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Subscribe to CIPD podcasts - the new way to keep updated with the latest thinking in people management and development.  For more information visit our website - <a href="http://www.cipd.co.uk/podcasts">http://www.cipd.co.uk/podcasts</a>
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Subscribe to CIPD podcasts - the new way to keep updated with the latest thinking in people management and development.  For more information visit our website - <a href="http://www.cipd.co.uk/podcasts">http://www.cipd.co.uk/podcasts</a>




CIPD 119 Trade Unions

2016 has been quite a year for trade unions and employee relations. Teachers, junior doctors, train drivers and London underground staff have all voted to strike over issues such as pay, contracts, working hours and working conditions. News coverage has highlighted how important maintaining good relationships with employees and trade unions and HR’s role in this is critical. In this episode we chat to David Widdowson, Partner at Abbiss Cadres and Jeremy Gautrey, Employee, Industrial...


Podcast 118 Future of Talent in Singapore

In this episode we’ll be talking to Foo Chek Wee, Regional HR Director at Zalora, Clarence Hoe, Group Director, Human Resource Group, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and Su-Yen Wong, Chief Executive Officer, Human Capital Leadership Institute about how they’re planning for the future of Talent in Singapore.


Podcast 117 Future L&D

In this episode we hear from Andy Lancaster, Head of L&D Content, CIPD and Nicola Josephs, Senior Executive Advisor, CEB on the challenges and opportunities facing L&D professionals now, and in the future. We also chat with Derek Bruce, Head of International Development, ABN AMRO and Alexandra Bode-Tunji, Programme Lead - Skills and Capabilities, TFL about how their organisations are preparing their employees for the future.


Podcast 114 Training Line Managers

Dr Mark Cole, Head of L&D at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation, Catherine Noel, L&D Manager at Cannon and Jennifer Wrigley, L&D Manager at Discovery Networks International discuss how they tackle line manager training and how L&D professionals could better support and engage with their line managers to increase the success of their learning and development plans.


Podcast 112 - LGBT+ issues in the workplace

Gay, lesbian and trans people talk about their work, their colleagues, disclosure, language and why there’s no such thing as the LGBT community. Our guests include Stephen Frost, a globally recognised diversity expert for Frost Included, trainee vet Hattie Smart, EY partner Liz Bingham, Amy Stanning, shared services Director at Barclays, Head of diversity and inclusion at NHS Employers, Paul Deemer, and Scott Durairaj, head of patient experience, mental health and learning disability for...


Podcast 106: Promoting and supporting good mental health

CIPD research shows that over two-fifths of organisations have reported an increase in mental health problems in the last 12 months – but rather than simply taking measures to deal with these problems there is growing evidence that it is in employers’ best interest to promote and support good mental health in their workforce. So how can employers work to tackle the root causes of mental health problems and provide measures to foster good mental health in their organisation? In this podcast...


Annual Conference & Exhibition Podcast 1 - Paul Matthews

In preparation for this years Annual Conference and Exhibition Andy Lancaster got Paul Matthews on the phone to talk all things #cipd15


Podcast 105: The changing landscape of reward

Research suggests that by 2030 there will be more jobs than people. In this talent-led market, reward strategies will become enormously important in helping organisations to stand out and attract and retain the very best candidates. In this podcast Charles Cotton, Public Policy Advisor for Reward at CIPD offers insight into the shifting landscape of reward and the challenges of catering to a changing workforce with increasingly diverse needs and preferences. Neil Morrison, Group HR...


Podcast 104 - Boardroom diversity

In this podcast Kathryn Nawrockyi, Gender Equality Director at Business in the Community, Vilma Nikolaidou, Head of Organisational Development at Tate Gallery and Margot King, Head of CR, Diversity and Recruitment at Eversheds offer thoughts and insights into boardroom gender diversity issues.


Podcast 103: Aligning L&D With Business Objectives and emerging practices

Recent research shows that just 7% of L&D professionals evaluate the impact of learning initiatives on the wider business but in these uncertain and evolving times it’s essential that L&D becomes all about alignment; with both business aims and with evolving ways of learning. But what does alignment actually look like? In this podcast we speak to three experts to gain their insight. Laura Overton, founder of Towards Maturity, discusses what is holding alignment up and what L&D should...


Podcast 102: Recruitment in SMEs

Recruiting the right people is a challenge faced by every organisation, but SMEs in particular may face more challenges than most. Limited time and resources as well as competition from larger companies can make it much more difficult for smaller firms to find and recruit the best candidates.


Podcast 100 - Words of wisdom for HR

It’s our 100th podcast! To celebrate this milestone we asked you, our listeners, to take the lead and give us your wise words and views on the HR profession; its highs and lows, how it’s changing, the best advice you’ve been given in your career and what you love about working in HR. We also put your questions to our trio of expert speakers: HR Director of Telefonica, UK, Ann Pickering, Stefan Stern, visiting professor as CASS Business School, and Max Blumberg, Research Fellow at...


CIPD Podcast 99 - The future of family friendly working

Parents of babies born or adopted on or after 5 April 2015 will be able to take advantage of shared parental leave, one of the biggest family friendly working reforms in years. But does this legislation do enough to truly suit the needs of the future workforce? In this podcast we discuss the future of family friendly working and the advantages to be gained from embracing a culture of agile working. We hear from Jo Swinson, Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs in the...


CIPD Podcast 98 - HR's role in business partnerships - part 2

Business partnerships are on the rise, with 25% more organisations setting one up in 2014 than in 2013. This episode follows on from the December episode which looked at the key considerations that should be made when approaching business partnerships. In this episode we speak to representatives from Shell and Rolls Royce about their experiences of business partnerships. Sofiah Umar, VP for HR Strategy and Planning for Shell tells us about using business partnerships as a way to...


CIPD Podcast 97 - Look Ahead To 2015

Welcome to the first podcast for 2015! In this podcast Chief Executive Peter Cheese explains the key themes the CIPD will be focusing on in the coming year and introduces 4 important thinkers discussing what they think is significant and cutting edge for the profession right now. First we speak to Nick Chater, Professor of Behavioural Science at the Warwick Business School, about the science of human behaviour and its relevance to HR issues. Next we hear from James Rule, Director of HR...


CIPD Podcast 96 - HR's role in business partnerships - part 1

As the nature of organisations changes to become less insular and more networked, strategic business partnerships are on the rise and HR’s role in these partnerships is critical This podcast looks at HR’s role in business partnerships and the key considerations that should be made when approaching business partnerships. We speak to to Paul Sparrow, Director of the Centre for Performance-led HR and Professor of International Human Resource Management at Lancaster University Management School...


CIPD Podcast 95 - Building the best team

This podcast explores the tricky business of team creation and discusses the role and contribution of evolving technology, the importance of communication patterns and shared values.


CIPD Podcast 94 - The impact of EU migrant labour on the UK workforce

In this podcast we discuss the impact of increasing numbers of migrant workers on the UK workforce and in particular the effect that this is having on young people as they seek employment. We speak to Gerwyn Davies, Public Policy Adviser at the CIPD, who sets the scene for the numbers of migrant workers compared to 10 years ago. We discuss the rising number of skilled EU workers entering the UK workforce and the impact on the UK employment rate. We also speak to Alex Gennie, Senior Research...


CIPD Podcast 93 - CEO Pay

In this podcast Sandy Pepper, Professor of Management Practice at LSE, Deborah Hargreaves, Director of the High Pay Centre and Mark Childs, Managing Director of Total Reward Group, discuss the issues and questions about executive pay.


Valuing your Talent: CEO Discussion

“At the heart of every business is people; how they create value is the key issue that CEOs are struggling with today” – Charles Tilley, CEO, CIMA “We’ve got to move beyond short-term financial metrics if we’re going to create growth and come out of the recession strongly” – Ann Francke, CEO, CMI “There’s a lot of art to HR. This is not about putting every dimension of people into some quantifiable figure” – Peter Cheese, CEO, CIPD Last year, a collaboration of organisations, including the...