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The One With the Christmas Gifts

Episode 37: Hi! We've made it to December which means Christmas is right around the corner! To Rachael's excitement and Ashley's frustration we are telling you some naughty gift ideas for that/those special someone(s) in your life! As usual we've got a few of our own stories to share along with some examples of some bad gifts to steer you in the right direction this year. Don't be caught with you pants around your ankles...unless that is what you were going for... P.S. - Our first mini...


The One Where They Snapped

Episode 36: Hi! Hello! This week we are back with crimes of passion! We also have Marissa back with us to add to the drunken antics and hilarity. Grab a drink, not a knife, and settle in as we tell some stories of those who just couldn't handle it anymore. P.S- We'd love to hear your own snapped stories! Message us or email us! Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review! Thanks for Listening, Rach and Ash


The One Where We Get Back Into Sex Toys

Episode 35: Hi! Welcome if you're new! This week we have a fun filled episode full of crazy sex toy reviews, some sex toy horror stories, and maybe a few of our own stories. We are onto year number two of podcasting and we can't wait to supply you with even more sex, stories, and laughter! P.S.- This episode marks the beginning of season three where we will have three episode every month released on Tuesdays and one bonus mini episode you'll be able to find in our patreon section. We are...


The One Where It's Been A Year!

Episode 34: This week we celebrate a whole year of podcasting! We talk about our favorite things in podcasting, our favorite episodes, what we've learned, and we play a little never have I ever to finish things off! Grab a drink and join us! P.S.- Thank you for a great year! We are looking forward to whatever comes in the next year and hope you stick around! We are drinking pinot grigio this week if you want to drink along with us. Thanks for Listening, Rach and Ash


The One Where We Go In The Back Door

Episode 33: Hello again! or Welcome if it's your first time! It certainly isn't ours which is exactly where this episode came from. This week we are talking all things anal sex. Do's, Don'ts, safety, and some horror stories. Grab some wine or maybe a margarita and get ready to laugh, learn, and cringe with us as we delve into the taboo? of anal sex! P.S.- Share any of your stories with us via our social media or email us ---> bumpingucast@gmail.com Thanks for Listening, Rach and Ash


The One Where We Get Spooky!

Episode 32: We've nearly made it full circle but before we get to one year we're making a stop for Halloween! For this episode we are bringing you some scary, some cringy, and some horrifying stories. Grab a drink or a friend and join us as we talk about some Halloween nightmares! P.S.- We'd love to hear your scary stories! DM us on any of our social media or email us at bumpingucast@gmail.com Thanks for Listening, Rach and Ash


The One Where It's That Time Of The Month

Episode 31: Hello again! This week we are talking about something you either are into talking about or you'll want to avoid completely. If you guessed eating in a nude restaurant you were wrong... but if you guessed period sex you'd be spot(heh) on! Anyway this week we decided we were going to tackle a topic that we each don't really take part in but were curious to know more about. Join us as we learn some benefits, tips, and tricks to period sex. Also in this episode we have some of our...


The One With the Food in Bed

Episode 30: Well hello there! We have miraculously and unbelievably made it to episode 30! Although it has been a struggle to make time to record, edit, and prepare topics we have managed to do it with a few hiccups along the way. This week we are bringing you all the talk, the good, the bad, and the ugly about using food to enhance your sex life. This week we read some benefits of eating certain foods, some fun(or funny) suggestions for foods to use during foreplay, and some crazy stories...


The One Where We Have Ex Sex

Episode 29: Hello again! It's been a little longer than intended as the technology gods are never on our side, but we are so excited to be back with a new episode all about sex with an ex! This week we talk about the should you/ shouldn't you and the dos and the don'ts and we play a little would you rather! Grab a drink or a big tall water and join us as we talk about all the bad decisions and all the weird things that happen when you sleep with your ex (like getting married...). P.S.-...


The One Where We Go Public

Episode 28: We are here. With you. In the middle of summer about to talk about all the places you can get it on while the weather is nice and you are out of the house! Join us as we cover news stories, men's and women's lists of the best places not to get caught, and as we go through a checklist of places we have and haven't had sex! P.S.- Share your stories with us on twitter, instagram, facebook, or email. Tell us the craziest place you've had sex. Or embarassing got caught...


The One Where We Send Nudes

Episode 27: Happy almost summer! We are back this week to talk about the dos, the don'ts, the good, the bad, and everything in between! We share our sexting experiences and play a game of never have I ever at the end to get back into the fun of podcasting! Grab a drink and play along! P.S.- Tell us your sexting stories on social media or email us bumpingucast@gmail.com Thanks for Listening, Rach and Ash


The One About B.O.B

Hello there! We took a small break but we are back for season 2 with epiosde 26! This season we will be doing the podcast bi monthly to accomodate our summer work schedules. This week we are talking about BOB that's right vibrators! Ashley is bringing us some stats, we are talking about toys we like, situations we use different toys in, our first experiences touching a penis, an our first experiences using B.O.B's. Join us as we have a little chat about our favorite little friend! Thanks...


The One With the Talk About Big Love

Episode 25: This week thanks to our friend Marissa we are reading an article from AfroPunk about the project #decolonizingbeauty and talking about seeing fat people in media. Join us as we read the article, responses to it, Khali's response, and as we talk about our own feelings of fat people in media. Being larger ladies this is a topic that is important to us and involves us. Listen this week as we walk about healthy at any size, changing the standard of beauty to healthy is sexy, and...


The One Where We Talk Taboo!

Episode 24: Hello again! This week we are bringing you a quick little talk about taboo! What is it? Do sexual taboos still exist? What are some common taboos in the US? What are some of the craziest around the world? Join us as we dive into the world of unaccepted and unacknowledged sexual practices! P.S.- This is your last week to enter our giveaway! Our 25 things giveaway will contain things like Bumping Uglies merch, an amazon gift card, our favorite dirty books, some of our favorite...


The One With 50 Shades of Bumping Uglies

Episode 23: This week we dove into the world of BDSM! Ashley told us the ABCs of BDSM, we took a test to see what our kinks are, and we tell a few stories about some of our experiences with kinkier sex!! This is a long one but a fun one you can join us by taking the short test at bdsm.org to see how your kinks compare to ours and by grab a bottle of wine or a bottle of vodka and falling down the rabbit hole of drunkeness! P.S- There's still time to enter the giveaway and we will be posting...


The One Where We have Penis Envy?

Episode 22: This week we are talking about penis envy! What it is. Do we have it? What do other people say about it? What does Rachael's husband think about it? And what do Japan's french fries have to do with it?? Join us for a short little adventure into the world of if we had a dick! P.S. - Drop us a review on iTunes, Facebook, or Instagram to win a fun Bumping Uglies basket full of 25 things we love! Make this episode a drinking game by taking a shot or drink every time we say...


The One Where We Learn New Sex Words

Episode 21: Welcome back! Or Hi if you're new! This week we are getting weird! We found some unusual sex terms to tell you all about. Join us as we learn some new words, tell you some cringe worthy sex stories, and find the meaning to some of the grossest sex terms urban dictionary has to offer! P.S.- Our giveaway happens on episode 25 so don't miss out on entering! We have learned that our mobile reviews aren't working so you can head over to instagram or facebook to leave us a review....


The One About Polyamory

Episode 20: This week we were joined by our very first new to us guest a lovely British woman by the name of Mish who was kind enough to volunteer to talk about polyamory and her experience of being polyamorous with us. Join us as we learn all about the poly world, hear some of Mish's personal stories like how she decided she was poly and how even 18 years into being poly there are still things that surprise her, and learn some fun poly terms like nre and frubbles! P.S.- We are currently...


The One Where We Get Cozy and Creepy

Episode 19: That's right this week we are taking a little break from our normal topics to read you some creepy pastas! Poor Ashley isn't feeling well and Rachael had quite the week so we wanted to do something fun, easy, and relaxing! Grab your blanket and your hot cocoa and help us wish away the last of this winter crud with a little scary story time. P.S. - We have a giveaway going on! Between now and our 25th episode subscribe, rate, and review us to be entered to win an adorable basket...


The One Where We Get Into Porn

Episode 18: We are back this week talking about women viewing porn, how we feel about porn, what our porn names would be, a game, dragon dicks, and a few stories! After a rough St. Patrick's Day this was a rare sober episode, but that didn't stop us from having tons of fun! P.S.- Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review before our 25th episode to be entered into our very first giveaway! And follow us on at least one social media platform to be able to share our 25th episode announcement...