyards AND Mr. Khosla's Neighborhood

Tiffany Ackley, Aliso Viejo attorney and municipal candidate on this year's election ballot talks about the wave of meetings in Orange County cities about opting to join the US Dept. of Justice's lawsuit against California's SB 54 regarding sanctuary cities. Although Irvine has not scheduled a forum at this writing, the following meetings being convened are: Newport Beach 4/10, 7 p.m.; Orange 4/10, 6 p.m.; Westminster 4/11, 7 p.m.; Los Alamitos 4/16, 6 p.m.; Laguna Niguel (tentative) 4/17,...


Russia: Repress, Resist, Round-up and Repeat

Peggy Maradudin returns to the show with her inestimably hefty insight about Russia; a week after their elections, and generations into the gulag, now a forced memory camp. The whole hour is hers to ponder the nature of what Vladimir Putin inflicts upon his society and beyond.


Phyto-plankton's Global Skid Marks AND Welcome Orange County Wildlife Corridor

UCI Climate Scientist and oceanographer Keith Moore shares what his research team's leading-edge models are learning about trends with phytoplankton, the menu supporting fish populations. More details about their findings are recently published in "Science" : In the second segment, Elizabeth Brown, President of the Laguna Greenbelt, will oversee the Wildlife Corridor Project coming to fruition while honoring the 50th anniversary...


Famous Women We've Never Heard Of AND Real High School Students of OC

The first segment guests are Martha Wheelock of Wild West Women films; and Zoe Nicholson, creator and performer; both a veritable brain trust of women’s movements and women’s worth over the ages. Ms. Nicholson’s upcoming production will be staged in Long Beach on 3/30: Tea With Alice and Me. Not that Alice, but the American revolutionary Alice Paul (1885-1972). Tickets are available through Eventbrite or at The Alice Paul Institute. In the segment Charles Blek, of the OC Chapter of the...


Understanding Cannabis

UCI professor of neurobiology and anatomy, and co-director of the UCI Center for the Study of Cannabis, Dr. Daniele Piomelli, moves past the prejudices and speak to the need for fully researching the use of cannabis, now that recreational use of cannabis is legal in CA. Critical areas to be attended to are: age specific impacts of cannabis on the brain, determining the extent to which cannabis influences one’s ability to drive, and how cannabis pain management might help in dealing with...


"23/7; Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement"

The full hour will be devoted to Keramet Reiter, UCI professor of Criminology, Law, and Society to talk about her new book 23/7: Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement, published by Yale University Press. Michael Saavedra, who was detained in solitary confinement the last 10 years of his 19 year prison sentence from which he was released in 2/201, was originally scheduled to appear on this show. Once he's recovered from last night's motorcycle accident, he will...


Honoring Muslims at 2018 Celebration of Life AND Welcoming the Golden Rule at Newport Beach

On tap are two guests, each with purposeful events in the offing this coming weekend. Ani Zonneveld, founder and president of Muslim’s for Progressive Values talks about their annual "Celebration of Life" honoring and remembering: Nadia Anjuman, Xulhaz Mannan, Elham Arab, Sheikh Hamza Congera, and Numan Afifi activists whom have been dealt with for charges of blasphemy in Moslem theocracies. It will be hosted at the CBS Studio Center in LA, February 25th from 4-7 p.m. Tickets must be...


Citizens Climate Lobby: The Latest Forums and Campaigns

Kathy Orlinksy and Mark Tabbert, OC affiliates of Citizens Climate Lobby speak in advance of this week's CCL SoCal Regional conference. They also post us on campaigns as we head into the CA state primary on June 5th. Registration details for the Feb 17-18th conference at Cal State LA, are available at: Watch for UnDoYourPart campaign newly launched by CCL.


"Shrew!" Amy Freed's World Premier

Nationally renown playwright Amy Tweed talks about her world premier Shrew! that will be performed this Spring (3/24-4/21) at South Coast Repertory Theater at the Segerstrom Center in Costa Mesa. Imagine the classic written from the perspective of a 17th Century woman. Art Manke directs. Details are available at:


"The Tantrum That Saved The World" And Who DO We Think We Are?

Megan Herbert, illustrator and TV writer, has collaborated with Climate Scientist Michael Mann on a book explaining climate change to young earthlings; it’s entitled The Tantrum That Saved the World. She talks about how she settled on what message for such a delicate age and all ages and audiences. e-books and conventional books can be ordered on: This community radio station anxiously awaits her eventual trek to Southern California. In the second segment...


Taxes Overhauled in The OC AND Brady Campaign Legislative Updates

Local banking executive Tyrone de Wale covers how the federal Tax Overhaul affects lending practices and investments, especially here in the OC. Prevailing real estate ownership trends will be of additional interest. In the second segment Charlie Blek returns to the show with Congressional and CA statewide updates from the Brady Campaign for the Prevention of Gun Violence. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act HR 38 passed in the House 12/6/17, goes to the US Senate next.


Changing History's Lense AND Using Less When You "Bring Your Own"

Marie Benedict, author of The Other Einstein, has a new book out Carnegies’ Maid; both books of which cover consequential, yet unsung roles, in historical fiction for these times. Ms. Benedict continues to write new pieces on the next women to be rediscovered and recognized, all published by Sourcebooks Landmark. In the second segment, Julie Darrell, of Bring Your Own Long Beach (BYOLongBeach), takes on our consumption assumptions helping us pare down waste we’re so good at generating! Her...


Students Talking Science Truth To Power

The full hour is devoted to UCI’s Science Policy Group; Richard Prince, Christie Mortales, and Terra White; accompanied by fellow activists Alex McDonald and Nick Paganini, an entirely revved up group of STEM graduate students, and graduate student turned professional - who refuse to take the current political status quo sitting down as they promote science policy literacy amongst their members. Listeners, including STEAM students, will be invited to join in the special and ongoing events...


Jerusalem Examined

UCI School of Social Ecology urban sudies professor Scott Bollens, for the full hour, offers a full consideration of what is taking place in and around Jerusalem. He brings nuance and laser like focus on the facts in the ground around this divided city, up to and during the time of the White House's recent proposal to designate Jerusalem as the capitl of Israel. His latest book, "Trajectories of Conbflict and Peace: Jerusalem and Belfast Since 1994," comes fresh off the Routledge Press...


North Korea Today AND Refugee Students Scholarship Program

UCI Professor Bob Uriu, steps up with his political science heft to take on the surreal and consequential ordeal that are US/North Korea relations. For the second segment, working in a few room at the Inn themes, UCI senior Iman Siddiqi, presents the Refugee Students Scholarship Program, which she has founded from whole cloth. Information is available at: Stay tuned for Refugee Awareness Week on UCI's main campus Jan. 16-19 2018.


State Colleges and Universities Score Big AND See Jane Go, Hail Yes

George Mehaffy, the Vice President for Academic Leadership and Change at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities reviews the state of state colleges and universities-with an eye particularly on the CAL State system; and consider the benefits individual and societal, when first generation and low income students board the degree-completed train. Then, speaking of going places, in the second segment CEO of SeeJaneGo, Cassandra Miller rolls out a proposition in getting the...


Boardsplaining in the US AND "Brunch is Hell"

UCI Merage School of Business Professor Margarethe Wiersema brings her strategic management expertise to focus on gender diversity in the board room; how US companies compare with companies around the world; and the opportunity costs incurred. In the second segment (min 34:14), on the first day of their book tour, the "Dinner Party Download" duo Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam offer a hospitality manual for our time: "Brunch Is Hell; How To Save The World By Throwing A Dinner...


Three PhDs Walk into a Congressional Office AND "Intimate Apparel"

UCI Professors Steve Allison and Kev Abazajian report on their recent visit to 45th Dist. Congresswoman Mimi Walters’ office. In addition, Steve offers glimpses into a special forum to be convened on May 30, 2018, "Climate Solutions Summit,” in which Walters’ office's participation is anticipated. Organizations that they refer to as engaging local activism include: OC for Climate Action, Citizens Climate Lobby, and Climatepedia. In the second segment (min 31:27), Claire Trevor School of...


COP23 in Bonn AND Pushing Back at the Office

Aaron Strong, University of Maine Professor of coastal and marine policy, offers an insider's perspective of what transpired at the UN climate summit known as COP23 earlier this month in Bonn, Germany. "We Are Still" is a response to the White House's lack of leadership in addressing catastrophic climate trends. In details are available at In the second segment (min 39:00), with sexual predation on everyone's radar, body...


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