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Interview with Scott Lilienfeld, President of the Society for the Scientifi

Scott Lilienfeld is professor of psychology at Emory University and the current president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy, We discuss his research psychopathy and presidents, on Successful psychopaths, and a lot more

Arlene Goldbard: Art and Story As Activism, Awakener and Change Catalyst

Arlene Goldbard's book, The Culture of Possibility: Art, Artists & The Future that inspired me to invite her to be a guest on this show. It is inspiring, compelling reading that asks us to consider the world of Datastan and the Republic of stories-- two different ways the world is lived.

David Swanson-- We debate and discuss How to Handle Psychopaths, Sociopaths

David wrote an article recently which challenged some of my ideas on psychopaths and sociopaths. I invited him on my show to discuss and debate.

Gary Null on Psychopaths, Sociopaths-- In Corporations and Government

Gary Null has written on Psychopaths and sociopaths. I felt an interview would be interesting. It was.

11 Years After THE CORPORATION-- In Depth with Author/Producer Joel Bakan

if you're a fan of the documentary, The Corporation, you'll love this indepth interview with the author of the book and producer of the movie, Joel Bakan. This was a fascinating, fun interview, even though the focus was pretty dark.


Adolph Reed; Nothing Left-- The long, slow surrender of American liberals

Adolph Reed recently published an article with Harpers, titled, Nothing Left-- The long, slow surrender of American liberals. He was just on the Bill Moyers show and he spent over an hour discussing the article and other issues with me.

Anis Shivani: Top-Down and Bottom-up Publishing

wrote that publishing is a Top Down system, saying in his Dailybeast article, "This model of literary production is doomed. The idea that there should be centralized, massively consolidated, bureaucratic organizations known as the major trade houses, with multiple layers of editors, vast publicity departments, and books fed to them by an entity known as literary agents, only to take repeated losses and rely on a few stars...

Keith Farnish-- Undermining the System

Keith is a unique Scottsman, working to undermine the system. He's written a book, Undermining and we talked about it and his ideas about it and tools of disconnection.

Noam Chomsky; On Hopeful News, Billionaires and Psychopaths

Noam Chomsky comes back for another visit to my show. We talk about Hopeful news, Billionaires and what to do about them, wealth inequality, not caring and Psychopaths

NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake Interview Part 2

The second part of my 2.5 hour interview with Thomas Drake

Attorney to Gov.Blagojevich: "Chris Christie Could Face RICO or Mail/Wire F

Chris Christie is in trouble, according to someone who should know.

Whistleblower Former NSA Exec Thomas Drake On Obama's Speech, Bengazi, 911

Thomas Drake was one of the whistleblowers Edward Snowden mentioned, who inspired him. Drake was one of a handful of people charged under the espionage act. Ultimately all charges were dropped. He's a patriot and a hero. Returning to Bottom Up Radio, he discusses Obama's NSA speech, Bengazi, 911, abuse of data by law enforcement and NSA's violation of the constitution.

NSA Whistlebower-- William Binney: Corruption in NSA, Lies About Snowden, T

Bill Binney is a brilliant, intense, yet at the same time funny man bent on saving america from the totalitarianism that organizations like NSA are taking us toward. He reveals how corporations make NSA decisions, the system of corruption at unaudited NSA and other spy agencies, the lies by those who suggest Ed Snowden should have gone through the system.. and much more.


James Fallon, Psychopath Neuroscientist

James Fallon is a brain scientist who was getting work assessing brain scans of psychopathic killers. Then he realized, his own brain scan looked like those psychopaths' brains. He's written a riveting book, The Psychopath Inside, about his journey facing a reality that includes discovering a family tree adorned with murderers, including LIzzie Borden.

interview With FBI Profiler of Psychopaths, Mary Ellen O'Toole

Mary Ellen O'Toole teaches FBI agents about psychopaths. She's profiled serial killers.

Christopher Pyle Church Committee WhistleBlower-- On Spying on members of C

Christopher Pyle is a Whistleblower from a different time. he testified at the Church Committee hearing exposing the US military's spying on civil rights and anti-war activists. He has a take on the current situation, how NSA spying could influence elected politicians-- that's worth hearing.


Ellen Brown-- Detroit Bankruptcy Brings "Bail-ins" To The USA

Ellen Brown, THE leading expert on public banking, discusses the effects of the Detroit Bankruptcy, which a judge just authorized to move forward.

Keith Poole-- Political Researcher-- How Conservative is Obama?

Keith Poole does research on how members of congress vote and how presidents take stands on congressional roll-call ballots. It made for some fascinating discussion about northern and southern politics, gerrymandering, Hillary vs. Elizabeth Warren.

Corporate Spying on Activists-- Intvw W Gary Ruskin

Gary Ruskin, Director of the Center for Corporate Policy, recently issued a report on Corporate Espionage against non-profit organizations

Andrew Kreig-- Presidential Puppetry

We talk about the puppet masters behind the last 30 years of presidents, about JFK, about Roger Shuler