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Dan Andrews @ Lifestyle Business Podcast – Podcast Interview #4

Hey folks, I had the awesome opportunity to meet up with Dan Andrews from The Lifestyle Business Podcast, The Tropical MBA and Outsource to the Philippines at a local coffee shop here in San Diego and get to know the man behind these three sites. For me Dan Andrews and his partner Ian were somewhat […]


Steve Chou’s Wife Quit Her Job – Podcast Interview #3

I came across Steve Chou’s website, which is all about starting and running an eCommerce store on the internet. I was very interested in this site as it went through the steps and ups and downs of running an online store. Having read Timothy Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week, I have dreams of running […]


Business Intelligence and Strategy with David Crandall – Podcast Interview #2

I ran across David Crandall from Heroic Destiny in a Teleclass Podcast on BlogcastFM.Com a bit over a month ago. I’ve been listening to the podcasts at for some time now and this post about this teleclass interested me. It was their first product they were marketing, all of $12 and so I bought […]


How Pat Flynn Got Started In His Niche Market – Podcast Interview #1

How Pat Flynn Got Started In His Niche Market – Podcast Interview (Podcast is at the bottom) I had the pleasure of interviewing Pat Flynn for my first podcast interview, and get the details of the story of how he got started in Niche Marketing. I because aware of Pat when I stumble onto his […]