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Featuring the CEOs of The RLJ Companies, Inc. and Marriott International, I

On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, we'll chat with two legendary entrepreneurs who have made their dreams come true. There are many great ideas, but very few turn into multibillion dollar companies. Each guest on this program had a strong the willpower and strategy to execute it. Robert L. Johnson, one of the leading entrepreneurs of his time, created Black Entertainment Television; became the first...


Featuring the CEOs of Royal Philips Electronics N.V. and the Schering-Ploug

On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at the Rutgers Business School in Newark, NJ, we'll examine whether the health care industry is in good shape with two CEOs who should know its condition. Advances in technology and medicine have extended lives and improved the odds for patients suffering from serious illnesses. But at what price? Who can afford the runaway costs of these medical miracles? Gerard Kleisterlee heads the huge Dutch conglomerate Royal Philips Electronics, best known for...


Featuring the CEOs of NBC Universal, Inc. and Universal Music Group

On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at Lynch Auditorium in New York in conjunction with Fordham Graduate Business, we set the stage for a peek at the dazzling world of entertainment. Get a front-row seat as two industry legends showcase the opportunities and the challenges produced by all the new ways we have of watching television and movies...and listening to music. Bob Wright has played the leading role at NBC for the past 20 years and has recently added Universal Studios to his...


Featuring the CEOs of Bank of America Corporation and the CVS Corporation

On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at the Howard University School of Business in Washington, DC, we'll get an insider's look at the changing face of Main Street USA. No matter how small, every town, every community, has a bank and a corner drug store. But these days, the local bank and drugstore are owned by huge companies that do a lot more than take deposits and dispense medicine. Ken Lewis has counted on an aggressive acquisition strategy for Bank of America, which has vaulted...


Featuring the CEOs of Motorola Inc. and The Allstate Corporation

On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, we'll meet?two CEOs who have?navigated their well-established companies boldly into the future.?Ed Zander?found his calling when he transformed Motorola from a?troubled electronics firm into the hottest mobile phone maker around.?Allstate's Ed Liddy insured the well-being of his company by revamping an antiquated agent system?while using new technology to boost efficiency.?Two CEOs who...