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Talk >—where great minds don't think alike. Audio from split-screen video conversations between bloggers and other people interested in the world of ideas. Politics is usually the main focus, but discussions can also touch on culture, science, or religion.—where great minds don't think alike. Audio from split-screen video conversations between bloggers and other people interested in the world of ideas. Politics is usually the main focus, but discussions can also touch on culture, science, or religion.
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Description:—where great minds don't think alike. Audio from split-screen video conversations between bloggers and other people interested in the world of ideas. Politics is usually the main focus, but discussions can also touch on culture, science, or religion.




Where the Great Society Fell Short (Glenn Loury & Robert Cherry)

Has public discourse left Glenn and Bob behind? ... Public policy for poor people, from Pre-K to vocational training ... What’s wrong with NYC’s approach to affordable housing? ... Are Spike Lee’s movies bad for the black cultural narrative? ... Bob: Not all job programs are created equal ... Glenn asks: Why not reparations? ... Bob reflects on Al Jolson and blackface ...


Ten Year Anniversary Edition! (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Happy 10th anniversary, Bill and Matt! ... Why the DMZ dynamic still works ... Bill’s (supposed) powers of persuasion ... What keeps this political marriage so strong? ... Bill and Matt’s most eye-opening experiences over the years ... The show as a “safe space” for new ideas ... Back to business: Bill’s new piece on Democratic donations and primary debates ... Why unionizing a political campaign is a really bad idea ... Bill and Matt to Biden: Don’t apologize! ...


Naila and the Uprising (Robert Wright & Julia Bacha)

Julia’s documentary on women in the First Intifada, Naila and the Uprising ... How 9/11 changed Julia’s career path when she was a student at Columbia ... Naila’s story of early trauma and political organizing ... How women quietly moved to the forefront of the Palestinian resistance ... Julia: The Oslo accords were a bad deal for the Palestinian people ... Two-state solution or one-state solution? ... Julia sees hope in the new generation of Palestinian activists ...


Representation: Does It Matter? (Kat Rosenfield & Phoebe Maltz Bovy)

Kat and Phoebe talk Captain Marvel and media representation ... How closely should art mirror reality? ... “Universal” literature vs. demographic-specific literature ... Privilege and the college bribery scandal ... The limited value of “acknowledging” privilege ... What’s worse than being a “reply guy”? ...


A Night at the Garden (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Marshall Curry)

Marshall's Oscar-nominated documentary short, A Night at the Garden ... The German American Bund and its leader, Fritz Kuhn ... A Nazi rally and a Trump rally ... The Jewish protester who ran on stage ... The return of "America First" ... Marshall's 2005 documentary on Cory Booker's mayoral run, Street Fight ... Marshall: Booker is not a phony ... Will the stain of New Jersey corruption stick to Booker? ...


Off to the Primary Races (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Why a dozen Republicans voted against Trump’s emergency declaration ... Matt: Kasich can’t scold his way into the nomination ... Why did Beto’s momentum fizzle? ... Bill’s taxonomy of the left, from Bernie to Biden ... The perks of a Texan running mate ... Who is Andrew Yang? ... Bill: The House needs more moderate Democrats ...


From Baptist Preacher to Muslim Imam (Glenn Loury & Alfred Muhammad)

How Alfred, ordained in the Baptist church at age 7, became a Muslim imam ... The “spellbinder” Louis Farrakhan and modern black leadership ... Alfred enters electoral politics in his town of Linden, NJ ... How to uplift “our people” ... Why Alfred finds little hope in national politics ... The challenge of uniting progressive politics with the black Christian right ...


How to Talk About Israel (Robert Wright & Ron Kampeas)

How Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments were received across the Jewish community ... Is AIPAC really “all about the Benjamins”? ... Ron: Jews are criticizing Rep. Omar in good faith ... Memory of the Holocaust is fading, and older Jews are concerned ... Ron: Omar has mainly been an asset to her party ... Why wasn’t Jeanine Pirro fired from Fox News? ... ls the speech code regarding Israel getting looser? ... The Israeli take on Trump ...


Adolescent Politics (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Daniel Kaufman)

Dan's recent essay, "Adolescent Politics" ... Dan: Social media has turned the world into a high school cafeteria ... Shouldn't stand-up comics be bad people? ... Trump, Exhibit A of the adolescent id ... The (largely pointless) college activism of the 1980s ... Why Aryeh kept his mouth shut about Jussie Smollett ... Reasons for optimism and pessimism ... How Joan Didion helped inspire Dan's essay ...


"Be Sensual" Edition (Kat Rosenfield & Phoebe Maltz Bovy)

Critiquing the essay "How Marie Kondo Helped Me Sort Out My Gender" ... "Fauxbivalence," Miley Cyrus, and boring straight women ... Feeling like the label of "woman" doesn't fit ... The strange Twitter man who instructed women on how to be beautiful ... When men tell women online that they're not attractive ... Does #RetweetWomen undermine itself? ...


Bernie, Biden, and Winning the Left (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Bill and Matt trade breakfast smoothie tips ... Rep. Ilhan Omar and the Democrats’ resolution against “hate” ... Is Farrakhan-style anti-Semitism making a comeback? ... Intersectionality discourse looms large in Congress ... Can Bernie beat Trump’s inevitable attack on socialism? ... Can Biden be a “tough healer” and win the left’s vote? ... What Biden could learn from Bill Clinton’s Sistah Souljah moment ...


Pre-Rapture Edition (Robert Wright & Conor Friedersdorf)

Immigration lessons from California ... Why Black Lives Matter should take a second look at Bernie ... Bob worries the Dems will tear themselves apart ... What should Bernie say about immigration? ... How to cover controversies when social media makes everyone stupid ... The real meaning of the Covington kid's "smirk" ... The problems with "post-Rapture" Twitter ... Conor’s least favorite Democratic candidate ...


Public Education's Dirty Secret (Glenn Loury & Mary Hudson)

Mary’s piece in Quillette, “Public Education’s Dirty Secret” ... The importance of a calm, disciplined learning environment ... How to help the students most eager to learn ... Why Mary believes in meritocracy in schools ... Mary: Good teaching requires parental involvement ... Is America suffering from moral decay? ... Mary’s 9/11 experience and the decline of patriotism ...


Remembering Nathan Glazer (Glenn Loury & Peter Skerry)

Remembering Nathan Glazer, iconic neoconservative scholar and Peter's former teacher ... Glazer's NYC origins and Harvard tenure ... Glazer's controversial 1975 book, Affirmative Discrimination ... Peter: Not all racial groups have equally legitimate claims to redress ... Do Hispanics view themselves as a minority analogous to blacks? ... Glazer and Zionism ...


Breaking News and Breaking Norms (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Is the normalization of Trump complete? ... Matt to 90% of the House GOP: You're dead to me ... What would it take to get Republicans to turn against Trump? ... Bill's History Corner: John Tyler, the Whigs, and preventing war over Maine ... The Republicans who would be totally cool with foreign collusion ... Why impeachment hearings are coming ... Should Democrats embrace norm-breaking? ...


Bernie Sanders: "Tree-Shaker" or "Jelly-Maker"? (Micah Uetricht & Richard Yeselson)

What’s the difference between a democratic socialist and a social democrat? ... Why Rich isn’t a socialist ... The aggressive beauty of Jacobin ... How to make members of the working class into agents of change ... Why labor organizing has fallen by the wayside ... How to infiltrate the Democratic Party ... Rich: Political opportunists make change easier ... Bernie Sanders: Tree shaker or jelly maker? ... Micah: Why not let Bernie take the wheel? ...


A New Progressive Foreign Policy (Robert Wright & Samuel Moyn)

Is Bernie Sanders the standard bearer for a new progressive foreign policy? ... American warfare today: drones and special forces—lots of them ... Sam: "The UN was founded for the sake of peace, not justice" ... Sam critiques the "responsibility to protect" doctrine ... Disentangling poverty and inequality ... Is a global welfare state possible? ... Using economic nationalism to transcend economic nationalism ... The weird ways that Trump is a very truthful president ... Sam's book, Not...


Who Defines Diversity? (Kat Rosenfield & Phoebe Maltz Bovy)

Phoebe returns to talk “cancellation culture” ... Kat explains the latest controversy in Young Adult literature ... Why is YA culture so toxic? ... International offenses and US-centric values in YA ... Who gets the benefit of the doubt in accusations of racism or sexism? ... The knitter who cancelled herself ... Is social justice dogpiling exclusive to women’s online communities? ... Kat and Phoebe’s special feature, “Brief Denunciations” ...


Who's Afraid of Bernie? (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

On George Washington and slavery ... Why do white men have the lead in the Democratic primary? ... Bill: Bernie has to hold his supporter base ... Matt: Bernie “owns his brand” like Trump does ... Can the Obama coalition ever be revived? ...


Toward a New Center-Right (Joshua Cohen & Brink Lindsey)

Brink's new co-authored report, "The Center Can Hold" ... Why Brink's opinion of labor unions has changed ... Why Trump is absent from the report ... The "imaginary center-right" ... Who ended the shutdown, Nancy Pelosi or organized labor? ... Culture war theatrics vs. an actual governing program ... Why antitrust reform is not part of the report ...