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Have a Quickie With Bumping Uglies-6

Episode 54(mini episode 6): Heyyy it's Mayyy! We had to skip a week but we are back with this short little episode all about Lora DiCarlo's new "pleasure wand", The Osé, the winner of CES Robotics Innovation Award. We can't wait to give you all the details! P.S.- Tell us what you think about this new toy! Thanks for Listening, Rach and Ash


Have a Quickie With Bumping Uglies-5

Episode 53(mini episode 5): Hey there! We've had quite the month so we thought now was the perfect time to bring you a short sweet quickie. Today we are talking about men who act like they don't want sex and end up being very successful in finding casual sex partners. It'll be rough, but it'll be fun! Listen in and then let us know what you think? Are the aloof getting all the p*ssy? P.S.- Once more if you missed it in our last episode you can contact Jon and Ama at...


The One Where We Get to Know a Master/Slave Couple

Episode 52: Here it is! Part 2, our conclusion to the incredible amount of information Jon and Ama had for us. In this part we get into what they address each other as, if their family and friends know about their relationship, safety, mental health, and so much more. Please join us as we say goodbye to Jon and Ama! P.S- Once more if you'd like to ask them your own question that we missed or maybe you've been curious for yourself. You can reach them at houseoftheendless@gmail.com Thanks...


The One Where We Get to Know a Master/Slave Couple

Episode 52: Hi there! We are so excited to bring this two part episode to you! Let me just start by saying that when you agree to talk to strangers you are never sure how it is going to turn out but in this case we got so lucky in hearing from Jon and Ama. This couple was so friendly, open, well spoken, had so much experience, and so much knowledge to share with us not just about participating in BDSM but about relationship between people in general. Join us to find out answers to many...


Have a Quickie with Bumping Uglies-4

Episode 51(mini episode 4): The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and we have another quickie for you! This week it was Ashley's pick and although the news was slow this time she is brought us an article all about different practices around the world! Jammed into this fifteen minutes we talk about throwing spices on singles, sex training rituals, encouraged experimentation, and young sex! P.S.- We have an amazing two part episode coming out for the end of this month. We interviewed a...


The One About the Hen Party

Episode 50: Can you believe we've chatted this many times already?? Me neither! But anyway hello there and happy April. We missed last week because sometimes life doesn't go quite as smoothly as you've planned, but we're here now and we are sharing with you all the things about bachelorette and bachelor parties! This week we've got statistics about what goes down during these risque parties, who is lying, and who doesn't want to know; along with some suggestions to freshen up your party,...


Have a Quickie with Bumping Uglies-3

Episode 49( mini episode 3): Well we made it through St. Patrick's day (just barely) and here we are on the other side with exactly what the doctor ordered, a quick little talk about a new documentary we found. This week we are discussing XConfessions: SoulSex! If you don't know what I'm talking about it's alright because before last week neither did I. SoulSex is an interview and explicit film documenting an older couple who are still very sexually active and practice purposeful sex,...


The One Where We Dream

Episode 48: Hi, hello, howdy! We are so excited for some good weather finally and it has got our heads in the clouds! Now this week we aren't talking about daydreaming, but we are talking all about dreams. We have some facts for you, of course some stories both naughty and nice, we also have some possible causes of sex dreams, along with some things that are kind of like dreaming but with a bit of a twist. Join us in dreamland and find out what you do when you're asleep! P.S- Have a crazy...


The One With the Ghost Sex

Episode 47: Welcome back! It is almost spring and we have some fun topics coming up! This week is no exception because we are bringing you facts, stories, celebrity confessions, and ebay ads all about spectrophilia(GHOST SEX!)! We had so much fun learning about this phenomenon and reading accounts from people who say they've experienced it first hand. We couldn't help but have a little fun with the idea of sex with someone in the afterlife so join us in this newest adventure and find out if...


The One Where We Go On Vacation

Episode 46: Hello! It is so nice to be back! We had to skip a week but we are here and refreshed with some tips, dos and don'ts, and stories for you all about sex on vacation. Whether you are taking someone with you or you're hoping to find a fling we have something for you. Join us as we talk about our recent vacation and your next one...*imagine I'm winking* P.S.- We'd love to hear a steamy vacation story from you or a sexy plan gone wrong. Message or email us! Thanks for...


The One With the VDay Ideas

Episode 45: Can you believe February is nearly half gone?? This year is flying by faster than any before for us. In this year we are hoping to be more present and thoughtful with our lives and loved ones so we decided to bring you some sweet ideas for Valentine's Day that won't break the bank and aren't over the top. We found a few things that will let someone know you care without making a spectacle of the day. If you're into that or your partner wants that it's cool, but just in case you...


The One About the Before

Episode 44: Hi there! And congratulations on making it to February it really felt like January was never ending. In this second month of 2019 we are all about the love. So this week we are bringing you before sex habits, tips, and some things to steer clear of as well if you want to get frisky later. Grab a chair, grab a buddy, grab a drink, and join us as we explore what it takes to get in the mood! P.S.- Tell us what you do to get ready for the bedroom! DM us on any social media platform,...


The One With the Warning Labels

Episode 43: Hi there! This week we managed to get our favorite aunt( and maybe your's too?) back on with us to discuss a topic that we all love! So with Missy and Ashley to balance out the blunder that is Rachael we embark on a quick little journey down warning label lane. On this adventure we have products that apparently needed warning labels, ridiculous warning labels, and warning labels that apply to people as well as some personal stories you just may not believe! P.S.- Rachael went...


Have a quickie with Bumping Uglies-2

Episode 42(Mini Episode 2)- Hello again! We hope your year is off to a great start! This being the third week of the month we are bringing you a little taste of Bumping Uglies in our new venture of discussing sex in the news every month! This week Ashley brings us an article based in England where an adult themed mini golf course allowed a porno to be filmed on their premises. Join us to find all about the golf course and the details of the adult film! P.S.- Let us know what you think about...


The One Where the Boys Get Theirs

Episode 41: We told you it was coming and here it is! Last week we talked about the Big O for ladies and this week we are covering all things blow jobs. We have some stories to read, some facts, some tips, and of course plenty of our own stories and ridiculous ideas to add! Join us and find out where you fall in the blow job game! P.S.- If you have any tips or stories let us know! Thanks for Listening, Rach and Ash


The One With the Big O

Episode 40: Welcome to 2019 everyone! Thanks for joining us in this new year, but if you were hoping for a new us you're going to be disappointed... This week we are talking about the BIG O, you know, orgasms. Right now we will be focusing on the ladies but don't worry guys your time is coming! We've got some statistics for you, some personal stories, and a few others for you. We're keeping this one fun and light so join us to get your mind off the day and maybe get it on yourself (imagine a...

The One Where We Skipped Christmas

Episode 39: Merry Christmas! We hope this episode finds everyone in a happy day with whoever you love, but if the holidays are hard for you we hope that this one is just a little easier than the last. The holiday season is so busy for everyone, including us, so in our hurry to get this episode recorded we chose a topic we were very excited about that has nothing to do for Christmas...hopefully this will be the break from all the Christmas themed stuff you've been subjected to. I'll stop...


Have a quickie with Bumping Uglies-1

Episode 38( Mini Episode 1): Well hello there! Welcome to our first mini episode where we take turns surprising each other with short current event topics. This week Rachael surprises Ashley with a story about sex on the pyramids! We also have a small discussion about facetune. P.S- Tell us what you think about sex on the pyramids! Would you do it? Thanks for Listening, Rach and Ash


The One With the Christmas Gifts

Episode 37: Hi! We've made it to December which means Christmas is right around the corner! To Rachael's excitement and Ashley's frustration we are telling you some naughty gift ideas for that/those special someone(s) in your life! As usual we've got a few of our own stories to share along with some examples of some bad gifts to steer you in the right direction this year. Don't be caught with you pants around your ankles...unless that is what you were going for... P.S. - Our first mini...


The One Where They Snapped

Episode 36: Hi! Hello! This week we are back with crimes of passion! We also have Marissa back with us to add to the drunken antics and hilarity. Grab a drink, not a knife, and settle in as we tell some stories of those who just couldn't handle it anymore. P.S- We'd love to hear your own snapped stories! Message us or email us! Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review! Thanks for Listening, Rach and Ash