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Talk >—where great minds don't think alike. Audio from split-screen video conversations between bloggers and other people interested in the world of ideas. Politics is usually the main focus, but discussions can also touch on culture, science, or religion.—where great minds don't think alike. Audio from split-screen video conversations between bloggers and other people interested in the world of ideas. Politics is usually the main focus, but discussions can also touch on culture, science, or religion.
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Description:—where great minds don't think alike. Audio from split-screen video conversations between bloggers and other people interested in the world of ideas. Politics is usually the main focus, but discussions can also touch on culture, science, or religion.




Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis

Did Comey "wrestle a pig" by insulting Trump in his book? ... Matt: Comey is no longer the guy wearing the white hat ... Michael Cohen and our era of cartoon archetypes ... Bill asks the GOP: What if this is as good as it gets? ... Matt continues to lose enthusiasm for Rubio ... Why did the blogosphere fade away? ...


Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Miles Klee

Miles: Some Rick and Morty superfans are getting the show wrong ... Do the show's characters ever learn a lesson? ... R&M creator Dan Harmon's strikingly different #MeToo moment ... How pop culture is consuming itself through sequels and reboots ... With nerd culture gone mainstream, whither the nerd? ... The many boyfriends of Elaine Benes ...


Mark Kleiman & Megan McArdle

Megan’s column on prejudice against conservatives ... Why conservatives get the “out-group” treatment in academia ... Is creationism incompatible with academic research? ... Is there an argument for affirmative action for conservatives? ... Politics and the defunding of the humanities ...


Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Explaining FOSTA, the new anti–sex trafficking law ... Could this be the beginning of the end of the open Internet? ... Elizabeth: FOSTA's sponsors are acting in bad faith ... The death of, where you could get a lawnmower or a sex worker ... How will the market for paid sex adapt? ... Elizabeth's lively appearance on Laura Ingraham's show ...


Robert Wright & Ryan Holiday

Ryan's new book on the destruction of Gawker, Conspiracy ... What the Stoics thought about revenge ... Why Hulk Hogan slept with Bubba the Love Sponge’s wife ... Why Gawker lost and Peter Thiel won ... Nick Denton's turn to Stoicism in the wake of catastrophe ... Apportioning sympathy and blame ...


Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis

4/11/18, the busiest news day of Trump’s presidency ... Did Paul Ryan fail in his vision? ... Bill: Ryan wasted time trying to repeal Obamacare ... Republicans's big midterm disadvantages ... Should Trump risk impeachment to fire Mueller or Rosenstein? ... How Trump and the Mueller investigation will shape the midterms ...


Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Sonny Bunch

Keeping up in the age of Peak TV ... Will there ever be a “canon” of television? ... How the streaming business model has changed media consumption ... You can’t watch it all, so what’s worth watching? ... Sonny describes his ideal TV time capsule ...


Harold Pollack & David Perry

Caring for a loved one with a disability ... Sarah Palin's lost opportunity on disability rights ... Critiquing the Democrats on disability policy ... What if the president had a real mental health issue? ... Mental health, criminal justice, and guns ... Why Medicare for all is not as simple as it sounds ...


Robert Wright & Michael Brendan Dougherty

How Michael landed at National Review ... Are there any upsides to Trump? ... Michael: The "decline of the liberal world order" narrative is BS ... What surprised Bob about Trump ... Might we some day look back on the culture war with nostalgia? ... Michael throws cold water on the Cambridge Analytica uproar ... The era of disbelief and universal grievance ...


Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis

Bill: Trump won't be impeached—but he might be indicted ... Indict now, have the trial after Trump leaves office? ... You can indict a ham sandwich, what about a sitting president? ... Is Trump smart to pick a fight with Amazon? ... Trump's tariffs split farm Dems and rust belt Dems ... Matt reviews The Death of Stalin and Chappaquiddick ...


Phoebe Maltz Bovy & Kat Rosenfield

Sherman Alexie and children’s publishing's #MeToo moment ... If consent is given, can a romantic situation still be not okay? ... Is romance inherently riskier for women? ... How women’s agency gets lost in #MeToo media narratives ... Is the skincare industry bunk? ...


Robert Wright & Yousef Munayyer

The historical backdrop of last week's protest in Gaza ... Yousef: Israel had no justification for the use of lethal force ... What were the Israelis thinking? ... How Israel undermines non-violent Palestinian resistance ... Next steps for the protest movement ... If it is too late for two states, what's next? ...


Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis

What the Roseanne reboot gets right about Trump's America ... How Middle America has split in two since the show's original run ... In a polarized gun control debate, Marco Rubio’s position is unenviable ... Bill: The “blame and shame” tactic won’t win over enough Republicans on gun control ... Matt’s upcoming piece on gerrymandering ...


Robert Wright & Bret Weinstein

Recounting Bret's tumultuous exit from Evergreen State ... Bret: Intersectionality is an "invitation to bad actors" ... Is racism in the genes? ... When tribalism encounters Enlightenment values ... Bret: Intolerance of divergent views goes beyond just a few college campuses ... Bret: "Most scientists are not scientific" ... Bob offers a word in defense of social justice warriors ...


Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Sarah Jones

The Atlantic's controversial hiring of Kevin D. Williamson ... Why do NeverTrump writers keep getting jobs? ... The linked histories of pornography and the First Amendment ... Trump and Stormy Daniels, perfect foes ... The West Virginia teachers' strike and the future of the labor movement ... Sarah critiques critics of Twitter feminism (which might not exist) ...


Glenn Loury & John McWhorter

Glenn recaps the Amy Wax affirmative action controversy ... John’s take on the delicate issue of racial performance disparity ... When does representation supersede qualification? ... The potential drawbacks of affirmative action in higher education ... Why John reluctantly agrees with UPenn Law’s decision ...


Robert Wright & Aaron Maté

The Real News, a viewer-supported site ... Why Aaron, like some others on the left, is a Russiagate skeptic ... What we talk about when we talk about the "Deep State" ... Aaron throws cold water on the idea that Mueller is gonna get Trump ... Are liberals obsessed with Russia to their own detriment? ... The perils of rejecting the conventional wisdom ... What the Buddha would say about hating Trump ...


Heather Hurlburt & Daniel Drezner

Gary Cohn, we hardly knew ye ... The incoherence of Trump's trade policy ... Why the current debate about trade is out of date ... Will Mike Pompeo be better than Rex Tillerson? ... Assessing James Mattis's tenure ... Heather makes the case against the CIA's Gina Haskell ... Dan is genuinely worried about John Bolton in the White House ...


Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis

Trump vs. Biden: It's clobberin' time! ... Battle continues between centrist Dems and progressive populists ... Matt: There's a real argument for Joe—and I might vote for him! ... Is Elizabeth Warren just the candidate of the liberal bubble? ... The link between civility and toughness ... Will Flake or Kasich primary Trump? ... Looking for contemporary parallels in the 1912 election ...


Glenn Loury & Amy Wax

Amy returns to address criticism of her statements on black academic performance ... Amy: There isn't a minority candidate for every top-tier position ... Where does civility end and obfuscation begin? ... Amy questions the politics of personal grievance ... Tolerance at modern universities ... Is the importance of standardized scoring overstated in the professional world? ... The “mismatch” hypothesis and affirmative action ...


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