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High Society Radio Show featuring Chris "Pepper Hicks" Stanley and Bronx Johnny can be heard every Friday.

High Society Radio Show featuring Chris "Pepper Hicks" Stanley and Bronx Johnny can be heard every Friday.
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High Society Radio Show featuring Chris "Pepper Hicks" Stanley and Bronx Johnny can be heard every Friday.






HSR 01/10/19 Bronx Johnny Actually Got Married

Bronx Johnny is back this week for High Society Radio to put to bed all rumors that he didn’t actually get married. Johnny shares wedding pictures, and tales from his wedding day and honeymoon in Brazil. Your boys debate new developments in the ongoing R. Kelly scandal, react to a video of Kevin Spacey defending his actions in character, and discuss Jeff Bezos’ ill advised prenup and post divorce finances. Plus, insight into Bronx Johnny’s relationship with his new stepson, and more! Air...


HSR 01/03/19 Captain Dragon (Zac Amico)

Your Boys are joined by International Superstar Zac Amico in place of Bronx Johnny for this week's episode of High Society Radio. The guys discuss Zac's involvement in Capitol Wrestling, old man sex, twitch Fortnite player Ninja's attempt to teach the Times Square NYE crowd how to "floss," and Zac's delayed and nearly empty flight back from LA. BK Chris patched himself up after swallowing a crown in Aruba, and lots of tattoo talk... Bad tats from Just Tattoo of Us, Zac's new pinup clown that...


HSR 12/27/18 Douchewear by Scumbro (Robbie Bernstein)

With Bronx Johnny off getting married, your boys are joined by Robbie "The Fire" Bernstein for this week's episode of High Society Radio. The guys discuss Stanley's wardrobe choices as he compares himself to the trendsetters of the Scumbro scene. Robbie learns the meaning of the term "libtard cuck," and BK Chris shares some info about his trimming ritual. With producer Nate's parents in studio, the boys pull out every Australian reference within reach between discussions about the beers of...


HSR 12/20/18 Seasons Beatings (Paperface, Nick De Leon, Ralph Sutton, Mike Harrington)

Your boys sip margaritas as they celebrate Christmas with special guests Paperface, Nick DeLeon, Ralph Sutton, and Mike Harrington. Ralph squashes the gang’s dreams of a margarita maker at the GaS Studio before gifting the guys with a Baller Club mousepad prototype. Chris from Brooklyn describes how his young nephew deals with things, and gives his cohosts the crossbows of their dreams. Johnny’s Sextravaganza is back and better than ever. Stanley still looks like a white Bruce Bruce, but...


HSR 12/13/18 Homeless Puppets

Your boys are back in studio to celebrate the approach of the holidays. Johnny discusses his near-homelessness and plots out his post eviction lifestyle. Stanley recounts his deep love for deviled eggs. BK Chris is upset about a twitter poll questioning which show drinks more between High Society Radio and Irish Goodbye Podcast. Sex Island has changed its name to “Sextravaganza”, and Bronx Johnny reacts to this use of his intellectual property. The world’s most muscular kangaroo died,...


HSR 12/06/18 Shannon's Prison Love Connection (Shannon Lee & Matty Jester Skulls)

Your boys team up with Shannon Lee and Matty Jester Skulls from "The Thing Is" Podcast for a special episode of High Society Radio featuring Shannon’s Prison Love Connection. The guys discuss Shannon’s sexual history, decreasing expression of masculinity in millennials, movies that make you cry, sexual harassment allegations against Neil deGrasse Tyson, and of course, the guys try to hook Shannon up with the prison hunk of her dreams. Air Date: 12/06/18 Support our sponsors! Piel’s is for...


HSR 11/29/18 The Whole Bag Of Chips

Your boys are in studio for another episode of High Society Radio. This week’s Bronx Johnny Facebook report reveals his love for Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, whose fellow creatures on the island of misfit toys are being scrutinized regarding sexual orientation. Upon his return from the Thanksgiving holiday, Stanley provides a review of his Megabus ride that strongly hinges on eating a bag of chips. All this, plus New Years resolutions, the overuse of “no homo”, an update on toxic...


HSR 11/22/18 Mega Thankful

Your boys express their gratitude this week in honor of Thanksgiving. Johnny is in danger of being evicted, Stanley has an impending holiday Megabus ride, there’s a national recall on Romain lettuce, and David Arquette nearly bled to death. Lots to be thankful for. Also, sex island has changed locations, a story about an unwanted rub & tug, the return of backpage, and plenty more! Air date: 11/22/18 Support Our Sponsors! Visit DimeBags.com and use promo code HSR for 15% off your...


HSR 11/15/18 Smoke Your D*ck Hard

Your boys are back at the GaS Digital Network studio for a fun filled episode featuring disappointing pimped out blimps (or plimps), HSR’s memorialization of Stan Lee, and plans for a GaS Digital children’s show featuring Bronx Johnny with sock puppets. The boys hammer out how they plan to split time with their margarita machine, react to Juul halting retail sale of their flavored products, and delve into a lengthy reddit thread entitled “My Son Is A Hateful Incel." Pokemon is back in the...


HSR 11/08/18 Sup Lisa Ann (Evan Stone and Alana Luv)

Chris from Brooklyn spent a whole weekend with porn stars, thankfully Bronx Johnny stayed home. Is it cool to have your girls pic as your phone background? Do margaritas help you pull hot chicks? Is Chris Stanley the professional handicapper finally back? All that plus your boys are hyped for True Detective Season 3, Chris Stanley does the research on 2006, Floyd Mayweather is scared of ninjas and so much more! Support our sponsors! Visit PielsBeer.com and get yourself a refreshing cold...


HSR 11/01/18 What Happened In 2006?

Your boys are back with another episode. Joe Rogan has stolen another guest from High Society Radio and BK Chris is pissed. With HSR hosting a mashup with The SDR Show at Exxxotica, the boys take a little time to fantasize about the event. Lots of animal talk this week, with info about Rhino horns, the harvesting of shark fins for soup, raccoons vs. opossums, and insight from Bronx Johnny about the soul of a goldfish. Most importantly, your boys open an investigation after stumbling upon an...


HSR 10/25/18 Halloween H2Blow

Your boys are back with a spooky Halloween episode. Bronx Johnny is certified in sexual harassing, the flaunt your wealth challenge has the Chinese fallin’ and ballin’, and Buffalo Bill might have been trans! Bronx Johnny schools the gang on the best way to handle a Bigfoot trick-or-treater, the beer fridge is chillingly empty, and Halal carts are disappearing left and right! All that, plus the hottest instance of police brutality ever, the new business plan of the future, reactions to Roman...


HSR 10/18/18 GGGaS Digital

Your boys are back this week to break down all the biggest stories in the world. The hottest weather girl ever got dumped over YouTube views, a prince requested performances by old school wrestlers, and a fifteen man Saudi hit squad butchered a journalist. Plus, The Pickle King is dead (Long Live The Pickle King), classic examples of when they say the title of a movie in the movie, Stanley's bulletproof business plan for when he wins the Mega Millions jackpot, Johnny's final sendoff to an...


HSR 10/11/18 Diggity Dagestan

Your boys are coming in hot this week. Chris went to New York Comic Con looking for an orgy. Stanley makes the pitch for Sex Island part two. It looks like Bronx Johnny might be back to his old ways. Is this the week Stanley turns it around with some killer NFL picks? Does one of the boys have an early case of the sugars? Is any chick worth a list of relationship rules? All this and so much more on this week's episode of High Society Radio. Follow on Twitter @HSRadioshow, @TrumpCuck,...


HSR 10/04/18 Pixelated Funnel Hole

Your boys take down a couple Kavanaughs as they discuss Stanley’s plans for Rob Gronkowski’s retirement, Elon Musk’s 4/20 scandal, react to an eels in the butt video, and Johnny explains his hatred for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Johnny reviews The Shape of Water, Chris reviews more of Johnny’s facebook posts, and Stanley voices concern after the feds raided the Juul vaping company. Please take a moment to tweet at @iamralphsutton and request a margarita maker for GaS Digital Network studio on...


HSR 09/27/18 I Like Beer

Kavanaugh cried like a bitch during his testimony. BK Chris attended a wedding in the land of the nonsense tech startups (Denver), where he took the Coors tour and lived out every child’s dream of attending Casa Bonita. Your boys debate Jet Blue, wedding food and carving stations, how to dress for court, TSA pre check– and why Stanley was denied for it, plus BK Chris goes nuts for a gun holster advertisement, and more! Follow on Twitter @HSRadioshow, @TrumpCuck, @IAmAlexScar,...


HSR 09/20/18 Batman's D!@k

Stanley is a Fortnite champion and Johnny’s been overdoing it on Facebook. The playboy club is back in NYC, the boys come in late with their post fight analysis of GGG, check out the new DC imprint geared towards adults that features batman’s piece, and argue which characters in the marvel universe have big d!@k energy. Follow on Twitter @HSRadioshow, @TrumpCuck, @IAmAlexScar, @TheChin_, @gasdigital. Follow on Instagram @highsocietyradio, @bronx_johnny, @iamalexscar, @thechintern,...


HSR 9/13/18 Farewell Daena

The polls are open in the primaries, Johnny was raped by a bidet, Taco Bell has moved one step closer the fulfilling the Demolition Man prophecy, Stanley has an epiphany about pill factories, crack pipe vending machines are a thing now, and Daena has an announcement that literally shakes your boys to the core, which you can probably guess from the title. Follow on Twitter @HSRadioshow, @TrumpCuck, @Daenaface, @gasdigital. Follow on Instagram @highsocietyradio, @bronx_johnny,...


HSR 9/6/18 Let's Do Some Bumps

Your boys are back in full force to talk Johnny's trip to Ecuador, Stanley's trip to Mexico City and Chris' trip to Vegas, A missed opportunity with Goth Charlotte, sad Irish poetry, people getting wild and shows, German suplexs and more! Follow on Twitter @HSRadioshow, @TrumpCuck, @Daenaface, @TheChin_ @gasdigital. Follow on Instagram @highsocietyradio, @bronx_johnny, @gasdigital. Please check out mybookie.ag, promo code HSR for $1000 in free play. Please check out infinitecbd.com,...


HSR 8/30/18 Blame Big Data (Nick Deleon)

Notorious drunk, Nick Deleon, joins your boys to talk gambling, loot boxes, the havoc Trump's presidency has wrecked on the tech world, porn stars on Twitch, barcades, ads on Netflix, getting married, and more! Follow on Twitter @NicholasADeleon, @HSRadioshow, @TrumpCuck, @Daenaface, @gasdigital. Follow on Instagram @nicholasadeleon, @highsocietyradio, @bronx_johnny, @gasdigital. Please check out mybookie.ag, promo code HSR for $1000 in free play. Please check out infinitecbd.com, promo...