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Just been made project team leader, great; now what?

The first key step is to make sure you have an initial meeting with the entire team. Have a group discussion regarding the nature of the remit and other key objectives. This way people know how to work together within the context of the project. Having one meeting enables everyone to hear the same message simultaneously...creating clarity that eliminates confusion in the beginning. Listen to this podcast. I will share 4 essential pointers to creating a cohesive team. These key components...


Pharmalosophy; Vaporize the

The origin of the 'Victim Mentality' topic discussed in this podcast is triggered by the amount and extent of change that takes place within most organizations...and R&D organizations are no exception. Constant change is ever present. Whether it involves either subtle changes in strategy or the extensive change of a mergers or acquisition which happen in the middle of a project, often the project "remit" definition changes sustantially prompting both the project leader (and the team) to...


Pharmalosophy; The Science of Herding Cats

The science of managing pharmaceutical stakeholders is very similar to the process of herding cats. Coordinating the energies of a matrix team is typically very challenging. Among many others, the key steps incorporate data review, identifying alternatives, making decisions and offering recommendations to key stakeholders. To move product components through an accelerated drug pipeline is certainly not an easy task...especially with so many minds (and egos) involved! listen to this...