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Marginality Hitting the Radio Waves

Marginality Hitting the Radio Waves
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Irvine, CA


Marginality Hitting the Radio Waves




KUCI Subversity Online: Vietnamese Refugee Artwork Returning to Hong Kong?

Community Art specialist Samson Wong talks about the history of Garden Streams' work with established and budding artists while they were refugees held in Hong Kong detention camps for refugees from Vietnam, awaiting screening for resettlement, and what happened to the artwork. Interviewed by show host Daniel C. Tsang on 6 November 2017 in Ma On Shan, Hong Kong. Interview copyright c Daniel C. Tsang 2017.


KUCI Subversity Online: Occupy Central Leader Benny Tai Speaks Out

Despite a potential prison term for his role in the Occupy Central with Love and Peace civil disobedience, HKU Law Prof. Benny Tai continues to speak out. In an interview conducted 19 October 2017 at his law school office, Tai addresses legal issues such as retroactivity and double jeopardy as well as what he will do should he get sent to prison. He is interviewed by show host Daniel C. Tsang. Copyright c Daniel C. Tsang.


Subversity Show Online: HK Indigenous Leader Ray Wong Speaks Out

Hong Kong Indigenous leader Ray Wong speaks out on Hong Kong's future, despite facing a likely long prison term. The interview, conducted on 16 October 2017, took place at the HKI's Hong Kong headquarters. Show host Daniel C. Tsang interviewed Wong in Cantonese, the language of Hong Kong.


KUCI Subversity Show Online: Brian Hioe on New Bloom and Taiwan Activism

Transplanted New Yorker is founding editor of New Bloom, an online magazine from Taipei offering radical perspectives on Taiwan and Asian Pacific. Show host Daniel C. Tsang on November 14, 2016 interviewed him in Taipei. Aired 21 July 2017.


Activist Edward Leung on Localism in Hong Kong

Localist Edward Leung discusses his radicalization in Hong Kong protests and how he identified as a Hong Kong person. Interviewed on 6 June 2016 at University of Hong Kong for KUCI Subversity Online by Show Host Daniel C. Tsang.


One could say that Eddy Zheng (left) made something of himself despite being incarcerated at San Quentin prison for 19 years plus another two in immigration detention. The Cantonese immigrant from Guangzhou, China, was only 19 when he waved a gun and participated in a home invasion... Interview with director Ben Wang, subject Eddy zheng and composer Scott "Chops" Jung


KUCI Subversity Show Online: Boiling Pot Panel Discussion

Boiling Point is an explosive drama about racism on campus, done intelligently and sparking discussion on race relations around campuses. Audio is of a March 1, 2016 discussion after screening of the 2015 film. Aired on KUCI Subversity Online March 3, 2016.


Subversity Show Online: Zunar Shows Pen is Stronger than Sword

Political Cartoonist Zunar, whose pointed drawings target corruption and injustice in Malaysia, faces a combined 43 years' imprisonment in a trial for seditious tweets slated to begin next week in Kuala Lumpur. The tweets lampooned the decision to jail opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on sodomy charges. Zunar was in Irvine as guest speaker on a UCI Law School panel of cartoonists at the Free Expression conference. Interview conducted 23 January 2016 in Irvine, California.


KUCI Subversity Online: Justin Chin 1999 interview

Repeat airing of our KUCI Subversity Show 1999 January 19 interview with poet and performance artist Justin Chin. Interviewer: Daniel C. Tsang


KUCI Subversity Online: Terror in Little Saigon

ProPublica Journalist A.C. Thompson discusses his PBS Frontline documentary "Terror in Little Saigon" and his reportage on the history of intimidation and murder of Vietnamese American journalists in the 1980s. Interviewer is Daniel C. Tsang, host of Subversity Show. Copyright Daniel C. Tsang c 2015


KUCI Subversity Online: HKU Law Prof Benny Tai on Occupy Central

Benny Tai, the Hong Kong University Law Professor who co-founded Occupy Central, spoke 28 April 2015 to a graduate political seminar (Solinger) at University of California, Irvine. Here's his reflections on the protests in Hong Kong that grabbed world attention in Fall, 2014.


KUCI Subversity Online: Seashore Directors Discuss Their Exquisite Film

Brazil is often portrayed in film for its flamboyant, colorful and musical extravagance. Taking a decidedly different stance are queer directors (a couple) Filipe Matzembacher and Marcio Reolon, who have written and directed this exquisite portrayal of teen sexual awakening in "Seashore." KUCI Subversity Online interviewed the two directors 31 July 2015 about their latest film. Show host is Daniel C. Tsang.


KUCI Subversity Online:Hong Kong Boy Protesters in Lessons in Dissent

Director Matthew Torne talks about his documentary on Joshua Wong and Ma Jai, teen activists in Hong Kong against National Education. He is interviewed by show host Daniel C. Tsang.


KUCI Subversity Online: Remembering Vietnam Scholar & Peace Activist David Truong

Historian Ngo Vinh Long recalls his long comradeship with David Truong and the efforts of the national security state in setting up the latter for prosecution in an effort to sabotage the Paris peace talks settling the Vietnam War. Interviewed by Subversity Online host Daniel C. Tsang ? 2014


KUCI Subversity Online: Hieu Tran's short on Queer Asian Males & Sex

Director Hieu Tran's short, Squared, screening at the 2014 Vietnamese Film Festival, addresses sexual expectations and prejudices and challenges conventional wisdom about sexual practices, endowment size and sexual enjoyment of Queer Asian males. He is interviewed by Subversity Show host Daniel C. Tsang.


KUCI Subversity Online: Chinese Moms On Their Queer Offspring in New Documentary

Queer activists the world over will find this new documentary about coming out refreshingly different. Instead of the typical coming out story from a gay or lesbian teenager or adult, Fan Popo's latest film, "Mama Rainbow," focuses rather on mothers of gay males or lesbians - and how they have become advocates for their offspring. Interviewer: Daniel C. Tsang.


KUCI Subversity Online: Gore Vidal: Speaking Truth to Power

Nicholas Wrathall, director of "Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia," discusses his documentary on the public intellectual that spans Gore Vidal's privileged upbringing to his historical fiction and provocative essays challenging the state, while speaking truth to power. He is interviewed by host Daniel C. Tsang for KUCI Subversity Online.


KUCI Subversity Online: Pansexualist Poet James Broughton Brought to Life on Screen

A captivating documentary, "Big Joy", captures the pansexuality and poetic and cinematic genius of James Broughton, whose involvement in the San Francisco Renaissance predated the period of the Beats. Subversity Online interviews co-director Stephen Silha, a first-time filmmaker, on the life and impact of the affectionate and fairy-like poet, who continued writing into the end of his life in his eighties. In his senior years, Broughton is also engaged in a long relationship with another,...


KUCI Subversity Online: Gay Palestinian-Israeli Love Story on Screen

In the best of times, committed relationships across geographic and political boundaries are daunting and hard to realize. Israel-born director Michael Mayer has put on the silver screen (at Outfest Los Angeles 2013) a daring gay love story, "Out in the Dark," involving a Palestinian Birzeit University psych student, Nimr (played by Nicholas Jacob) and attorney Roy (played by noted Israeli actor Michael Aloni). Mayer is interviewed by show host Daniel C. Tsang.