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Talk >—where great minds don't think alike. Audio from split-screen video conversations between bloggers and other people interested in the world of ideas. Politics is usually the main focus, but discussions can also touch on culture, science, or religion.—where great minds don't think alike. Audio from split-screen video conversations between bloggers and other people interested in the world of ideas. Politics is usually the main focus, but discussions can also touch on culture, science, or religion.
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Description:—where great minds don't think alike. Audio from split-screen video conversations between bloggers and other people interested in the world of ideas. Politics is usually the main focus, but discussions can also touch on culture, science, or religion.




Who's Afraid of Bernie? (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

On George Washington and slavery ... Why do white men have the lead in the Democratic primary? ... Bill: Bernie has to hold his supporter base ... Matt: Bernie “owns his brand” like Trump does ... Can the Obama coalition ever be revived? ...


Toward a New Center-Right (Joshua Cohen & Brink Lindsey)

Brink's new co-authored report, "The Center Can Hold" ... Why Brink's opinion of labor unions has changed ... Why Trump is absent from the report ... The "imaginary center-right" ... Who ended the shutdown, Nancy Pelosi or organized labor? ... Culture war theatrics vs. an actual governing program ... Why antitrust reform is not part of the report ...


Talking Blackface and 'Cancel Culture' (Glenn Loury & John McWhorter)

John: Crowded NYC was an “uncivil” choice for Amazon ... Is climate change discourse motivated by contempt for capitalism? ... Moving on from the minstrel show ... Glenn and John: Northam shouldn’t have had to apologize ... Is it ever okay to wear black “costume”? ... Sexual aggression and consent, in detail ... John: Scandals like Covington are uniquely modern ...


Populism and the Green New Deal (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

A relic from Bill's childhood, "Free to Be... You and Me" ... Why Matt hates Trump's emergency declaration ... Is the Green New Deal more than a progressive litmus test? ... Matt: Dems should monitor their populist wave closely ... Which Democratic candidate is the most electable? ... Matt’s top picks for Democratic nominee ... Is it too early to talk running mates? ... White male candidates face a tough crowd ... McConnell’s smart maneuver on the Green New Deal ...


Trump’s Plan for Regime Change in Venezuela (Robert Wright & Max Blumenthal)

Max’s on-the-ground observations at political rallies in Caracas ... A brief history of Venezuelan politics, from Chavez to now ... Who’s responsible for the suffering of the Venezuelan people? ... Why didn’t AOC defend her colleague Ilhan Omar against charges of anti-Semitism? ... How Obama’s sanctions paved the way for Trump’s broader economic assault on Venezuela ... Max explains why Maduro turned down a US offer of food aid ... How Juan Guaidó was selected to lead the opposition, and by...


Identity and Violence (Glenn Loury & Kelly Suzanne Saulsberry)

Kelly Suzanne introduces herself ... Violence in Chicago and distrust of the police ... Can you take race out of the criminal justice equation? ... The controversial eulogy at Aretha Franklin's funeral ...


Is There a Progressive Foreign Policy? (Robert Wright & Heather Hurlburt)

Competing conceptions of a progressive foreign policy ... The shift from formal to informal international law ... Was bombing Kosovo a good idea? ... Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria—why do we treat their leaders so differently? ... The foreign policy visions of Warren and Sanders ... Heather's progressive foreign policy starts at home ... Venezuela and American hypocrisy ...


Thrillers and Liars (Kat Rosenfield & Hillary Kelly)

Hillary: "Villainous bitches" have become the literary cliche of our era ... Reviewing Leila Slimani's novels, Adèle and The Nanny ... Madame Bovary, Gone Girl, and the likeability backlash ... Daniel Mallory, best-selling author and serial fabulist ... The power of telling an outrageous lie ... Why we are fascinated by scammers and grifters ...


Can Ralph Northam Survive? (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Will Dems flub their chance to beat Trump in 2020? ... The litany of scandals and bad press haunting elected Democrats ... How are Republicans preparing for 2020? ... Why Dems failed to counter the right-wing narrative on late-term abortion ... How Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam can make amends ... The trouble with “ranking” transgressions ...


Talent: A Novel (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Juliet Lapidos)

Juliet's new novel, Talent ... How Juliet created her creatively blocked main character ... Different ways that authors show their hands ... Against lifehacking ... The eternal tension between artists and scholars ... On having written a novel that will never be optioned by Hollywood ... The two type of academics in fiction ...


The Center Can Hold (Robert Wright & Will Wilkinson)

The much-discussed report Will co-authored, “The Center Can Hold” ... Why Will likes Elizabeth Warren ... The criminal justice system is even worse than you think ... Why Will is skeptical of Kamala Harris ... What population density tells us about America’s political divide ... Why do some people, and not others, move to the city? ... Personality differences between rural and urban dwellers ... Has gerrymandering run its course in Republican strategy? ...


Bipartisan Identity Crises (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Bill’s appearance on Matt Lewis and the News ... Will any GOPer primary Trump? ... What kind of Republican could actually beat Trump? ... Imagining a major GOP realignment ... Bill: Kamala Harris won the first round of primary announcements ... Early internal rifts in Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign ... Bill: Elizabeth Warren is back on track ... How primary candidates handle the socialist-centrist balancing act ... Steve Schmidt’s bleak political future ...


Wit's End (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & James Geary)

James's new book, Wit's End ... In defense of puns ... The science behind why jokes are pleasurable ... James: Wit can make you laugh, but it always makes you think ... The benign violation theory of humor ... Great wits of yesterday and today ... Wit as a weapon of the powerless ... Juggling as a physical form of wit ...


Anatomist of Racial Inequality (Glenn Loury & Christian Gonzalez)

What makes Glenn a “black conservative”? ... Glenn: The legacy of slavery is more complicated than we think ... Glenn’s thoughts on economist Thomas Sowell ... How to solve educational inequality ... Why labor competition between minorities matters ... What does Ta-Nehisi Coates mean by “reparations”? ... What is Glenn’s central goal in talking race? ...


Socialism Enters the Mainstream (Robert Wright & Nathan Robinson)

Why Nathan’s magazine, Current Affairs, is based in New Orleans ... Why is socialism suddenly cool? And what exactly does it mean? ... Why Nathan identifies as a libertarian socialist ... Is “Social Justice Warrior” a straw man? ... Nathan: “Cultural appropriation” is about power disparity, not cultural purity ... Glenn Greenwald joins the “microaggressions” argument ... Nathan: Empathy can be an antidote to tribalistic politics ... The future of leftist foreign policy ...


Russiagate Skepticism (Robert Wright & Michael Tracey)

Bob’s take on the Roger Stone indictment ... Why Michael is still a Russiagate skeptic ... A broken Trump is right twice a day ... Michael: We should've been immediately skeptical of Buzzfeed's story on Cohen's perjury ... Why Bob thinks the BuzzFeed story is at least partly right ... Bob and Michael debate the chances that Russiagate is a big deal ... Are Tulsi Gabbard’s foreign policy views alarmingly weird? ... How Michael navigated the Covington imbroglio on Twitter ...


Harry Potter, Socialism, and Neoliberalism (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Riley Quinn)

Riley's recent article in Jacobin, "Politics Is Not Harry Potter" ... Nostalgia and neoliberalism ... Is the ideology of the Potter books neoliberal or aristocratic? ... The fantasy of defeating the "final evil" ... Why does J.K. Rowling hate Jeremy Corbyn? ...


MAGA Teens and 2020 (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Bill and Matt weigh in on “MAGA teen mania” ... Matt’s latent prejudice against rich white kids resurfaces ... The 2020 presidential race starts early ... Matt puts his money on Tulsi Gabbard, but Bill isn’t sold ... Who can bring the Democratic Party together? ... Bill: Warren is recovering from the DNA debacle ... A roundup of Oscar nominations and football ...


Christian Evangelicals and Trump (William R. Black & John Fea)

John’s book on Trump and evangelical Christians, Believe Me ... What becomes of uncontacted peoples who never hear the gospel? ... How nostalgia shapes evangelical thought ... Why is abortion central to evangelical political advocacy? ... What kind of evangelicals elected Trump? ... President Trump, the modern King Cyrus? ... Was Jimmy Carter a bad president because he was a good Christian? ... Should Democrats try to win over evangelicals in 2020? ...


The Great Recession, Ten Years Later (Glenn Loury & Ross Levine)

How bankers were able to outsource investment risk prior to the financial crisis ... Ross: Financial collapse could have been foreseen, but warning signs were ignored ... Finance’s place in the economy and the lives of regular people ... Why investment banking executives need to have skin in the game ... Ross: Save the banks, not the bankers ... Ten years after the Great Recession, are we worse off? ... Does Elizabeth Warren have the right idea on banking regulation? ...