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Ep3: Get Started Speaking - 3 things you need to know about speaking.

Find out about why you need to have Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte in your library and how they can help you avoid Death by Powerpoint. Then we'll discuss the top 3 things you need to know before you start speaking. What are event organizers looking for in speakers, and how you can deliver your first time out! Get inspired to add speaking to your business in the new year and enjoy the rush of new leads, new clients, referrals, and testimonials galore! Visit us at...


5 Tips to Get a Rush of New Meetings, Appointments, or Speeches on Your Calendar!

What book should you add to your library if you want your product names, titles, tag lines, and hooks to help your stand out from the competition? Find out! Then we dive into 5 simple tips to help you get a rush of first appointments on your calendar. (Download your handout here: ) How do I close 50-80% of prospects I speak with? Find out with this easy formula to help you naturally attract more clients starting today! Plus I answer the question "to script or not...


Slip Sliding Away: are booked appointments falling off your calendar?

Do you know the big reason why people hesitate to meet with you, or cancel meetings after setting them? Discover why your initial meetings may be slipping off the calendar, and more importantly we'll reveal three, no-cost, simple things you can do to get people excited to meet you. This episode will help you keep more appointments on the calendar, and even better more of the prospects you meet with will transform into clients! Horray! Get Gravity Now!